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Extreme Dinosaurs is an American animated series produced by DIC Productions, L.P. and Bohbot Entertainment in 1997 based on a 1996 toy line from Mattel. This show is a spin-off of Street Sharks (where they first appeared as the Dino Vengers).

The show is in the same vein as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Jurassic Park.[1]Extreme Dinosaurs was broadcast in syndication as part of Bohbot Entertainment's Bohbot Kids Network block where it aired for one season in 1997.[2]


The series starred a Tyrannosaurus, a Triceratops, a Stegosaurus, and a Pteranodon that were transformed into super warriors by an interdimensional criminal named Argor Zardok. They rebelled against the alien criminal and battle with Argor's second group of warriors known as the evil Raptors. Eventually, the Raptors' objective is to cause global warming by increasing the Earth's temperature, which will make life on earth more comfortable for dinosaurs.


Extreme Dinosaurs[edit]

  • T-Bone (voiced by Scott McNeil) – A Tyrannosaurus, and the team's leader who is usually attentive to the primary objective even where the others are distracted. His signature move is that he can perform alone or with any in the group, is the "Saurian Stomp" which shakes the local ground. T-Bone is light yellow and wears black boots (wherein one of his claws protrudes through the right boot), dark green pants, and shoulder pads.
  • Spike (voiced by Cusse Mankuma) – A Triceratops with one broken horn who is the Extreme Dinosaurs' martial arts expert and the residential chef. Despite his eagerness to fight, he tends a garden in his free time. Spike is iceberg blue with a dark purple under his tail and wears brown shorts, brown leg bands, a yellow belt, and is always barefoot.
  • Stegz (voiced by Sam Vincent) – A Stegosaurus who is the team's technological specialist and the most contemplative of the four. He can curl his body into a destructive saw blade, using the plates on his back as its cutting edge. Stegz is apple green and wears purple shorts and black boots.
  • Bullzeye (voiced by Jason Gray-Stanford) – A wise-cracking Pteranodon whose chief weapon is a shriek of ear-splitting frequency. Bullzeye is lazy and given to impulse buying. Bullzeye is maroon red and wears yellow pants, black shoes (which his claws protrude through), and a gold necklace.
  • Hard Rock (voiced by Blu Mankuma) – An Ankylosaurus from an alternate reality inhabited by humanoid dinosaurs. After helping them against the Raptors, Hard Rock joined the Extreme Dinosaurs. He is the principal pacifist. Hard Rock is tan and wears red pants with grey boots.


The Velociraptors (or Raptors) are the archenemies of the Extreme Dinosaurs with the determination of conquering Earth or changing its climate by global warming to fit their comfort.

  • Bad Rap (voiced by Garry Chalk) – The leader of the Raptors. He is orange with yellow stripe tail and a metal brace-like device attached to his mouth. He briefly had a weapon on one hand that dissolved solid matter effortlessly. This is later replaced by a rocket-launcher. Bad Rap wears a yellow strap over his torso and waist and black shorts. His goal is to permanently alter the Earth's biosphere to closely resemble the Mesozoic. In "The Dinosaur Prophecy," Bad Rap briefly developed a super-powered alter ego named Abysmal Rap.
  • Haxx (voiced by Lee Tockar) – A mahogany Raptor with implants on the backs of each wrist that produce green blades. His tail has been replaced with a blade that is capable of spinning like a drill. Haxx is the most-gifted among of all of the main characters with his abilities, but he is set back by his low intelligence. He wears pink shorts.
  • Spittor (voiced by Terry Klassen) – The brains of the Raptors. He is mulberry-purple with white on his neck, chest and feet. Spittor wears no clothing and carries a tank of various liquids released from nozzles on his hands, tail, and mouth.
  • Cyber-Raptors – Robot versions of Raptors built by Spittor against the Extreme Dinosaurs. They first appeared in the episode "Cyber Raptors".


The Quadrainians are a race of blue-skinned humanoids from the largely-unseen Quadrainia.

  • Argor Zardok (voiced by Terry Klassen) – Argor Zardok is a wanted criminal from Quadrainia who arrives on Earth in the Mesozoic and transforms most of the principal characters into his personal soldiers. He ended up causing the K-T Event by equipping Bad Rap with a supremely-powerful weapon.
  • Chedra Bodzak (voiced by Louise Vallance) – A female law officer stranded on Earth alongside the Extreme Dinosaurs and distinguished by constant reference to a 'Codebook' containing the laws of her society. She serves as a mentor to the Dinosaurs and as a comic foil when they transgress her book's edicts.

