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The Suicide Squad opens in August, and it just gave us a good first look at the film. Jason Statham’s Wrath of Manalso launched a stunning action-packed trailer. Just like these two, there are several upcoming action movies that we are extremely excited about, but haven’t seen any footage of. Now mind you, we’re not talking about films like F9, Top Gun: Maverick, or Black Widowbecause they’ve already released multiple trailers. Here are the films which will be releasing their debut trailers within the next two-three months or so:

The Hitman&#;s Wife&#;s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds and Uncle Sam’s The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard has been pulled up for a June 16 release instead of August. The previous outing of this duo was hilarious. So, there’s a lot of excitement for the sequel. June isn’t far from us and Lionsgate is yet to give us even the first trailer. So, we should actually be getting it within a few days.

The Tomorrow War

Paramount’s upcoming sci-fi action piece starring Chris Pratt is scheduled for July Yet we’ve got zero footage for the film. It seems to be pretty action-heavy, and we’d like to see what it has to offer. Considering that the film should release as per its schedule, a new trailer is probably on its way this month or the next.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Black Widow has taken Shang-Chi’s previous release date. So, the second Phase 4 movie has been pushed to September 3. While we’ve seen plenty of footage for Black Widow, Marvel is yet to begin the marketing campaign for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. There were times when we used to get an MCU trailer months prior to a film’s release. Shang-Chi is five months away and we’ve still not seen how this film looks like. Because it is an entirely new wing that Marvel is venturing into, they need to market the film well. So, we should be getting the first Shang-Chi trailer within this month or probably in May.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Sony has been continuously moving the Venom sequel around. September 17 is its new release slot. Again, if the plan is to release the film after 5 months, then the marketing has to begin so it could generate the right amount of hype. Everyone is waiting to lay their eyes on Carnage. Come on Sony, give us our first trailer already!!

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

The G.I. Joe franchise is getting a new start with Henry Golding’s new Snake Eyes movie. Considering that it’s Snake Eyes we’re talking about, this film will certainly have plenty of action in store for us. Hasbro and Paramount rescheduled it for an October 22 release. So, there’s still plenty of time left for the film to arrive. And that means, the highly awaited first trailer might take at least two months, if not more.

Red Notice

Among Netflix’s big releases of comes the Ryan Reynolds, Gal Godot, and Dwayne Johnson starrer, Red Notice. Actually, we’ve seen a few seconds of footage through Netflix’s film preview trailer. But we’re hoping that the streamer will soon be giving us our first full trailer of this big-budget action-comedy. There’s a chance that the film might arrive in the last quarter of the year. So again, we shouldn’t expect trailer 1 for a few months at least.


eternals movie cast

Reports have suggested that Marvel is extremely happy with what Chloe Zhao has done with Eternals. That being said, this film has shot up among the most anticipated movies of the year. It was supposed to arrive in November , but now it has been placed for a November 5, release. By now, we should have got our first look. But I guess we’d have to wait until we get the Shang-Chi trailer.

Mission: Impossible 7

It has been a while since Tom Cruise wrapped up filming the 7th installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise. Considering how good the last three films were, the hype for this one has blown through the roof. For that reason, its first trailer is among the highly anticipated ones. But since it is coming out on November 19, we might have to wait a couple of months before laying our eyes on the first piece of footage.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Sony likes to release the first trailers for the Spider-Man films months prior to its arrival. Since it is set to arrive on December 17, we might not get the first trailer until June of July. Hopefully by that time, Sony will have released a trailer for both Venom 2, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Oh, and yes, even when we do get the first Spider-Man 3 footage, we shouldn’t expect to see any multiverse cameos in it.

The Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves returns alongside Carrie Ann Moss in the fourth installment of Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix. People are excited as Neo and Trinity will reunite along with many new characters. It hits theatres and HBO Max on December So, the first look at this particular action blockbuster might take a while. But, it’s needless to say that The Matrix 4’s first trailer will certainly create a few viewership records.

