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I like a good GIF just as much as the next person, but the image format doesn't exactly call to mind scenes of serene beauty. GIFs are for spicing up a half-completed webpage, providing a sarcastic reaction, or, as The Atlantic Wire's Elspeth Reeve has demonstrated so powerfully, storytelling, but as for the sublime, let's leave that to the .jpeg and .tiff files of this world.

But the work of Marinus Olde Loohuis puts the lie to that. Olde Loohuis'sTumblr, Head Like an Orange, showcases the GIFs he's made out of high-definition footage taken from nature documentaries. (The Tumblr gets its name from a description of British TV and radio personality Karl Pilkington, whose characteristic stupidity is often about nature, evolution, and science, and his inability to grasp it, says Olde Loohuis.) His favorites, he told me over email, are those where the loop is seamless, a beginning and an end non-existent.

Whether it's fog lifting at a mountain's edge or a butterfly flapping by, Olde Loohuis's images take a snippet of a longer documentary and carve it down to a single loop. In the context of a film, any of these moments would have passed in an instant, too brief to stand on their own. But as GIFs, caught in a cycle of endless playback, they gain their independence.


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Five Simply Beautiful GIFs

The stars of our favorite GIFs often lead dangerous, if only seconds-long lives.

They take terrible tumbles. They get kicked, thrown and dropped. But for every Wile E. Coyote, there must be a Phineas Flynn: a simple, inventive GIF.

For designers who seek a dash of spice in their interactive infographics, a small GIF can add zest to an otherwise stagnant page. Below, we present a rundown of five pristine GIF examples, and why they work.

This is the first in a series of three posts on dynamic design, entries that will offer a few examples of well-done web-based animation and multimedia, and the pros and cons for each. For more on the ultimate motion-supplemented medium, interactive infographics, read Lemonly’s in-depth e-book Why Interactive Infographics?

Before we hit the list, let’s consider the following ups and downs of GIFs:

The good news: GIFs allow for precise movement, teased out by intricate effects that aren’t as easily achievable with CSS animations. The bad: GIFs can run larger on filesize, impacting the load times for your sites.

If all you need is linear movement, rotation or fades, stay tuned for our roundup of CSS animations. If you’re aiming for something more detailed, go with a GIF.

Now step right up for our roundup of examples:

1. Dribbble is 5!, by Fede Cook

Everyone loves a quality Rube Goldberg machine. Fede Cook’s celebratory loop is a GIF that would make the musician hearts of OK Go flutter (see the band’s circuitous music videos for reference).

While each connected process intricately defies the web’s simpler animation techniques, it’s the camera’s perspective that settles the debate: This is a scene perfect for a GIF.

Speeding up to follow the plunger, rising slowly to catch the balloon, it’s the camera that convinces viewers to forget that fourth wall. So it’s OK if you’ve started singing “Happy Birthday” quietly to yourself.

2. Rockstar, by R A D I O

Never has a studded leather vest looked so smooth. Whipped hair, a ruby-red Flying V guitar and a bouncing amp take the stage in this GIF by R A D I O, a creative studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

While the action is more subtle here, simplified further by a regular rhythm, count the number of elements that move. Examine the ways in which they bloat and pucker, expand and compress, and move according to model.

While CSS animations are improving toward this kind of motion, a GIF is still a more practical and time-efficient solution.

3. Rainy Day, by Justin Mezzell

Not all beautiful GIFs need to last longer than a second. This stormy GIF by Justin Mezzell succinctly tells its story.

If you hear thunder in the distance, you’re not alone. We’re half-expecting the cat to stick its paw out the window, too.

A sunnier complement to this perspective might be better executed with CSS animations. But add in some precipitation and lightning strikes, and the snapshot complexity demands a more exact tool.

4. Vacation, by Linn Fritz

Yes, there’s a theme forming here. GIFs are often more powerful if the first frame matches the last. It offers a kind of perpetual motion that doesn’t require us to break the laws of physics.

In this constantly evolving example by Linn Fritz, the sun becomes a support for the Earth. The world circumnavigates a camera’s lens. And a photo encapsulates the globe.

The playful bounce at the end of each state change enhances the detail and, simply, the fun. We can’t wait to hit the road with our fanny packs and luggage in tow.

5. Tree Of Seasons, by Dennis Hoogstad

In the time you’ve read this article, Dennis Hoogstad’s Tree of Seasons GIF has lived through four U.S. presidents, a few dozen iPhones and countless snowmen, built and melted through many blisteringly fast winters.

From the transfer of movement powered by bluebirds and bees to the swaying, changing grasses of spring, summer and fall, this is a beautiful GIF that gives us hope for the future.

So here’s to you, Mr. Oak Tree. May you stand tall through the next millenium.

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How to Create Beautiful GIF(s) in Python for your Data Analysis

Animations are an engaging way of narrating a phenomenon. Any creature with intelligence has always been enchanted by animated and interactive visualizations.

“A lot of the time in animation is spent getting the story right — that’s something you can’t rush.” — Jennifer Yuh Nelson

This great quote from the animation world has some analogy in the data science world. Here, Animations are particularly useful when analysing time-series data. This helps us get better understandings of the trends, seasonalities on how particular features behave over the span of the time series data. In this post, we are going to create some interesting animations using an interresting library.

I am using the data from Kaggle: source. The time-series data recordings representing the weather parameters of the city of London going from the span of 2011 to 2014.

The Data is recorded on an hourly base, this makes the data huge to visualize as well as being very computationally expensive memory-wise, therefore I resampled the data on a monthly bases by using the resample function.

Resampling on a monthly bases

Now let’s try to visualize the average temperature of the city by animation

To do so I am using the gif library by Max Humber, which allows us to make gifs simply by creating and appending a bunch of “frames” with a very standard for loop. Decorate the plot function with @gif.frame

Firstly let’s pip install and import the GIF package:

!pip install gif
import gif
  • Create a ‘plot’ function: which inputs the data frame and a date (second argument). the function It doesn’t return anything.
  • Use a for loop to create a frame for each month(you can choose the best time which works best for you), and append the result to a list (called ‘frames’ in our case).
  • Use the method from the gif library to save it.

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