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The season structure of the National Hockey League (NHL) is divided into the regular season and the Stanley Cup playoffs. In the regular season, which generally runs from early October through early April, teams play 82 games which determine their standings. The three highest-placed teams in each division and two wild card teams per conference enter the playoff elimination tournament to determine the Stanley Cup champion.

Regular Season[]

For NHL league structure, see National Hockey League.

Since the –96 season, each team in the NHL plays 82 regular season games, 41 each of home and road. In all, 1, games are scheduled ( of them inter-conference).

Since the – season, the NHL regular season formula was adjusted to account for the new conference alignments. Each team plays either four or five games against the other teams in its division (a total of 26 or 29 games in the Western Conference, 28 games in the Eastern Conference) as well as playing all non-divisional teams in their own conference thrice (21 or 24 games in the west, 24 games in the east). The remaining games of the season are inter-conference play (32 in the west, 30 in the east), allowing every team in the league to play every other team twice. One Western Conference exception is that one team from each division plays one less game inside Division and one more game inside Conference but outside their Division. Teams rotate every season. The schedule is structured so that every NHL team plays in every arena at least once per season. The San Jose Sharks and Colorado Avalanche played each other 4 times in –14 and –16, but only twice in –15 and –17 in favour of 5 games against all their divisional opponents.

The NHL All-Star Game and its accompanying festivities occur near the midpoint of the season, during which no regular season games take place. Every four years, from onwards (except for ), in lieu of an All-Star break, there is usually a break for the Olympic Winter Games.

The league also schedules a three day Christmas break when no regular season games are played on either Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Games are not played on December 26 unless it falls on a Saturday, of which no games would be played on December The NHL also has a holiday roster freeze between December 18 and 27, in which in most cases, players cannot be traded, waived, or sent to the minor leagues.[1]

Two points are awarded for a win (including in overtime or shootout), one point for a loss in overtime or shootout, and no points for a loss in regulation time. If, however, a team pulls their goaltender for an extra attacker during overtime and gives up an empty net goal, the point normally awarded for losing in overtime is forfeited.[2] Pulling a goaltender in overtime was occasionally attempted in certain situations prior to the –05 NHL lockout near the end of a season if earning a single point in overtime would have been worthless for playoff qualification purposes, but with the introduction of the shootout it has not been attempted since.

Eastern Conference
Division Schedule Total Games
Within Division 4 games × 7 opponents 28
Within Conference, Non-divisional 3 games × 8 opponents 24
Inter-conference 2 games × 15 opponents 30
Central Division
Division Schedule Total Games
Within Division 4 games × 4 opponents + 5 games × 2 opponents 26
Within Conference, Non-divisional 3 games × 8 opponents 24
Inter-conference 2 games × 16 opponents 32
Pacific Division
Division Schedule Total Games
Within Division 4 games × 6 opponents + 5 games × 1 opponent 29
Within Conference, Non-divisional 3 games × 7 opponents 21
Inter-conference 2 games × 16 opponents 32

Stanley Cup Playoffs[]

Main article: Stanley Cup playoffs

At the end of the regular season, 16 teams qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs, an elimination tournament consisting of three rounds of best-of-seven series to determine which team from each conference will advance to the final round, dubbed the Stanley Cup Final. The top three teams in each division earn automatic berths (6 teams per conference) and the next two teams in the conference earn wild-card spots. The First Round pits the top ranked team in the conference against the lower ranked wild-card and the other division winner against the higher ranked wild-card. The second and third place teams in each division play each other. The top ranked team in a division, along with its wild card opponent and the second and third ranked teams of the same division comprise a group or bracket during the First Round, and the two winners will meet in the Second Round. The Western Conference (Pacific vs. Central divisional bracket champions) and Eastern Conference (Atlantic vs. Metropolitan divisional bracket champions) Finals will determine who faces off in the Stanley Cup Finals.[3]

Any ties in the standings are broken using the following protocols:

  1. The fewer number of games played (only used during the season, as all teams will have played 82 games once the season is over).
  2. The greater number of games won. Since the –11 NHL season, shootout wins are excluded from the tie-breaking procedure, and is reflected by the ROW statistic (regulation/overtime wins).
  3. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs.
    1. If two clubs are tied, and have not played an equal number of home games against each other, the points earned and available in the first game played in the city of the club that had the greater number of home games in games between the two are not included.
    2. If more than two clubs are tied, the higher percentage of available points earned in games among those clubs, and not including any "odd" games, are used to determine the standing. The "odd" games are identical to those mentioned in the previous paragraph, that is, the first game in the city of the club that has had more home games in games between each club in the tie. Note that, because of this procedure, if two teams in the multi team tie (also applicable in a two team tie) have only played once against each other, the points earned in that game are not included.
  4. The greater differential between goals for and goals against during the entire regular season.
  5. If two clubs are still tied on non-shootout wins, points earned between the tied clubs and regular season goal differential, a one-game playoff is played under Stanley Cup playoff rules.[4]

