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How to know if your vintage CorningWare is worth some serious money

At least one vintage CorningWare dish has sold for more than $10,000 on eBay, and the internet is taking note.

Several articles have popped up in the past week talking about the sale, and prospective sales.

In case you need a refresher, here’s what CorningWare looks like:

Look familiar?

Let’s talk numbers.

Check out this casserole dish, which went for about $17,504 in Australian currency -- which is around $12,000 in U.S. dollars.

And this pair is currently listed for about $16,000.


As is the case with all collector’s items, it’s hard to know what your personal belongings could truly sell for. Despite how valuable or invaluable something might be, our stuff is really only worth what someone will pay for it at any given time.

If you go to eBay and search the word “CorningWare,” you’ll find most listings range from $5 to $40, depending on the set itself, how many pieces are included and what condition they’re in.

This item was listed earlier this week on eBay for $4,900 -- but it doesn’t appear that it got any bids. The owner named it “Vintage and Rare La Marjolaine CorningWare” and described it as “GREAT CONDITION: Obviously Used, but only for special family events.”


Here’s another set that’s for sale for $7,200. It appears to be the dimple lids, in this case, that make this set valuable -- or valuable if it sells for that price, that is.

CorningWare, which was introduced in the late ‘50s, was quite common and popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The porcelain pots are often floral in design.

Glass expert Dean Six told an Australian website that a piece that recently sold for $7,000 was a 1970s product that fizzled.


The rarer the better when it comes to value, it seems.

“The Cornflower range, with a blue floral design, is the most common pattern but is still worth a lot of money,” the Australian site said. “More rare patterns, like Wildflower - made from 1977 to 1984 - and Floral Bouquet - made from 1971 to 1975 - can fetch up to $10,000 online.”

Again, that’s only if someone will pony up.

So, how are you feeling? If you have a piece you suspect could be valuable, it couldn’t hurt to swing by an antique dealer and investigate.

Now we’ll leave you with this question:

Model #SeriesEditionYear
SizeLidNotesP-1 1/2-BP 1st Edition
Gift Line19701 1/2 qt Saucepan w/ P-11-T Trivet as P-510
P-7-CCWhite Ceramic Knob on Glass LidP-1 3/4-BP 1st Edition
Gift Line19691 3/4 qt Saucepan w/ P-11-T Trivet as P-515 also sold as P-520 with P-1 3/4-W warmer
P-7-CCWhite Ceramic Knob on Glass LidP-1 3/4-B
PGift Line
19701 3/4 qt Saucepan Butterscotch w/ P-1 3/4-W warmer as P-516
P-7-CCButterscotch Ceramic Knob on Glass Lid
P-2 1/2-BP 1st Edition
Gift Line1969
2 1/2 qt Saucepan w/ P-2 1/2-W Warmer as P-540
P-9-CCWhite Ceramic Knob on Glass LidP-2 1/2-B
PGift Line
2 1/2 qt Saucepan Avocado w/ P-2 1/2-W Warmer as P-517
P-9-CCAvocado Ceramic Knob on Glass Lid
P-11-TP 1st Edition
Gift Line1970Wood Grain Plastic TrivetCame with Floral Bouquet pattern P-510 and P-515P-12-ESPElectromaticsElectromatic Skillet Heater Base
Use with P-22-B Skillet
P-22-BP1st Edition
Gift Line
10 inch Electromatic Skillet possibly sold as P-522
P-12-CCUse with P-12-ES Heater Base
P-119P 1st Edition
Gift Line1969
9 cup Percolator w/ Stainless Steel Rim as P-519
Use P-119-W Candle Warmer Trivet

