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5 longest-running K-pop groups as of 2021

The K-pop industry has seen many debuts and disbandments, but there are groups that have stood the test of time, albeit seeing some member changes.

To keep track, we've compiled a list of some of the longest-lasting K-pop groups in the industry as of August 21, 2021.

Which is the longest-lasting K-pop group?


BIGBANG is a 4-member boy group from YG Entertainment. They originally started off as 5, but a member decided to quit in 2019.

Left to Right: T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung

BIGBANG debuted on August 19, 2006 during the YG Family 10th Anniversary concert. The group has been together for 15 years and 2 days. They were named one of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea from 2009 to 2016, by Forbes Korea.

4) Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls, or B.E.G., is APOP's 4-member girl group. Surprisingly, the group has faced no member changes from debut to present.

While several of the K-pop group's members have left their agency APOP, they are still a part of the group and continue to promote under the name. They debuted on March 2, 2006, with the track "Come Closer." They've been together for 15 years, 5 months and 19 days.

3) Super Junior

Super Junior is a popular boy band under SM Entertainment. They started off with 12 members. One more member was added a year later. Currently, the group has 10 idols to its name, with 1 on hiatus.

Despite the rocky line-up changes, the K-pop group has stayed strong and continues to release music. They debuted on November 6, 2005 which makes it 15 years, 9 months and 15 days since they started.


TVXQ is another SM Entertainment boy group. They originally had 5 members, but after 3 split off and formed their own group, the group is now a duo.

The two K-pop idols are still active under the TVXQ name to this day. In 2020, they held a live online concert. They made their debut on December 26, 2003, making it 17 years, 7 months and 26 days since the special day.


SHINHWA has been through several agencies, but the members are still together. Not only is it the longest running K-pop group, but they managed to accomplish the feat with no members changes; they debuted as 6 and are still together as 6.

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Currently, the band are under their own agency named Shinhwa Company, specially established to manage the activities of all the members as well as the group. They've completed 23 years, 3 months and 12 days, as they debuted on May 9, 1998.

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Running Man (South Korean TV series)