For example, on Saturday December 2, during the season, the Chicago Blackhawks earned a point and the Minnesota Wild gained two in their respective games that evening, and thus became tied at 29 points with the Calgary Flames. None of these at the time were in the top three ranks of their divisions, so although the Flames were from the Pacific division and the others from the Central, they were ranked together among the other wild card teams in the Western Conference, occupying the third through fifth seeds for the wild card spots. These three, apart from having equal points, had at the time played the same number of games, 26, and had the same number of ROWs, The Blackhawks had played twice thus far in the season against the Wild, the first being a home game loss in regulation time, and the other being a road game win also in regulation time, but no games against the Flames. The Wild, however, had played once in Calgary against the Flames, not long after their first win against the Blackhawks on the road. Since that was the Flames' one and only game with the Wild, which therefore was a surplus of home games for the Flames in games against the Wild at the time, it was not included in the available points percentage used to determine their ranking at the time, and because they had not yet played the Blackhawks, they were therefore considered to have 0% of points available against the clubs in the tie. The points earned and available in that game by the Wild against the Flames were also not considered for their available points percentage either, but because they had played an even number of home and road games against the Blackhawks, points from both of those games were considered, and having obtained 2 out of the 4 available, they were therefore reckoned to have 50% of available points against teams in the draw. The Blackhawks likewise, having no games against the Flames were considered to have the same 50% point percentage of available points in games between the clubs in that tie. As a result, the Flames were ranked the lowest among those three clubs, and given the fifth rank among the wild card teams, while the other two, still being tied at points percentage, were compared by their goal differentials, the Blackhawks having +11 and the Wild +1, thus the Chicago club was ranked third and the Wild fourth.

For the first two rounds, the higher-seeded team has home-ice advantage (regardless of point record). Thereafter, it goes to whoever has the better regular season record (no matter the seeding). The team with home-ice advantage hosts Games 1, 2, 5 and 7, while the opponent hosts Games 3, 4 and 6 (Games 5–7 are played "if necessary").

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Stagione NHL –50

La stagione NHL fu la 33a stagione della National Hockey League. I Detroit Red Wings hanno sconfitto i New York Rangers in sette partite per la Stanley Cup. Era il quarto campionato dei Red Wings.

Affari della Lega

La NHL ha deciso di aumentare il numero di partite giocate da 60 a 70 partite per ogni squadra. Ogni squadra ha giocato contro ogni altra squadra 14 volte. I portieri non dovrebbero più affrontare un tiro di rigore se hanno preso un rigore maggiore. Un compagno di squadra potrebbe scontare il rigore in area di rigore. Nel giugno , la NHL decise di dipingere di bianco la superficie del ghiaccio. Questo è stato fatto aggiungendo vernice bianca all'acqua prima del congelamento. In precedenza, la superficie del ghiaccio era solo acqua congelata su cemento, che rendeva un colore grigio opaco. "Sbiancando" la superficie del ghiaccio, ha reso molto più facile vedere e seguire il disco, specialmente sul mezzo relativamente nuovo della televisione.

Stagione regolare

Detroit, guidata dalla nuova linea di produzione di Lindsay, Abel e Howe, ha vinto la stagione regolare. La linea di produzione ha portato la lega nel punteggio