Hopefully, none of these action movies will be delayed because we’ve had enough pushbacks already. What we want now are the trailers for these films. Which of them are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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What a time to be alive (and considering the past year, I think we all appreciate that at a new level). With a new crop of movies defining , there's always someone to point out the indie darlings and award contenders. The prestige TV shows that should be a movie, but aren't. But what about the action movies? Those high-octane thrill rides that are as much about the boom-boom (not that boom-boom) as they are about the plot? Don't sleep on a good action movie because if you do, you'll miss some of 's best features. I mean, the Fast and the Furious gang goes to space this year. Space!

Zack Snyder made zombies come to live and fully redeemed a notoriously bad movie by making it longer and finally comprehensible. He officially released the Snyder cut and all the bros celebrated. Even better: a ton of these films can be streamed from home, if you're still feeling a bit sketch about heading back to theaters this soon.

The tl;dr version of all of this is that is rife with action movies worth your while, and even if you're not big on the shootouts and the explosions, you simply can't miss the films below.

Mortal Kombat

The HBO Max and Warner Bros. decision to release their films in theaters and on streaming may be controversial, but it means that we got Mortal Kombat at our fingertips, right from the comfort of our dang couch. The reboot, based on the classic video game, will take us inside the most infamous and dangerous martial arts competition, making you scream out in nostalgia, “FINISH HIM!”

Black Widow

One last run for Scarlett before she officially abdicates the role of Black Widow. The ill-fated superhero finally got her own long-awaited standalone movie, taking us back to her home where we meet a slew of new characters that will likely pop up throughout Phase Four. Also… Florence Pugh in the MCU? Yes please, right now.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League

It's like The Justice League, but comprehensible. And significantly longer.

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The Ice Road

It's literally like someone fictionalized Ice Road Truckers into a slightly more dramatic film. Ice road trucking is insane already, but when you put Liam Neeson at the wheel, my God.

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Fast & Furious 9

Vin Diesel’s done it again. The ninth installment of the high-speed-franchise-turned practically superhero movie will follow Dominic Toretto et al, as they face off with Dominic’s brother, Jakob, played by John Cena. Oh, did we forget to mention he’s an assassin?

The Tomorrow War

One of the newest introductions to this year's canon, Chris Pratt stars in The Tomorrow War with Yvonne Strahovski. Set in (or at least partly?), the objective of the action time-travel thriller is simple: find a way to support a crisis 30 years in the future, as humans lose a battle to an alien species.

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Army of the Dead

Every movie should star Dave Bautista and Tig Notaro. Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead is wonderful for a few reasons: it's easily accessible on Netflix, it has zombie babies, and it's an offshoot of a beloved franchise that sees zombie apocalypse survivors wade into the zombie-ridden Las Vegas for a heist like none we've ever seen before. It's bonkers, and it's completely worth the watch.

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No Time to Die (October 8)

It's not even out yet, but hell, we've been excited about it for so long that we're putting it on the list. Daniel Craig's final Bond film has been in the works for eons and slated to premiere at least two or three times before getting pushed back, but we'll finally see the 25th installment drop later this year.

Justin Kirkland Justin Kirkland is a writer for Esquire, where he focuses on entertainment, television, and pop culture.

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There's no denying that was a bit of a hellscape—okay, yeah, agreed, a lot of a hellscape. We kicked off the year with Australia being on fire, then we heard about this new virus going aroundwhich quickly became a certified pandemic, and, oh, then we lived through one of the most divisive presidential elections in our nation's history. And no, President Trump still hasn't conceded. It has been quite a year!! No wonder we need distraction from *gestures around wildly enough to fall off chair* all this.

Some good-ish news before you commit to sleeping until did deliver major heart-pumping energy in the form of action movies. Sure, you barely saw any of them in theaters, but they make for solid couch viewing, too. Plus, when you're streaming at home, you can get up for as many bathroom breaks, popcorn snacks, and importantly, wine refills as you want.

Whether you prefer the high-stakes world of assassins, butt-kicking superheroes, or nightmare-inducing deep-sea creatures, you'll find something on this list. Oh, and that tired stereotype that action movies are only for men? Yeah, definitely not the case. A lot of the best action movies that came out this year focus on badass women who are really good at their jobs. So the next time you're feeling powerless, unsafe, and unsure about this whole "new normal" thing, pop in one of 's best action movies.

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Chick Fight

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After Anna (Malin Åkerman) joins a women-only underground fight club to get her sh*t together, she realizes she actually has a surprising connection to the gym. Girl power meets Fight Club with a mysterious twist.



