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These rustic ceiling lights can adapt to almost any style including modern and traditional. Iron is probably one of the most versatile materials for making light fittings that will complement many home decor designs. They are very durable and will instantly add contrast to any interior. Combined with crystal, wrought iron light fittings are a truly stunning addition to any modern, contemporary or traditional environment.

Wrought Iron Ceiling Lighting

An elegant ironwork fitting above the table can transform a dining room into a place of opulent splendour. Many people associate wrought iron with the Gothic style and whilst this is true, it is only part of the overall scheme. On its own, a ceiling light made from iron will fit into almost every type of environment.

They are particularly suitable for hallways as they provide contrast and a stunning feature to welcome visitors to your home. A black iron chandelier in the hallway, dining room or living room is a dramatic addition to any home. There is a design available for almost every type of room, available in a multitude of sizes, styles and finishes, including Gothic black, bronze, silver and gold. They can offer a modern sleek look or fit in perfectly with the more traditional home.

There are many rustic designs to choose from including the famous cartwheel that has been styled on the old-fashioned horse and carriage wheels for centuries. The iron birdcage style again bases its design on the old fashioned metal birdcages. These designs imitate a cage body and designers have adapted the design to incorporate scrolled candle arms. Both of these designs could be best described as rustic ceiling lights.

Modern laser cutting techniques are used in making many of the more modern designs. This allows thick metal to be cut to very exacting standards and complex designs to create a more contemporary look. As with everything, proportion is important. Take time to choose the right size and it will add style, charm and grace to any space whilst providing many years of pleasure.

If you require any further help or advice on wrought iron ceiling lights and chandeliers, please call us on 0151 650 2138 or use the contact us form for friendly, honest and down to earth advice.


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Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers

Farmhouse Chandeliers | Rustic, Wooden & Wrought Iron Chandeliers

This well-curated selection of Rustic Chandeliers has an enchanting sense of stylish roughness about them. They are earthy, nostalgic and without pretense. Our styles range from Rustic Farmhouse Chandeliers and Lodge Looks, to designs with a Shabby Chic French Country feel. To enhance your look, you can also layer in rustic sconces for accent lighting. Enjoy browsing our selection of modern farmhouse designs including rustic wood chandeliers, rustic orb chandeliers and large wrought iron chandeliers, all capable of being that fabulous centerpiece chandelier that distinguishes your  rustic style, and complement your lighting selections with beautiful rustic decor! If you're working with a tight or narrow space, you can also try small chandeliers that are big in rustic charm.

Looking for help on what size and style rustic chandelier to incorporate into your lighting design? Check out our blog for chandelier advice by room, including foyer and living room chandelier ideas.

Sours: https://www.shadesoflight.com/categories/rustic-chandeliers
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Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Wrought Iron, Rustic Chandelier Options

Our rustic, wrought iron chandeliers have positive impacts on the aesthetics of any home’s interior, providing visitors with a beautiful first impression upon entering the space and noticing the fixture. Our team offers chandeliers in custom dimensions and finishes so that when they are finalized and installed, each chandelier matches the existing design elements of your home. The customizable light fixtures at Illuminaries are reliable, elegant pieces and our glowing reviews from happy customers are proof of just that. Our representatives communicate with our customers throughout the entire manufacturing process to make sure each wrought iron, rustic chandelier ends up becoming everything that the client hopes for it to be.

Rustic Chandelier Styles

Illuminaries Lighting has been a trusted provider of rustic, wrought iron chandeliers for years and years. We’ve built trust with our following by doing quality work and creating dependable light fixtures and products that stand the test of time. If you’re in the market for impressive, rustic light fixtures to add flair to your home, Illuminaries Lighting has fixtures that are sure to leave you in awe. Take a look at our rustic chandeliers and see if any of our beautiful light fixtures connect with your vision for your home. Feel free to contact our team at any time if you have any questions regarding our fixtures.

Hand-Forged Iron Chandeliers & Fixtures

Our chandeliers and other light fixtures are hand-forged with care and attention to detail. Creating our fixtures this way ensures that our manufacturing process produces the most reliable, unique wrought iron chandeliers on the market. Our deep involvement in the creation of our hand-forged iron chandeliers allows us to make observations and adjustments as we move forward in the process, ensuring that there are no surprises when it comes to the finished product. Are you looking for beautiful lighting solutions that will upgrade your home’s look and feel? Our hand-forged chandeliers are just the solution for you. Reach out to our team today to get started constructing your new, customizable wrought iron chandeliers.

Sours: https://www.illuminaries.com/products/chandeliers/
20 Wrought Iron Chandeliers



Nigel Tyas’ beautiful wrought iron chandeliers are made to order in our Yorkshire workshop and are available in different sizes to suit your needs. You can choose to have your chandelier in a one-tier or two-tier formation and opt for anything from a tiny three-light chandelier to a 12 or 18-light chandelier for maximum impact in a larger space. You can contact us directly on 01226 766618 or [email protected] to discuss even larger bespoke options as well.

Some of our wrought iron chandeliers are inspired by medieval and rustic design influences. The Midhope, Mitre and Shepherd’s Crook chandeliers are popular choices for customers in period properties, churches, castles and barn conversions. Whilst, our more fluid and elegant Hartcliff chandelier design captures simplicity and style in equal measure and looks at home in both modern and traditional settings.

A unique Nigel Tyas chandelier adds character and interest to every home. Please note, as with all our ceiling lights, bulbs and shades are sold separately.

