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Absent media, Texas executes inmate who killed great aunt

HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A Texas man convicted of fatally beating his 83-year-old great aunt more than two decades ago was executed Wednesday evening without media witnesses present because prison agency officials neglected to notify reporters it was time to carry out the punishment.

Quintin Jones received the lethal injection at the state penitentiary in Huntsville for the September 1999 killing of Berthena Bryant, agency spokesman Jeremy Desel said about 30 minutes after Jones was pronounced dead.

Desel never received the usual phone call from the Huntsville Unit prison to bring reporters from The Associated Press and The Huntsville Item to the prison. He and the media witnesses were waiting in an office across the street.

“The Texas Department of Criminal Justice can only apologize for this error and nothing like this will ever happen again,” he said.

He said the execution, the first in Texas in nearly a year, included a number of new personnel who have never participated in the process.

“Somewhere in that mix there was never a phone call made to this office for me to accompany the witnesses across the street into the Huntsville Unit,” Desel said.

Desel said he didn’t immediately know if the glitch was a violation of state law or a violation of agency policy.

The previous 570 executions carried out by Texas since capital punishment resumed in 1982 all had at least one media witness.

“My assumption is there will be a thorough investigation into how this all transpired and what was missed that allowed it to happen, and I expect that investigation is already underway,” Desel said.

There were no unusual circumstances with the execution itself, he said, relying on accounts from agency officials who were inside the death chamber.

Jones made a brief statement thanking his supporters and expressing love for them.

“I was so glad to leave this world a better, more positive place,” he said, according to a prison transcript of his remarks. “It’s not an easy life with all of the negativity.

“I hope I left everyone a plate of food full of happy memories, happiness and no sadness.”

As the lethal dose of pentobarbital was administered, he took four or five deep breaths followed by “a long deep snore,” Desel said.

Jones was pronounced dead at 6:40 p.m., 12 minutes after the drugs began.

Less than an hour before the scheduled punishment, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to halt the 41-year-old man’s execution.

Prosecutors said after Bryant refused to lend Jones money, he beat her with a bat in her Fort Worth home then took $30 from her purse to buy drugs.

Some of Bryant’s family members, including her sister Mattie Long, had said they didn’t want Jones to be executed. Jones was Long’s grandnephew.

“Because I was so close to Bert, her death hurt me a lot. Even so, God is merciful. Quintin can’t bring her back. I can’t bring her back. I am writing this to ask you to please spare Quintin’s life,” Long wrote in a letter that was part of Jones’ clemency petition with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

The board denied Jones’ clemency petition on Tuesday and Gov. Greg Abbott didn’t go against that decision and also declined to delay the execution. Abbott has granted clemency to only one death row inmate, Thomas Whitaker, since taking office in 2015.

On Wednesday, Jones’ attorney filed a civil rights complaint against the board, alleging race played “an impermissible role” in its denial of Jones’ petition. Jones’ attorney argued the case was similar to that of Whitaker’s and the only difference was that Whitaker is white and Jones was Black. U.S. District Judge George C. Hanks Jr. dismissed the complaint, writing that Jones didn’t present direct evidence of his allegation.

Helena Faulkner, a Tarrant County assistant criminal district attorney whose office prosecuted Jones, said not all of Bryant’s family members had opposed the execution.

In his final appeals, Jones’ attorney, Michael Mowla, argued that Jones was intellectually disabled and that his death sentence was based on since discredited testimony that wrongly labeled him as a psychopath and a future danger. Mowla also said Jones’ history of drug and alcohol abuse that started at age 12 and physical and sexual abuse he suffered were never considered at his trial.

Jones was the first inmate in Texas to receive a lethal injection since the July 8 execution of Billy Joe Wardlow. Four other executions had been set for earlier this year but were either delayed or rescheduled. While Texas is usually the nation’s busiest death penalty state, in 2020 it executed only three inmates — the fewest executions in nearly 25 years, mainly because of the pandemic.

In court documents filed last week, prosecutors argued the death sentence was justified because Jones had a violent history, including assaulting teachers and participating in two other murders.


Lozano reported from Houston.


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Historical Information

Capital Punishment.

There have been 50 federal executions carried out since 1927. Select a time period below to learn more.
See related: Scheduled Federal Executions.