P-1-BP 2nd Edition1970
1 quart SaucepanP-7-CPlain Glass LidsP-1 1/2-BP 2nd Edition19701 1/2 quart SaucepanP-7-C
Plain Glass LidsP-1 3/4-BP 2nd Edition19701 3/4 quart SaucepanP-7-CPlain Glass LidsP-2 1/2-BP 2nd Edition19702 1/2 quart SaucepanP-9-CPlain Glass LidsP-10-BP 2nd Edition197010 inch SkilletP-10-CPlain Glass LidsP-12-ES-NPElectromatics1970Electromatic Skillet Heater Base
Use with P-22-B Skillet
P-22-BP2nd Edition
197010 inch Electromatic Skillet
P-12-CUse with P-12-ES-N Heater Base
P-146P 2nd Edition19706 cup Stovetop Percolator w/ Stainless Steel RimP-149P 2nd Edition19709 cup Stovetop Percolator w/ Stainless Steel Rimtill 1972 P-1-BP 3rd Edition19711 quart SaucepanP-7-CPlain Glass LidsP-1 1/2-BP 3rd Edition19711 1/2 quart SaucepanP-7-CPlain Glass LidsP-1 3/4-BP 3rd Edition19711 3/4 quart SaucepanP-7-CPlain Glass LidsP-2 1/2-BP 3rd Edition19712 1/2 quart SaucepanP-9-CPlain Glass LidsP-4-BP 3rd Edition19711 1/2 quart Baking DishP-4-CPlain Glass LidsP-6-EPP 3rd Edition19706 cup Electromatic Percolator2nd Generation ElectromaticP-10-BP 3rd Edition197110 inch SkilletP-10-CPlain Glass LidsP-12-ESP 3rd Edition1971Electromatic Skillet
Heater BaseNoneUse w/ P-22-BP-21-(B)P 3rd Edition197113 inch Open RoasterNoneP-21-WR (Wire Rack)P-22-BP 3rd Edition197111 inch Skillet with Flat ground Bottom (10 inch)P-12-CUse w/ P-12-ES Heater Base or
E-1310 Table Range
P-34-BP 3rd Edition19714 quart Dutch OvenP-12-CP-34-WR (Rack)P-34-BP 3rd Edition19715 quart Dutch OvenP-12-Ccapacity mark changed in 1972P-35-BP3rd Editions
197116 inch Broil & Bake/Serving Tray
P-43-BP 3rd Edition19712 3/4 cup Dish (22 oz)P-41-GC P-41-PCP-64-BP 3rd Edition19711 quart Covered SaucemakerP-55-CP-66-MP 3rd Edition6x6 TrivetP-76-(B)P 3rd Edition197117 inch Open RoasterNoneP-76-R Rack (takes 2)P-80-EPP 3rd Edition197010 cup Electromatic Percolator2nd Generation ElectromaticP-81-BP 3rd Edition19711 pint SaucepanP-81-CP-82-BP 3rd Edition19711 1/2 pint SaucepanP-81-CP-83-BP 3rd Edition19716 1/2 inch SkilletP-83-CP-103P 3rd Edition19713 cup Hot ServerP-104P 3rd Edition19716 cup TeapotP-114-UP 3rd Edition4 cup Drip BowlUse w/ P-104 TeapotP-149P 3rd Edition197310 cup Stovetop Percolator w/ Stainless Steel Rim
Size marking in 1973 (same size)P-315-BP 3rd Edition19712 quart Loaf PanP-315-PC
P-332P 3rd Edition19712 3/4 quart Baking DishP-810P 3rd Edition197?8 3/4 x 10 Table Saver TrivetP-1115P 3rd Edition197?11x15 Counter SaverP-1620P 3rd Edition197?16x20 Counter Saver

E-1210E3rd Edition197210 cup Electromatic PercolatorE-1310E3rd Edition
Electromatic Table RangeUse with A-22-B

A-1-BA3rd Edition19721 quart SaucepanA-7-CUse A-10-HG HandleA-1 1/2-BA3rd Edition19721 1/2 quart SaucepanA-7-CUse A-10-HG HandleA-2-BA3rd Edition19722 quart SaucepanA-9-CUse A-10-HG HandleA-3-BA3rd Edition19723 quart SaucepanA-9-CA-5-BA3rd Edition19725 quart Dutch OvenA-12-CA-8-BA3rd Edition19728 Inch SkilletA-9-CA-10-BA3rd Edition197210 inch SkilletA-12-CA-22-BA3rd Edition197210 inch Electromatic SkilletA-12-CUse with P-12-ES-N or
E-1310 Heater BaseA-84-BA3rd Edition19724 quart SaucepotA-12-C

