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CNC Motor Shaft Coupler 5mm to 8mm Flexible Coupling 5mmx8mm DT

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CNC Motor Shaft Coupler 5mm to 8mm Flexible Coupling 5mmx8mm DT

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Types of Shaft Couplings - A Thomas Buying Guide

Types of coupling - A variety of shaft couplings

Image credit: similis/

A shaft coupling is a mechanical device used to connect rotating shafts and absorb misalignments between them. Couplings can be rigid or flexible depending on the alignment accuracies of the system and torque requirements. Shaft couplings are used for power and torque transmission between two rotating shafts such as on motors and pumps, compressors, and generators.

Types of Couplings and Their Applications

The different styles and types of shaft couplings are summarized below.

Beam Couplings

The beam coupling consists of single or multiple helical cuts in the coupling body which typically can accommodate parallel misalignments up to 0.025 inch and angular misalignments up to 7 degrees. They are used primarily for motion control applications where torques are typically below 100 inch-lbs. Zero backlash designs available ensure positioning accuracy between driving and driven shafts.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Beam Couplings.

Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings are also suited to motion control applications. They consist of multiple convolutions of metal which provide high torsional stiffness which is important to positioning applications. Torsional stiffness reduces the level of angular and parallel misalignment they can accommodate compared with beam couplings, although torque transmission capabilities are about similar.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Bellows Couplings.

Chain Couplings

Chain Couplings are suited to power transmission applications and are used to transmit power up into the hundreds of horsepower range. Angular and parallel misalignment allowances are typically 2 degrees and 0.015 inches, respectively. Typical chain couplings use special chain sprockets and double wide roller chains whose clearances permit the design to operate as a flexible coupling.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Chain Couplings.

Jaw Couplings

Curved and Straight Jaw couplings are used for both motion control and light power transmission applications and consist of pairs of multi-jawed hubs that mate with elastomeric spiders. The design allows for backlash-free torque transmission. Accommodation for parallel misalignment usually approaches 0.01 inch and angular misalignment about 1 degree. Elastomeric spiders give these couplings some damping capacity and of often the spiders are available in different durometers to lend specific properties to the individual couplings. These couplings often operate without lubricant and can transmit torque up into the 1000 inch-lb. range.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Jaw Couplings.

Diaphragm Couplings

Diaphragm couplings are generally used for high power transmission such as found in turbomachinery. Typically they employ one or more flexible metal convoluted discs which transmit power to an inner spacer shaft then back out through another diaphragm stack to the driven machinery. A principal advantage over gear type couplings is their lack of lubrication requirements. Diaphragm couplings are capable of high torque transmission and high-speed operation.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Diaphragm Couplings.

Disc Couplings

Disc couplings use single or multiple discs and single or double stages which bolt to the shaft hubs. They are used for power transmission and rely on the flexibility of their thin metal discs to transmit torque and accommodate angular misalignment. They are not especially good at managing parallel misalignment. They are capable of transmitting high torques and are often used to couple high horsepower motors, gas turbines, etc. to loads.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Disc Couplings.

Gear Couplings

Gear couplings also transmit high torques. They have misalignment capabilities generally about 0.01-0.02 inch in parallel and 2 degrees in angular. Gear couplings are often used in pairs with spacer shafts to span the distance between the driving and driven equipment. They generally require lubricant although some designs intended for lighter duty use lubricant free nylons or other polymers for the center sleeve.

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Gear Couplings.

Grid Couplings

Grid couplings employ spring-like connecting elements that weave between slots machined in the coupling hubs. They are capable of high torque transmission with an added bonus of shock absorption and torsional vibration dampening. They operate without lubricant. They are appropriate for power transmission and capable of handling parallel misalignment up to 0.30 inch and angular misalignment of about ¼ degree.

Oldham Couplings

Oldham couplings handle high degrees of parallel misalignment owing to their sliding element design. Use of an elastomer center element instead of metal is popular in modern versions. Some manufacturers claim an ability to tolerate up to 5-degree angular misalignment through the use of cylindrical, rather than rectangular, sliders.        

Use Thomas' Supplier Discovery Platform to find Suppliers of Oldham Couplings.