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It's a joke to say that a fight could turn into "World War 3," but imagine if that actually happened? Between the pandemic, the political climate, and the overall state of the planetmore global drama is the last thing we need. That's where John David Washington comes in. His character, who is named simply "The Protagonist," has to embark on a dangerous, time-bending mission to prevent another catastrophic clash. No pressure.


The Sleepover

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All parents have secrets, but some parents' secrets are slightly more, uh, shocking. For instance, say you found out that your mom was actually a former criminal hiding in a witness protect program. Yep, that's exactly what happens to siblings Clancy and Kevin.



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When people say "well, it can't get any worse than this," it usually does. Megan Fox plays a mercenary leading a team of soldiers who find themselves trapped in a remote part of Africa. Things go from bad to worse when a lioness begins to stalk the group.



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Chris Hemsworth as a black ops operative is enough to get anyone's attention. Add in the fact that his character is tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of an imprisoned international crime lord, and the stakes could not be higher.



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Having the job of an assassin doesn't leave much room for error. Unfortunately, the titular character (played by Jessica Chastain) had to learn that the hard way after she botched a hit and ended up fighting for her life. Guess it was too late for her to rewind and become a teacher instead.


The Old Guard

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What could be more legendary than Charlize Theron? Charlize Theron playing an immortal warrior who uses her healing abilities to protect mankind, that's what.


Birds of Prey

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Harley Quinn returns to this Suicide Squad sequel, which focuses on her life post-Joker breakup. After partnering with Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya, she's ready to fight a supervillain. Joker, who?


The Hunt

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You know that sometimes sweet, sometimes sour moment between sleeping and waking up when you have no idea what the hell is going on? That feeling is 10 times worse for the characters in this action thriller. Once they realize they have to hunt humans for sport, their nightmare pretty muchnever ends.


The New Mutants

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Having a superpower gene isn't always easy. But it's no problem for Arya Stark, uh, I mean, Maisie Williams who joins young mutants in the last installment of the X-Men film series.

Wonder Woman

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Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman: Who would you bet your hard-earned money on? Gal Gadot faces off against Kristen Wiig in the highly-anticipated production that'll hit HBO Max on Christmas. Personally, I wouldn't want to mess with either lady, though I'm def open to befriending both!

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals

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Princesses who defy their duties isn't anything new (please see: Ariel, Merida, and Jasmine), but these rebellious royals take it to the next level in this sci-fi superhero flick when they form their own secret society.

The King’s Daughter

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Kings, mermaids, and a quest for immortality share center stage in this wondrous adventure film. By the way, my forever crush Pierce Brosnan plays the lead.

Blood on Her Name

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Murder is one of those things that you can't undoright? Even if you regret it, what's done is done. Someone shoulda let Leigh Tiller (played by Bethany Anne Lind, who you might recognize from Ozark) in on this *before* she tries to return the body of a man she killed to his family.

Bad Boys for Life

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The bad boys came baaaack in If you need a laugh and a thrill, look no further than Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's third addition to the popular franchise. It was released in January and grossed over $ million worldwide, further proving that Will and Martin are the perfect duo for a buddy comedy.


Boss Level

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Think Groundhog Day meets Happy Death Day, except there's nothing remotely cheerful about being trapped in a never-ending loop of the day of your death. Let's hope the retired special ops soldier has what it takes to return to normalcy and ultimately, save his own life.


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Being six miles beneath the earth's surface is enough to make anyone feel a bit uneasy. Combine that with a leaking drilling station and a mysterious creature that's intent on killing you. Yikes. (Side note: Hi there, Kristen Stewart!)


No Time to Die

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James Bond is forced to confront the worst danger of his life in the 25th (!!!) installment of the famous film series. By the way, this is Daniel Craig's last rodeo as the debonair agent. Fingers crossed Idris Elba is up next!

The Rhythm Section

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Blake Lively shed all remnants of Serena Van Der Woodsen in order to become Stephanie Patrick: A woman on a mission to avenge the people responsible for the plane crash that killed her family.


Artemis Fowl

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Artemis is a year-old genius tasked with tackling underground fairies who might be behind his father's disappearance. If that sounds magical yet outlandish, it totally is. All props go to Disney.