RankGuestEpisode(s)No. of
episodesNo. of
appearances 1Kang Han-na343, 380, 392–396, 399–400, 406–408, 426–427, 476–477, 480, 486, 490–491, 5092113 2Hong Jin-young205, 221, 266, 299, 356–357, 392–396, 399–400, 406–408, 439, 442, 469, 4992012 3Lee Sang-yeob381, 390–396, 399–400, 406–408, 415, 453, 5091610 4Yoon Bo-mi (Apink)202–203, 255, 344, 372, 458–459, 467–469, 500, 529–530138 5Son Na-eun (Apink)162, 202–203, 356–357, 360–361, 424, 458–459, 467–4697 6Jung Yong-hwa (CNBLUE)7, 11, 17, 35–36, 72–73, 104, 127, 129, 186, 2421210 7Heo Kyung-hwan202–203, 339, 390–392, 477–478, 483–484, 490–4916 Lee Da-hee388–389, 392–396, 399–400, 406–408 9Nichkhun (2PM)4–5, 19, 40, 50–51, 104, 195, 248, 256, 306119 10Jo Se-ho305, 360–361, 367–368, 374–375, 499, 510, 550107 11Seung-ri (Big Bang)30, 84–85, 163, 190, 250, 416–417, 43697 12Park Ji-sung96–97, 152–154, 199–200, 283–2844 13Noh Sa-yeon49, 103, 137, 313, 374–375, 415, 49987 14Bae Suzy (Miss A)55, 93–94, 117, 155, 172–173, 2086 15Lee Joon8, 95, 104, 108, 129, 162, 32077 16Kim Kwang-kyu15, 32, 159, 176, 271–272, 2746 Kim Woo-bin138, 166, 188–189, 191, 225, 240 18Lee Chun-hee2–3, 76–77, 226, 269, 3395 19Jung Eun-ji (Apink)162, 218, 458–459, 467–4694 Sunmi (Wonder Girls)367–368, 416–417, 466–467, 510 Seol In-ah388–389, 426–427, 457, 551–552 Park Cho-rong (Apink)458–459, 467–469, 486, 500 23Oh Ha-young (Apink)356–357, 458–459, 467–4693 Kim Nam-joo (Apink)458–459, 467–469, 529–530 25Park Seo-joon184, 198, 246, 263, 295, 36266 So-you (Sistar)209, 255, 307, 366, 383, 513 27Yoona (Girls' Generation)39, 63–64, 254, 363, 4605 Park Soo-hong179–180, 207, 220, 274, 321 Seolhyun (AOA)210, 255, 278–279, 402, 481 Lee Mi-joo (Lovelyz)313, 500, 513, 532, 571-572 30Goo Ha-ra2–3, 49, 122, 388–3894 Dae-sung (Big Bang)35–36, 84–85, 163, 250 Sulli (f(x))55, 75, 129, 152–154 Lee Dong-wook133–134, 136, 179–180, 263 Kim Dong-jun (ZE:A)192–194, 236, 513, 546 Yoo Byung-jae243, 312, 390–392, 480 Kim Ji-min278–279, 377, 416–417, 497 37Kim Soo-yong [ko]271–272, 360–361, 529–5303 38Kim Je-dong11, 21, 79, 106, 20755 Choi Min-ho (Shinee)75, 129, 201, 254, 323 Eun Ji-won (Sechs Kies)141, 209, 252, 326, 383 Chansung (2PM)150, 162, 195, 201, 256 Yoon Bo-ra (Sistar)174, 201, 255, 307, 409 Chae-young (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Da-hyun (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Jeong-yeon (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Ji-hyo (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Mina (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Momo (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Na-yeon (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Sana (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Tzuyu (Twice)302, 328, 398, 428, 506 Wooyoung (2PM)162, 195, 210, 256, 548 Jessi (Lucky J)244, 252, 503, 514, 548 54Kim Su-ro9, 67–68, 138, 2624 Yuri (Girls' Generation)16, 63–64, 254, 363 Uee (After School)34, 137, 249, 271–272 Sunny (Girls' Generation)39, 254, 363, 466–467 Taecyeon (2PM)40, 150, 234–235, 256 IU43, 77, 96–97, 168 Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)63–64, 112, 254, 363 Hyolyn (Sistar)75, 162, 307, 348–349 Ryu Hyun-jin119, 172–173, 227, 534 Han Hye-jin133–134, 136, 174, 317 Junho (2PM)151–152, 195, 240, 256 Lee Guk-joo205, 255, 405, 476–477 Jung Il-woo242, 283, 289–290, 437 Jang Do-yeon244, 323, 347–348, 419 Park Joon-hyung (g.o.d)248, 260–261, 272, 522 Kim Jun-hyun249, 271–272, 305, 323 Sooyoung (Girls' Generation)254, 363, 431–432, 535 Jinyoung (Got7)272, 316, 418, 477–478 Hwang Chi-yeul272, 409, 431–432, 471 Mingyu [ko] (Seventeen)272, 448, 502, 529–530 Ha