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Scalies (singular: scaly/scalie)[1] is a furspeech term used to describe both anthropomorphiccreatures of the reptile and amphibian variety, and furries that identify themselves as such or prefer the concept of such beings over furredcharacters. It is also a self-moniker for the users of, a Usenet discussion group for all things draconid.[citation needed]


As creations, scalycharacters tend to have a coating of scales much like the animals they represent. However, some scalies, such as amphibians, lack scales, instead having bare and/moist skin, and some others, like some dragons and (very few) dinosaurs, have very light or no true scales, but a fleshy hide similar to the skin of a human (in the case of dinosaurs, feathers are also common).


Some well known scaly artists include AmberScale, Fossil, Chris Sawyer, Lizardbeth, Kaa Bakensobek and Yusky, among others.


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Rune's Furry Blog

Female Fursuiter Month (part 1)


Hi hi everyone!
And Happy International Women’s Day!!! So, I saw something on Twitter a day or two ago, and it was a hashtag for Female Fursuiter Month. I guess it had something to do with women’s day being in March (who knows), but, I thought it was really cool, and thus, I decided to do it.

But, that’s when it dawned on me that maybe I should make this bigger. That maybe I should do something in the blog. I could have just posted about myself…but nah. I decided that I should reach out to many different female fursuiters and get them on this bandwagon as well! Who knows? Maybe they don’t have a Twitter, or maybe they don’t do hashtags and such.
So, I made a post this morning about it, and already I got enough for 2 different blogs!!!

—In case you’re wondering how it works, all I ask for is a picture of you alongside your fursuits. Then I ask that you either tell me a little about yourself and your suit and/or explain to me how fursuiting has influenced you or changed you in any way. It’s as simple as that! I will be taking submissions all throughout March! So, if you wanna participate, leave a comment down below with a link to your facebook or FA where I might reach you (twitter too if you want).



Argonian suit Sevryne

“Hey there! I’m Sev and I really enjoy Rocky Horror and fire spinning. I usually go out in suit to burns, renn faires and festivals, (and the occasional con and meets). This is my Argonian suit Sevryne, and true to Skyrim lore she’s a fiesty asshole. Suiting really helps my anxiety in crowds and large places. This particular character is also part of my Burn persona so it helps my social anxiety and prevents overstimulation. She’s a party lizard! 😉 “


Malli Macaw

“Out of suit people usually call me Manic Malli but in suit it’s Malli Macaw. Either way most people just say Malli. Whatever people call me I try to be colorful in suit and out!”



“I never saw myself fursuiting until I created Rune. He was one of those designs that I thought could bring life and happiness to other people. I feel very silly and free while wearing Rune, and because of the suit I have been able to do things I never thought possible…like having a decent YouTube channel and just getting to know some really amazing people! Rune is so innocent and charming, and he is def the softer side of me. But, we are both derps which is why we probably resemble each other so much!”


Ashley Weihe

“Here is me and my sona; Karaoke Kitten!
She is my very first suit I have ever made! I am a 32 year old mother from Bellingham Washington, with an 11 year old daughter (who is also a young furry in the making) and a mate of 12 years who is the love of my life. I also have 4 kitty furbabies.
My hobbies include, crafting, drawing, writing poetry, songs and short stories. I am currently a stay-at-home mom as my mate works full time. But I aspire to make fursuits as my full-time job.
Fursuiting has helped me deal with my depression, anxiety and anger. Also, its exceptionally entertaining!! I’ve met some great friends through the community. They have all helped me be a better person (and a better mom as it’s something we can enjoy together) for being so accepting and supportive! And for that, I will always be grateful.” :3

Thank you to all the awesome ladies out there that submitted for this thus far! I have thus been swamped with requests to be featured, and I’m hoping that I can get more posts up in the future! Each time I get 3-4 posts I am hoping to share it here on the blog for female Fursuiter month. This might take place of the fursuit friday feature for now, if I can get a steady stream of these going!