Lost Bullet

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A French film about ram cars? I'm listening. When the lead gets entangled with dirty cops, he has to use his rather niche talents to avoid prison time.


Top Gun: Maverick

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Apparently, 34 years isn't too much time between movies to have a sequel. Tom Cruise reprises his role as U.S. Navy pilot LT Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in the sequel to the favorite.

My Spy

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After a 9-year-old girl catches a CIA operative spying on her family, she makes him teach her his trade in exchange for not blowing his cover.


Spenser Confidential

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Mark Wahlberg, along with Hawk (aka M'Baku from Black Panther), returns to his real-life hometown of Boston (pronounced "Baw-ston") to find out the truth about a murder. An ex-cop and an ex-con? Yeah, that's a duo you don't want to mess with.


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LAST MAN DOWN Trailer (2021) Daniel Stisen, Action Movie

The 25 Best Movie Trailers of All Time

The first ever movie trailer reportedly debuted back in , for the musical The Pleasure Seekers. Today, movie trailers have become an industry unto themselves, refining their own formulas to maximize viewer appeal, and even recalling earlier trailers (rather than actual movies) by using the same borrowed music or the same techniques. Now there are even teasers for trailers, which are shortened to suit dwindling attention spans or to try and connect with ticket buyers on a variety of platforms.

In honor of this time-honored tradition, we decided to assemble a list of some of the best movie trailers of all time. Suffice it to say that the list skews heavily toward more contemporary films—not just because people tend to remember those trailers more vividly, but because from a technical standpoint, many of those trailers are more polished than their predecessors. So here they are: 25 trailers from the annals of film history that set a precedent, were often duplicated, and/or otherwise reminded viewers about the artistic possibilities of the format, even when—or especially if—the film that followed didn’t live up to the hype the trailer generated.

1. Citizen Kane ()

With this perennial Best Movie Of All Time (at least until recently), Orson Welles created a fantastic trailer for his feature debut, playing first on his background in radio and stage, then introducing his Mercury Theatre troupe, a few details about the film, and some chorus girls—strictly for “ballyhoo,” he confessed.

2. Psycho ()

Alfred Hitchcock was always a showman with his movies, and many of them had terrific trailers. But the trailer for Psycho—which is long by contemporary standards—ranks among his best, as the filmmaker himself offers viewers a tour of the Bates Motel and the scene of its grisly murders. What’s most amazing is the patience Hitchcock shows in winding through the house and each room before finally ending up in the bathroom where its most famous scene takes place, finally delivering a terrifying payoff after lulling viewers with his charm and personality.

3. The Exorcist ()

The Exorcist trailer is famous not only for being too intense for audiences, but also for featuring music that composer Lalo Schifrin recorded for the film that director William Friedkin eventually discarded completely (Schifrin claimed that he literally destroyed the tapes, but recordings of his tracks did show up on a CD release that’s now long out of print). Even today, getting through even just a few seconds of the trailer is difficult (if you struggle with strobing effects, you might want to avoid it altogether). But given the impact of the final film, this trailer established expectations that Friedkin undoubtedly lived up to, whether or not he wanted to terrify audiences even before they got into the theater.

4. Jaws ()

Before celebrated voice actor Don LaFontaine, there was Percy Rodriguez. For a certain generation, his voice is synonymous with trailers, especially in the horror genre. Jaws might have made the cut simply for its historical position as the first of what we consider to be contemporary blockbusters, but the trailer is actually pretty great, starting with John Williams’s music and Rodriguez’s ominous description of a shark: “It is as if God created the Devil, and gave him Jaws.” Ultimately the trailer veers into more of an overview of the plot, but those first moments are so fantastic that you don’t even need the rest.

5. Alien ()

The Alientrailer was so famous that when time came for Ridley Scott to return to the franchise with Prometheus, he and his collaborators relied on the same sound effects he had used three and a half decades earlier. Best of all, this trailer features what just might be every single shot of Jones the cat seen in the film.

6. Friday the 13th ()

Friday the 13th was already capitalizing on an explosion of slasher movies by the time it debuted in But this was one of the first of its genre—and certainly one of the most successful—where the film’s trailer made it clear that the point of the movie was to rack up a body count, not explore the inner lives of a bunch of camp counselors. The counting continued through the franchise’s subsequent trailers, but there’s something fantastic about advertising that lets you know from the get-go a lot of people will die, and the anticipation will come from watching how it happens.