Do-kwon515, 530–531, 542, 564 74Jessica (Girls' Generation)4–5, 63–64, 1413 Ji Sung54, 116–117, 202–203 Ji Jin-hee76–77, 116–117, 308 Hyuna (4Minute)93–94, 132, 476–477 Lee Seung-gi120–121, 174, 228–229 Lee Si-young131, 429–431, 533 Andy (Shinhwa)160–161, 236, 278–279 Lim Ju-hwan192–194, 266, 271–272 Sung Hoon317, 367–368, 431–432 Lee Elijah367–368, 383, 416–417 84Code Kunst458–459, 467–4692 Go Young-bae [ko] (Soran)458–459, 467–469 Gummy458–459, 467–469 Lee Tae-wook (Soran)458–459, 467–469 Nucksal458–459, 467–469 Pyeon Yoo-il (Soran)458–459, 467–469 Seo Myun-ho (Soran)458–459, 467–469 91Go Ara80, 139, 298, 43744 Im Soo-hyang80, 422, 453, 494 Lee Jong-hyun (CNBLUE)127, 129, 138, 186 Jo Jung-chi (Shinchireem)159, 195, 274, 312 Yu-ra (Girl's Day)162, 263, 322, 493 Kang Ha-neul190, 240, 314, 362 Hong Jong-hyun230, 243, 314, 436 Hani (EXID)237, 275, 448, 569 Jennie (Blackpink)330, 409, 413, 525 Lee Do-hyun496, 499, 510, 533 101Cha Tae-hyun10, 57–58, 5323 Song Eun-i24, 149, 211–212 Park Ye-jin37, 67–68, 241 Choi Min-soo52–53, 69, 118 Shin Se-kyung57–58, 103, 241 Lee Yeon-hee61–62, 139, 535 Hyoyeon (Girls' Generation)63–64, 254, 363 Joo Sang-wook76–77, 169, 219 G-Dragon (Big Bang)84–85, 163, 250 T.O.P (Big Bang)84–85, 170, 250 Park Shin-hye120–121, 166, 304 John Park159, 179–180, 265 Sung-kyu (Infinite)162, 179–180, 201 Kim Kyung-ho179–180, 221, 312 Park Ha-na253, 431–432, 488 Lee Ha-neul [ko] (DJ DOC)260–261, 272, 319 Yoon Park268, 271–272, 345 Joy (Red Velvet)268, 376, 426–427 Lee Young-ji514, 567, 571-572 120Song Ji-hyo2–3, 4–52 Kim Min-jong22, 192–194 Lee Da-hae82–83, 289–290 Han Hyo-joo123–124, 151–152 Rain188–189, 191, 214 Ryu Seung-soo192–194, 204 Im Seulong211–212, 271–272 Byul251, 429–431 Park Geun-sik [ko]271–272, 360–361 B.I (iKon)278–279, 416–417 Bobby (iKon)278–279, 416–417 131Park Jun-gyu8, 34, 9033 Shin Bong-sun9, 43, 56 Lizzy (After School)13, 14, 292 Jang Dong-min13, 220, 532 Heechul (Super Junior)20, 207, 275 Choi Si-won (Super Junior)22, 75, 135 Park Bo-young25, 118, 269 Kim Sook56, 149, 272 Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)59, 86, 107 Park Sang-myun90, 125, 159 Yoon Jong-shin101, 195, 312 Si-wan (ZE:A)104, 182, 282 Eunhyuk (Super Junior)104, 266, 376 Kwang-hee (ZE:A)129, 236, 272 Lee Kyung-kyu143, 305, 317 Sandara Park (2NE1)156, 195, 345 Muzie [ko]176, 195, 272 Jo Jung-suk215, 327, 460 Kangnam (M.I.B)220, 248, 522 Kim Min-kyo220, 262, 272 Leeteuk (Super Junior)221, 275, 376 Kyung Soo-jin224, 299, 380 Kim Dong-hyun239, 305, 317 Jang Su-won (Sechs Kies)243, 326, 383 Tiffany (Girls' Generation)254, 363, 471 Hong Jin-ho257, 275, 292 Park Na-rae268, 272, 321 BamBam (Got7)272, 316, 418 Jackson (Got7)272, 316, 418 JB (Got7)272, 316, 418 Mark (Got7)272, 316, 418 Young-jae (Got7)272, 316, 418 Yugyeom (Got7)272, 316, 418 Lim Ji-yeon281, 320, 465 Park Mi-sun287, 322, 495 Zico (Block B)299, 496, 510 Jisoo (Blackpink)330, 409, 525 Chungha433, 457, 500 Keum Sae-rok442, 486, 546 171Kim Min-jung50–51, 1672 Kim Joo-hyuk61–62, 65 Seohyun (Girls' Generation)63–64, 254 Taeyang (Big Bang)84–85, 250 Krystal (f(x))93–94, 214 Son Yeon-jae109–110, 322 Juvie Train (Buga Kingz [ko])125, 271–272 Jeon Hye-bin145, 431–432 Jung Doo-hong150, 271–272 Eric Mun (Shinhwa)160–161, 236 Jun Jin (Shinhwa)160–161, 236 Lee Min-woo (Shinhwa)160–161, 236 Shin Hye-sung (Shinhwa)160–161, 236 Jae-kyung (Rainbow)179–180, 504 Kim Ji-seok190, 446–447 Ha Yeon-soo198, 374–375 Fei (Miss A)205, 234–235 Baek Ji-young205, 367–368 Kim Won-hyo [ko]210, 271–272 Ji Chang-wook211–212, 507 Ailee211–212, 522 Seo Woo213, 234–235 Kim Ki-bang214, 271–272 Jo Jin-woong217, 303–304 Oh Yeon-seo218, 