Schmidt Couplings

Schmidt couplings are designed specifically to operate on shafts that are offset. They aren’t flexible couplings in the strictest sense, which are designed to accommodate slight misalignment in shafts that are theoretically parallel and square to one another. Schmidt couplings are used in papermaking, printing, and similar machines and function more like a 1:1 gearbox in a more compact space.

Clamping Couplings

Rigid one- and two-piece Clamping couplings lack accommodation for shaft misalignment and are popular for slow or intermittent shafting arrangements where alignment is not of concern. They are the simplest form of shaft coupling and apart from their lack of misalignment tolerance, are inexpensive zero-backlash devices.

Other Couplings

Coupling designs are many only the principal ones are detailed above. Other coupling types include meshing tooth, or Hines, designs, pin and bush couplings, and spline couplings.

Couplings correct for an inability to produce or maintain perfect alignment in coupled machines. Some machines dispense with the need for couplings by running close coupled, meaning that the bearings of the motor support an extended shaft upon which the rotating component of the driven equipment – a pump impeller, for instance – mounts. Where this is practical to do it is done to dispense with the alignment problem. Often, though, the machines require their own bearings and as a result a need to connect their independent shafts. Two misalignments characteristics that can be expected include parallel (or offset) and angular.

For some couplings, backlash is an important concern. Motion control applications where the position of the driven equipment is precisely tied to the position of a servo- or stepper motor rely on zero-backlash couplings to assure that no slop exists in the system. Backlash is a lesser concern for most power transmission applications—pumps/motors for instance—where efficient torque transmission is the primary objective. Here, misalignment can lead to higher energy use, accelerated bearing wear, excessive vibration, etc.

Both the beam and the bellows couplings offer zero backlash and are frequently used for transferring the relatively small torques of motion control.

For power transmission, generally, all-metal couplings such as the gear and disc designs are capable of transmitting higher torques than those that use elastomeric elements such as jaw couplings.

Although couplings are designed to accommodate misalignment, they aren’t substitutes for aligning machines during installation.

In selecting couplings a designer first needs to consider motion control varieties or power transmission types. Most motion control applications transmit comparatively low torques. Power transmission couplings, in contrast, are designed to carry moderate to high torques. This decision will narrow coupling choice somewhat. Torque transmission along with maximum permissible parallel and angular misalignment values are the dominant considerations. Most couplings will publish these values and using them to refine the search should make picking a coupling style easier. Maximum RPM is another critical attribute. Maximum axial misalignment may be a consideration as well. Zero backlash is an important consideration where feedback is used as in a motion control system.

Some power transmission couplings are designed to operate without lubricant, which can be a plus where maintenance is a concern or difficult to perform. Lubricated couplings often require covers to keep the grease in. Many couplings, including chain, gear, Oldham, etc., are available either as lubricated metal-on-metal varieties and as metal and plastic hybrids where usually the coupling element is made of nylon or another plastic to eliminate the lubrication requirements. There is a reduction in torque capacity in these unlubricated forms compared to the more conventional designs.

Important Attributes

Coupling Style

Most of the common styles have been described above.

Maximum RPM

Most couplings have a limit on their maximum rotational speed. Couplings for high-speed turbines, compressors, boiler feed pumps, etc. usually require balanced designs and/or balanced bolts/nuts to permit disassembly and reassembly without increasing vibration during operation. High-speed couplings can also exhibit windage effects in their guards, which can lead to cooling concerns.

Max Transmitted Horsepower or Torque

Couplings are often rated by their maximum torque capacity, a measurable quantity. Power is a function of torque times rpm, so when these values are stated it is usually at a specified rpm (5HP @ 100 rpm, for instance). Torque values are the more commonly cited of the two.

Max Angular Misalignment

One of the shaft misalignment types, angular misalignment capacity is usually stated in degrees and represents the maximum angular offset the coupled shafts exhibit.

Max Parallel Misalignment

Parallel misalignment capacity is usually given in linear units of inches or millimeters and represents the maximum parallel offset the coupled shafts exhibit.

Max Axial Motion

Sometimes called axial misalignment, this attribute specifies the maximum permissible growth between the coupled shafts, given generally in inches or millimeters, and can be caused by thermal effects. 

