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12 Days of Christmas: Green & Red Wax Melts

Yields: Approximately 10 Small Cube Trays

With cheery hues and a warm vanilla scent, these Green and Red Wax Melts are perfectly festive! Wax melts, also known as wax tarts, are a great alternative to candles. Flame free and easy to make, wax melts fill your home with scent in minutes. Simply place the cube on a warmer tray to melt the cube and release the fragrance.


The Small Cube Mold & Package acts as a mold and packaging, making this project incredibly easy to give this holiday season.

What You’ll Need:
32 oz. EcoSoya Advanced Wax
Hunter Green Wax Dye Block
Red Wax Dye Block
2 oz. French Vanilla (Candle & Soap) Fragrance Oil
Small Cube Mold & Package, Plastic (Ten molds)

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ONE: In a heatsafe container, melt 32 ounces of EcoSoya Advanced Soy Wax in the microwave or in a double boiler. Split the wax into two equal containers. To one container,  add shavings of the Red Wax Dye Block and stir with a spoon to fully incorporate.

TWO: To test the color, dip a cold spoon into the wax. This allows you to see what the wax will look like after it cools and hardens. If necessary, add more Red Wax Dye Block until a red hue is achieved.

THREE: Add 1 oz. of French Vanilla Soap and Candle Fragrance Oil into both containers, and stir until fully incorporated.

FOUR: Add shavings of the Hunter Green Wax Dye Block to the uncolored container until a rich green color is achieved.

FIVE: Pour the green wax into every other cavity in the Small Cubes Mold and Packaging. Fill in the remaining cavities with the red wax. Set aside to fully cool and harden.

SIX: Continue filling in each cavity with red and green wax. Set all molds aside and let fully cool and harden. This will take several hours.

SEVEN:  Once the melts have hardened, break off a cube of your scented wax, and place it in the warmer tray. Let the warm vanilla scent fill your home!

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Revive & Uplift Soy Wax Melt Making Kit


Revive and Uplift Soy Wax Melt Making Kit for Beginners


Introducing our fun and attractive 100% eco-friendly soy wax melt making kit for beginners.


Create your own natural soy wax melts using our eco-friendly sustainable ingredients and easy to use instructions and sit back, relax and enjoy the cosy scents of your handmade scented melts.


Perfect for beginners to Candle Making! Our Revive and Uplift soy wax melts making kits are for when you want to feel revived and uplifted and evoke a sense of energy and reawakening. The specially chosen candle oils of Orange, ylang Ylang are great for mood boosting and reviving.


You will be able to make 15 flower shaped essential oil soy wax melts with our easy to follow instructions. Each kit comes with a pouch of dried calendula petals to sprinkle onto your soy wax melts.


How it works:

Everything is included in the box for you to make 15 essential oil soy wax melts. All the ingrediants are measured out, so all you have to do is follow our easy-to-use instructions.


Each Box Contents:

1 x Silicone reusable wax melts mould

1 x pack of 100% natural soy wax

1 x pack of dried calendula flowers

Full Instructions

Orange and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Tri fold botanical designed information booklet





Please note: You will need access to a heat source ( Cooker top), glass bowl, saucepan, heat resistant jug, kitchen thermometer and a stirrer 


'This was such a lovely activity to do with my Daughter, the instructions were easy to follow and we loved all the little details in the kit, thank you!' Lisa, Birmingham 


'Love the packaging and the smell of the wax melts were amazing!' Sarah, Salisbury 



Our new ceramic traditional wax melt oil burners make a lovely addition to your kit, perfect for using to melt your soy wax melts in.


Packaging is important to us. Our soy wax melts making kits are ethically produced and 100% recyclable. We use responsible eco-friendly forestry certified FSC packaging, reusable moulds, wax lined paper and all natural ingredients. Presented in our sturdy positive quote designed kit box and botanical tissue paper.


This kit is suitable for vegans and vegetarians


Personalise and Gift:

You can choose to gift and personalise your kit with our personalised gift card service. Just write your name and message and recipients address at the checkout and we will handwrite your message into our botanical designed gift card and send it to your recipient for you.

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Aromatherapy Soy Wax Melts infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils & Botanical Herbs & Flowers

Scent your home naturally with our mood enhancing Soy Wax Melts infused with 100% Pure essential oils. Blended to help bring calm and peace, soothe and uplift, comfort and ground, refresh and energise, uplift and focus and uplift and revive - choose the blend you feel in need of the most.