Other villains[edit]

  • Queen Zarconda (voiced by Kathleen Barr) – The queen of an alien world in "Colloso-Dome," who kidnaps T-Bone, Spike, and Stegz to satisfy her amusement.
  • Gort (voiced by Terry Klassen) – Zarconda's right-hand man.
  • Dr. Rebecca Scarwell (voiced by Marcy Goldberg) – A secretive scientist researching mutations and extraterrestrials, who captures the Extreme Dinosaurs more than once.
  • Peter Benning (voiced by Sam Vincent) – A paleontologist determined to capture the Extreme Dinosaurs and Raptors for fame and glory.
  • Count Alexander von Skullheim (voiced by David Sobolov) – A nefarious criminal who appears in "Agent Double-'O' Dinosaur."
  • General Amadi (voiced by Alec Willows) – An unbalanced general who appears in "Raptorian Crude."
  • John Rathbone – A hunter who appears in "Safari-Saurus."
  • Dr. Monstromo – An evil doctor who appears in "The Mysterious Island of Dr. Monstromo."


  • Porcupine Duvall (voiced by Garry Chalk) – A paleontologist and owner of a private Dinosaur Museum which the Extreme Dinosaurs inhabit as their lair.
  • Prince H (voiced by Jacques Bourassa) – The Prince of England, who sometimes helps the Extreme Dinosaurs with some missions.
  • Ridge (voiced by Scott McNeil) – A dinosaur of unknown species (possibly Dilophosaurus) who fights as champion in an intergalactic fighting arena.
  • The Skelesaurs - A group of four dinosaur skeletons of the team's species. They appear in the episode "Bones of Contention". At first they are against the Extreme Dinosaurs. Then after merging into Megasaur, they become allies of the team.

Other characters[edit]

  • Nigel Moorehead (voiced by Garry Chalk)
  • Dylan (voiced by Andrew Francis)
  • Ditto – Stegz's pet ostrich, hatched from an egg, which Badrap mistook for a Velociraptor egg. He appears in three episodes.
  • Dr. Morales (voiced by Lee Tockar) – A scientist who appears in the episode "Raptoroid".


Home video releases[edit]

United States and United Kingdom[edit]

In 1998, Anchor Bay Entertainment released four VHS tapes of the series containing two episodes each.

In the UK, Carlton Home Entertainment released the series on many VHS volumes.

Other Countries[edit]

Roadshow Entertainment released the series on VHS in Australia, while Force Entertainment released the complete series over four DVD volumes. Each DVD volume included a single opening and closing sequence, with 13 episodes in production order.

Pidax Film released the first 13 episodes on DVD in Germany, with English and German audio, on April 6, 2018.[3]

Toy line[edit]

Extreme Dinosaurs was a series of toys created by Mattel in 1996. It later spawned a TV series in 1997 with the same name. Originally called Dino Vengers, these toys are about a group of college teens who turn into dinosaurs (the plot for the toys is a lot different than the plot of the TV series). The main toys are "T-Bone," "Bullzeye," "Spike," "Stegz," and "Hard Rock." The enemies of the toy line are "Bad Rap," "Haxx," and "Spittor." Later on, the toys expanded into "Dino Vision" toys, which let you see through the dinosaur character (as if you were the dinosaur). There were also War Paint and re-colors of the toys. The toys were also a spin-off of Street Sharks, another toy line also by Mattel that later was also made into a TV series.

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Extreme Dinosaurs Episode Ideas

Just a random thought for today. A bunch of synopsis ideas of episodes I would like to see. Many of these ideas will be wild to some, but they are my own obsessions I would like to see as a Extreme Dinosaurs episode or at least in part.

1. Haxx befriends an eleven year boy who doesn't have friends because he moves too often and his dad, who is a single parent since the wife died a year prior, works too much to spend time with him. He would sneak off to meet with the boy to play with him, like at the swings and such. They become best friends Haxx would allow him do anything he wants to make him happy. Badrap finds out about the boy and decides to use him as bait to lure the Extreme Dinosaurs into a trap. Haxx have learned his friend have kidnapped by Badrap, then joins the Extreme Dinosaurs, temporarily, to help free the boy from Badrap.

