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Settings option on Android TV Smart TV

Despite being extremely affordable smart TVs, JVC Smart TVs with Android TV still offer exciting features in their hardware and software configuration. One of them is Bluetooth connectivity.

What is Bluetooth for on a JVC TV?

In JVC televisions, bluetooth allows connection to speakers, sound bars and hi-fi equipment compatible with this technology, which avoids excess cables in the living room.

It also allows you to enjoy a more personal listening experience through the use of wireless headphones or earphones. That is why below we explain how to connect a Bluetooth audio device to your JVC Smart TV.

How to enable Bluetooth on a JVC Smart TV

  1. Using your TV remote control, navigate to the Settings icon located on the main interface and select it.
  2. From the menu that appears, select Remotes & Accessories.
  3. Then select Add accessory.
  4. Now put the Bluetooth device you want to pair into discovery mode.
  5. When the Bluetooth device is detected by the TV, click it to add it to the list.
  6. Wait a few moments for the sync request to appear on the screen. To finish, click Synchronize.
Add accessory option on android tv smart tv


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Sours: https://en.alfanotv.com/smart-home/how-to-enable-bluetooth-on-jvc-smart-tv/

Bluetooth Compatibility

Supported Cell-phone Compatibility List

Checked = Usable.
— = Function unavailable.

Important Notice for Bluetooth Operations

The following is a list of things you should know including various potential issues when using Bluetooth functions. Be sure to read it.


・Since Bluetooth is wireless communication, there may be cases where normal communication is not available depending on signal quality.

・Compatibility status shown above is applicable to the unit that we have used for the test. This does not guarantee that all units of the same cell-phone model will offer the same result.

・Some functions may require operations from the cell-phone. Refer to the cell-phone's instructions for details.

・Model names or model numbers are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

・Connection with a PC is not supported.

・Number of characters available for each information display depends on the JVC head unit's display. All characters may not be displayed in all cases.

・Depending on the setting or status of the connected cell-phone, some functions may not work properly. For example on certain cell-phones, making a call via JVC head unit is possible only while the cell-phone's display is showing the standby screen.

・All functions related to Bluetooth depends on the cell-phones connected with JVC head unit.


・JVC head unit may not be located depending on the signal condition or cell-phone setup.

・If the display does not show "Connect", "Pairing OK" and so on after the Pairing process is completed, Pairing has failed. If so, please retry Pairing after deleting the Pairing on both the JVC unit and the device to be connected.

・On certain cell-phones, PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is fixed. (e.g. "0000")

・The pairing and connection process depends on the cell-phone. Please check the operation of your cell-phone in advance.


・There may be cases where automatic connection is not established properly even if "Auto Connect" is set to "ON". In this case, try again after confirming the settings of your cell-phone or turning the power off and then turning on again for both the JVC unit and your cell-phone.

・Connection status displayed on the JVC head unit is not necessarily identical to that of the connected cell-phone.

Dialing, Receiving (HFP)

・Noise or loud echo may occur during a voice call.

・On certain cell-phones, Switching Conversation on HFP (between head unit and cell-phone) may not work properly or noise may occur when switching.

・JVC head unit and cell-phone may not always match up properly (e.g. cell-phone doesn't cut the line even if the JVC head unit ends the display of call function, etc.).

・On certain cell-phones, the other party's phone number and name may not be displayed properly at call reception, while talking, or while talking to a call-waiting caller. (e.g. Plus sign (+) may not be displayed depending on the cell-phone.)

・Call-waiting is not supported.

・Some cell-phones can not reject an incoming call because the cell-phone does not support the function.

Ring Tone in Phone

・Even if "Ringing Tone" is set to "In Phone", the ring tone that is heard when receiving a call may not necessarily be identical to that set on the cell-phone.

Voice Dialing

・There may be cases where voices cannot be recognized easily or operation is not stable depending on the cell-phone model or environment in a car. If it is difficult to recognize your voice keyword, you can control microphone input level or noise/echo cancel setting on the receiver to improve.

Phonebook Function

・On certain cell-phones, Phonebook and Call History may not be identical between those of JVC head unit and cell-phone. (e.g. Plus sign (+) may not be displayed depending on the cell-phone.)

If your cell-phone supports OPP, it is available to transfer your phonebook data from the cell-phone to JVC head unit manually. The following operations are necessary to initiate/terminate phonebook transfer:

1. Set the receiver to the transfer-wait mode (screen display example: "Ready to Receive 000/400").

2. Use the cell-phone to transfer the phonebook entries you desire (individual entries, groups, and/or the entire phonebook can be selected and transferred; actual operation may vary depending on the type of cell-phone used).

