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July 21, 2003 - Posted at: 10:24 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, Ark. -- Whether you're new to Region 8, or you've lived here all your life, chances are you've watched this station and developed "some favorites." Two young women got their start in broadcasting at KAIT, and used their talents to take them all the way to the top.

Jonesboro native Laura Huckabee, a graduate of Jonesboro High School, got her start in broadcasting at K8 in the late 1980s.

"I started at KAIT when I was 20 years old and I started out as an anchor," Huckabee said. "A news anchor. And that worked for about six months. But I really didn't enjoy anchoring the news that much."

So the station's news director, then-Donna Malone, suggested that Laura try something new.

"I had never done weather before and I thought I'd surely try it," Huckabee said. "If Terry Wood could do weather, I surely could do weather. So I tried it and it fit like a glove. It was perfect and it was a lot of fun."

That fun has taken Laura all the way from KAIT to Little Rock, Albuquerque, N.M., Salt Lake City, Utah, and now Atlanta. By networking, she has also had the chance to fill in as a weather anchor in New York for the CBS network. She remembers that first day in New York well.

"It was like Cinderella," Huckabee said. "It was like everything I ever thought it would be. I went up there and they put me up in the Plaza Hotel across from Central Park."

In Atlanta, Laura does the early morning and noon shows: quite a challenge for a new mom.

Moving from Atlanta, we find another former meteorologist, now working in the nation's capital.

"I couldn't wait to get a job at KAIT," said Leslie Cook, now working for WJLA TV in Washington, D.C. "I wanted to be a 'Good Neighbor you could turn to.' And when I finally got one after applying for three jobs."

Leslie's captivating looks, coupled with a genuine personality, made her a perfect fit for the K8 News team. While here, she even competed in the Miss Arkansas pageant.

"I had a ball," Cook said. "I had a great time. It was probably some of the best eight months of television news in my career.

"I went to more festivals around that region than any other reporter in the history of KAIT," Cook added. "Really everything I did at KAIT set me up very well for other jobs down the line. I left KAIT for another weather and reporting job. I felt like I got some really good training and a really good foothold there to further my career."

And further her career she did, going first to Fort Smith and then to Austin, Texas.

"Jonesboro was a great place to live and work," Cook said. "It was a great place to start and part of me wishes I was back there still to this day.

"I remember Diana. I wanted to be like Diana, and I still want to be like Diana."

By the way, Huckabee credits her appearance on the network with Spencer Christian, who used to be on Good Morning America. Laura says she made friends with Christian and he's been a "cheerleader" for her pursuits in television.


Laura Huckabee Bio | Wiki

Laura Huckabee is an American Journalist from Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States. She currently serves as a meteorologist, anchor, and host at KHBS / KHOG ( ABC affiliate) in Rogers, Arkansas. Laura not only has a professional in journalism but also in teaching. Before joining her current network, she was a teacher at Cobb County Public Schools for a period of 1 year 10 months between Jul 2010 to Apr 2012.

Laura got her first television job at KAIT, channel 8 in Jonesboro after just a few semesters in college. She started as a news anchor at the age of 20 where she anchored the weekday morning and noon shows. After reading the news for about a year, Laura switched to “weather.” Laura enjoyed ad-libbing much more than sticking to a news script. Now, her objective is to use more than twenty years of tv and broadcasting experience in developing a message that people can understand and use.

Anytime Laura is in front of the camera, teaching a group of students, or sometimes representing a local business organization, she like being clear, concise, and understandable. Laura’s skills lend themselves toward delivering an impactful message that captures and also maintains the attention of an audience in a way that brings understanding, additional curiosity, and the possibility of change.

Laura Huckabee Age

She was born in the United States of America. Laura celebrates her birthday in September every year and is around 54 years old.

Laura Huckabee's photo

Laura Huckabee Height

She is a woman of average stature. Laura stands at a height of 5 ft 5 in ( Approx 1.65m).

Laura Huckabee Family

She was born to her father and mother in the United States of America. Everyone in Laura’s family, her mom, dad, sister, and brother, all have some sort of degree from the University of Arkansas, except Laura.

Laura Huckabee Husband | Married

She is a mother of a very beautiful and gorgeous young girl named Claudia. However, information regarding Laura’s married life or the baby daddy is currently not available.

Laura Huckabee Daughter

She is a mother, Laura has an amazing and beautiful daughter called Claudia whom she loves more than anything. Claudia is a wonderful athlete who keeps her mother in the best shape of all.