RELAX Soy Wax Melts
To help create a peaceful, calm environment at home for optimum relaxation and to promote a good nights sleep.
- 100% pure essential oil blend of Lavender, Marjoram, Bergamot & Petitgrain.
- Infused with organic dried Lavender.
- Pack of 6

Lavender & Lemongrass Soy Wax Melts
To help comfort and soothe, ease anxiety and lift a gloomy mood!
- 100% pure essential oil blend of Lavender and Lemongrass.
- Infused with organic dried Lavender and Calendula.
- Pack of 6

Lavender & Vetiver Soy Wax Melts
To help comfort, ground and calm when feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
- 100% pure essential oil blend of Lavender and Vetiver.
- Infused with organic dried Lavender and Cornflowers.
- Pack of 6

Peppermint & Pine Soy Wax Melts
To help enhance wellbeing and revitalise the mind and spirit, relieve exhaustion, tension and stress.
- 100% pure essential oil blend of Peppermint and Pine.
- Infused with dried rosemary.
-Pack of 6

Lemon Verbena Soy Wax Melts
To help relieve anxiety, calm and uplift mood and aid focus and concentration.
- 100% Lemon Verbena pure essential oil
- Infused with Caldendula
-Pack of 6

Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange
To help ease anxiety and lift the spirits.
- 100% pure essential oil blend of Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange.
- Infused with Rose Petals and Calendula.
- Pack of 6

A sample pack of 1 of each of the above blends.
- Pack of 6

Directions for use:
Pop one of the wax shapes in the top of an oil burner. Light an unscented tea light below and watch as the soy wax melts and releases its fragrance. Each shape will scent a room for up to 10 hrs. When you can no longer smell the fragrance its time to refresh - the melt will solidify back to wax when not heated by the tea light and will be easy to remove for responsible recycling.

*Larger refill packs available - see my other listings.

by Tracey Johnston


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PACKAGING OVERHAUL PT. 2 -- Wax Melt GIVEAWAY -- Details at the end 🖤

How To Make Homemade Wax Melts With Safe & Natural Ingredients

DIY Wax Melts

I must say that I’ve always been a bit paranoid when it comes to open flames in my house. My nervous brain likes to conjure up images of my house going up in flames due to some sort of stovetop or candle incident! Because of my fire-related concerns, I can definitely see the appeal of flameless “candle” alternatives, such as scented wax melts. (If you’re not familiar with wax melts, they are little scented wax cubes that you melt in a special warmer to release the scent.)

But rather than buy wax melts from a store, I figured that something so simple would be easy enough to recreate. (And you know me, I can never quite resist the urge to “DIY” something when the urge strikes me!) So after a bit of research and experimentation, the OGT team came up with this formula for all-natural scented wax melts.

DIY Wax Melts

Unlike other wax melts you can buy, these use beeswax and coconut oil as a base. Many of the store-bought varieties of wax melts are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum-based wax that can emit toxic chemicals when burned. Another thing that sets my homemade wax melts apart from the store-bought ones is that they are scented with all-natural essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. Plus, they’re easy to make and make your home smell wonderful! So let’s get started, shall we?

wax melts

Homemade Wax Melts

You’ll need:

DIY Wax Melts


Pour an inch or two of water into your saucepan, and bring it to a simmer on your stovetop. Add the beeswax and coconut oil to your glass or metal bowl or measuring cup, then place the bowl over the pan of simmering water.

When the beeswax and coconut oil have melted completely and are well combined, remove the container from heat.

Add your essential oil(s) of choice to the melted wax and oil mixture. You can use one, two, or even three oils combined to create your perfect scent. (Adding 100 drops of essential oils may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that this recipe can make multiple wax melt cubes.)

For the melts shown here, I added 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 30 drops of grapefruit essential oil, and 30 drops of lavender essential oil. I’m calling this mixture “Soothing Citrus,” but you can use whatever oils your heart desires! See the links below for more essential oil blends to get you inspired.

Related:Essential Oil Blends That Are Perfect For Spring!

Related:Our Favorite Essential Oil Blends For Fall

DIY Wax Melts

Finally, stir the oils into the wax and oil mixture, then pour it into your silicone mold. Choose a mold with small cavities, around an inch in size, so you can fit your wax melts into smaller warmers if necessary.

