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Cosmetic repairs and Vehicle customization

If your vehicle paint is chipping or you have got a few cracks in the windshield. We have professionals to repair them and gives you feel like a new vehicle. Services like clear bra installation, change of paint, graphics, and pinstripes are also available.


If your vehicle has any type of repairs like blown up of engine gasket or an axel may be broken down. We have manufacturer-certified mechanics for fixing them. We only use original manufacturer parts in case of replacing.

Air Intake Exhaust Service

It generates a proper amount of air from filter box to engine where it mixes with fuel to power engine, its service is important for performance and safety. The service includes cleaning or replacement of the air intake hose or exhaust system. Our trained technician provides a demonstration then replaces it with OEM parts.

Oil changes

Scheduling oil changes increase car engine life as the oil degrades with time and doesn't give proper lubricant to the engine. Every oil changes include up to five quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and courtesy vehicle inspection.

Tire rotation

The tires require regular rotation for their longer tread life and comfortable ride. In this tightening of lug nuts, setting tire pressure and change of tread to the front to rear wheels is done according to vehicle specifications.

Parts and accessories

We believe in giving out customer genuine OEM parts either for their home project or using it for replacing in the vehicle. We have combined everyone’s taste in accessories you can find them at our dealership. If you can’t find any part or accessories you can place an order by filling the form online.

Schedule Service

If you are busy or you don’t have time on weekdays. You can book us on weekends also and we can pick and drop off your vehicle at your place. You can schedule service by calling or fill a form online.

Roadside Assistance

You can get free 24/7 roadside assistance to your vehicle when you bring your vehicle to our dealership. It includes all the emergency services that can happen and you will have personal assistance that will help you inform your family and friends or finding you nearby hotel or ATM or any other help you need.

Multi-point inspection

This service is free with any vehicle service you will take from us. This includes detailed vehicle inspected reports and car wash on request. Schedule an appointment today to get the report of your vehicle.

Carmax Vancouver - Offering Curbside Pickup: Vehicle Service Specials

Vehicle protection plan and offer

The vehicle protection plan is like insurance of the car that includes all minor parts to major according to plan. We have some offers going on that include special programs for students, incentives on the new vehicle and local specials.


It’s good to purchase a warranty to avoid costly repairs. The warranty is given by the manufacturer no third party is there but there is a limit of time and mileage.

Certified collision

We have special professional teams that are certified in repairs of accidental cars and our plan includes free pickup and delivery, fast free estimates, on-site repairs, and on-site rental cars.

car service is made inexpensive by Carmax Vancouver - Offering Curbside Pickup

Now save your money on all maintenance and repair services. We offer a wide range of Auto services and care like engine, brake, body repair and more.

*Discounts are subject to change and can be redeemed once only. The discount can not be used in exchange.

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anything like Carmax/Carvana in BC?

came across this on the miata board regarding Carvana

apparently new/used market is a heavy seller's market right people are reporting <10% depreciation after 1 year ownership from new


Just sold a car to them. They appraise it online based on a short questionnaire. Unless there's major damage they spot in-person that you failed to disclose, what they appraise online is what you get at the end. I believe if they notice undisclosed damage, they'll just nix the deal altogether instead of offering less.

After getting their offer, you upload docs to their website showing your license, title, and the odometer.

About 1-2 days later, they will respond. At that point, they asked for pics of the damage I indicated in the questionnaire. 24 hours after uploading the pics, they sent an email saying my sale was approved and to please set up a pick up date. That was on a Monday, and the earliest was that Thursday so that's what I picked.

The guy came out to my house with a flatbed. First thing he did was drive my car around the block to check the odometer, then he did a quick walk around. Literally less than one minute inspection. Then he had me sign a power of attorney and a bill of sale, and handed me a check for the value of the appraisal. Then he loaded the car in his flatbed and off he went. I was able to immediately deposit the check using my bank's smartphone app.

From getting the offer to having check in-hand took one week. The actual pickup appointment took 15 minutes.

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This would be a great business here as long as they don't offer you peanuts for the car. I'm fed up trying to deal with people on craigslist. I sold two cars in the past month and its been such a pain in the ass.

