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I Tried Remaking Fleas 60 Ping King Fortnite Montage I Edit Like Flea

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Fortnite: Ninja gets a photoshop lesson from FaZe Flea over poor quality of YouTube thumbnails

The name Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is synonymous with Fortnite. Ever since the "OG" days, the content creator has been the apple of many fans' eye and community members.

Despite his fame and in-game skills, his presentation at times feels lacking due to the thumbnail, which often feels very unprofessional and poorly done. About ten days ago, a Twitter user pointed out this detail, and many pitched in and agreed with the statement.

Although Ninja can be considered an ace player in Fortnite, his thumbnails for videos are rather lacking, and that's not a good thing due to a number of reasons. YouTube videos with clickable thumbnails are more likely to be viewed and shared than ones with improper or unprofessional thumbnails.

This not only hampers likes and views but also directly decreases the monthly revenue. Several other content creators even pitched in to suggest making changes to the way the thumbnails were made.

Now, while most other content creators merely suggest, Tyler, better known as FaZe Flea, went out of his way to produce a proper video, showcasing how to make better thumbnails and explaining why they're important.

FaZe Flea gives Ninja a photoshop lesson

FaZe Flea made a dedicated video in which he talks about the different facets and the importance of having a proper thumbnail for videos. At the start of the video, he makes it clear that he's trying to help, and not ridicule. He says:

"Now it's not that any of us creators hate Ninjas, in fact the only reason we're doing this is just because we care about him. It's just hard to see someone like him making a huge mistake with his channel."

In an eight minute video, Tyler breaks down the different aspects of creating good thumbnails and showcases some of his own skills.

Using different software such as Microsoft Paint, Photoshop and After Effects, Tyler shows off some amazing thumbnails and compares them to that of Ninja. The difference is clearly shocking.

Comparison 1

Image on the left is fire! (Image via FaZe Flea/YouTube)

Comparison 2

Ninja did this one better (Image via FaZe Flea/YouTube)

Hopefully, Ninja does something to change the quality of the thumbnails being used to avoid missing out on revenue from YouTube. Until then viewers will have to make do with great content, but subpar thumbnails

Readers can watch the thumbnail tutorial video here:

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Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/fortnite/fortnite-ninja-gets-photoshop-lesson-faze-flea-poor-quality-youtube-thumbnails
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Step 1

Launch Fortnite

Once in the Fortnite Lobby, head to the Discovery game selection screen.

Launch Fortnite

Step 2

Enter Code

Navigate to the Island Code tab and enter the copied Island Code:


Code has been copied to clipboard
Enter Code

Step 3

Press Play

If your Island Code is valid, then we will display the Island. Press Play to confirm the map, once you are back in the lobby, press play to load the Island.

Press Play


Load Islands In-Game

Alternatively, you can walk up to any featured island in the Welcome Hub and enter the code there. After a brief load time, the game you’re looking for should display.

Load Islands In-Game
Sours: https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/creative/island-codes/flea-s-faze-1v1-arena-9147-9877-7690
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