Frequently Asked Chandelier Questions

A chandelier is a decorative pendant light with several arms, or branches, holding light bulbs which are usually, but not always upwards-pointing. Candle-shaped bulbs with candle tube fittings often feature on modern-day chandeliers echoing the style of the first medieval chandeliers which held candles.

Chandelier derives from the root Latin word candere which means to glow, glitter brilliantly or illuminate. The word 'chandelier' is French dating back to medieval times.

A chandelier is a ceiling light, or sometimes wall light, with multiple arms. A candelabra is a candlestick with multiple arms. Candelabra is occasionally used today to refer to a chandelier which carries real candles.

No, a chandelier is by definition a pendant light with at least three, and often more, 'arms' but it does not have to huge and can be quite compact in design. It can also be made with an adjustable drop to suit any height of ceiling. We offer all our designs at Nigel Tyas Ironwork in upscaled or downscaled versions to fit your space.

We have created tiny three-light chandeliers for kitchens to colossal bespoke two-tier giant chandeliers with 20-lights or more for barn conversions. See our full range for chandeliers for details of diameters and lengths of drops. The 12-light Hartcliff chandelier is our most popular size.

Modern 'wrought iron' products are made of mild steel which is lighter than iron itself, but non the less quite weighty. Larger chandeliers will be quite heavy. All our Nigel Tyas chandelier product listings give the approximate weight in their product description. They are engineered to be balanced and hang safely from appropriate and robust ceiling hook fittings. Some designs, like our Hartcliff range, featuring metal tubing which reduces the weight.

Yes, chandeliers are available in all sizes and styles and you can choose one to hang in a modern property which may have smaller rooms or lower ceilings. If you are concerned about weight, please see the approximate weight given on every chandelier's product listing and consult your electrician if you have concerns. Generally, our chandeliers are well-made and well-balanced with quality ceiling fittings to allow for a good fit in any setting.

Chandeliers always feature multiple arms from a central hanging point and often carry upwards-pointing candle bulbs. Ceiling lights usually feature one light per cable or fitting - most are single pendants, but larger ceiling lights may well feature a cluster of lights. These may be arranged together to create a cascade of lighting suspended on separate cables but from a shared ceiling plate – for example our Broadstones and Springvale ranges and Bretton and Stocksmoor clusters.

There are many traditional chandelier designs which echo Medieval motifs or Victorian romantic styles but there is nothing intrinsically old-fashioned about a multiple-armed light fitting. The sweeping arms of designs such as our Hartcliff chandelier hang just as well in stylish modern interiors. More rustic chandelier designs also work well in eclectic contemporary schemes which mix quality fixtures, fittings and furniture to create a balanced and unique whole. You can also update any traditional chandelier design by opting for our light burnished steel finish rather than the usual natural black finish. Choosing candle tubes which match the finish of your metalwork rather than traditional ivory candle tunes can also dramatically update the look.

Standard chandeliers come on a fixed light fitting, cable or chain which you can choose to hang from a ceiling hook to your required length on installation. You would then need to use a ladder or platform or extended cleaning tools to tend to the light and most customers find this is a suitable set up for this quality, low maintenance fitting.

We’ve made chandeliers to carry candles instead of bulbs in the past and are more than happy to do so again.

Yes, but dimmable bulbs rely on having the appropriate dimmable electrical fittings and switches in place. Always consult a qualified electrician if you want to add this feature to a light fitting in your property. You must also take care to buy the appropriate dimmable bulbs for your chandelier and bear in mind the extra cost of these bulbs.

We generally recommend SES (small Eddison screw) LED candle bulbs for our chandelier range. We recommend LED 4watt for a good soft warm light and for longevity and cost effectiveness.

Generally speaking, light fittings such as chandeliers are classed as 'fixtures' which are assumed part of a property and should be left in place when you move. However, you may make arrangements to take particular fittings with you as long as you state this clearly as your intention to prospective buyers and leave good working alternatives in place. Always talk to your conveyancer about this.

This can depend on personal preference, but as a guide for smaller and medium sized rooms, we suggest that you choose a chandelier no wider than a third of the length of the shortest wall of your room. This simple rule of thumb can be a helpful way to ensure the light isn’t ‘too big’ and is in good proportion to the space.
For larger rooms and big open plan spaces, this measuring guidance does not apply. You have the freedom to choose an impactful chandelier of any size to suit your interior scheme.
In either case, we also suggest a good way to help you decide on size is to mock-up a cardboard dummy of the size of chandelier you are considering, hold this in position and see what you think! This simple task can really help to visualise the scale and ensure you choose the size of chandelier you prefer.

Generally, we advise if you get the right size chandelier for your room – ie one that is in good proportion to the space – it follows that the number of candle lights and the lighting level they provide will work well.
If you are concerned it may be too bright to provide the ambient lighting you require at different times, it is a good idea to ask your electrician to install the chandelier on to a circuit with a dimmable light switch and use dimmable candle bulbs to allow you extra control.
For further advice, you may consult a lighting designer who may calculate the optimum number of lumens your light fitting should provide by taking into account the purpose of the room and its required brightness; room size, height and wall colour; plus, your personal preferences.

Sours: https://www.nigeltyas.co.uk/lighting/pendants-and-chandeliers/chandeliers.html

Iron chandalier wrought

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Twist Basket Chandelier by Hubbardton Forge

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