7. The Shining ()

There are trailers here that are considered highly influential or memorable, but The Shining's is iconic: Over a shot of the elevator doors at the Overlook Hotel, credits announce the arrival of Stanley Kubrick’s film, an adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller of the same name. As those credits continue to roll, the elevator door opens, unleashing a tidal wave of blood so thick that it moves the furniture and splashes against the camera. In any era, that’s all you will ever need to want to watch Kubrick’s masterpiece—or possibly, to never watch it. And it’s still just as unsettling today.

8. The Abyss ()

James Cameron has always been able to generate a spectacular sense of hype for his films, but this early trailer exploring the intense and authentic process of filling an abandoned nuclear power plant, developing new breathing technology, and actually shooting everything underwater hooked audiences on his vision, even before they saw its groundbreaking visual effects and unforgettable story.

9. Terminator 2: Judgment Day ()

In , Cameron created one of the greatest sequels (and action movies and CGI showcases and …) of all time with his The Terminator follow-up, Judgment Day. The film's teaser trailer, featuring voiceover by the late Don LaFontaine—the man responsible for the “In a world ” boilerplate that seemingly preceded every movie for two decades—shows audiences nothing from the actual film. Instead, it reminds them of the menace of the Cyberdyne T, brilliantly never mentioning that in this film he’s actually one of the good guys.

Pulp Fiction ()

Independent filmmaking was already an exploding phenomenon when this Palme D’Or winner was released in , but it’s kind of impossible to imagine a time before Tarantino and his singular creativity. Many trailers have used multiple songs to highlight tone or story, but this one boasts a full-fledged hit parade of songs that became synonymous with the film, and went on to cultivate an extended commercial life in broadcasts and other advertisements. Pulp Fiction changed modern filmmaking forever, led by this trailer.

Goldeneye ()

Trailers for James Bond movies have truly run the gamut, varying in quality from clips offering a stentorian breakdown of the girls, guns, and gadgets, as was done in the s and ‘70s, to the more polished clips that have preceded Daniel Craig’s installments. But after the delay following License To Kill, the casting announcement of Pierce Brosnan as , and a radical shift in the sophistication and appetites of audiences, nothing short of spectacular would do when reintroducing the character. Thankfully, this clip captures everything that makes Bond great—his casual flinch as bullets ricochet inches from his head remains one of the great shots in Bond history—culminating in a mind-blowing bungee jumping stunt that seems to go on forever and ever. Welcome back, Mr. Bond.

Strange Days ()

If you were not around, or just not paying attention, at the time of the debut of this trailer, then it’s not possible to know exactly how ubiquitous Ralph Fiennes’s monologue, a freshly-performed version of his sales pitch within the film, became. Speaking directly to audiences as punctuative phrases flash around his face on the screen, Fiennes became for better or worse the salesman for this film from ex-spouses Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron, a formidable team long before either of them won Oscars for Best Director.

Independence Day ()

This is a trailer that really only needed a single image: The shot of the White House exploding in a ball of fire. Disaster movies have always been sold on the destruction they depict, but when this clip came out, that single image was like a siren call for people looking to escape at the movies. Roland Emmerich’s movie is more than adequately silly in its overall portrait of an alien invasion, but it remains fascinating to imagine that extraterrestrials would have any clue what that location is or why it’s important—even if blowing it up is a lot of fun to watch.

Godzilla ()

The aforementioned Emmerich has always been a filmmaker with a cheeky sense of humor, enjoying (or at least exploring) the destruction of the human race in one story after another. Aside from his winking reference to Jurassic Park with the Tyrannosaurus skeleton, this trailer is unique in that it was expressly shot without intending to be a part of the film it’s supposed to be from. These kinds of clips were used more frequently in the s, but this one captures the tone of the final film while showing nothing from it.

The Blair Witch Project ()

Found footage wasn’t truly a part of moviemaking vernacular until The Blair Witch Project unexpectedly became a pop culture sensation so notable that even people's parents went to see it (despite probably not having watched a horror movie since The Exorcist). But this trailer expertly sells Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez's concept in all of its low-resolution Hi8 glory, inviting viewers to watch three people venture into the woods like the hundreds of dumb teens in slasher movies—but this time, someone actually died?