310–311 Hwang Seung-eon253, 367–368 Hyun Joo-yup257, 271–272 Stephanie (The Grace)268, 278–279 M. TySON [ko]271–272, 319 Ma Ah-sung [ko]271–272, 319 Hoshi (Seventeen)272, 529–530 Nam Chang-hee [ko]292, 529–530 Kwon Yul303–304, 437 Ha Jae-sook310–311, 313 Cheon Sung-moon (Song Ji-hyo's brother)360–361, 401 Kang Daniel (Wanna One)374–375, 495 Irene (Red Velvet)376, 426–427 Kang Mi-na (Gugudan)388–389, 471 Seo Eun-soo405, 477–478 Han Sun-hwa431–432, 507 Lee Yi-kyung446–447, 501 Kang Tae-oh (5urprise)483–484, 493 Jun Hyo-seong483–484, 502 Lee Joo-young486, 497–498 215Kim Jung-nan192–1941 Lee Sang-hwa192–194 Oh Man-seok192–194 Shorry J (Mighty Mouth)390–392 Ahn Hye-jin572-574 Kim Hee-jin572-574 Kim Yeon-koung572-574 Lee So-young (volleyball)572-574 Oh Ji-young572-574 Park Eun-jin572-574 Yeum Hye-seon572-574 219Son Dam-bi6, 40522 Eun-jung (T-ara)7, 104 Lee Hong-gi (F.T. Island)9, 242 Tony An15, 32 Max Changmin (TVXQ)27, 115 U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)27, 115 Kim Byung-man28, 145 Oh Ji-ho33, 83 Ahn Mun-sook [ko]56, 313 Simon Dominic (Supreme Team)59, 127 Yoon Do-hyun79, 101 Chun Jung-myung92, 167 Kim Soo-hyun102, 147 Yoon Doo-joon (Beast)104, 162 Jeon Mi-seon113, 158 Yoo Hae-jin113, 320 Jin Se-yeon119, 198 Lee Gi-kwang (Beast)127, 162 L (Infinite)129, 162 Choo Sung-hoon131, 150 Hwang Jung-min132, 258 Lee Jong-suk138, 181 Lee Sang-yoon142, 190 Ryu Hyun-kyung143, 272 Seo Jang-hoon144, 309 Uhm Jung-hwa146, 183 Lee Hyun-woo147, 225 So Yi-hyun148, 527 CL (2NE1)156, 195 Minzy (2NE1)156, 195 Park Bom (2NE1)156, 195 Kim Hee-won157, 269 Ahn Gil-kang157, 287 Son Hyun-joo158, 246 Jung-in159, 221 Min-ah (Girl's Day)162, 198 Da-som (Sistar)162, 307 Yang Dong-geun169, 532 Kim Yoo-jung170, 507 Lee Se-young181, 343 Yeo Jin-goo182, 302 Son Ho-jun184, 243 Kang Min-hyuk (CNBLUE)186, 201 Jun. K (2PM)195, 256 Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)198, 221 Moon Hee-joon (H.O.T.)209, 317 Yoo In-young213, 299 Lee Yoo-ri213, 436 Choi Yeo-jin213, 527 Kim Sung-kyun217, 298 Kyuhyun (Super Junior)221, 265 Lee Sung-kyung224, 304 Jeon So-min224, 343 Choi Tae-joon230, 343 Niel (Teen Top)233, 274 Nam Ji-hyun237, 564 Ye Ji-won238, 322 Sung Si-kyung239, 556 Choa (AOA)244, 550 Jinu (Jinusean)245, 272 Hae-ryung (Bestie)253, 319 Do Sang-woo253, 507 Sung Dong-il264, 463 RM (BTS)265, 300 Wax272, 292 Zizo272, 319 Seungkwan (Seventeen)272, 448 Hong Yoon-hwa [ko] (People Looking for a Laugh [ko])273, 319 Lee Eun-hyung (People Looking for a Laugh [ko])273, 319 Song Min-ho (Winner)294, 402 Lee Je-hoon298, 526 Lee Ki-woo306, 309 Kyung-ri (Nine Muses)306, 405 Shownu (Monsta X)307, 319 Kim Se-jeong (Gugudan)313, 377 Yang Se-chan321, 323 Gary (Leessang)325, 336 Kang Sung-hoon (Sechs Kies)326, 383 Kim Jae-duc (Sechs Kies)326, 383 Lee Jai-jin (Sechs Kies)326, 383 Lisa (Blackpink)330, 525 Rosé (Blackpink)330, 525 Hyejeong (AOA)402, 481 Han Eun-jung409, 442 Kwak Si-yang414, 501 Lee Dong-hwi435, 450 Jimin (AOA)436, 481 Hwang Bo-ra474, 482 Hong Hyun-hee475, 497 Park Ji-hyun475, 518 Lee Yong-jin556, 565 Heo Young-ji561, 567 308Jang Hyuk44–451 Kim Hyun-joong (SS501)46–47 Kang Ji-young61–62 Kim Suna65–66 Lee Min-jung72–73 Kim Sung-soo76–77 BoA88–89 Jung Jae-hyung88–89 Han Seung-yeon93–94 Park Gyu-ri93–94 Han Ji-min105–106 Park Tae-hwan109–110 Ko Chang-seok111–112 Lee Jong-won111–112 Shin Jung-geun111–112 Son Byong-ho111–112 Moon Geun-young114–115 Song Chang-eui116–117 Go Soo123–124 Choi Ji-woo126–127 Jung Woo-sung151–152 Koo Ja-cheol152–153 Song Kyung-ah [ko]179–180 Baek Sung-hyun202–203 Cha Yu-ram202–203 Fabien202–203 Ju Ji-hoon202–203 Sam Okyere202–203 Kim Tae-woo (g.o.d)211–212 