DIY Wax Melts

Allow the mixture to solidify completely, then pop the wax melts out of the mold and store them in a jar or ziplock bag.

DIY Wax Melts

Using Your Wax Melts

Place your wax warmer in your desired room and turn it on. Place one or two wax melt pieces into the tray of the warmer, and enjoy the lovely all-natural scent!

Note: Our little plug-in wax warmer didn’t generate a lot of heat, so it took quite a while to melt the wax. If you’re using a plug-in warmer like this one, you may want to reduce the amount of beeswax you use in your melts. Try using 2-3 tablespoons of beeswax instead of 4 for easier melting!

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What's in Your Wax Melts? DIY Non-Toxic Wax Tarts

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Have you seen those cute little blocks of square wax tarts that seem to pop up everywhere, at every  festival, carnival, and mall kiosk that you pass by? I see these wax tarts EVERYWHERE that I go. I love the idea behind wickless candles and diffusing scent throughout my home, but whenever I pass by one of these stands, I can not seem to get a straight answer from any representatives on the actual ingredients list for these Scentsy wax melts. Finally, after seeing one too many of these stands and going into all of my friend's homes and seeing these candle warmers all over the place, I decided it was time to create my own wax tarts for my home! With as many friends and family members that own one of these, this is going to be the perfect homemade gift for everyone I know!

Scentsy publicly states their ingredients are secret

Scentsy says that their wax tarts are a "secret combination of ingredients, used to create a pool of melted wax which is transformed into a wickless candle bar. Scentsy uses a food-grade petroleum based wax." Can you trust trust a company who does not want to disclose their ingredients list to you? Paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, is created during the process of refining crude oil into gasoline. When heated, paraffin wax releases the toxins acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene and acrolein into the air, all of which have been proven to increase your risk for cancer. Burning several paraffin wax candles at one time exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for indoor pollution. Another thing to consider, is that though you are avoiding the soot by not burning the candles, the toxic chemicals that are in the wax can still be released into the air that you breathe, from heating the wax, in the same way that the fragrance oils are released into the air for you to smell.

The dangers of artificial fragrances

The other mysterious ingredients in the Scentsy wax melts are the fragrance oils used. Fragrances scare me the most because you really have no idea what you are getting when you see this listed on any label. A long time ago this term was created so that companies could protect their secret formulas for their specific scent creations. The problem with this is that you never know what kind of chemical concoction they've come up with to create this scent. The Environmental Working Group's 2004 analysis of potentially sensitizing ingredients in cosmetics shows that “Approximately half of all products examined list the word “fragrance” on the label. Fragrances are considered to be among the top five known allergens” They also noted that certain types of asthma attacks are “specifically triggered by, and only by, cosmetic fragrances.” Fragrance oils can contain all sorts of combinations of asamines, ethers, ketones, lactones, terpenes, and most often contain benzene and aldahydes; all of which have been linked to cancer, birth defects, central nervous system disorders, neurological disorders, and allergic reactions.

What's the alternative

After trying to get to the bottom of the ingredients list for the Scentsy wax tarts, I decided I would try my hand at making my own! I went onto Amazon and found a 10-pack of these 2.75 ozs. wax melt clamshells and waited impatiently for them to get here! After many different tests in my home (boy does my home smell great right now!), with different blends of soy wax and beeswax, I have come up with three different recipes that you can recreate at home. I am doing this so that you can choose your ingredients based off of what you have on hand or are willing to spend.

DIY Non-Toxic Wax Tarts

I designed these recipes for filling 1 of the 2.75 oz. clamshells, so these recipes makes one wax bar with 6 tarts, from those clamshells. I did this so that you can make individually scented ones, for each of your different family members or so that you can just make one for yourself! This recipe was created using weight rather than volume, a kitchen scale works great for this! I just put my candlemaking pitcher on the scale, zero it out, and then add my ingredients. Before the addition of essential oils and flavors, the total weight for each of the wax blends will be 2.6 oz.


The soy wax/beeswax blend for wax tarts, gives you the benefits of both worlds with the hardness and scent throw of beeswax, but still the easy meltability of soy wax. This blend is cheaper than using all beeswax (which can be a little more expensive), this blend had the best scent throw for me! This is by far my favorite blend! I found little to no sweating of the essential oils, with the added beeswax to the blend, and when I popped the tarts out of the mold, they didn't crumble easily like the plain soy wax blend. I was easily able to break off a perfect square with these!