2. The Raptors plan to do a negative public relationship campaign to have the mammals turn on the Extreme Dinosaurs. They decide to make a fake model molds of Spike's feet to frame the Dinosaurs in crimes, such as robbing a bank, breaking into a museum, terrorizing a day care center and kidnapping a celebrity all the mean time feeding photos to the press of the fake feet of Spike. The models are molds footwear made for Haxx to wear when they do the crimes. The molds are not 100% accurate to the Dinosaurs since they could see they a difference in the fake feet when they appear in the news. As in the Raptors put on a solid black dot on the sole of the feet. The Dinosaurs would then take note and point out Spike doesn't have a black dot on the sole of his own feet. The Dinosaurs are sent out to rescue the hostage celebrity from the Raptors. As it turns out, Spike's feet have been a sensational hit as people are wear slippers or making their own molds to wear. The Dinosaurs arrived at a small party of humans all wearing Spike's lookalike feet and they immediately comment on how real Spikes feet look and feel, since they don't know they are the real thing. At the end the Dinosaurs are cleared because of the noticeable difference of the Raptor's mold to Spike and the hostage celebrity is freed.

3. Bullzeye and Spike have gotten to a Hollywood studio to meet a film director and is looking for characters with special qualities for an upcoming monster movie. They are both "dressed" for the part as in no clothes to model with the characters the director wants. It turns out the director is working with the Raptors to capture them. The rest of the Dinosaurs would come to save Bullseye and Spike from a titanium cage before being destroyed.

4. An alien technology have been "fallen" out of a truck and lands onto the lawn of the Dinosaurs. It oddly looks like a pumpkin with a face, a jack o lantern. This tech is cursed by the first to touch it, causing anyone to be headless, carrying or wearing the pumpkin for until the next sunrise. It quickly falls into the hands of the Raptors and the Dinosaurs must get it back since they have learned there is tech in the pumpkin that could be turned into a weapon the Raptors could use to cause global warming.

5. The Dinosaurs are in the Amazon to look for the Raptors. They separate to make searching easier. Spike gets captured by indigenous tribe and gets bound by them, we would see them tie his hands behind his back and position his feet where they the soles are touching together. Spike allows the indigenous people to touch his feet while tying them. The tribe believes he is a demon without knowing anything about dinosaurs. The rest of the dinosaurs have asked for Prince H's help on why they have Spike. Spike could easily escape, but doesn't want to risk hurting the humans if there was a fight. It turns out the Raptors have stolen a sacred "heart gem" from the tribe, but it is really amber with bug inside that could contains Raptor DNA. The Dinosaurs get the amber back to have Spike peacefully released by the tribe. 

6. The Dinosaurs and Raptors spend the night in a museum. One of the exhibits is showing bare chested torso max figurines of famous body builders around the world. The Dinosaurs and Raptors "hide" in one of the exhibits to wait for the museum closing as in showing of their torsos to unknowing viewers. Haxx almost gave everyone away by snacking on a large muffins without leaving crumbs, as in swallowing them whole to avoid leaving behind crumbs. A visitor could have seen his neck bulges as the muffin disappear between his shoulders as it goes on toward his stomach. There is some amber with mosquito displayed in the museum and it is confirmed raptor DNA. The Dinosaurs plan is to capture the Raptors.

7. Spittor appears on a talk show and he being interviewed. He talks about all sorts of questions about himself, the other Raptors and how he relates to them and some of the worst memories of the Dinosaurs.

8. Spike had won a contest to be one of two people to have a private lesson by a world leader in yoga. It turns out Spittor had won the other spot. Their yoga class have gotten much more interesting.

9. Bullzeye have come down with a Jackle and Hyde type virus for the next three days. The first day the virus changes him into a raging monster during night after fallen asleep. Which causes him to increase in size in all aspects and sports a tail and he doesn't have magic pants or stockings. All the Dinosaurs have to keep him awake for the next two days to prevent turning into a monster and hurt someone. All sort of ideas was used to keep him awake by everyone. Everything includes Bullzeye would give everyone foot rubs and paint Spike's toe nails red. The Raptors is causing trouble and they are in these new mech suits Spittor have built. The Dinosaurs then decide to sick Bullzeye on the Raptors on the last final day of his illness.

10. Bullzeye have entered a sausage eating contest, Spittor and Haxx have also entered.the prize is a five year subscription of Zogwalla comic books and to be in the next Zogwalla movie. Badrap goes off on his own to get some alien tech in a nearby warehouse. While Bullzeye, Haxx and Spittor enjoys their sausages, the Dinosaurs would handle Badrap to prevent him to get the the technology. Sausages of all sizes will be served at the contest.