The Matrix ()

As has always been the case, the best trailers are the ones that get us excited about a film but don’t tell us too much—or sometimes, anything—about it. Featuring a second-tier Enigma track and offering an exhibition of both the bullet-time cinematography and wire-work martial arts action that American movies had not yet explored, The Matrixtrailer drew in audiences the second Carrie-Anne Moss began running up walls and Keanu Reeves rightfully said “whoa” before Laurence Fishburne succinctly informed them that “no one can tell you what the Matrix is,” immediately prompting viewers to throw money at the screen like Fry from Futurama.

Dinosaur ()

Technically, this clip was the literal opening scene of the film. But when it premiered in theaters ahead of the film’s release, audiences were absolutely mesmerized by its then-groundbreaking computer-generated imagery, following a dinosaur egg that escaped from its mother’s care and embarked on an astonishing journey. This one, it’s safe to say, did not live up to the hype, especially once the dinosaurs started talking. But at a moment when computer animation had never shown audiences anything like this, it was an absolutely gripping teaser of what was to come.

Spider-Man ()

Like the Godzilla trailer, this clip was created solely to promote Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man and never meant to appear in the film. That’s kind of a bummer, because it’s actually a pretty dynamite sequence, as thieves escape in a helicopter before the web slinger apprehends them. But in the wake of 9/11, a clip featuring a flying vehicle stuck between the two towers was justifiably determined to be inappropriate, prompting it to be removed from circulation and replaced by something a bit more conventional. Regardless, that image of the copter’s blades struggling against Spider-Man’s webbing as the camera pulls back to remove the enormity of the towers, and his power to use the landscape to his advantage, makes for an unforgettable sight.

Cloverfield ()

It’s debatable how well Matt Reeves’s Cloverfield lived up to this trailer, but expectations were understandably sky-high after the film used the disaster movie iconography of filmmakers like John Carpenter—culminating in a shot of the Statue of Liberty’s head rolling down a New York street—in what by this point had become a more familiar “found footage” format.

A Serious Man ()

The Coen Brothers invariably offer such a wonderful, intriguing variety of imagery in their films that lining them up like dominoes is all one needs in order to get audiences interested. But starting with the image of Sy Abelman (Fred Melamed) rhythmically beating Larry Gopnik’s (Michael Stuhlbarg) head against a chalkboard speaks brilliantly to the niggling frustrations of A Serious Man's main character, a physics professor navigating life in Minnesota.

The Social Network ()

David Fincher is represented twice here—in a row—because of his incredible work. But the trailer for The Social Network seems to resonate with people more vividly because of the extraordinary combination of music and imagery that not only hints at what the film is about, but also begins to explore some of the deeper thematic and sociological underpinnings of Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to create Facebook. The children’s choir singing a sobering cover of “Creep” by Radiohead would have been enough for most audiences, but even before we really get a glimpse of Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg (much less Justin Timberlake’s flashy Sean Parker), a montage of images highlighting the landscape of social media—likes, comments, messaging shorthand, and more—accurately indicates that this is one of the definitive films of the modern era, both for and about it.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo ()

Fincher’s films have often had fantastic trailers—a teaser for The Game juxtaposed Michael Douglas’s harrowing pursuit by Consumer Recreation Services and a puppet being pulled by its strings, and Gone Girl uses a cover of Elvis Costello’s “She” as a delicious counterpoint to the story’s romantic toxicity. But this clip, set to Karen O’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” is a marvel of montage editing, pairing every drumbeat with another provocative image of the director’s adaptation of the Swedish thriller.

Man of Steel ()

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel is another film where the advertising may have promised more than the film could deliver. This teaser, featuring Russell Crowe discussing the ideals that his son Kal-El would and could embrace for humanity over shots that evoke Terrence Malick more than they do Snyder’s typically muscular cinematography, had the internet absolutely gobsmacked with excitement when it was first released. While it was largely agreed that the movie didn't quite live up to its promise, the brilliance of the trailer is its ability to make you want to watch the film just once more, with the hope that it was the film you saw in the trailer—and not what the end result became—that you'll get to see.