Lee Sung-jae211–212 Skull211–212 Moon Chae-won228–229 Kim Sung-ryung234–235 Shoo234–235 Yoo Sun234–235 Yeon Jung-hoon234–235 Kim Gun-mo260–261 Koo Jun-yup260–261 Lee Jae-hoon (Cool)260–261 Chang Jung-koo271–272 Chi In-jin271–272 Choi Kyung-ho [ko]271–272 DJ Pumpkin [ko] (AOMG)271–272 DJR2 [ko]271–272 Go Woo-ri (Rainbow)271–272 Heo Tae-hee [ko]271–272 Hwang Choong-jae271–272 Im Hyung-joon271–272 Jung Tae-ho271–272 Kim Ki-tae [ko]271–272 King Kong [ko]271–272 Lee Jung271–272 Lee Sang-ho [ko]271–272 Lee Sang-min271–272 Lee Won-hee271–272 Linda (Rapercussion [ko])271–272 Mino (Free Style)271–272 Noh Ji-sim271–272 Nuol [ko]271–272 Oh Jung-suk [ko]271–272 Recto Luz [ko] (Rapercussion [ko])271–272 Sam Hammington271–272 San [ko]271–272 Shim Hyung-tak271–272 Superbee [ko]271–272 Taemi [ko]271–272 Wang-bae [ko]271–272 Yang Sang-guk271–272 Youngjun (Brown Eyed Soul)271–272 Yui-yeop [ko]271–272 Zion Luz [ko] (Rapercussion [ko])271–272 Chae-yeon278–279 Kim Jung-nam [ko] (Turbo)278–279 Lee Ji-hyun278–279 Lee Jong-soo278–279 Ji So-yun283–284 Jong Tae-se283–284 Ahn Sung-ki303–304 Han Ye-ri303–304 Soo Ae310–311 Lee Sun-bin356–357 Lee Tae-hwan (5urprise)356–357 Son Yeo-eun356–357 Jeon Wook-min (Jeon So-min's brother)360–361 Kim Jong-myung (Kim Jong-kook's brother)360–361 Tae Hang-ho [ko]360–361 Kei (Lovelyz)367–368 Sol Bi367–368 Lee Joo-yeon416–417 Lee Si-a416–417 Bona (Cosmic Girls)445–446 Jang Hee-jin445–446 Kim Jae-young445–446 Lia Kim [ko]454–455 Jang Ye-won466–467 Kim Ye-won466–467 Kim Si-hyeon (Everglow)476–477 Choi Ri477–478 YOYOMI483–484 Ahn Jae-hong484–485 Jeon Yeo-been484–485 Kang So-ra484–485 Kim Sung-oh484–485 Bae Jong-ok491–492 Shin Hye-sun491–492 Ahn Bo-hyun497–498 Ji Yi-soo497–498 Song Jin-woo [ko]497–498 Eugene530–531 Kim So-yeon530–531 Lee Ji-ah530–531 Jung Hye-in551–552 Lee Cho-hee551–552 Lee Sang-joon (Comedian)571-572 423Hwang Jung-eum11 Lee Hyo-ri1 Kim Shin-young6 Se7en6 Jo Kwon (2AM)7 Victoria (f(x))8 Yoon Se-ah10 Ko Joo-won17 Shim Hyung-rae23 Lee Kyung-shil [ko]24 Jung Jin-young26 Lee Moon-sik26 Hyun Young31 Lee Sun-kyun41 Park Joong-hoon41 Yoon So-yi53 Choi Kang-hee54 Ji-yeon (T-ara)55 Luna (f(x))55 Yang Jung-a56 Choiza (Dynamic Duo)59 Tiger JK (Drunken Tiger)59 Yoon Mi-rae59 Song Joong-ki66 Lee Min-ki70 Park Chul-min70 Son Ye-jin70 Jo Hye-ryun71 Oh Yeon-soo71 Ahn So-hee75 Hong Soo-hyun78 Lee Beom-soo78 Hyo-min (T-ara)80 Ha Ji-won86 Han Ga-in87 Lee Deok-hwa90 Park Jin-young92 Im Ho99 Lee Tae-gon99 Kim Hee-sun100 Kim Bum-soo101 Yoo Jun-sang103 Jang Shin-young107 Kim Sang-joong107 Gong Hyo-jin108 Im Ha-ryong111 Yum Jung-ah113 Yubin (Wonder Girls)117 Choo Shin-soo119 Jung Won-gwan [ko] (Sobangcha)122 Kang Susie122 Kim Tae-hyung [ko] (Sobangcha)122 Kim Wan-sun122 Lee Sang-won [ko] (Sobangcha)122 Park Nam-jung [ko]122 Jeong Hyeong-don125 Ryu Dam125 Shindong (Super Junior)125 Park Shin-yang128 Uhm Ji-won128 Park Sung-woong132 Jackie Chan135 Min Hyo-rin138 Lee Bo-young142 Kim In-kwon143 Cha In-pyo144 Ricky Kim144 Jung Jin-woon145 Noh Woo-jin145 Park Jung-chul145 Kim Sang-kyung146 Jeong Jun-ha148 Kim Soo-mi149 Kwon Ri-se (Ladies' Code)149 Park So-hyun149 Patrice Evra154 Jung Woong-in157 Moon Jung-hee158 Lim Kim (Togeworl)159 Sayuri Fujita159 Seung-ho (MBLAQ)162 Kim Hae-sook164 Yoo Ah-in164 Choi Jin-hyuk166 Park Myeong-su168 Yoon Je-moon170 Gong Yoo175 Park Hee-soon175 Jang Ki-ha176 Jun Hyun-moo176 Lee Juck176 Gil (Leessang)177 Do-hee182 Jo Min-su183 Moon So-ri183 Baro (B1A4)184 Kang Ye-won184 Seo In-guk184 Lee Jung-shin (CNBLUE)186 Shim Eun-kyung186 Gong Hyung-jin190 Kwon Hae-hyo190 Ku Hye-sun190 Choi Hee [ko]198 Han Hye-jin198 Hoya (Infinite)201 Jinyoung (B1A4)201 