3. Terminate the transfer-wait mode from the receiver (when maximum memory capacity is reached, the receiver will automatically terminate the transfer-wait mode).

・Before transferring phonebook data via OPP, some cell-phones need deleting the Pairing on both the JVC head unit and the cell-phone.

・Text characters of phone numbers that can be recognized on JVC head unit are numerals 0 to 9, + (plus), *(asterisk), a to d, A to D and # (pound) signs. Unrecognizable characters will be skipped; make sure the correct number has been displayed before making a call from the phonebook.

・Even if your cell-phone supports PBAP, it may be not available to access the phonebook/call history data memorized in your cell-phone or SIM card depending on your cell-phone's specification. And, after HFP connection is established between JVC head unit and your cell-phone, it needs some time to be available to browse the phonebook/call history data on JVC head unit automatically depending on your cell-phone and the number of phonebook/call history.

・International call may not be done from phonebook/call history of JVC head unit.

SMS (Short Message Service) or Text Message Receipt Notification

・Depending on the cell-phone, JVC head unit may not be notified even though the Receipt Notice mode for SMS or Text Message is turned on.

Battery remainder/ Signal strength indication

・Signal strength indication and battery remainder indication do not necessarily correspond to those on the cell-phone.

・JVC head unit is not compatible with Bluetooth audio players' signal strength and/or battery remainder indications.

Audio (A2DP, AVRCP)

・Sound may be interrupted or playback speed may vary. For example, during music streaming, the sound may be interrupted while HFP is connecting/disconnecting.

・Some cell-phones compatible with HFP only may stream music data. In this case sound quality is low.

・When starting and ending the call, music or noise may be heard for a moment if music streaming is being done in the background.

・During music streaming, the Key/Play Mode Controls or Displays related to AVRCP may not function as they should depending on the device.

・During Bluetooth audio playback, when the sound is interrupted by a call reception, call making, or voice recognition operation, playback may not resume automatically even after interruption ends.

・There may be cases where sound cannot be played from the JVC head unit even though the music is being played back on the cell-phone.

・To prevent distortion or static noise, adjust the volume level on the wirelessly connected device before use.

Sours: https://www.jvc.net/cs/car/bluetooth/index.php
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TV audio

If you are unable to connect, retry from the beginning.

When an audio cable is connected to the headphone jack, speakers on the TV will normally be muted. Depending on your TV model, your TV speakers may not be muted when an audio cable is connected to the headphone jack. For details, please refer to your TV instruction manual.

Depending on your TV model, you may hear audio from both the speaker unit and the TV speakers. For details, please refer to your TV instruction manual.

If your TV does not have a USB terminal, use a commercially available USB converter AC adapter (DC 5V type) to supply power to the BLUETOOTH transmitter.

When the BLUETOOTH transmitter interferes with other terminals on the TV and cannot be connected to the USB terminal, use a commercially available USB extension cable.

The BLUETOOTH transmitter (ZM-A7TX) is dedicated for the speaker unit (SP-A7W). It cannot be connected to other devices.

This System supports Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency, and allows low-latency transmission.

Sours: http://manual3.jvckenwood.com/accessory/headphones/contents/sp-a7wt/en/GOUMSYnxumzeya.php
How to set up JVC Android TV with an Android phone

Probably you’re a family man and you’ve got to stream a video relating to work on the TV while the children and your spouse are sleeping. I’m pretty sure you won’t want the enormous sounds from the speakers to disturb them. In that case, using Bluetooth headphones with a smart TV is one of the fastest way to solve such a problem.

With the way modernisation has entered the world of TV sets, we’re beginning to see smart TV sets that lack the 3.5mm audio jack. That’s why the most reliable method of linking up a smart TV to headphones is through the wireless connection – Bluetooth.

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Even so, not all smart TVs are supported with Bluetooth connection out of box. But that doesn’t mean they can’t work with a Bluetooth headset.

In this article, we will be revealing how to go about the connection without or without Bluetooth accessory out of box. So, stay tuned.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones to Smart TVs with in-built Bluetooth support

For smart TVs with in-built Bluetooth support, this is how you’ll go about the pairing:

  • Locate the TV’s Bluetooth Menu

First and foremost, you’ll need to know if your smart TV has Bluetooth technology on it. You’ll go to the TV’s smart Menu, navigate towards either the Audio / Sound settings and look out for the Bluetooth options. In some cases, it appears right there on the smart Menu. That how you’ll find out if the TV is Bluetooth-enabled.

