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@unseenlarks, *"Hamsters in a Rocket" has started its word tour!  Check website to see when "Hamsters in a Rocket" will be in your city.  Be sure to purchase "Hamsters in a Rocket's" official concert T-shirts!* HeartParty hatLarge smile  That would make a good band name!  My family makes up band names all the time! 


I've been watching the little critter run around its habitat and habitrial -- sliding down its slide and running on its exercise wheel!  It's really cute! Heart  It also rolls around on its back in what I assume is its food or water dish! Raised eyebrow  Apparently habitrails aren't the best option for some rodents (like gerbils) or types of hamsters, but are good for other types!  (Gerbils are too small, and some types of hamsters are too big, especially if they are pregnant!)  But we don't have to worry about that in our game.  The ones in the game sure do like them!   The mazes and little alcoves are supposed to mimic their natural habitat's layout.


In the game with Cats & Dogs and now My First Pet Stuff, the dogs and cats don't act any differently when dressed up.  To them it is the same as a collar or nothing at all.  I like to dress up my dogs and cats in the game because you don't have to worry about them being unhappy if they are the type of pet who doesn't like it!  While the pets will have thought bubbles over their heads, it is usually because they have to go potty, or are hungry or are scared or something like that.  Sims can also tell how their pets are feeling if they notice the thumbnail picture of them has an orange background, then you can click on the pet to have your Sim ask them "What's Wrong?" .  Then a message will pop up in the upper right hand corner of your screen telling you that your pet is hungry, or need to potty, or is lonely, or wants to go for a walk, etc.  

I never thought of the inability to groom themselves as one of the reasons that cats don't like being dressed up as much as dogs do! Raised eyebrow  I think you are right! Angel  I always just thought that since most dogs want attention most of the time, while most cats only want attention on their own terms was the reason that dogs are more likely to like being dressed up!  I'm sure it is a combination of both!  

I love that your cat will uncover herself to groom and then recover herself afterward! HeartCat Sounds adorable!  You mentioned that your other cat is more of a cat-dog!  Sounds like a good choice for those who can only have one pet but can't decide between a cat or a dog! Large smile  Many Pugs are a bit like that.  My dearly departed elderly Pug would rub across your legs like a cat does.  My young Pug loves to climb up high on the back of the couch, on our heads, on the back of the recliner etc. And all Pugs "purr" like cats!  I think how they make the noise is different, but the effect is very similar!  They do it when they are content.Heart  We call it the Puggy Purr!  Also, a Pug's bark does not sound like a regular dog's bark. It always makes me laugh!   So, I understand when you say your cat doesn't meow like most cats and that she sounds almost like she is barking! AngelHeart


The rodents in this pack are extremely smart! Raised eyebrow They get thank you cards from science labs (and I think schools and museums) thanking them for their contributions that led to some breakthrough!  There is also a special treat you can feed them to "dumb them down" if you just want a regular pet. 

Yesterday my Sims' hamster went on a trip and I missed it! Devil I got a card back from it saying that it went a long way from home! Raised eyebrow  But I was playing a house that also had a 2 dogs and one cat, and it was a lot with the traits that let all the stray cats and dogs visit at anytime, so I was probably busy with them!  I need to play a house with just a small pet so I can really watch when it goes on "Vacation"! :eahigh_file: Party hat



Small Animal Package and Recolors


Download: Simfileshare


  • 10 new animals with recolors
  • Squrriel, Chipmunk, Sugar Glider, Degu, Steppe Lemming, Chinchilla, Bunny, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Ferret
  • 6 natural cage recolors (no orginal cage colors)


I only use my recolors for the cage for more recolor animal


  • When the animal is on vacation: No sign and frozen animal in cage.
  • Frozen animal when there are unusal activities (Rocket)
  • Right now this effects are not supported by Sims 4 Studio. I will update the package when the bug is solved.

Download: Simfileshare

Note: It’s overwrite the original cage. (Includes the orginal colors, plus my recolors) 

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[Top 10] Sims 4 Best Pet Mods That Are Fun

10. Playable Pets

While some players enjoy the fact that pets are unplayable, some wish that they can be selectable. Well, lucky them because this mod allows players to control pets the way Sims can be! This means that pets will have their own needs, behaviors, and their very own plumbob! This pack requires the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Pets will have their own bladder, hunger, energy, play, affection, and hygiene bars to fulfill
  • Pets can eat on their own
  • Pets can perform routines on their own, as well as other pets interactions

Get the mod here!