Mad Max Fury Road ()

The only thing that’s better than the first few shots in this trailer is every single shot that follows it. We're not altogether sure that this trailer breaks any new ground or challenges expectations, but the sheer holy sh*t-ness of the images is simply too powerful—and unrelenting—to resist. While the shot of Tom Hardy’s Mad Max swinging in and out of view as the War Boys pursue him might be the coolest image, even without the deeper sociological and emotional context of the story, Mad Max Fury Road is one of the greatest action movies of all time, and Warner Brothers was smart not to hide any of it in this trailer.

Us ()

It should tell you how much times have changed that in , members of the press were actually invited to attend an event for the unveiling of this trailer, hosted by none other than Jordan Peele. By the time this film’s marketing was even imagined, slow covers of famous songs had long since become a cornerstone of horror trailers, but Peele flipped the script on that trend by building on Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It,” turning their classic hip-hop track into a building menace for a family unlucky enough to discover their homicidal doppelgängers.

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Full US Trailer for Ultra Violent Hong Kong Action Film 'The Fatal Raid'

by Alex Billington
June 18,

The Fatal Raid Trailer

"Honor the fallen&#; by claiming revenge." Well Go USA has released an official trailer for a violent Hong Kong action film titled The Fatal Raid directed by Jacky Lee. This originally opened in Hong Kong in and is part of the new wave of "girls-with-guns" action films coming out of HK recently. It also played at the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF), and arrives in the US this August. Two elite police teams head up a secret operation following a dangerous smuggling ring across the Macau border, but when their presence is discovered, the mission ends in a deadly firefight. Twenty years later, an escort mission brings the survivors back to the scene of the tragedy—and fosters a highly unwelcome reunion. Starring Patrick Tam, Michael Tong, and Jade Leung, this "police action thriller" also features a hard-hitting cast including Jeana Ho, Hidy Yu, Min-Chen Lin, and Jadie Lin. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this has much worth watching.

Here's the new official US trailer (+ original poster) for Jacky Lee's The Fatal Raid, direct from YouTube:

And here's an original Hong Kong trailer from last year for Jacky Lee's The Fatal Raid, also on YouTube:

The Fatal Raid Poster

An ultraviolent cops vs. gangsters bloodbath leaves casualties on both sides. Fast-forward ahead 20 years as surviving team member Madam Fong (Jade Leung, Black Cat) leads a new squad in pursuit of reckless young anarchists terrorizing Macao. An apparition from that fatal day before falls into the fray, bringing everything full circle for a serpentine and explosive final confrontation. With bad-ass modern women warriors at the forefront, director Jacky Lee effortlessly exudes the hyperbolic stylings of classic Hong Kong action, bringing back the irrepressible "girls with guns" subgenre with full bombastic force.The Fatal Raid, also known as 辣警霸王花:澳门行动 in Mandarin, is directed by former music video filmmaker Jacky Lee, his second film after directing Lives in Flames previously. The screenplay is written by Men Wa Choi, Jacky Lee, and Lam Siu Fu. This originally opened in Hong Kong in , and then in China in Well Go USA will release The Fatal Raid direct-to-VOD / DVD starting August 24th, later this year.

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Action Movie 2020 - KILLER - Best Action Movies Full Length English

10 Action Movies With The Best Trailers

Even though moviegoers can have a lot of complaints about trailers that play before the movies, they are still effective marketing techniques in the business. And when a trailer is done really well, it can be thrilling to watch on its own. This is especially true of action movie trailers, which seem to have real energy to them.

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The great action movie trailers show you just enough from a movie to get you excited without spoiling the best moments. While the movies don't always live up to the trailers, they can still be fun to watch. Here are ten action movie trailers that got our adrenaline pumping.

10 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Few trailers are more anticipated than new Star Wars trailers and The Force Awakens might have been the most anticipated trailer from the entire series. After the disappointing prequels, the beloved franchise was back with the original stars returning to share the screen with new characters.

The second teaser trailer is the one that really got the audience's mouths watering. Starting with the iconic music, we get narration from Luke Skywalker, a look at some new characters and the Millennium Falcon in action. Then it closes off with the return of Han Solo saying "Chewie, we're home."