08/17/1927James Aldermon was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at the Broward Country Jail, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
09/05/1930Carl Panzram was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at USP Leavenworth, KS.
03/24/1936George Barrett was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by electrocution at Marion County Jail, IN.
06/19/1936Arthur Gooch was sentenced to death for kidnapping. He was executed by hanging at Oklahoma State Prison, McAlester, OK.
07/12/1936Earl Gardner was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at Gila County Jail, AZ.
07/08/1938Anthony Chebatoris was sentenced to death for a robbery of a National Bank. He was executed by hanging at FCI Milan, MI.
07/14/1938Henry Seadlund was sentenced to death for kidnapping. He was executed by hanging at the Cook County Jail, IL.
08/12/1938Robert Suhay and Glenn Applegate were sentenced to death for murder of FBI Special Agent Wimberly W. Bake. They were both executed by hanging at USP Leavenworth, KS.
11/18/1938James Dalhover was sentenced to death for bank robbery and murder. He was executed by electrocution at Indiana State Penitentiary, Michigan City, IN.
11/10/1939Nelson Charles was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at the Federal Jail, Juneau, AK.
08/08/1942 Herbert Haupt, Heinrich Heinck, Edward Kerling, Herman Neubauer, Richard Quirin, and Werner Thiel were tried by a military commission appointed by President Roosevelt from July 8th to August 4, 1942 and sentenced to death for sabotage. They were executed by electrocution at the D.C. Jail on August 8, 1942.
08/14/1943Clyde Arwood was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by electrocution at Tennessee State Penitentiary, Nashville, TN on August 8th, 1948.
04/27/1945Henry Ruhl was sentenced to death for murder on a government reservation. He was executed by gas chamber at Wyoming State Penitentiary, Rawling on April 27th, 1945.
03/01/1948Austin Nelson was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at the Federal Jail, Juneau, Alaska on March 1st, 1948.
09/15/1948David Joseph Watson was sentenced to death for murder on the high seas. He was executed by electrocution at Florida State Prison, Raiford on September 15th, 1948.
12/03/1948Samuel Richard Shockley and Miran Edgar Thompson were sentenced to death for murder. They were executed by gas chamber at California State Penitentiary, San Quentin on December 3rd, 1948.
12/10/1948Carlos Romero Ochoa was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by gas chamber at California State Penitentiary, San Quentin on December 10th, 1948.
04/14/1950Eugene LaMoore was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by hanging at Federal Jail, Juneau, AK on April 14th, 1950.
06/19/1953Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were sentenced to death for espionage. They were executed by electrocution at New York State Prison, Sing Sing on June 19th, 1953.
12/18/1953Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Brown Heady were sentenced to death for kidnapping and murder. They were executed by gas chamber at Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City on December 18th, 1953
08/12/1954Gerhard A. Puff was sentenced to death for murder. He was executed by electrocution at New York State Prison, Sing Sing on August 12th, 1954.
02/24/1956Arthur Ross Brown was sentenced to death for kidnapping. He was executed by gas chamber at Missouri State Penitentiary, Jefferson City on February 24th, 1956.
08/21/1957George and Michael Krull were sentenced to death for rape. They were executed by electrocution at Georgia State Prison, Reidsville on August 21st, 1957.
03/15/1963Victor Feguer was sentenced to death for kidnapping. He was executed by hanging at Iowa State Penitentiary, Fort Madison on March 15th, 1963.

No federal executions took place in the 1970's through 1990's.

06/11/2001Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death for the murder of Federal Law Enforcement Officers, and 8 counts of Conspiracy to Use and Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on June 11th, 2001.
06/19/2001Juan Raul Garza was sentenced to death for the Intentional Killings (3) in Continuance of a Continuing Criminal Enterprise. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on June 19th, 2001.
03/18/2003Louis Jones was sentenced to death for kidnapping within special maritime/territorial jurisdiction resulting in death. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on March 18th, 2003.

No federal executions took place in the 2010s.