9. Pet Pregnancy

This mod is great for Simmers who just wants their pets to mate and reproduce successfully. This means that players can have more control over the percentages of success in pet breeding. This pack requires the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Chances of successful pet pregnancies can be increased by 100%, 75% or 50%
  • Players no longer have to wait for their pet to be in heat in order to perform the “Encourage to Breed…” interaction
  • Pregnancies will succeed regardless of the relationships of the pets

Get the mod here!

8. My First Farm Animal 

This adorable mod turns pets into farm animals! Featuring a hidden Farming Skill, Sims can level up their farming techniques by adopting, breeding, and harvesting dairy and wool from their furry farm friends. his pack requires the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Sims can harvest, sell the animal products, or sell the animals… like real farmers do
  • Harvest cooldown times for wool is 1.5 to 2.5 days
  • Harvest cooldown times for dairy is 8 hrs to 24 hrs

Get the mod here!

7. Small Animal Package (Part 1)

Ever wanted a squirrel, chipmunk, or a chinchilla as a pet for your Sim? This mod features 10 small animals with recolors and 6 cage recolors! This mod requires the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Sims can have a Squirrel, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig, Bunny, Ferret, Sugar Glider, Degu, Lemming, Chipmunk, or a Gerbil
  • The definition of the mod is very detailed and has a high resolution
  • BUNNIES!!!

Get the mod here!

6. Small Animal Package (Part 2)

Continuing from the mod above, this mod is from the same CC creator and features a different range of amphibians and a few other cute animals. This mod requires the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Sims can have an Iguana, Long Ear Rabbit, Mini Pig, Skink, Tortoise, Batagame, Chameleon, Giant Day Gecko, Leopard Gecko, or a Flying Squirrel
  • The definition of the mod is very detailed and has a high resolution
  • The lizard cages are not only recolored but also slightly re-designed

Get the mod here!

5. Animated - Placeable Fish (Part 1)

It all boils down to paying attention to detail, right? While having animated fish may not be as interactive as the other animals, these placeable fish will add a great aesthetic to your Sim lots and worlds! This mod is base game compatible.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • The mod features 12 colorful fish species
  • Fish can be placed in oceans, aquariums, and empty room aquariums
  • Players can adjust the amount of fish they want

Get the mod here!

4. Service Animal 

This mod is great for Simmers who enjoys realistic gameplay or would just like their Sim to have a service animal. This pack requires the Cats and Dogs Expansion Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Sims can become a Service Animal Owner by obtaining the Reward Trait for it in the Reward Store
  • Turn pets into service animals by giving them the Service Animal Trait in CAS
  • Sims can have cats as service animals too!

Get the mod here!

3. Animated Placeable Birds (Crows)

Caw caw! Simmers can add these animated crows to their lots for a more eerie vibe. (Great for Spellcasters and Vampires!) This mod does not require the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • An invisible object can be placed on a lot and crows will automatically spawn
  • Crows will linger for a few moments and then fly away 
  • They can be spawned on the roof as well

Get the mod here!

2. Animated Alligator

What's cooler than having a pet alligator swimming in your backyard? This mod allows players to add an animated alligator (similar to the gators in Selvadorado) to areas of water. This mod does not require the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Simmers can add alligators to pools and fountains too
  • Sims can swim WITH alligators and nothing bad will happen
  • These friendly (ish) gators only cost $4 simoleons!!!

Get the mod here!

1. Farasi the Horse

Sims can live out their Wild West dreams with Farasi the Horse, both as a loving pet and a means of transportation! Make sure you take care of Farasi by occasionally petting him and feeding him hay! This mod requires the Discover University Expansion Pack.

How the mod makes things more fun: 

  • Each horse is $150 simoleons
  • Comes with 6 swatches
  • Sims can pet and feed Farasi (with a chance that he will poop)

Get the mod here!

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BUNNIES, FERRETS \u0026 MORE Small Pets Mod!! - The Sims 4: My First Pet Stuff (Created by Kalino)

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