Related Product Categories

  • Universal/Constant Velocity Joints are mechanical assemblies composed of rotating and pivoting components that permit large angular displacement between rotating input and output shafts.
  • Shaft Coupling Aligners are mechanical or electromechanical instruments that measure misalignment between coupled rotating equipment such as motors and pumps.

Disc Couplings White Paper

Clamping Couplings for Motion Control

Online Coupling Handbook/Preselection Guide

Chain Couplings

Rigid Shaft Couplings

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Misalignment Shaft Couplings

Motor Shaft Couplings for Precision Applications

Ondrives.US provides a broad range of shaft couplings for connecting shaft components and absorbing misalignment. Misalignment motor shaft couplers are designed to absorb the misalignment between the shafts. They come in various types including servo-high gain, spiral beam, spider jaw, and bellows, and many other couplings to solve every type of misalignment problem and to protect the supporting bearings.  Our engineers have developed a motor shaft coupling PDF White Paper “How to select Shaft Couplings” to assist you in the selection of the most appropriate shaft to the shaft or gearbox coupling for your application.
Select from our standard options or contact usto discuss custom or modified shaft couplings.

Beam Couplings 

Our zero-backlash BEAM shaft couplings are offered in four options: Spiral BEAM couplings offer up to 7 degrees of angular offset and torques to 1240 inch-lbs. Servo-Beam can operate at up to 10,000 rpm, up to 7 degrees’ angular compensation, and with torques up to 300 in-lbs. Step Beam couplings are electrically isolating and do not wind up when they reverse direction. Slit Beam couplings have high rigidity and offer high torque and torsional stiffness.

Disc Couplings 

We offer two models of disc couplings. Our Oldham sliding disc couplings are 3-piece coupling mechanisms that provide generous radial compensation. They are rated for zero-backlash for up to 10,000,000 rotations and electrically isolate the drive from the driven component. Membrane disc shaft couplings have a torsional rigid design that is zero backlashes and accommodates up to 4° of angular offset.

Spider Jaw Couplings

Zero backlash Curved Jaw or Spider couplings from Ondrives.US feature two metal hubs and a polyurethane element and can handle high torque up to 1060 inch-lbs. and speeds up to 34,100 RPM. Available in Curved Jaw and Cardan Jaw models. The Curved Jaw models accommodate angular misalignment and slight axial misalignment. Cardan models also accommodate radial misalignment.

Servo-High Gain Couplings

High gain shaft couplings are flexible and primarily used for servo motor systems in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. They offer zero-backlash operation and help servo motors deliver speed-response frequencies without the problematic effects of vibration. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Bellows Couplings

Bellows couplings comprise two end hubs with set screws or an integral clamp to fasten to a shaft. The flex member of the coupling makes deep flexible corrugations to absorb axial forces created by thermal expansion as the motor heats up. Bellows couplings are available in three models offering up to 8 degrees of angular offset and torques up to 1770 inch-lbs.

Double Loop Drive Couplings

Our double loop drive couplings are an effective two-stage coupling with exceptional flexibility in angular, radial, and axial modes. They are ideal for transmitting rotation in small drives and work without any friction, wear or noise. Available in inch and metric bore sizes. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Flexible Insert Shaft Couplings

Flexible insert shaft couplings are a serration type coupling that transmits torque by casing sleeve engagement. They provide excellent flexibility, and high levels of parallel, and angular misalignment allowance. Designed for speeds up to 39,000 RPM. These couplings are electrically isolating.

Universal Lateral and Offset Joint Couplings

Universal-Lateral and Cross Joint offset couplings are unique, light-duty devices for general purpose applications. Offset couplings provide zero-backlash operation up to 100,000,000 cycles and torque output up to 108 in-lbs.

Zero Backlash U-Joint Couplings

U-Joint couplings offer zero-backlash and up to 90 degrees of angular offset. Offered in single joint, double joint, and telescopic double joint types. Material options include lightweight acetyl plastic with brass insert hubs or in stainless steel.

