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We both laughed even at heart it became easier and went through the forest, continuing to pin each other in a friendly way. A few minutes later, the girl again asked to stop to give her leg a rest. There was nowhere to sit, so she just hung on my shoulder.

I suddenly really wanted to hug her, but I didnt dare, because I hadnt allowed myself this before, and this could scare her now. However, it was not this at all that scared her, but the loud crunch of brushwood not far from the path.

Because, although he did not move on me, blissful waves continued to go through my body. I felt inside me the rhythmic pulsation of his tight flesh and from this vagina emanated sweet languor. I dont know how long I would have stood under the dog, reveling in such amazingly pleasant sensations, if not for some noise.

Only then, I came to my senses.

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But the looks were expressive and surprised. Valya was in good spirits. she commanded me moderately and was much kinder.

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When it was all over and Lena helped me to come to my senses, I felt like a driven horse. My legs could hardly move and I could hardly sit. When Yulia and Olesya arrived, they helped me get dressed and get home. Lena expressed a desire to stay with me.

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And for some reason, straight to the toilet. Sorry, I admired it. Alena did not hide her attitude towards girls. It's not every day that you meet a pretty girl in such an outfit.

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Beautiful name. Grandfather gave it. Tell about yourself alexey.

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I'm finishing. She screamed. Oh-oh-oh, fuck me some more, Tom. Keep on Whhaaahhhh.

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