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Gaia Club at Copperleaf LLC dba Club at Copperleaf vs. Lonnie Hilson

Case Summary

On 12/13/2017 Gaia Club at Copperleaf LLC dba Club at Copperleaf filed a Property - Residential Eviction lawsuit against Lonnie Hilson. This case was filed in Harris County Justice Courts, Harris County Justice Of The Peace For Precinct 5, Place 1 located in Harris, Texas. The case status is Disposed - Dismissed.

Case DetailsPartiesDockets

  • Property - Residential Eviction

  • Harris County Justice Of The Peace For Precinct 5, Place 1


Gaia Club at Copperleaf LLC dba Club at Copperleaf

6300 La Calma Dr Suite 150

Austin, TX 78752


Hilson, Lonnie

Houston, TX 77095

Court Documents

Court documents are not available for this case.

  • Order-Dismiss wo Prejudice on Nonsuit or Plaintiff's Mot

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  • Service Return

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  • Eviction-Request for Alternative Service

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  • Eviction-Order Authorizing Alternative Service

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  • Original Petition Filed

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  • Eviction-Citation Possession and Back Rent

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  • Eviction Citation

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  • Payment Information: Amount: $121.00; Payment Type: Check; Transaction Type: Payment; Receipt Description: Payment; Payor Name: Gaia Club at Copperleaf LLC dba Club at Copperleaf

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  • Hearing: Eviction Docket; Hearing Result/Cancellation: Dismissed

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  • Disposition: Non-suited or Dismissed by Plaintiff (OCA)

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Sours: https://unicourt.com/case/tx-hrj-gaia-club-at-copperleaf-llc-dba-club-at-copperleaf-vs-lonnie-hilson-737702

Nine people, including a husband and wife and their son, have been indicted in connection with a large-scale illegal sports betting and money laundering operation in the Greater Boston area, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced Friday.

The charges are the result of an extensive investigation by state police and the attorney general's Gaming Enforcement Division into organized crime related to illegal gambling, money laundering and extortion in the area.

Lon Hillson Sr., 74, and his son, Lonnie Hillson Jr., 55, both of Melrose, were indicted Friday by a statewide grand jury on the charges of organizing and promoting gambling, registration of bets, use of the phone for gambling, conspiracy to register bets and attempted extortion.

Hillson Sr.'s wife, Marcia Hillson, 72, and Paul Limone, 58, of Medford, were also indicted on one count each of registration of bets, use of the phone for gambling and conspiracy to register bets.

Dennis Wilcox, 43, of Everett, Anthony Dimare, 57, of Medford, Donald Dimare, 65, of Medford, and John Whalen, 52, of Medford, were each indicted on one count of attempted extortion.

John Rothfuchs, 62, of Boxborough, was indicted on one count each of organizing and promoting gambling, registration of bets, use of the phone for gambling, and money laundering.

Authorities allege that the Hillsons were operating the illegal gambling operation out of their residences in Melrose. They allegedly took illegal bets exclusively over the phone, while Wilcox, the Dimares and Whalen assisted them in extorting money owed to them from bettors, including an undercover officer.

Rothfuchs was allegedly running a second large-scale gambling operation where he registered bets through an offshore online bookmaking website.

Hillson Sr. was also allegedly running a football parlay card betting and loansharking operation with Limone. Authorities said they were extending loans at exorbitant interest rates.

All of the defendants will be arraigned on the charges at a later date in Middlesex Superior Court.

Sours: https://www.nbcboston.com/news/local/9-indicted-in-connection-with-large-scale-illegal-sports-betting-operation-in-greater-boston/129360/
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Court might need extra jury trial dates in February

Businessman in handcuffs faces judge in court

February is going to be busy for the criminal justice system in Marshall County.

In November, the Iowa Supreme Court suspended in-person jury trials until Feb. 1 because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Friday in Marshall County will be packed with pre-trial conferences — more than 25.

Marshall County Clerk of Courts Carol Haney said the pre-trial conferences are intended for the prosecution and defense to come to agreements without juries. If agreements are not reached, then the cases will go to jury trials, with the first one scheduled for Feb. 16. The state court system has 32 separate cases scheduled for Feb. 16 in Marshall County — all beginning at 9 a.m.

However, Haney said it would be impossible to hold that many cases at once. She said if any of the cases end up proceeding to jury, only one will be held on Feb. 16. The rest will be scheduled for another day.

“We are going to get slammed. We have been without jury trials for a year,” she said. “We might need extra jury trial dates.”

District Court Judge John Haney said a variety of factors will determine whether or not a case will go to trial.

“Including but not limited to, demands for speedy trial; how long the case has been pending; courtroom space availability; if the parties and counsel are prepared and ready to proceed; availability of witnesses; to name but a few,” Judge Haney said. “There are 18 criminal district court trial dates set for 2021. These are typically scheduled to commence on Tuesdays. There are 12 criminal trial jury trial dates set for our district associate court for 2021. These cases typically commence on Thursdays.”

One case on the docket Haney expects to go to jury trial is that of Mustafa Muhammad who is accused of first-degree murder.

Muhammad was arrested for the fatal shooting of Blake Thomas, 27, on March 15. Thomas died of multiple gunshot wounds. Muhammad, who is a felon, was also charged with possession of a firearm and reckless use of a firearm causing bodily injury. He pleaded not guilty to all three counts on April 5.

“I can’t imagine he would plead guilty and the county attorney would offer something less,” she said.