  • Set the TV to pairing mode

Once you’ve located the Bluetooth options, you’ll look out for either Bluetooth devices / Bluetooth Audio devices depending on how its written in your smart TV. As soon as you click on this, you’ll be able to see devices available for connection.

  • Set the Bluetooth headphones to pairing mode also

This part is pretty simple because once the headphones are turned on, it becomes available for pairing instantly. As such, it will be visible to the smart TV.

In rare cases, the headphones’ Bluetooth connection doesn’t get turned on immediately. That’s only because there’s a dedicated Bluetooth button on the headset. Once that is turned on, the headset becomes visible.

To connect both gadgets, you’ll then use the remote control to select the Bluetooth headset’s name as shown on the TV screen. After this is done, the Bluetooth headphones will begin to serve as the smart TV’s audio output.

Since they have been paired successfully, anytime both devices are turned on, they’ll automatically connect to one another.

How to pair Bluetooth headphones with smart TVs without in-built Bluetooth accessory

A Bluetooth dongle or an adapter grants the smart TV Bluetooth functionalities after connection to the TV’s USB port.

  • Pair & connect both devices

Then, you can pair and connect the devices in similar fashion to the steps seen in the smart TVs with Bluetooth support built-in.

There you have it. The easy guide on how to pair and connect Bluetooth headset to smart TVs. It helps you to enjoy an excellent sound experience while still keeping the environment serene for others around.

Images: techwalla.com


Sours: https://www.dignited.com/27905/how-to-pair-bluetooth-headphones-with-your-smart-tv/

Bluetooth jvc tv

Does my JVC TV have Bluetooth?

Does my JVC TV have Bluetooth?

It does not have Bluetooth. The best option will be to use the 3.5 mm aux in audio cable there should be one in the box with the soundbar.

Where is Bluetooth on JVC Smart TV?

You’ll go to the TV’s smart Menu, navigate towards either the Audio / Sound settings and look out for the Bluetooth options. In some cases, it appears right there on the smart Menu. That how you’ll find out if the TV is Bluetooth-enabled.

Does JVC KD r330 have Bluetooth?

With the optional KS-BTA100 adapter, you can enjoy the safety and convenience of Bluetooth® Wireless Technology such as hands-free calling, voice dialing, and audio streaming. The compact all-in-one adapter has microphone/keys/LED functions, and can be easily connected via the AUX.

How do I pair my JVC Bluetooth speaker?

To pair the speakers: -Press and hold the ‘Power’ Buttons on both speakers simultaneously for 3-5 seconds to turn them both on. The blue indicator lights on both speakers will be flashing. -Press Volume ‘ +’ key on the primary speaker two times to enter pairing mode.

How do you turn on a JVC speaker?

Power on/off: Press and hold to turn speaker on or off; press shortly to turn on device charging (power bank). Play/Pause/Hands-free: a. Under Bluetooth mode, short press to play/pause music, or receive/reject calls.

How do you reset a JVC car radio Bluetooth?

How To Reset a JVC Bluetooth Car Stereo

  1. Press power button, source button to turn on the unit.
  2. Search and select JVC Unit on your Bluetooth device.
  3. Pair the two devices (May require a PIN, or other confirmation)
  4. Add Device name to your JVC.

How do u reset a JVC radio?

Reset your stereo by pressing the “ON” and “Select” buttons down at the same time for 6 seconds. It’s the simplest way to erase the internal chip memory and return your JVC car stereo to factory settings. However, take care not to press the buttons down too hard, as this may damage internal components!

Why is my JVC radio saying protect?

Your stereo receiver is going into protection mode because the receiver has an internal short, a speaker is bad or the speaker wiring has a problem, such as incorrect wire gauge or bad connections. Reset the receiver by removing the face plate and pressing the “Reset” button with a paperclip.

Why is my JVC remote not working?

Just turning it off does not reset everything. After plugging it back in, wait a little and then try to turn it on using the power button if it has one. If not, use the remote. If you have not done so already, unplug the set for 10 seconds or more and plug it back in.

How do you reset a JVC TV without a remote?

Unplug the JVC from the power outlet for 10 seconds. Plug the JVC TV back into the power outlet. Hold down both the “Menu” and “Volume Down (-)” buttons for another 10 seconds. Just before releasing these buttons, press and hold the “Power” button.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/faq/does-my-jvc-tv-have-bluetooth/
How to connect blutooth devices / speakers / hometheatre to Smart TV

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