11. Stegz have joined a chat group, of about three people, on the internet and they mostly talk about all sort of tech and hacking tips . He decided to go on a retreat to meet the group at a camp site in the woods. The group was more then welcoming to Stegz as a dinosaur. Stegz allows the group to have as much fun and free with him as they want, since it's not everyday to go camping with a dinosaur.

12. Bullzeye have once again tricked the Raptors he is Argor. This time the Raptors are told to join a circus to do all sort of stunts and tricks, like broomstick swallowing, have them be like trees by planting their heads into the ground, Badrap would do a hand stand with his hands on the ground while Haxx would take hold of Badrap's feet for his hand stand and then Spittor does the same thing as his tail touches the ceiling of their cave. The Dinosaurs laugh their tail off all the wild "tricks" the Raptors do.

13. Bullzeye goes off on a tangent, since is the odd ball of the Dinosaurs. He is the only one who doesn't have tail. Spike attempts to help him by letting Bullzeye lay on him to pretend Spike's tail is his own. Bullzeye would follow along as if it was his tail by rubbing from the base to the tip even tying a pink bow to Spike's tail. This doesn't help and he becomes depressed. Bullzeye gets better as he help save Spike from a fatal height by using his wings which all the Dinosaurs wish they had.

14. Spike is home alone while the rest of the dinosaurs are away. He is listening to the radio, while someone suggesting to make waffles. Things don't go according to plan. This is basically a parody to Chef Donald 1941 short. Spike would instead add lots of rubber glue and some quick drying cement. When the dinosaurs come home, they find Spike's head completely stuck inside a large tree pot since he wanted to make lots of waffles in surprise for the rest of the Dinosaurs.

15. Haxx is home alone while Bad Rap and Spittor are away. Same concept as 14 but with Haxx.

16. The Dinosaurs and Raptors get teleported into a toon land with dinosaurs. Things get very wacky for the dinosaurs, even for the dinosaurs and raptors themselves. Such as cartoon injuries happen to them. These injuries would include Spike's head being pushed within his body after ramming into a titanium steel wall. Stegz would then have to investigate by voluntary tucking his head within his own body at the same time as Spike. We would then both see Stegz and Spike at the same time with their heads with their bodies for a good 30 seconds. This is a two part series episode where the dinosaurs and the raptors have to manage how to get themselves back to their world.

17. Spike and Bullzeye have joined up with a director to make cartoons for kids. Haxx ends up joining in since he loves children. They have to make themselves like a cartoon character. This includes allowing their feet to be painted a contrasting color with dots on their soles.

18. The Dinosaurs and Raptors go to a haunted mansion where a rumor headless dinosaur roam. Is the legend true about the headless dinosaur or is it just a hoax? This headless dinosaurs roams not only searching for his head but willing to take anyone else's if they get too close. Hopefully the dinosaurs and raptors manage to get out with their heads on their shoulders.

19. The Dinosaurs and Raptors goes to another pyramid, but this time it is in South America? A lost pyramid olds an alien artifact gives anyone anything they want. Badrap is thinking about making the Earth a nice warm place for raptors, the Dinosaurs have to stop him. This pyramid have some unusual traps and requirement to avoid them. The floor requires everyone's soles to be painted yellow to trick the traps. Why? The aliens who left the pyramid had yellow feet.

20. The Raptors have gotten more alien technology from Area 51. They discover a ring portal about the size of a hoola hoop, big enough to barely get one of their heads through and sit snug on their shoulders. We see all three raptors stick their heads through the portal to see what is on the other side it appear they are headless from anyone standing on Earth. Haxx really gets his head stuck through the portal, the raptors goes to the dinosaurs, especially Chedra for help. The portal leads to a bright white room with a small door. Another ring of similar size is on a table making it appear the Raptor's heads are just sitting on a table on the other side of the portal. When Haxx have his head stuck an alien had joined in to talk to him and tell them about his people. This room and table is about 5,000 light years from Earth's position in space. The alien had warned Haxx about the portal rings can close at random or have power surges, which could decapitate Haxx if he doesn't get his head out soon. Luckily he was able to learn some sign language to inform Badrap and Spittor in the reason why they went to the Dinosaurs for help.