But yes, thanks to all who helped me out. Actresses, Artists, Fursuit Makers, Fire Spinners- everyone is so talented (and then there is me blargh). All of these gals are super awesome, and these suits are just amazing! Submissions are being taken on facebook and Furry Amino in case you find it or want to get involved.

But that’s all we have for part one, and, I will see you all in the next part 😉

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A subset of the furry fandom in which reptilian creatures and anthropomorphs exist. The most common are dragons and anthro-dragons, but others such as snakes, naga, yuan-ti, lizards, etc., exist.

He's a dragon, you say? I've always been a fan of scalies.

Yes, I'm a furry, but I'm actually a scalie.

by Isithael November 04, 2011

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This is a sub-fandom of the overarching “furry” fandom, whose interests lay in creatures with scales, or whose characters have the qualities of creatures with scales, such as a snake, lizard, dragon, etc. Scalys are quite popular and have made themselves a name in the furry community. They also are, it seems, one of the more diverse sub-fandoms, with characters ranging from the ordinary, typical creature to the more outrageous, out-of-the-world, and odd-ball creatures.

A few strong examples of the scaly sub-fandom are:

• Max_Dragon: A user on multiple websites, such as Deviantart and Fur Affinity. He is a proud realistic artist and scaly, as dragons are depicted in most of his drawings, especially his dragon-fursona (named “Max”).

• kabier: A user on multiple websites, such as Patreon and Fur Affinity. She is a skilled cartoon-style artist and holds several raptor-fursonas, one of them named Genesis. She holds a top spot in popularity, and has a mass of followers, especially on Fur Affinity.

• Sulfer: A user that operates mainly on the website Fur Affinity, and a self-proclaimed art whore. Sulfer is a fursuiter around the Ohio area, and is a dragon-fursona depicted in a library of digital art found on his user page. He tends to romp around AnthroCon when it comes around.

These examples are few compared to the number of scalys world-wide.

Person A: Hey, why is so-and-so so obsessed with dragons and sh*t? He talks about them all the time!

Person B: He's a scaly, dude!


Person A: You heard about that group of fursuiters… they looked like lizards!… that raised money for charity?

Person B: The scalys? Yeah, I heard. That's pretty neat, actually!

by DSYS_ September 25, 2015

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adj. Describing someone or something relating to any sort of fetishism that pertains to dragons, dinosaurs or any other reptiles be it mythical, extinct or existing in today's world.

noun Describing someone with fetish likings towards reptilian creatures, though these likings are not necessarily sex related. The extent of these likings vary a lot as well, as some fetishes are strong enough to have them wearing scale suits, though most are not that strong.

adj. This dude is totally scaly because he masturbates to dragons.
noun That man is wearing a dragon suit, he must be a scaly.

by DarkDragonDX July 19, 2011

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A resident of New Hampshire, known for his constant use of "Failure Child" to insult those he feels are of lower standard (he's usually correct). He has an obsession with swords. He is known mostly for his friendship with WiteoutKing of the Sonic Cult community. He is an amateur artist, amateur game developer, amateur 3d animator, web designer, and a graphic designer.
Scali HATES Amy more than anyone else does.


by editor March 02, 2005

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What Your Fursona Species Says About You

He looked into the next room. There is a kitchen. Eyes, probably, lit up at the sight of the refrigerator, rushed to him. Apparently, no one is home. Let's eat and get out of here.

Suit scalie

My name is Akhsu, said the stranger and asked excitedly. Are you alive. Yes!!. Ruslana was overwhelmed by euphoria from the fact that he was alive and saved.

Questions Furries Have For Normies

On his straightened arms. He began to move gently at first, but then began to do it faster and faster. From his diligent work, Alina's legs took off. "Ah-ah-ah".

Now discussing:

Usually women are drunk when they do not give a drink to a sober one, and a drunk woman, as you know, is not a mistress of her. But she is no longer good for anything in bed either. I tried it myself once, never again. And they say that she is virgin. Sveta will scream if she smears the whole bed with blood.

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