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Selling cars on Craigslist is an art... and great for anecdotes and/or a filler chapter if you’re writing your memoirs

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After 11 years in the business, I a started a business to try and execute a different way of buying and selling cars. Unfortunately, we don't have the scale that CarMax or Carvana do yet, however, over time I am hoping that we can scale our idea into something larger.

Most our cars do come off Craigslist and we try to minimize the amount of hassle for the seller.

But just as it's a hassle to sell a car, it's an equal hassle to buy:

- A high percentage of sellers think their car is in impeccable condition. They fail to disclose a great deal of cosmetic damage and lack of maintenance that is material to a vehicle's value.

- Many sellers fail to disclose true accident or claim history. No accidents could mean they had no accidents while they owned it. However, they are the 3rd owner and the first 2 owners did have accidents.

- Some sellers are just trying to test vehicle value and not ready to sell.

- Some sellers have liens on their vehicles that they can be unaware of or have failed to clear.

- Some people refuse to sell to a dealer (even if I can pay the asking price).

The Carvana model is nice and flashy. But in reality, a week can be a long time from selling a car to getting your cheque (uncleared funds FYI). If I see a reasonable buy, I will contact the seller, be there in an hour max within the lower mainland and provide a bank draft that is guaranteed funds within the same day.



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I wish, a lot of the guys in the states are selling their 3rd Gen Tacoma's to them because they are basically buying them at MSRP. It's crazy

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Originally Posted by RoachView Post

The Carvana model is nice and flashy. But in reality, a week can be a long time from selling a car to getting your cheque (uncleared funds FYI). If I see a reasonable buy, I will contact the seller, be there in an hour max within the lower mainland and provide a bank draft that is guaranteed funds within the same day.

apparently they show up with a bank draft on the assessed value, unless there's glaring mechanic troubles/body damage not disclosed prior then they just walk rather than negotiate a reduced value

i dont know, a questionnaire to get value then just a short superficial inspection before hauling it away sounds good even if it takes few days...i'm not desperately trying to offload ie. leaving the country by the end of the day

no time wasted/games

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About Carmax Vancouver - Offering Curbside Pickup

Carmax Vancouver - Offering Curbside Pickup has been serving Vancouver, Washington from a quite long time. Customer needs and satisfaction has always been our priority. We have listed up our collection of new, used, or pre-owned vehicles online at our website. We have experts for auto servicing and financing of vehicles. We also have a variety of OEM parts and accessories of different models. If you want to refinance of vehicle we can make sure you will get the lowest interest at us. Visit us at 7005 NE 117TH AVE Vancouver, WA 98682 and check out on-going offers.

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Used Car? Sell To Us

We take care of all the selling requirements and procedures once you decide to sell your car to us near to you. We offer a free pick-up facility. We assure you the best price for your car along with special discounts and offers which come with it. So why go anywhere when you have us? Visit our website and immediately book your car deal with us.

Pre Owned Car Funding Options

We bring home happiness with our auto financing schemes to cater to the needs of our users like customized procurement of car loans offering low down payment, quick sanction and disbursal, flexible tenure, low rate of interest, leasing option with flexible installment, warranty claims, etc.

Exclusive Auto Service Deals

We believe in providing convenient doorstep auto car servicing facility for any car at any time at the lowest possible price from minor scratches to dents, from car paint wear and tear to tire service, battery service, cleaning the car, AC repair, battery installation so that there’s no barrier obstructing your way.


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    Such an easy experience! Everyone was super friendly and helpful and it could not have gone smoother. I would highly recommend them for selling your vehicle.

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    Shout out to Kevin for great service. I scheduled a test drive and didn’t end up liking the vehicle during the test drive. Kevin took the time to listen to what I was looking for and offered some recommendations that I wouldn’t have thought of. I’m still searching for the right car but would definitely recommend working... read full comment

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    Love CarMax.They definitely have the best prices in trade in for your car or even will buy it from you, still at the best prices. I got offered 10k for my pristine condition car at another dealership, came here and they offered me 16k no catches.We have bought from them multiple times and the service is always seller.

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