In evidenza

Il 2 novembre , allo stadio di Chicago, scoppiò una rissa piuttosto seria in una partita che Chicago sconfisse Montreal Durante il secondo periodo, alcuni fan a bordo pista hanno iniziato ad attaccare il difensore di Montreal Ken Reardon, e quando un fan ha afferrato il suo maglione, Reardon ha fatto oscillare il suo bastone e ha colpito uno dei turbolenti. Leo Gravelle e Billy Reay si sono uniti, e un altro fan ha scavalcato le assi e ha sfidato Reardon, ma è stato costretto a tornare al suo posto. Al termine della partita, la polizia ha arrestato Reardon, Reay e Gravelle. Successivamente, i giocatori sono stati scagionati quando un giudice ha stabilito che i tifosi erano gli aggressori e hanno oltrepassato le prerogative di tifosi. Dopo che Chicago ha sconfitto Toronto il 27 novembre, Conn Smythe ha detto al portiere Turk Broda: "Non gestisco una squadra di uomini grassi!" e disse che Broda non avrebbe giocato fino a quando non avesse ridotto il suo peso a libbre. A quel tempo, Broda pesava quasi Al Rollins è stato acquistato da Cleveland dell'AHL e Gil Mayer è stato educato per buona misura. Quando ha raggiunto sterline, Broda è tornato nella rete di Toronto e ha ottenuto il suo quarto shutout della stagione il 3 dicembre e i fan di Maple Leaf hanno applaudito tutti i suoi 22 salvataggi. Dopo che i Red Wings hanno battuto Chicago l'8 febbraio, lo scrittore Lew Walter ha cercato di intervistare l'allenatore di Chicago Charlie Conacher. Conacher è esploso di rabbia, ha criticato le storie passate di Walter e ha preso a pugni Walter, facendolo cadere a terra. Walter annunciò che avrebbe chiesto un mandato per l'arresto di Conacher. Il presidente della NHL Clarence Campbell ha preso una visione debole delle azioni di Conacher e lo ha multato di $ Conacher ha quindi telefonato a Walter e si è scusato, dicendo che si era pentito dell'accaduto. I fan di Montreal iniziarono a fischiare Bill Durnan, come avevano fatto nel , nonostante fosse il miglior portiere della lega, e in un'intervista dichiarò che si sarebbe ritirato alla fine della stagione. In realtà, Durnan era stato tagliato più volte durante la stagione e, a un certo punto, aveva dovuto prendere la penicillina. Ha causato una febbre alta e ha perso qualche azione. Nonostante questo, ha registrato otto shutouts e ha vinto il Vezina Trophy per la sesta volta nella sua carriera di sette anni. Ken Reardon si è messo nei guai quando ha rilasciato una dichiarazione a una rivista suggerendo una punizione a Cal Gardner, affermando: "Mi assicurerò che Gardner abbia 14 punti in bocca. Potrei dover aspettare molto tempo, ma io mi pareggio". Il 1 marzo , Clarence Campbell fece depositare a Reardon una cauzione di $ per assicurarsi che non mettesse in atto la sua minaccia. Alla fine della stagione, Reardon è stato rimborsato di $ , dal momento che non ha ferito Gardner come aveva detto che avrebbe fatto.

Classifica finale


Turno playoff


Detroit ha sconfitto Toronto in sette partite per avanzare alle finali; mentre New York ha sconfitto Montreal in cinque partite per avanzare anche alle finali.

(1) Detroit Red Wings contro (3) Toronto Maple Leafs

(2) Montreal Canadiens contro (4) New York Rangers

Sours: https://www.wikit.wiki/blog/en/%E2%80%_NHL_season
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Rang Mahal - Mega Episode 35 - 21st August 2021 - HAR PAL GEO

Sports season

The –18 NHL season was the st season of operation (th season of play) of the National Hockey League. With the addition of a new expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights, 31 teams competed in an game regular season. The regular season began on October 4, , and ended on April 7, The Stanley Cup playoffs began a few days afterwards, with the Stanley Cup Finals held in early June ending on June 7.


Eastern Conference[]

Division Team City Arena Capacity Joined NHL
AtlanticBoston BruinsBoston, MassachusettsTD Garden17,
Buffalo SabresBuffalo, New YorkKeyBank Center18,
Detroit Red WingsDetroit, MichiganLittle Caesars Arena20,
Florida PanthersSunrise, FloridaBB&T Center19,
Montreal CanadiensMontreal, QuebecBell Centre21,
Ottawa SenatorsOttawa, OntarioCanadian Tire Centre20,
Tampa Bay LightningTampa, FloridaAmalie Arena19,
Toronto Maple LeafsToronto, OntarioAir Canada Centre18,
MetroplitanCarolina HurricanesRaleigh, North CarolinaPNC Arena18,
Columbus Blue JacketsColumbus, OhioNationwide Arena18,
New Jersey DevilsNewark, New JerseyPrudential Center17,
New York IslandersBrooklyn, New YorkBarclays Center16,
New York RangersNew York, New YorkMadison Square Garden18,
Philadelphia FlyersPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaWells Fargo Center19,
Pittsburgh PenguinsPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPPG Paints Arena18,
Washington CapitalsWashington, D.C.Verizon Center18,

Western Conference[]

Division Team City Arena Capacity Joined NHL
CentralChicago BlackhawksChicago, IllinoisUnited Center19,
Colorado AvalancheDenver, ColoradoPepsi Center18,
Dallas StarsDallas, TexasAmerican Airlines Center18,
Minnesota WildSt. Paul, MinnesotaXcel Energy Center18,
Nashville PredatorsNashville, TennesseeBridgestone Arena17,
St. Louis BluesSt. Louis, MissouriScottrade Center19,
Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg, ManitobaBell MTS Place18,
PacificAnaheim DucksAnaheim, CaliforniaHonda Center17,
Arizona CoyotesGlendale, ArizonaGila River Arena18,
Calgary FlamesCalgary, AlbertaScotiabank Saddledome19,
Edmonton OilersEdmonton, AlbertaRogers Place18,
Los Angeles KingsLos Angeles, CaliforniaStaples Center18,
San Jose SharksSan Jose, CaliforniaSAP Center at San Jose17,
Vancouver CanucksVancouver, British ColumbiaRogers Arena18,
Vegas Golden KnightsLas Vegas, NevadaT-Mobile Arena17,

League Business[]

Membership Changes[]

  • The Vegas Golden Knights are added to the league as an expansion team becoming the league's 31st member.