Laura Huckabee Education

She joined Arkansas State University in 1985 and earned her bachelor’s degree in education in 1991. In 1997, Laura enrolled for certification in broadcast meteorology at Mississippi State Unversity which she earned in 1999. From 2008 to 2000, Laura was a Kennesaw State University for her Master’s degree in education.

Laura Huckabee Weather | Meteorologist

She currently serves as a meteorologist, anchor, and host at KHBS / KHOG in Rogers, Arkansas. Laura has been working there for 9 years 6 months since Apr 2012. Her major role at the station as a meteorologist is to produce and present extensive weather segments that air during a two-and-a-half-hour daily news broadcast. As an anchor and host, Laura produces and reads a variety of news stories that air during a two-and-a-half-hour daily news broadcast. Additionally, she is responsible for creating and updating social media posts.

Regularly, Laura speaks and represents 4029 TV at public events as well as promotions. Before that, Laura was a teacher at Cobb County Public Schools. She worked there from Jul 2010 to Apr 2012 (1 year 10 months). While there, Laura used to teach advanced Earth Science and advanced Physical Science to 6th and 8th-grade Students. She developed higher learning lesson plans for “advanced science” subject matter. Laura engaged students in meaningful as well as memorable classroom discussions and lessons.

She worked with other professional educators to develop lessons, activities, and also out-of-classroom experiences for students. She further advanced interest and retention of subject matter. Prior to that, Laura worked as a Free Lance Meteorologist at KARK TV based in Little Rock, Arkansas for 1 month from Dec 2011. Previously, she was a meteorologist and freelance at WTVM News Leader 9 in Columbus, Georgia.

She worked there for 3 months from Jun 2011 to Aug 2011. Before that, Laura worked as a meteorologist and freelance at WTVC-TV NewsChannel9 an On-air meteorologist – freelance from Jul 2010 to May 2011 (11 months). Between Jun 1999 and Jun 2009 (10 years 1 month). Laura served as an On-Air Talent, Reporter, Spokesperson and CBS Atlanta News.

Laura’s colleagues at ABC include:

Alyssa Andrews-Meteorologist

David Ono-anchor

Jay Kolls-reporter

Alani Letang-anchor

Katie Vossler-Meteorologist

Mark Scirto-Meteorologist

Betsy Singer-anchor

Morgan Young-anchor

Amanda Venegas-anchor

Ben Gutierrez-meteorologist

Laura Huckabee Related To Mike Huckabee

She and former governor Mike Huckabee are cousins. During  Mike’s run for the presidency, Laura fully supported her cousin from the sidelines with one heart.

Laura Huckabee Running

Laura Huckabee Salary

She basically earns her income from her current job as a meteorologist, anchor, and host at KHBS / KHOG in Rogers, Arkansas. Laura has an average salary of $71,947 per year.

Laura Huckabee Net Worth

She has accumulated a lot of wealth from her teaching and journalism career. Laura has an estimated net worth of $1,136,184.

Where Is Laura Huckabee

She currently serves as a meteorologist, anchor, and host at KHBS / KHOG in Rogers, Arkansas.

Is Laura Huckabee Married

She is a mother of a very beautiful and gorgeous young girl named Claudia. However, information regarding Laura’s married life or the baby daddy is currently not available.

Is Laura Huckabee Related To Mike Huckabee

Yes. She and former governor Mike Huckabee are cousins. During  Mike’s run for the presidency, Laura fully supported her cousin from the sidelines with one heart.

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Arkansas Native Laura Huckabee Joins KHBS-KHOG as Morning Meteorologist

Laura Huckabee, an Arkansas native and cousin of Mike Huckabee, is joining KHBS-KHOG in Fort Smith-Fayetteville, where she’ll anchor the Hearst station’s weekday morning newscast.

Huckabee has over two decades of forecasting experience, including ten years at WGCL in Atlanta.

“Laura understands weather is the most important element in our morning newscast,” said Brian Sather, KHBS-KHOG’s president and general manager, announcing the move. “I’m confident from day one viewers will enjoy her comfortable delivery and informative local forecasts.”

Huckabee left WGCL in 2009 after failing to come to terms on a new contract.  Since then, she has freelanced at WTVM in Columbus, GA and KARK in Little Rock.

“Laura understands Arkansas and the surrounding area’s weather and will be a great asset to the Sunrise team,” said KHBS-KHOG news director Dawn Dugle.

Laura's Weather Webcast, Nov. 20

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Laura Huckabee's Weather Webcast April 25th

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