First-degree murder is a Class A felony in Iowa, with a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Even though jury trials have been absent, the Marshall County court system has remained busy.

“Non-jury, or bench trials, were not postponed and cases have continued to move through the courts even when jury trials were paused,” Judge Haney said. “We have greatly increased the use of video conferencing technology like Zoom.gov and GoToMeeting to conduct a wide variety of proceedings.”

The use of technology to host court proceedings does not mean the court will not be prepared for the restart of jury trials in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Haney said everyone in the building will need to stay 6 feet apart and people will be staggered.

Judge Haney is concerned, but is confident moving forward.

“The judicial branch has implemented numerous procedures and protocols to keep the public, staff, parties and attorneys safe and socially distant,” he said. “These include but are not limited to requiring masks; socially distant seating; sanitizing areas; air purification systems, etc.”

Upcoming jury trials:

(If agreements are met on Feb. 5, then jury trials will not occur. If an agreement is not reached, then the cases will proceed to trial. Jury trials will begin Feb. 16.)

Defendant Charges

Vincent Ankton Second-degree burglary, operating a motor vehicles without the owner’s consent, assault

Jacob Borton Lascivious acts with a child, second-degree sexual abuse

Wade Brown Willful injury

Luis Cervantes-Pulido Third-degree sexual abuse, first-degree burglary

Douglas Davis Ongoing criminal conduct, second-degree criminal mischief, seven counts of third-degree burglary, three counts of second-degree theft, third-degree theft and third-degree criminal mischief

Cynthia Fox Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, failures to affix a drug stamp, keeping a drug house

Refugio Gonzalez Third-degree sexual abuse

Lonnie Hill Two counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, possession of a controlled substance, eluding

Corey Hilson First-degree burglary, domestic abuse assault by strangulation, child endangerment, fourth-degree criminal mischief, domestic abuse causing bodily injury

Haylee Konicek Possession with intent to deliver

Daniel Lamere Willful injury

Darnell Lamere Willful injury

Blake Lucas Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, failures to affix a drug stamp, keeping a drug house, carrying weapons, possession of a controlled substance

Ryan Minteer First-degree criminal mischief, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, eluding, assault while participating in a felony, assault on a peace officer, driving while barred

Mustafa Muhammad First-degree murder, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, reckless use of a firearm causing bodily injury

Blake Nelson Two counts second-degree sexual abuse

Kaisha Oides First-degree theft

Tammy Papiboune First-degree theft

Jeffrey Ross Willful injury, first-degree harassment, false imprisonment

Antonio Soto-Solano Third-degree sexual abuse

Deborah Specht First-degree theft, insurance fraud

Justin Sutton Three counts third-degree burglary, two counts first-degree theft, habitual offender

Robert Thomas First-degree harassment

David Wagner Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, failures to affix a drug stamp, keeping a drug house

Miko Youngbear Willful injury

Contact Lana Bradstream at 641-753-6611 or [email protected]

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Sours: https://www.timesrepublican.com/news/todays-news/2021/02/court-might-need-extra-jury-trial-dates-in-february/
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Job title
Detention Officer

Occupational field
Jurisprudent: Officer
only 0.3% within United States work as Officer

Job functions
Military & Protective Services

LinkedIn profile

Experience since 2011
6 months company experience
Officer in United States

Non Management
72% of United States work in Non Management

Online Media, Law Enforcement

Harris County Sheriff's Office

Company size

Founded in


LinkedIn Profile

Law Enforcement

Company Headquarters
United States, Texas, Houston

What company does Lonnie Hilson work for?
Lonnie works for Harris County Sheriff's Office

What is Lonnie Hilson's Seniority at Harris County Sheriff's Office?
Lonnie Hilson has been with Harris County Sheriff's Office for 6 months and is a normal employee

What is Lonnie Hilson's role in Harris County Sheriff's Office?
Lonnie's role is Jurisprudent: Officer, Detention Officer

For how long is Lonnie Hilson working as a Detention Officer?
Lonnie Hilson has 6 months experience as Detention Officer.

What are Lonnie Hilson's current job functions ?
Lonnie Hilson's job functions are Military & Protective Services

What is Lonnie Hilson's email address?
Lonnie Hilson's work email address is *************@sheriff.hctx.net

What is Lonnie Hilson's LinkedIn profile ?
Lonnie Hilson's LinkedIn profile can be found at https://linkedin.com/in/l***hil***

Who are Lonnie Hilson's peers at other companies?
Lonnie Hilson's peers at other companies are Eryn Brown, Grayce Stevenson, Michelle Hallam, Christina Solis, Barbara Neudorfer, Harris County, Mary Chovanec, Melanie Roach.

Who are Lonnie Hilson's colleagues at Harris County Sheriff's Office?
Some of Lonnie Hilson's colleagues are Darryl Amos, Quanovia Mingo, Saundra Griffing, Griffing, B. (Hcso), Melanie Oaks, Prime Prime, Michael Cabiness, Beena Mathew.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office was founded in 1837 when Texas was still a republic. Today, Sheriff Adrian Garcia is responsible for 4,200 dedicated deputies, detention officers and civilian staff that comprise one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in Texas.

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Hilson lonnie

But Victor not only did not feel, but did not even hear his words - he was looking at Dinah. A beautiful woman, and so inaccessible, it aroused even more. He tensed. Bob, taking Victor's thoughts for agreement, continued enthusiastically: Don't worry, our agents will help you speak.

They will also take you under guard, pending trial and beyond as long as necessary.

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