Magnetic Disc Couplings

Magnetic Disc couplings use rare earth magnets in 2 opposing, non-contacting hubs to transmit torque through the air. Since there is no contact, the couplings will never wear out or create heat. They will transmit torque through thin barriers.

Bore Reducers (Shaft Adaptors)

Adapt a coupling or other rotating component to any diameter shaft using our precision Bore reducers.

Request a Quote for Misalignment Shaft Couplings

Request a quote for shaft couplings today or contact us to discuss your unique application.

Shaft Alignment Know-How: The Basics


  Products  Couplings, Flexible Shafts & Universal Joints

Choose the Right Coupling for Your Servo System Click Here

Couplings are devices used to connect two shafts together and are divided into two categories: Rigid and Flexible.

Both are used for the purpose of transmitting power, rigid couplings being more limited in. applications as compared to flexible couplings. Rigid couplings are used where shafts are already positioned in. precise lateral and angular alignment. Their design does not allow for any misalignment between shafts, but are generally able to transmit more power than flexible couplings. Flexible couplings are designed to accommodate misalignment between shafts and various types of load conditions. Many styles and types of couplings are available. For successful coupling selection, application conditions must be clearly understood....

SDP/SI offers a wide variety of both rigid and flexible couplings. Many of our couplings are designed with the unique Fairloc® Hub design, including the Miniature Fairloc® Bellows Coupling and the Neo-Flex Coupling. Modular Bellows Couplings can be configured to accommodate various shaft diameters and provide backlash-free torque transmission. Magnetic Disk Couplings are built to handle up to 3° of angular offset and operate in. temperatures up to 284°F.

Flexible Shafts are also offered by SDP/SI and can be substituted in. place of more expensive gear trains and universal joints in. applications where the load must be moved in. many directions. Flexible Shafts are stiff in. torsion and very compliant in. bending and lateral misalignments. They are extremely useful where the load is located in. a remote position requiring many gear and shafting combinations. The basic design considerations are torque capacity, speed, direction of rotation, bend radii and service conditions.

Metal and Molded Universal Joints

Universal joints are used to transmit power, motion or both. It is a mechanical connection between intersecting shafts, which are usually not parallel. Cardan joint or Hooke joint is the most common and consists of two yokes, one on each shaft, connected by a cross-shaped intermediate member called the spider. The angle between the shafts is called the operating angle. It is usually constant during operation, but not necessarily so. Good design practice calls for low operating angles, often less than 25°.

Universal joints are available in. steel or in. thermoplastic body members. For maximum load-carrying capacity for a given size a steel universal joint should be selected. Universal joints with thermoplastic body members are used in. light industrial applications in. which their self-lubricating feature, light weight, negligible backlash, corrosion resistance and capability for high-speed operation are significant advantages.... Ball-jointed universals are used for high-speed operation and for carrying large torques. They are available in. miniature and standard sizes.

SDP/SI pioneered the concept of combining the exceptional qualities of selected plastic materials with different metals to create products which incorporate both. “SUPER-PLAST®” designs have the following advantages:

  • Inexpensive replacement of metal components
  • Dampens vibration
  • Corrosive and chemical resistant
  • Electrically insulated

SDP/SI offers an extensive selection of inch and metric dimensioned universal joints available in. steel, stainless steel, acetal and acetal with brass spider and inserts as standard catalog items.

The molded universal joints can be manufactured to special requirements:

  • Bores molded to accommodate square, “D” shape or hexagonal shafts
  • Shafts molded into the components
  • Zero backlash or components with built-in. backlash
  • Gears, pulleys or other components molded or assembled to couplings or universal joints

Call to discuss your special need or application.

Precision Bellows Couplings

Commercial and Precision Flexible Couplings


Materials (include): Aluminum, Stainless, Steel, Resin, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Polymer, Rubber, Acetal, Neoprene, Nylon, Zinc, Silicone, Polyurethane, Polyimide, Polyethylene, Fiberglass
Bore: 0.0625 in. (1mm) - 1.750 in. (45mm)
Outer Diameter: 0.25 in. (6.4mm) - 3.70 in. (94mm)
Length: 0.375 in. (7mm) - 3.55 in. (90.3mm)

Flexible Couplings have the ability to compensate for shaft misalignment and are designed to accommodate various types of load conditions. No one type of coupling can provide the universal solution to all coupling problems; hence many designs are available, each possessing construction features to accommodate one or more types of application requirements. SDP/SI offers many styles of flexible couplings, such as bellows couplings, helical couplings, oldham couplings, universal joints, and flexible shafts.