K-DO-4 1/2K3rd Edition4 1/2 quart Cookmates
Dutch OvenP-12-CP-84-B w/ Flat Ground BottomK-FP-10K3rd Edition10 inch Cookmates
Gourmet SkilletP-910-CPermenantly attached handleK-SK-9K3rd Edition9 inch Cookmates SkilletP-9-CP-9-B w/ Flat Ground BottomK-SK-10K3rd Edition10 inch Cookmates SkilletP-12-CP-16-B w/ Flat Ground BottomK-CP-9K3rd Edition9 cup Cookmates
Stovetop PercolatorP-119 w/ Flat Ground BottomK-SP-1K3rd Edition1 quart Cookmates
SaucepanP-7-CP-1-B w/ Flat Ground BottomK-SP-1 1/2K3rd Edition1 1/2 qt Cookmates SaucepanP-7-CP-1 1/2-B  w/ Flat Ground BottomK-SP-2 1/2K3rd Edition2 1/2 qt Cookmates SaucepanP-9-CP-2 1/2-B w/ Flat Ground BottomK-TP-6K3rd Edition6 cup Cookmates
Beverage Server/TeapotP-107 w/ Flat Ground Bottom
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Floral Bouquet Bakeware by CorningWare

Floral Bouquet by CorningWare

The flower power motif of the sixties is rendered in Floral Bouquet, featuring outlined flowers in blue, gold floral accents and green leaves. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, this retired collection was a stand alone CorningWare pattern that did not coordinate with matching dinnerware.

The CorningWare Floral Bouquet pattern has been discontinued. If you need replacement or additional pieces for your collection of CorningWare Floral Bouquet bakeware, monitor this page on a weekly basis for new listings.

section dividerCorningWare

Please Note: Not all CorningWare is safe for use in the microwave. While the majority of CorningWare bakeware is microwave-safe, older CorningWare dinnerware patterns and patterns with gold or platinum decorations should not be used in a microwave because microwaves can not pass through metal. If in doubt, use this simple test: Is this Utensil Safe for the Microwave?

In 1969, Corning released the Floral Bouquet Limited Edition Gift line.

Due to it's popularity, Corning decided to continue producing the pattern in 1970, though in a slightly modified form.  This, to us collectors, has become known as 2nd edition Floral Bouquet...  Though at the time, it was still called "Floral Bouquet", just like the Limited Gift line had been.

The modifications were fairly simple... First, the special ceramic knob lids used on the Gift line were replaced with the standard clear glass Pyrex lids.  Secondly, the pattern was altered by using a solid yellow background instead of a linen looking texture and the flowers were accented with blue and avocado colors to make them stand out more. Thirdly, the line was expanded slightly by the addition of a 10 inch skillet and a 1 quart saucepan.

This version of Floral Bouquet would remain in production until mid 1971, when the 3rd edition of Floral Bouquet would be released.

P-12-ES and P-22-B Electromatic Skillet set with P-12-C lid

Note the flat ground bottom....

P-10-B skillet with P-10-C lid

P-2 1/2-B Saucepan with P-9-C lid

P-1 3/4-B Saucepan with P-7-C lid

P-1 1/2-B Saucepan with P-7-C lid

P-1-B Saucepan with P-7-C lid.

Though there is a percolator to match this set, it wasn't released until 1971.  The percolators for Floral Bouquet (2nd & 3rd editions) are exactly the same.  All 9/10 cup percolators have a significant amount of yellow in the background of the front medallion (for the pattern does not wrap around like Renaissance does).  These include the P-149 stove top and the P-80-EP & E-1210 Electromatics.



All the 6 cup percolators, however, have a small single patch of yellow between 2 of the flowers.  As far as I can tell, there were only two 6 cup models produced.  The P-146 Stove Top and the P-6-EP electromatic.



No matter when the percolator was produced (1971-1974) it is the size, not the edition, that determined the pattern.  For this reason, I usually leave them out of the "Editions" list... Aside from the Original Gift line P-119, they all look the same.

Where is your Corning Ware??

Floral corningware

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Unboxing Corningware Country rose casserole set 1.0L, 1.5L \u0026 3.0L

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