Kang Seung-hyun205 Hong Seok-cheon206 Joo Won206 Lee So-yeon207 Nam Hee-suk207 Chun Myung-hoon (NRG)209 Danny Ahn (g.o.d)209 Kai (Exo)209 Sehun (Exo)209 Tae-min (Shinee)209 Choi Bu-kyung [ko] (Seoul SK Knights)210 Kim Hwan [ko]210 Lee Hye-jeong [ko]210 Yook Jook-wan [ko]210 Kim Min-seo213 Alex214 Park Young-gyu214 Shin Min-a215 Oh Sang-jin217 Kim Ji-hoon218 Han Sang-jin219 Han Ye-seul219 Jung Gyu-woon219 Wang Ji-hye219 Song Jae-rim220 Bobby Kim221 Kim Yeon-woo221 Han Groo224 Song Ga-yeon [ko]224 Kang Hye-jung226 Kim Hye-ja226 Kang Jung-ho227 Lee Seo-jin229 Nam Joo-hyuk230 Seo Ha-joon230 Seo Kang-joon (5urprise)230 Hong Kyung-min232 Kim Ji-soo232 Kim Won-jun232 Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)232 Oh Hyun-kyung232 Park Ji-yoon232 Shin Da-eun232 Dongwoo (Infinite)233 Dongwoon (Beast)233 Eric Nam233 Minhyuk (BtoB)233 N (VIXX)233 Ryeowook (Super Junior)233 Sohyun (4Minute)233 Sojin (Girl's Day)233 Jung Hee-cheol [ko] (ZE:A)236 Kim Dongwan (Shinhwa)236 Kim Tae-heon [ko] (ZE:A)236 Lee Hoo [ko] (ZE:A)236 Park Hyung-sik (ZE:A)236 Jung So-min237 Yerin (GFriend)237 Yoon So-hee237 Kim Seo-hyung238 Yoon Jin-seo241 Kang Kyun-sung243 Kim Yoo-ri244 Seo Yea-ji244 Sean [ko] (Jinusean)245 Amber (f(x))248 Henry (Super Junior-M)248 Kim So-hyun251 Son Jun-ho251 Jay Park252 San E252 Verbal Jint252 Irene Kim253 Seo Hyun-jin253 Ye-eun [ko] (CLC)253 Baek Jin-hee256 Kim Yeon-koung257 Shin Soo-ji257 Song Jong-gook257 Jang Yoon-ju258 Jung Man-sik258 Cha Ye-ryun259 Lee Yo-won259 Kang Sung-jin262 Nam Bo-ra262 Park Gun-hyung262 Kwon Sang-woo264 Ye-eun (Wonder Girls)265 Gong Seung-yeon268 Hwang Seok-jeong268 Jung Kyung-ho268 Kim Ja-in268 Park Han-byul268 Byun Seung-yoon [ko]272 Cha Hun [ko] (N.Flying)272 Cho Yoon-woo272 Digili [ko] (Honey Family [ko])272 Dino [ko] (Seventeen)272 DK [ko] (Seventeen)272 Ducky272 Hyun Woo272 Jeonghan [ko] (Seventeen)272 Joshua [ko] (Seventeen)272 Jun (Seventeen)272 Jung Dong-hyun272 Kim Chang-keun [ko]272 Kim Jae-hyun (N.Flying)272 Kim Ji-an [ko]272 Kwon Kwang-jin [ko] (N.Flying)272 Lee Seung-hyub (N.Flying)272 Lee Sung-mi [ko]272 Moon Ji-ae [ko]272 Roy Kim272 S.Coups [ko] (Seventeen)272 Sa Sung-woong [ko]272 The8 (Seventeen)272 Tim272 Vernon [ko] (Seventeen)272 Wonwoo [ko] (Seventeen)272 Woozi [ko] (Seventeen)272 Jung Chan-woo (Cultwo)273 Kim Jung-hwan [ko] (People Looking for a Laugh [ko])273 Kim Tae-gyun (Cultwo)273 Kim Tae-hwan [ko] (People Looking for a Laugh [ko])273 Min Kyung-hoon (Buzz)274 Lim Yo-hwan275 Go Ah-sung282 Lee Hee-joon282 Kim Ga-yeon286 Kim Do-kyun287 Kim Jo-han287 Kim Won-hae287 Lee Hong-ryul [ko]287 Yoo Yul [ko]287 Jeong Jeong-ah [ko]292 Kang Hyeon-soo [ko]292 Lee Wan292 Mikey (Turbo)292 Park Myeong-ho292 Hyeri (Girl's Day)294 Nam Tae-hyun (Winner)294 Eunseo [ko] (Cosmic Girls)297 Jin Goo297 Kim Ji-won297 Jo Bo-ah299 Stephanie Lee299 Uhm Hyun-kyung299 Kim Seok-jin (BTS)300 Suga (BTS)300 J-Hope (BTS)300 Jimin (BTS)300 V (BTS)300 Jungkook (BTS)300 Kim Min-seok304 Yoon Kyun-sang304 Lee Jung-jin305 Lee Soo-min305 Yoo Jae-hwan [ko]305 Kim Hee-ae308 Hong Jin-kyung309 Bada312 Lee Joon-gi314 Cha Seung-won315 Key (Shinee)317 Yoon Hyung-bin [ko]317 A-Tom [ko] (Topp Dogg)319 B-Joo (Topp Dogg)319 Buffy (Madtown)319 Chae Soo-bin319 Chan-yong (100%)319 Chang-sun (24K)319 Cho Jae-hyun319 Cory (24K)319 Da-hye [ko] (Bestie)319 Dae-won (Madtown)319 Dino (HALO)319 FeelDog [ko] (Big Star)319 Haebin [ko] (Gugudan)319 Hana (Gugudan)319 Han-sol (Topp Dogg)319 Hee-chun (HALO)319 Hee-jun (KNK)319 Heo-jun (Madtown)319 Ho-joon (Topp Dogg)319 Hong-seob (24K)319 Hui (24K)319 Hyeyeon [ko] (Gugudan)319 Hyuk (VIXX)319 Hyuk-jin [ko] (100%)319 Hyun-kyung (ROMEO)319 Hyungwon (Monsta X)319 H.O (Madtown)319 In-haeng (HALO)319 I.M (Monsta X)319 In-seong (KNK)319 Jae-yong (HALO)319 Jang Hong-je [ko]319 Jang Jae-young [ko]319 Jeong-uk [ko] (24K)319 Ji-hun (KNK)319 Jin-hong (24K)319 Jong-hwan (100%)319 Joo-heon (Monsta X)319 Joon-hyeon (ALL-STAR)319 Jude (Big Star)319 Kang Jae-joon [ko]319 Kang Hye-yeon [ko] (Bestie)319 Kang-min [ko] (ROMEO)319 Ken (VIXX)319 Kihyun (Monsta X)319 Ki-su [ko] (24K)319 Kim Chang-ryeol [ko] (DJ DOC)319 Kim Kyung-jin [ko]319 Kim Min-ki [ko]319 Kim Sung-ki [ko]319 Kyle (ROMEO)319 Lee Dong-yeob [ko]319 Lee-geon (Madtown)319 Lee Ho-chan [ko]319 Lee Soo-han [ko]319 Maeng Seung-ji [ko]319 Milo (ROMEO)319 Mimi [ko] (Gugudan)319 Minhyuk (Monsta X)319 Minsung (ROMEO)319 Min-woo (100%)319 Moos [ko] (Madtown)319 Na-young [ko] (Gugudan)319 Nakta (Topp Dogg)319 Noah (ALL-STAR)319 Oh Bok-nam319 Ooon (HALO)319 P-Goon (Topp Dogg)319 Pabi (ALL-STAR)319 Rae-hwan [ko] (Big Star)319 Ravi (VIXX)319 Rok-hyun (100%)319 Sally [ko] (Gugudan)319 Sang-ho (Snuper)319 Sang-il (Snuper)319 Se-bin (Snuper)319 Seung-hwan (ROMEO)319 Seung-jun (KNK)319 So-yee [ko] (Gugudan)319 Son Min-hyuk [ko]319 Su-hyun [ko] (Snuper)319 Sung-hak (Big Star)319 Tae-woong (Snuper)319 U-Ji [ko] (Bestie)319 Wonho319 Woo-seong (Snuper)319 Xero (Topp Dogg)319 Yano (Topp Dogg)319 Yoon-dong (HALO)319 Yunsung [ko] (ROMEO)319 You-jin (KNK)319 Jo Yoon-hee320 Lee Kyu-han321 Solbin (Laboum)321 Kang Min-kyung (Davichi)322 Seo Ji-hye323 Hwang Woo-seul-hye326 D.O (Exo)327 Kim So-hyun331 KCM339 Kim Won-hee339 Kim Yong-man339 Park Jin-joo343 Umji (GFriend)343 Choi Min-yong344 Han Jae-suk345 Jung Hye-sung355 Shin Sung-rok372 Donghae (Super Junior)376 Yesung (Super Junior)376 Im Se-mi377 Ko Sung-hee377 Choi Gwi-hwa381 Go Bo-gyeol381 Heo Sung-tae381 Han Ki-bum401 Han Mi-gwan [ko]401 Jo Woo-jong [ko]401 Kim Ok-jeong (Haha's mother)401 K.Will401 Lee Jong-hyuk401 Seo Ji-seok401 Dayoung [ko] (Cosmic Girls)402 JooE (Momoland)402 Kang Seung-yoon (Winner)402 Pyo Ye-jin409 Jin Ki-joo413 Kim Roi-ha414 Seo Hyo-rim414 Lee Ha-na422 Ahn Hyo-seop424 Seo Young-hee424 Kim Byeong-ok425 Gong Myung (5urprise)435 Jin Seon-kyu435 Lee Hanee435 Ryu Seung-ryong435 Jeong Yu-mi436 Mina (AOA)436 Park Hoon437 Ha Seok-jin447 Han Bo-reum448 Kim Hye-yoon448 Solji (EXID)448 Esom449 Kim Kyung-nam449 Jang Jin-hee [ko]461 Rothy461 Seunghee [ko] (Oh My Girl)461 Song Ji-in [ko]461 Bae Seong-woo463 Cho Yi-hyun [ko]463 Kim Hye-jun463 Choi Yu-hwa465 Park Jung-min465 Park Yoo-na471 Go Min-si474 Lee Hee-jin480 YooA (Oh My Girl)480 Chanmi (AOA)481 Yuna (AOA)481 Kim Na-hee [ko]493 Lee Na-eun (April)493 Jo Byung-gyu494 Hwang Young-hee495 Lee Il-hwa495 Ong Seong-wu (Wanna One)496 Seo Ji-hoon496 Rowoon (SF9)499 Choi Yoo-jung (Weki Meki)500 Ha Yeon-joo501 Park Hyo-joo501 Ahn Ji-young (Bolbbalgan4)503 BewhY503 Hyojung (Oh My Girl)503 Lee Jin-hyuk (UP10TION)503 Kim Min-kyu504 Shim Eun-woo504 Jang Won-young (Iz*One)513 Kim Do-yeon (Weki Meki)513 Song Yuqi ((G)I-dle)513 Jeon So-mi514 Solar (MAMAMOO)514 Ji Seung-hyun515 Kim Yong-ji [ko]515 Kim Young-min [ko]515 Kim Dae-myung516 Kim Sang-ho516 Kwak Do-won516 Kim Min-jae518 Kim Sung-cheol518 Park Eun-bin518 Yiren [ko] (Everglow)522 Im Won-hee526 Han Ji-eun527 Lee Joo-bin527 Huening Kai [ko] (TXT)532 Yeonjun [ko] (TXT)532 Lee Jin-wook533 Song Kang533 Kim Kwang-hyun534 Yoo Teo535 Yoo Yeon-seok535 Defconn539 Kim Bo-sung539 Cha Chung-hwa [ko]540 Kim Jae-hwa540 Shin Dong-mi540 Ahn Eun-jin541 Bae Yoon-kyung541 Lee Sang-yi [ko]
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14 Hard-Hitting K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Running Playlist

