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May 22,

Step-by-Step: How to Walk Your Puppy on a Loose Leash

Teaching your puppy to walk on a loose leash starts the very first time you clip the leash to their collar. While it may be the thousandth time you’ve put a leash on a dog before, keep in mind this is an entirely new experience for your puppy. You should keep the introduction short and follow the rule, “work on one thing at a time.”

Woman walking a puppy on a leash
Step 1: Backward Motion

Make sure you have plenty of reward kibble or small treats (a kibble pouch makes keeping it close easy). For your first training session, turn and face your puppy. Take three steps backwards and invite your puppy to come towards you with a happy voice. When the puppy gets to you, reward them with a treat or praise. Repeat the exercise by walking backwards a few feet at a time. If your puppy becomes distracted by the leash, chews on it, or tries to back away, get their attention with a treat, and/or use a lure to get their focus on you. Your first introduction should last about 3 – 5 minutes.

Woman walking a puppy on a leash
Step 2: Adding Forward Motion

Once your puppy is confidently following as you back up, it’s time for the next step: Adding forward motion. Begin by taking three steps backwards. As your puppy approaches you, lure your puppy to your left side with your left hand and take three steps forward. Your puppy should turn toward you and fall into position with their ear even with your leg. As your puppy turns and begins to walk next to you, give them a treat and plenty of praise. Continue with your forward motion, praising your puppy and rewarding them with another treat, then end the exercise.

TIP 1: Always treat your puppy with the hand that is closest to them. Never cross-treat your puppy (using the hand on the opposite side of your body) as this will pull your puppy out of position.

TIP 2: If your puppy gets distracted or loses focus on you, use their name or a happy sound and take three or more steps backwards. This should refocus your puppy on you and give you an opportunity to reward them for re-focusing and walking toward you.

Step 3: Starting with Forward Motion

Over the course of your sessions, as your puppy becomes patterned to walk in position next to your leg, you can progress to walking forwards from the first step; then, moving backwards becomes a tool you can use to refocus your puppy and correct their position. Do this anytime the puppy becomes distracted or moves out of position.

Older woman walking a puppy on a leash
Step 4: Introducing a Pivot

For an older puppy that knows the expectation of a walking position, you can introduce a pivot to refocus them when they break position, instead of taking a step back. A pivot works by turning degrees into your puppy, likely bumping into them as you turn. This will get your puppy’s attention and push your puppy back into an appropriate position. You may use a food reward at this stage and should reward the puppy often.

Remember, anytime your puppy wanders out of position or gets distracted it’s an opportunity to refocus, reengage and reward them.

Puppy on a leash sitting
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Canine Companions for Independence® is the largest non-profit provider of highly trained assistance dogs with six regional training centers across the country. Established in , Canine Companions provides professionally trained assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. There is no charge for the dog, its training and on-going follow-up services. For more information, visit cci.org.

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Universal leash 25mm m [email protected]

Never before have so many different details been combined in one leash. The leash is the result of years of development and detail improvement. Countless findings and detailed feedback from renowned dog handlers and trainers from a wide variety of fields make this universal leash an indispensable companion.

The 25mm tubular webbing, manufactured to the highest standards and certified several times, is extremely tear and bite resistant. In addition, it lies - thanks to its supple, soft structure - securely in the hand.

The highest quality of workmanship can also be recognized by the bar-lock seams. This is the only way to achieve a combination of carrying and handling comfort with such a high de-gree of stability.

The additional handle behind the carabiner also serves as a short guide. So you have your dog quickly and safely under control - even if it the situation becomes hectic or confusing.

The carabiner we use is an innovative system from KONG. Its patented FROG system, prevents unintentional opening, but is still extremely easy to unhook and hook. The closure locks automatically after touching e.g. the ring and opens again only by pressing the two "Froglegs" on both sides.

Other lengths and colors as well as various embroidery options can be realized as a custom made product, we will be happy to provide you with a nonbinding offer.

Sours: https://tecdox.eu/
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KONG Retractable Tape Leash Ultimate


Extra large and extra strong dogs require a leash with super duty strength. The KONG Ultimate leash can withstand the toughest pullers, and its rugged design is built to last. It features a soft grip handle, 16ft color coordinated belt with reflective stitching, and an intuitive brake + lock mechanism that works with you and your dog&#;s natural walking motions.

Like all KONG products, you can depend on these retractable leashes for durability and strength walk after walk.

Leash Size: Extra Large

Leash Length: 16&#;

Weight Limit: Up to lbs.

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions8 × 25 × 25 cm

Red, Black

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Sours: https://www.dyno.ca/produit/kong-retractable-tape-leash-ultimate/?lang=en
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KONG Hands-Free Dog Leash with Removable Pouch in Blue, Size: 6 Ft | Neoprene | PetSmart

The KONG Hands-Free Leash with Removable Pouch offers you more freedom while still being in control on walks with your furry friend. This leash gives you the option of walking your dog hands free or in traditional fashion, and comes with a removable pouch that allows you to store the items you need on a walk. It also offers added safety as well as it is reflective at night. Features: Hands-free carabiner connector for walking, running, playing, or training Removable pouch stores waste bags, treats, or other essentials Shock-absorbing bungee material Reflective stitching for increased visibility Neoprene-lined, comfort grip handle Fully fastened traffic handle for easy access and swift control Includes: 1 Hands-Free Leash with Removable Pouch Intended For: Dogs Leash Type: Hands Free Leash Color: Blue Dimensions: 6 FT L x 1 in W ( m x cm) Caution: Not for tie out. Temporary tie out option intended to be used for a short duration under close supervision. KONG Hands-Free Dog Leash with Removable Pouch in Blue, Size: 6 Ft | Neoprene | PetSmart

Sours: https://www.realsimple.com/shop/product/kong-hands-free-dog-leash-with-removable-pouch-neoprene-petsmart/4efa-c1fd-3ac6-e90dbe

Leash kong



Item No:

The adjustable guide has a soft handle and a wide strap to ensure a comfortable grip

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