Commercial and Precision Flexible Couplings

Commercial and Precision Helical Couplings

Precision Junior (BoWex Nylon) Couplings

Commercial and Precision Helical Couplings

Precision Miniature Ball Couplings

Precision Multi-Jawed Couplings

Commercial and Precision Oldham Couplings

Commercial and Precision Rigid Couplings

Commercial Flexible Shafts with Casing

Commercial Flexible Shafts without Casing

Commercial Metal Universal Joints

Commercial Plastic Universal Joints

Commercial and Precision Telescoping Universal Joints

Precision Zero Backlash Universal Joints


Coupler plastic shaft

Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts

Product Description

Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts


MaterialNylon plastic
Inner diamterOuter diameterLength


The structure is simple, easy to install,buffer, damping, convenient to disconnect.

The size is complete and the surface is smooth.

Shaft coupler Often used to connect servo motor stepper motor, encoder screw driving machine platform, etc.

Package Included:
1 x Shaft Coupling

More Details:

More Detailed Photos:

Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts
Machifit 4/6/8mm Shaft Coupler Coupling Nylon Plastic Motor Encoder CouplerCNC Parts

Additional Information

When you order from, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process. offers 3 different international shipping methods, Airmail, Airmail registered and Expedited Shipping Service, following are delivery times:

Airmail and Airmail RegisteredAreaTime
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Product Enquiry


If you're looking for high-quality and affordable diy motor shaft coupler - you'll find the best diy motor shaft coupler at great prices on Joom - from 3 to 83 USD. A wide range of available colours in our catalogue: Grey, Red, Black, Blue, Multicolor, Green, White, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Pink, Purple, Brown, Coffee. Only high-quality materials: Metal, Plastic, Alloy, Paper, Rubber, Electronic, Wood, Synthetic, Magnet; and popular brands: Eachine, GEPRC, GoolRC, Meterk.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of diy motor shaft coupler you've received - please contact our support. We'll review the issue and make a decision about a partial or a full refund.

All products from diy motor shaft coupler category are shipped worldwide with no additional fees.

  • Choose a product

  • Tap a "Buy" option to place the product in the cart and proceed with your order.

  • Choose a quantity of diy motor shaft coupler. (Default — 1. Maximum number — 20).

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  • Σε περιπτώσεις όπου το προϊόν που παραλάβατε σταμάτησε να λειτουργεί ενώ είναι στην εγγύηση:

Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν με έξοδα τα οποία χρεώνεστε εσείς (καταναλωτής). Το προϊόν ελέγχεται από τον κατασκευαστή. Έπειτα απο την επισκευή ή αντικατάσταση του στέλνεται πίσω σε εσάς με έξοδα τα οποία αναλαμβάνει η εταιρεία μας.

  • Σε περιπτώσεις όπου παραλάβατε προϊόν και επιθυμείτε την επιστροφή του και επιστροφή χρημάτων
(εντός 14 ημερών απο την ημερ/νία αγοράς):

Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν ακολουθώντας τους όρους επιστροφών και η χρέωση των μεταφορικών επιβαρύνει τον πελάτη. Επιστρέφεται όλη η αξία της παραγγελίας εκτός απο πρόσθετες αξίες όπου προέκυψαν έπειτα απο αίτημα του πελάτη. (π.χ. Επιπλέον χρεώσεις απο παραδόσης Σαββάτου)

  • Σε περιπτώσεις όπου παραλάβατε προϊόν και επιθυμείτε την επιστροφή του και αντικατάσταση απο κάποιου άλλου
(εντός 14 ημερών απο την ημερ/νία αγοράς):

Επιστρέφετε το προϊόν ακολουθώντας τους όρους επιστροφών και η χρέωση των μεταφορικών για την επιστροφή του και την αποστολή νέου επιβαρύνει τον πελάτη. 


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