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The Final Fantasy Wiki maintains a database containing information datamined from Final Fantasy XIV for use on the wiki. The database can be accessed from any page and is updated with each new Patch that is released by Square Enix using FFXIV Explorer and software written by wiki staff, as well as by hand when neccessary. The purpose of the database is to allow the wiki to keep up with the huge amount of new content in each Patch (as of Patch 3.21, FFXIV contains over 13,000 items, and thousands of Quests, enemies, and crafting recipes).


Like most server-side scripts, the program for converting hard data into wiki-readable text is written in Lua, and stored at Module:FFXIV Data. Subpages of this contain the data itself, and are listed as follows, along with each argument a type of module takes. Note that many arguments require knowledge of the indices and IDs the game uses to describe certain properties of its content. It is also helpful to familiarize oneself with the syntax of Lua before attempting to edit a module.

In practice, whitespace is minimized in databases. The reason for this is that these databases are massive, and any amount of trimming that will help them fit into the 2MB maximum page length allowed by MediaWiki will be used!


Final Fantasy 14 has been experiencing a massive surge in players this summer, and now one of its North American data centers is closed to new character creation until further notice, Square Enix announced Tuesday.

In a notice put out by Final Fantasy 14 producer Naoki Yoshida, he said that all the worlds on the Aether data center will be labeled as “congested” until further notice. This means that no new characters can be created on this data center. Notably, Aether is the data center that a bulk of streamers, like Asmongold, have been playing on, though streamers are not the sole reason for the congestion.

“Were the number of characters to increase any further, it could result in login queues taking up to several hours, which is why we needed to take this approach,” Yoshida explained. “In the meantime, we kindly request that you consider creating a character on a World within the Primal or Crystal Data Centers, though we’re aware that they are currently quite congested as well.”

As of writing this, most of the worlds on the Primal and Crystal data centers are open for character creation, and all of the worlds in Crystal actually have a “preferred” status. This means that characters made in these worlds will have a special EXP buff up to level 70. Transferring your character from a congested world to a preferred world is also free.

The Final Fantasy 14 team has been looking into solutions for the bustling popularity of the game, and while it’s planning large-scale solutions, the global shortage of semiconductors has gotten in the way of creating more worlds and upgrading servers. There’s currently an automatic AFK timer that will kick players off if they’ve been away for more than 30 minutes, but more solutions are coming.

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Lodestone News 

  • Yo-kai Watch Collaboration Event Reminder

    he collaboration event between Yo-kai Watch and FINAL FANTASY XIV will be ending on Monday, October 3, 2016 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT). Don't miss this chance to befriend the Yo-kai and obtain special collaborative weapons, minions, and mounts!

    Read on for details.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralSeptember, 2 2016

  • The Primals and Susan Calloway Summoned to Fan Festival 2016!

    It’s with extremeexcitement that we announce the Primals will once again be summoned to Fan Festival to perform their rocking renditions of FFXIV songs! The Primals will take the stage for our grand finale on Saturday, October 15th, but we have another musical performances planned for this year’s Fan Festival! On the evening of Friday, October 14th, we will also have a captivating piano concert which will feature the popular vocalist Susan Calloway! Even if you are not able to make it to the venue to watch live, rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy the concert in full by purchasing the live stream.

    Keep your eyes peeled for more Fan Festival news on the official Fan Festival 2016 site!

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralSeptember, 1 2016

  • Changes to Allagan Tomestones

    Patch 3.4 will see a number of changes to tomestone currency, including the introduction of a new Allagan tomestone, and the removal of Allagan tomestones of law. We ask that any players currently carrying Allagan tomestones of law please exchange them for Allagan tomestones of esoterics prior to the scheduled maintenance for patch 3.4.

    Read on for details.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 30 2016

  • Announcing the Winners of the Gear Design Contest (Tank Edition)!

    Aspiring designers from across the realm have worked tirelessly to create their own ideal forms of tank armor, and today we’re pleased to present the winners that have been selected from the 43 finalists along with commentary from Lead Designer Takeo Suzuki. We would like to thank everyone who submitted their amazing designs!

    Read on for details.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 26 2016

  • Tales from the Dragonsong War Updated!

    The next installment of Tales from the Dragonsong War is now available for your reading pleasure! An undelivered missive is finally brought to light in Thoughts Unspoken.

    Read the fourth story.

    * Please note that Tales of the Dragonsong War contains spoilers from the main scenario up to patch 3.3.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 26 2016

  • New Optional Items Available!

    New optional items have been added to the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station!

    Read on for details.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 25 2016

  • The Rising

    Saturday, August 27, 2016 marks the third anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XIV! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we'll be holding a special in-game event: The Rising.

    Players will have the chance to receive a special minion and a number of commemorative items, so don't miss this chance to celebrate three years of adventure in Eorzea!

    Read on for details.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 24 2016

  • Patch 3.38 Notes

    Patch 3.38 brings a number of additions and refinements to the realm, including adjustments to the anima weapon and more!

    View the patch notes.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 23 2016

  • Tales from the Dragonsong War Updated!

    The next installment of Tales from the Dragonsong War is now available for your reading pleasure! Exeprience Alisaie's lone journey through Eorzea in A Malm in Her Shoes.

    Read the third story.

    * Please note that Tales of the Dragonsong War contains spoilers from the main scenario up to patch 3.3.

    Source: Lodestone

    GeneralAugust, 19 2016

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Rufus Shinra and Darkstar Boss Fight

Final Fantasy 7 Remake spotted in Epic Games Store database

Final Fantasy 7 Remake may be on its way to PC.

Square Enix has been making an effort to bring more of its bigger Japanese games to PC in recent years, but Final Fantasy 7 Remake has yet to be made available on the platform. This looks to be changing soon, however.

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A entry for the JRPG was dug up from the Epic Games Store's database on EpicData. As spotted by Resetera, the game is among several others scraped from the EGS' database, some of which are unreleased, and others have yet to be even announced.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows up a couple of times on the list, with Square Enix Japan as its developer. This obviously does not confirm that the game is coming to PC, but it's a pretty good indication.

Being on the Epic Games Store also doesn't necessarily preclude the game from appearing on Steam at the same time; plenty of PC games launch on both storefronts simultaneously. Given Square Enix's history, however - most recently demonstrated with Kingdom Hearts - Final Fantasy 7 Remake will likely be an Epic Store exclusive for a few months, if not more.

With the recent release of the Intergrade upgrade/expansion, Final Fantasy 7 Remake's exclusivity period was further extended on PlayStation, and it should now end in December, which could be when a PC announcement is made.

Thanks, RPG Site.


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Final Fantasy 15: Leviathan Boss Fight (1080p 60fps)

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