21. The Dinosaurs have gotten the alien portal ring from the raptors. This an alternative line for the dinosaurs. The same thing concept as number 20, instead Bullzeye gets his head stuck inside the portal.

22. A young saurian appears on Earth through a portal. Bullzeye and Spike are dispatched to investigate the anomaly. The young saurian (named Cherry) immediately bonds with Spike at first sight as if he is his father. Cherry have clear signs of distress due to his separation and of his family. Spike was instructed by Chedra to due what ever makes Cherry happy, so these two end up being inseparable literally. Cherry would rather sleep on top of Spike during bed time, while watching television Spike would have to lay on the floor to allow Cherry to lay on top of him and his tail wrapped around his. This might be unusual for Spike and everyone else, but Cherry is accustomed to this life style.

23. Spittor have been discovered by a taquito company and want to use him to promote their taquitos to the world. He would allow himself to be filmed while eating taquitos. The commercials would require Spittor to swallow them whole to let people see bulges in his neck. Numerous of people would witness Spittor putting down taquitos down his raptor neck as it disappears between his shoulders, into his body and on its way to his stomach. Bullzeye and Spike would watch these same commercials would have to join in the same experience by also swallowing taquitos whole. The Dinosaurs then found out the real plan for the raptors and put Spittor's short career to an end. Spittor, Bullzeye and Spike are in a room together with taquitos and both would share the experience with each other before they let Spittor on on his separate way.

24. The Dinosaurs have kept their portal ring, this time it have been repair to prevent any power surges. They investigate an ruin that says to be haunted by a headless lizardman. The raptors used these stories to scare anyone going into and away the ruins while they look for clues for their lost raptor kin. The Dinosaurs then turned the table on them by allowing Stegz putting on the portal ring, acting if he was the headless saurian to scare the raptors away and save some captured human scientists.

Edit January 19, 2020

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/giuseppedirosso/journal/Extreme-Dinosaurs-Episode-Ideas-712849722
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Extreme Dinosaurs - Episode List

Season 1







Dec 24, 1997

Holiday on Ice


Dec 9, 1997



Dec 8, 1997

The Mysterious Island of Dr. Monstromo


Dec 2, 1997

A Bone to Pick


Dec 1, 1997

The Extreme Files


Nov 25, 1997

Sir Gus and the Dragon


Nov 24, 1997



Nov 18, 1997



Nov 17, 1997



Nov 11, 1997



Nov 10, 1997

Agent Double ‘O' Dinosaur


Oct 29, 1997

Surfasaur's Up!


Oct 28, 1997

Dinosaur Warriors


Oct 27, 1997



Oct 22, 1997

Cliff Notes


Oct 21, 1997

Tiptoe Through the Tulips


Oct 20, 1997



Oct 17, 1997

The Weresaur


Oct 16, 1997

Enter the Dinosaur


Oct 15, 1997

Lights, Cameras, Raptors!


Oct 14, 1997

Captain Pork


Oct 13, 1997

A Few Good Dinosaurs


Oct 10, 1997

Night of the Living Pumpkins


Oct 9, 1997

Shrink Rap


Oct 8, 1997



Oct 7, 1997

The Return of Argor


Oct 6, 1997

The Raptor Who Would Be King


Oct 3, 1997

The Dinosaur Prophecy


Oct 2, 1997

Day of the Condorsaurus


Oct 1, 1997

Rebels Without a Clue


Sep 30, 1997

Earth vs. the Flying Raptors


Sep 29, 1997

The Bad Seed


Sep 26, 1997

Bones of Contention


Sep 25, 1997

Have a Nice Daynosaur


Sep 24, 1997

Lunar Toons


Sep 23, 1997

Incredible Shrinking Dinosaurs


Sep 22, 1997

Monstersaurus Truckadon


Sep 19, 1997

The Rule Book of Love


Sep 18, 1997

Raptorian Crude


Sep 17, 1997

There's No Place Like Dome


Sep 16, 1997

Dialing for Dinosaurs


Sep 15, 1997

Loch Ness Mess


Sep 12, 1997



Sep 11, 1997

Mission Implausible


Sep 10, 1997

Jurassic Art


Sep 9, 1997

Saurian Sniffles


Sep 8, 1997

Bullzeye Surfs the Web


Sep 5, 1997



Sep 4, 1997

Inevitable Eggstinction


Sep 3, 1997

Ick-thysaurus Vacation


Sep 2, 1997

Fossil Fooled


Sep 1, 1997

Out of Time

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