K-pop is often intense and high-energy, which makes it great music to work out to. With the weather getting cooler (for many of us in the northern hemisphere) and with some of us still looking for outdoor forms of exercise, now is the perfect time of year for running! Now some of you might thinking: “I hate running.” But these 14 K-pop songs might just change your mind. They’re exciting, energetic, and most importantly, have hard-hitting beats that will keep you out there and keep your legs moving! So whether you’re a marathon enthusiast or can barely motivate yourself to lace up your running shoes, give these songs a try next time you’re on a run!

1. “Favorite Boys” — A.C.E

A.C.E’s latest track grabs your attention from its first line, and just keeps getting more lit from there. With multiple rhythm changes, “Favorite Boys” will keep you on your toes, and its high-energy chorus will push you to power through!

2. “I Feel Good” — EXID

This EXID throwback is so perfect for a run that the MV even shows scenes of Solji on a treadmill. “I Feel Good” is fun and breezy enough to keep you energized through any run — and it might even convince you that you “feel good” even when you mostly just feel tired.

3. “Fighter” — MONSTA X

“Fighter” is such a perfect workout song that you could probably get through a whole run just listening to it on repeat. Cinematic but not too heavy-handed, this MONSTA X hit is layered with excitement from its first notes through its lit raps, and the chorus of “’cause I’m a fighter” is excellent exercise motivation!

4. “Power” — EXO

“Power” is perhaps more lighthearted fun than super hard-hitting, but it’s impossible not to smile and feel motivated while listening to this song — which makes it ideal for running! (Of course, the rhythmic “Tempo” is also a nice EXO alternative).

5. “Not That Type” — gugudan

gugudan’s 2018 single is fierce, unapologetically bold, and has a driving beat that will keep your legs moving. It doesn’t hurt that this track also highlights the ladies’ confident vocals!

6. “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” — BTS

It’s hard to choose just one song from BTS’s many hard-hitting tracks, but this “MIC Drop” remix has such an insanely catchy beat that it’s a perfect song to run to. It practically propels your legs forward! “MIC Drop” starts off strong and never looks back, just like you.


What could be better for a run than the chorus of “oh, run baby run” in KARD’s “RED MOON”? This song is dramatic, passionate, and bound to keep you going!

8. “Jackpot” — Block B

This Block B hit goes through some fun tempo changes, so it’ll easily take your mind off your run while making sure you don’t get bored! Its lilting verses are matched with a lively chorus that will keep you energized.

9. “Kill This Love” — BLACKPINK

Nothing will inspire you to crush your run more than some “Kill This Love”! This blaring, brassy track and its marching percussion are downright empowering, and will keep you on your feet for sure.


ATEEZ is known for their hard-hitting discography, but “HALA HALA” in particular has an unapologetically driving beat that makes it insanely good for a run. The track expertly builds tension to an explosive finale, which is perfect for a short sprint!

11. “Chase Me” — DreamCatcher

As its title might suggest, “Chase Me” is a thrilling whirlwind of a song. With some classical piano melodies building up to a breathlessly exciting chorus, DreamCatcher is sure to keep you energized!

12. “Boxer” — Stray Kids

This Stray Kids b-side is hard-hitting but also whimsical enough that it never gets boring! The lyrics play on the theme of boxing, but the boys’ gruff raps will coach you through your run just as well as through any boxing match.


Let CLC take you up in their latest single “HELICOPTER.” Powerfully percussive and with inspiring lyrics that remind you not to give up, this track is ideal for a running playlist!

14. “Come Back Home” — ONEUS

This recent release from ONEUS is a great way to wrap up a run as you head back home: dramatic, powerful, and showcasing the members’ stunning vocals, “Come Back Home” will help you finish on a strong note!

Need a longer playlist? Here are some additional song suggestions: SEVENTEEN’s “HIT,” Girls’ Generation’s “Catch Me If You Can,” BVNDIT’s “Jungle,” NCT 127’s “Kick It,” B.A.P’s “Power,” Super Junior’s “Black Suit,” SISTAR’s “I Like That,” and BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG.”

Of course, there are a lot of other hard-hitting K-pop songs out there! Which ones are on your running playlists? Or do you prefer to just listen from the comfort of your room? Let us know in the comments!

hgordon stays up way too late on weeknights marathoning K-dramas and trying to keep up with the latest K-pop releases.


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Kpop running

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Idol Track Running 60m Championship - Women \u0026 Men Race - Highlights February 2016

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