9 Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The Mission: Impossible franchise is one of those rare film series that seems to get better with each new installment. While the films have always been fun actioners, the recent sequels have really taken things up a notch with Tom Cruise doing some truly epic stunts for our entertainment.

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The official trailer for Mission: Impossible - Fallout promised that the trend of escalation would continue here. Though the trailer manages to hide a few surprises and even adds in some scenes that are not in the film, the stunts including the bathroom brawl and the helicopter sequence are teased just enough to draw you in.

8 Independence Day

Trailers can sometimes be criticized for giving away too much of the movie in an attempt to lure audiences. So it's pretty refreshing to see a trailer that is confident enough to keep its biggest reveals under wraps. Such is the case with the intriguing teaser trailer for Independence Day.

The alien invasion action film is kept mysterious with various shots of massive shadows overtaking major cities across the globe. People look on in horror, but we don't see what they see. The taglines read "On July 2nd, they arrive. On July 3rd, they attack. On July 4th, we fight back."

7 Watchmen

HBO's Watchmenis currently one of the most talked-about shows of the year, but it is not the first time Alan Moore's groundbreaking graphic novel was brought to life. After many failed attempts over the years, Zack Snyder finally directed the big-screen adaptation to a mixed response.

Despite what people thought about the film, the first trailer certainly did a great job of selling the ambitious and dark superhero movie. With little dialogue, the trailer instead displayed the melding of Alan Moore's iconic panels with Snyder's visionary approach.

6 Kill Bill: Volume 1

Quentin Tarantino is the kind of filmmaker who could probably attract a large audience even without a trailer. But his films do make for some fun and energetic trailers, and the first Kill Bill was no different.

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The revenge film starred Uma Thurman as a betrayed assassin on a bloody mission of revenge. While the trailer avoids showing the buckets of blood that are featured in the final film, it still hooks audiences with some great music, a glimpse at the impressive fight scenes and Tarantino's signature style.

5 Inception

Christopher Nolan is another filmmaker who has people's attention as soon as his next project is announced. He is also keen on secrecy with his films, keeping things a mystery for as long as he can. This makes some of his trailers very hard to decipher but incredibly compelling.

The first trailer for Inceptionwas released before anyone even knew what the film was about. But the trailer still made it a must-watch with the reality-bending effects, the epic score, and the intriguing tagline, "Your mind is the scene of the crime."

4 Logan

Sometimes the perfect choice of music can help make a trailer a work of art on its own. Fans knew to expect something different from Logan, which promised to be a more grounded and gritty exploration of Hugh Jackman's X-Men character, but people still weren't ready for the powerful first trailer.

Scored by Johnny Cash's haunting cover of "Hurt," we see a much different Logan than we knew from previous movies. He is old, tiredand hurt. Along with an equally depressing glimpse at Charles Xavier, the trailer promised a superhero redemption story like nothing else in the genre.

3 Godzilla

The return of Godzilla to the big screen was a big question mark for some people, but the first teaser did a fantastic job of getting people to sit up and take notice of this latest remake. While the film gained a mixed response, this trailer remains epic.

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Without knowing what movie you are being introduced to, we see a group of soldiers preparing for a HALO jump into some dangerous zone. As the soldiers hurtle towards Earth, passing threw storm clouds, we begin to see a familiar and monstrous shape taking form below. It was a brilliant way to reintroduce the character.

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy

The MCU movies are usually pretty effective at putting together an exciting trailer that gets you excited about the latest superhero adventure. However, the first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy introduced something new that audiences were not ready for.

The trailer had the difficult task of introducing characters that were totally unknown to mainstream audiences. But it managed to do it through the clever framing of an intergalactic police line-up. The use of "Hooked on a Feeling" and the way the heroes are referred to as a "bunch of a-holes" made it clear this was something special.

1 Mad Max: Fury Road

It stands to reason that one of the best action movies ever made also has one of the best trailers. Mad Max: Fury Road had a long and difficult production and could have gone under many people's radar. But the epic trailer for the movie made it hard for this one to be overlooked.

The trailer wisely steers away from too much exposition and instead shows off the amazing action sequences at work. Seeing what George Miller has been putting together after all this time was enough to make any action movie fan drool with anticipation.

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