07/14/2020Daniel Lewis Lee was sentenced to death for three counts of murder in aid of racketeering and numerous other offenses. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on July 14, 2020.
07/16/2020Wesley Ira Purkey was sentenced to death for kidnapping a child resulting in the child's death. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on July 16, 2020.
07/17/2020Dustin Lee Honken was sentenced to death for numerous offenses, including five counts of murder during the course of a continuing criminal enterprise. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on July 17, 2020.
08/26/2020Lezmond Charles Mitchell was sentenced to death for numerous offenses, including first degree murder, felony murder, and carjacking resulting in murder. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on August 26, 2020.
08/28/2020Keith Dwayne Nelson was sentenced to death for the kidnapping and unlawful interstate transportation of a child for the purpose of sexual abuse which resulted in death. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on August 28, 2020.
09/22/2020William Emmett Lecroy, Jr. was sentenced to death for the intent to cause death and serious bodily harm, taking a motor vehicle that has been transported, shipped, and received in interstate commerce by force and violence resulting in death. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on September 22, 2020.
09/24/2020Christopher Andre Vialva was sentenced to death for carjacking and first degree murder on a government reservation and two counts of aiding and abetting. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on September 24, 2020.
11/19/2020Orlando Cordia Hall was sentenced to death for numerous offenses, including kidnapping resulting in death and interstate travel in aid of a racketeering enterprise. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on November 19, 2020.
12/10/2020Brandon Bernard was sentenced to death for numerous offenses, including two counts of First Degree Murder within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on December 10, 2020.
12/11/2020Alfred Bourgeois was sentenced to death for multiple offenses, including murder. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on December 11, 2020.
01/13/2021Lisa Montgomery was sentenced to death for federal kidnapping resulting in death. She was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on January 13, 2021.
01/14/2021Cory Johnson was sentenced to death for numerous offenses, including seven counts of murder in furtherance of continuing criminal enterprise. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on January 14, 2021.
01/16/2021Dustin John Higgs was sentenced to death for three counts of first-degree premeditated murder, three counts of first-degree felony murder, and three counts of kidnapping resulting in death. He was executed by lethal injection at USP Terre Haute, IN on January 16, 2021.
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Execution delayed for Texas prisoner who requested pastor lay hands on him

A Texas death row inmate won a reprieve from execution after claiming the state was violating his religious freedom by not letting his pastor lay hands on him at the time of his lethal injection.

John Henry Ramirez was condemned to death for fatally stabbing 46-year-old Pablo Castro, who worked at a Corpus Christi convenience store, in 2004.

The US supreme court blocked Ramirez’s execution about three hours after he could have been executed on Wednesday night. Ramirez was in a small holding cell a few feet from the death chamber at the Huntsville Unit prison.

“He was quiet when I let him know,” said Jason Clark, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “He shook his head and said, ‘Thank you very much. God bless you.’”

In a brief order, the court directed its clerk to establish a schedule so Ramirez’s case could be argued in October or November.

Prosecutors say Ramirez stabbed Castro 29 times during a series of robberies in which Ramirez and two women sought money following a three-day drug binge. Ramirez fled to Mexico but was arrested three and a half years later.

Seth Kretzer, Ramirez’s lawyer, argued Texas was violating his client’s first amendment rights to practice his religion by denying his request to have his pastor touch him and say prayers as he was executed.

“It is hostile toward religion, denying religious exercise at the precise moment it is most needed: when someone is transitioning from this life to the next,” Kretzer said in court documents.

Appeals courts rejected Ramirez’s argument.

The request by Ramirez, 37, is the latest clash between death row inmates and officials in Texas and other states over the presence of spiritual advisers in the death chamber.

The supreme court has granted stays in several executions in Texas and Alabama. The only execution stays the court has granted in recent years have been related to issues of religious practice or discrimination.

In April, Texas reversed a two-year ban on allowing spiritual advisers in the death chamber. The ban came after the supreme court in 2019 halted the execution of a Texas inmate who argued his religious freedom was violated because his Buddhist spiritual adviser wasn’t allowed to accompany him. That inmate, Patrick Murphy, remains on death row.

Texas previously allowed state-employed clergy to accompany inmates into the chamber, but prison staff included only Christian and Muslim clerics. The new policy allows an inmate’s approved spiritual adviser to be in the chamber, but the two cannot have contact and vocal prayers are not allowed.

Texas prison officials say direct contact poses a security risk and prayer could be disruptive. Aside from some officials, an inmate’s final statement and a doctor who announces time of death, no one else usually speaks during an execution.