These vegan plain soy wax tarts are simplistic in ingredients but do tend to be a little too soft if you want a perfect bar to come out of the mold, though it is possible if you throw them in the freezer before breaking off your square. These throw a decent scent, so if you don't care about the tarts being a tad on the soft side and want to spend the cheapest amount per oz. pick the soy wax. Soy wax by itself also tends to sweat the fragrance/essential oils/flavors with any sort of heat and temperature changes (such as shipping, summer weather, etc.). Some candlemakers suggest wiping the tops of the soy candles with a tissue, though this really can't be done with the wax tarts, I just wanted you to know why your soy wax tarts might be sweating.

  • 2.6 oz. soy wax flakes
  • (1) 2.75 oz. wax melt clamshell (optional - you can also use silicon molds instead, for cute shapes, or ice cube trays  if that's what you have on hand!)
  • essential oil blend


This blend is for those who don't have the soy wax flakes on hand, or would rather do an all beeswax blend instead. Beeswax has an extremely long melting time, but I found that the scent throw wasn't that great and too much essential oils/flavors added to it to have as potent of a scent as the other wax options. This blend is also more expensive than the others because beeswax is pricier than soy wax is.


  1. Using a double boiler (I actually used this candlemaking pitcher for the easiest pouring into my clamshells, and put it in a pan with water boiling in it), melt the wax blend of choice.
  2. Once melted, remove from heat and add essential oil blend, stirring well to combine.
  3. Pour wax blend into your clamshell or other molds of choice, and allow to cool and harden fully before storing in a cool dark place, when not in use.

TO USE: Break off a square from the block and put it in the "bowl" of your candle warmer and allow to melt in the warmer, spreading the delightful scent throughout your home! To clean the wax out of your warmer, pour the warmed wax in liquid form, into a mason jar (for reuse later, you can re-melt the wax and add more scent to it again later if you want to recycle the wax!) or back into its original container to remelt again later. Wipe the warmer clean with a towel, before use again.

What's in Your Scentsy Wax Melts? DIY Non-Toxic Wax Tarts -

Essential Oil/Flavor Blends

I don't just use essential oils for these tarts, I like to use some fruity scents that aren’t able to be made as essential oils, and after some extensive research, I found Medicine Flower Flavors. They have a proprietary cold process to extract from the actual fruit, their flavors, not using any synthetically created flavors. They are also certified organic. To get a decent scent throw, I used roughly 75-85 drops total of essential oil/flavor per one wax bar.

Celtic Faerie 

This blend is based off the Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple. Back when I used to buy toxic body products, this was my favorite scent. I LOVE this blend!


This is one of my favorite calming nighttime blends! I just love the way that coconut blends with sweet marjoram and lavender! It’s such a delightful heady scent!

Peppermint Bark

Who doesn't like the delicious scent of white chocolate, vanilla, and peppermint? It's enough to make you break out the peppermint bark recipes to fulfill your sudden hunger!

Oranges & Clove

I just love the smell of pomanders during the winter time! It’s one of my FAVORITE holiday blends!

Pumpkin Spice

Get into the fall/winter season with this spicy blend that is enough to make your mouth water! Pumpkin pie is just about my favorite dessert EVER!

Twilight Dancer

A sweet and spicy alluring feminine scent, this blend is great for a romantic evening at home by the fire!

Harvest Moon

This is a sweet and spicy fall/winter blend that smells like just like my grandma’s home during the holiday season!

Hot Apple Pie

Who doesn't like apple pie? I am pretty sure it's un-American to hate apple pie, in fact. This delicious blend will make you have a hankering for a slice of hot apple pie!

Cinnamon Vanilla Late'

This blend reminds me of my days working as a barista for that big coffee company everyone knows. I don't make coffee at home without the addition of cinnamon, so this late' is made like the one right out of my own cookbook!

Sugar Plum Faeries

This delightful warm and sweet scent makes me want to dance like a sugar plum faerie for Clara!

Winter Woods

A fresh woodsy scent with a bite of cold. This would be a great gift for a bachelor or teenage boy (because you know that his bedroom probably smells gross!) It’s not as girly as some of the other scents can be.

Woods & Spice & Everything Nice

This is a great spicy and woodsy scent! This would be a great gift for a bachelor or teenage boy (because you know that his bedroom probably smells gross!) It’s not as girly as some of the other scents can be.


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