Winter Olympics[]

The NHL decided on April 3, that the league will not change its schedule to accommodated players being able to play in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.&#; The NHL had shut down the league for the previous five Olympic games. Several players have vowed to participate anyway, most notably Alex Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin;[1] provided the teams that hold their contracts do not object to each player's participation, the options the league has for stopping players from participating without running afoul of the National Hockey League Players' Association are limited, and the league has not yet prescribed any potential punishment for such a scenario.[2]

All Star Game[]

The 63rd National Hockey League All-Star Game will be held in Tampa, Florida at Amalie Arena, home of the Tampa Bay Lightning, on January 28, The format will not change and will follow the format used in two previous All-Star games.[3]

Salary cap[]

On June 18, , the National Hockey League Players' Association announced that the salary cap would be set at $75 million for the –18 season.[4][5]

Centennial celebration[]

The NHL's centennial commemorations will continue into the –18 season, as its th season of play. On March 17, , the NHL announced that it would hold an outdoor game between the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens on December 16, to mark the th anniversary of their inaugural NHL game.[6][7] The Toronto Maple Leafs will host the Carolina Hurricanes on December 19 at the start time of 2 p.m. to mark the th anniversary of the first NHL game played by their predecessor franchise, the Toronto Arenas.[8]

Pre-season games in China[]

On March 30, , it was announced that the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks would play two pre-season games in China on September 21 and 23 called the NHL China Games. These were the first NHL games played in China.

International games[]

Two regular season games will be played in Stockholm, Sweden as part of the SAP NHL Global Series, the league announced on March 24, The games will be played between the Colorado Avalanche and the Ottawa Senators at the Ericsson Globe on November 10 and 11, [9] This is the first NHL game to be held outside North America since the NHL Premiere contest.

Outdoor games[]

  • The Classic will be held on December 16, at TD Place Stadium in Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, featuring the Montreal Canadiens against the Ottawa Senators.[7][6]
  • The Winter Classic will be held on January 1, at Citi Field in Flushing, New York, with the New York Rangers playing the Buffalo Sabres.[10][11]
  • The Stadium Series will be held on March 3, at Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland, featuring two of last seasons playoff teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals.[12][13]

Arena changes[]


Eastern Conference[]

Metropolitan Division[]

Atlantic Division[]

Eastern Conference Wild Card[]

Western Conference[]

Central Division Division[]

Pacific Division[]

Western Conference Wild Card[]

Stanley Cup Playoffs[]


The top three teams in each division qualify for the playoffs. The next two best records in each conference also qualify as wildcard teams. The wild card team with the fewer points plays the team with the best record in the conference regardless of division. The other wild card team plays the other division winner. The wild card team then stays in that division's playoffs. The division semifinal winners meet in the division finals. The two division winners in each conference meet in the conference finals. The two conference winners meet in the Stanley Cup final. All series are best-of-seven.

Atlantic Division Semifinals[]

In game 7, the Boston Bruins became the first team in NHL history to over come three one goal deficits in a game 7 and win the game in the deciding game with the Maple Leafs

Metropolitan Division Semifinals[]

Central Division Semifinals[]

Pacific Division Semifinals[]

Atlantic Division Final[]

Metropolitan Division Final[]

Central Division Final[]

In game 7 Pekka Rinne became the faster goaltender pulled in a game 7 in NHL history when he was pulled at of the first period after allowing 2 goals. Also in the series Mark Scheifele of the Jets scored 7 goals on the road which was the most road goals scored in any single playoff series since the season.

Pacific Division Final[]

With winning this series the Golden Knights become the third team to win two playoff series in their first season in the league following the NHL season when the Toronto Arenas won the Stanley Cup in the first NHL season and the St. Louis Blues reached the Stanley Cup Finals in an all expansion team Western Conference.

Eastern Conference Final[]

Western Conference Final[]

With winning this series the Golden Knights become the first team ever to win three series in their first season in the NHL.

Stanley Cup Final[]

The Washington Capitals win their first Stanley Cup. Alexander Ovechkin was named Conn Smythe Trophy winner as Stanley Cup Playoffs Most Valuable Player


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