Dana Moore, Ramirez’s spiritual adviser, said the request to let him touch Ramirez was about letting the inmate practice his faith and treating him “with a certain amount of dignity”.

Moore and Kretzer say the laying of hands is a symbolic act in which religious leaders offer comfort during prayer or confer a blessing at the moment of death.

“John’s sentence wasn’t death and you can’t have any meaningful contact,” said Moore, pastor at Second Baptist Church in Corpus Christi. “He is paying for his crime. I guess the question that would come up [would be], ‘Is that not enough?’”

Mark Skurka, lead prosecutor at Ramirez’s trial in 2008, said a death row inmate should have a spiritual adviser at the time of execution but there should be limitations.

“Pablo Castro didn’t get to have somebody praying over him as this guy stabbed him 29 times,” he said. “Pablo Castro didn’t get afforded such niceties and things like to have a clergyman present.”

Castro had nine children and had worked at the convenience store for more than a decade.

“He was a good guy,” Skurka said. “He would help people out in the neighborhood. Everybody liked him.”

Two women who took part in the robberies were convicted on lesser charges.

Six more executions are scheduled this year in Texas, the nation’s busiest capital punishment state.

What Really Happens In Your Last 24 Hours On Death Row?

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573Inmate InformationLast StatementRhoadesRick999049579/28/2021White Harris
572Inmate InformationLast StatementHummelJohn999567456/30/2021White Tarrant
571Inmate InformationLast StatementJonesQuintin999379415/19/2021Black Tarrant
570Inmate InformationLast StatementWardlowBilly999137457/8/2020White Titus
569Inmate InformationLast StatementOchoaAbel999450472/6/2020Hispanic Dallas
568Inmate InformationLast StatementGardnerJohn999516641/15/2020White Collin
567Inmate InformationLast StatementRunnelsTravis9995054612/11/2019BlackPotter
566Inmate InformationLast StatementHallJusten9994973811/6/2019White El Paso
565Inmate InformationLast StatementSparksRobert999542459/25/2019BlackDallas
564Inmate InformationLast StatementSolizMark999571379/10/2019HispanicJohnson
563Inmate InformationLast StatementCrutsingerBilly999459649/4/2019WhiteTarrant
562Inmate InformationLast StatementSwearingenLarry999361488/21/2019WhiteMontgomery
561Inmate InformationLast StatementKingJohn999295444/24/2019WhiteJasper
560Inmate InformationLast StatementCobleBillie976702/28/2019WhiteMcLennan
559Inmate InformationLast StatementJenningsRobert956611/30/2019BlackHarris
558Inmate InformationLast StatementBraziel, Jr.Alvin9993934312/11/2018BlackDallas
557Inmate InformationLast StatementGarciaJoseph9994414712/04/2018HispanicDallas
556Inmate InformationLast StatementRamosRobert9990626411/14/2018HispanicHidalgo
555Inmate InformationLast StatementAckerDaniel999381469/27/2018WhiteHopkins
554Inmate InformationLast StatementClarkTroy999351519/26/2018WhiteSmith
553Inmate InformationLast StatementYoungChristopher999508347/17/2018BlackBexar
552Inmate InformationLast StatementBibleDanny999455666/27/2018WhiteHarris
551Inmate InformationLast StatementCastilloJuan999502375/16/2018HispanicBexar
550Inmate InformationLast StatementDavilaErick999545314/25/2018BlackTarrant
549Inmate InformationLast StatementRodriguez, IIIRosendo999534383/27/2018HispanicLubbock
548Inmate InformationLast StatementBattagliaJohn999412622/1/2018WhiteDallas
547Inmate InformationLast StatementRayfordWilliam999371641/30/2018BlackDallas
546Inmate InformationLast StatementShoreAnthony999488551/18/2018WhiteHarris
545Inmate InformationLast StatementCardenasRuben9992754711/08/2017HispanicHidalgo
544Inmate InformationLast StatementPruettRobert9994113810/12/2017WhiteBee
543Inmate InformationLast StatementPreyorTaichin999494467/27/2017BlackBexar
542Inmate InformationLast StatementBigbyJames997613/14/2017WhiteTarrant
541Inmate InformationLast StatementRuizRolando999145443/07/2017HispanicBexar
540Inmate InformationLast StatementEdwardsTerry999463431/26/2017BlackDallas
539Inmate InformationLast StatementWilkinsChristopher9995334801/11/2017WhiteTarrant
538Inmate InformationLast StatementFullerBarney9994815810/05/2016WhiteHouston
537Inmate InformationLast StatementVasquezPablo9992973804/06/2016HispanicHidalgo
536Inmate InformationLast StatementWardAdam9995253303/22/2016WhiteHunt
535Inmate InformationLast StatementWesbrookCoy9992815803/09/2016WhiteHarris
534Inmate InformationLast StatementGarciaGustavo9990184302/16/2016HispanicCollin
533Inmate InformationLast StatementFreemanJames9995393501/27/2016WhiteWharton
532Inmate InformationLast StatementMastersonRichard9994144301/20/2016WhiteHarris
531Inmate InformationLast StatementHolidayRaphael9994193611/18/2015BlackMadison
530Inmate InformationLast StatementEscamillaLicho9994323310/14/2015HispanicDallas
529Inmate InformationLast StatementGarcia Juan9993603510/6/2015Hispanic Harris
528Inmate InformationLast StatementLopezDaniel9995552708/12/2015HispanicNueces
527Inmate InformationLast StatementRusseauGregory9994304606/18/2015BlackSmith
526Inmate InformationLast StatementBowerLester7646706/03/2015WhiteGrayson
525Inmate InformationLast StatementCharlesDerrick9994513205/12/2015BlackHarris
524Inmate InformationLast StatementGarzaManuel9994343404/15/2015HispanicBexar
523Inmate InformationLast StatementSprouseKent9994714204/09/2015WhiteEllis
522Inmate InformationLast StatementVasquezManuel9993364603/11/2015HispanicBexar
521Inmate InformationLast StatementNewburyDonald9994035302/04/2015WhiteDallas
520Inmate InformationLast StatementLaddRobert9992375701/29/2015BlackSmith
519Inmate InformationLast StatementPrietoArnold9991494201/21/2015HispanicBexar
518Inmate InformationLast StatementParedesMiguel9994003210/28/2014HispanicBexar
517Inmate InformationLast StatementColemanLisa9995113809/17/2014BlackTarrant
516Inmate InformationLast StatementTrottieWillie9990854509/10/2014BlackHarris
515Inmate InformationLast StatementVillegasJose9994173904/16/2014HispanicNueces
514Inmate InformationLast StatementHernandezRamiro9993424404/09/2014HispanicKerr
513Inmate InformationLast StatementSellsTommy9993674904/03/2014WhiteVal Verde
512Inmate InformationLast StatementDoyleAnthony9994782903/27/2014BlackDallas
511Inmate InformationLast StatementJasperRay9993413303/19/2014BlackBexar
510Inmate InformationLast StatementBassoSuzanne9993295902/05/2014WhiteHarris
509Inmate InformationLast StatementTamayoEdgar9991304601/22/2014HispanicHarris
508Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinJerry9995524312/03/2013WhiteLeon
507Inmate InformationLast StatementMcCoskeyJamie9990534911/12/2013WhiteHarris
506Inmate InformationLast StatementYowellMichael9993344310/09/2013White Lubbock
505Inmate InformationLast StatementDiazArturo9993453709/26/2013HispanicHidalgo
504Inmate InformationLast StatementGarzaRobert9994663009/19/2013HispanicHidalgo
503Inmate InformationLast StatementFeldmanDouglas9993265507/31/2013WhiteDallas
502Inmate InformationLast StatementRossVaughn9994294107/18/2013BlackLubbock
501Inmate InformationLast StatementQuintanillaJohn9994913607/16/2013HispanicVictoria
500Inmate InformationLast StatementMcCarthyKimberly9992875206/26/2013BlackDallas
499Inmate InformationLast StatementChesterElroy9992804306/12/2013BlackJefferson
498Inmate InformationLast StatementWilliamsJefferey9993503705/15/2013BlackHarris
497Inmate InformationLast StatementParrCarroll9994793505/07/2013BlackMcLennan
496Inmate InformationLast StatementCobbRichard9994672904/25/2013WhiteCherokee
495Inmate InformationLast StatementThreadgillRonnie9994244004/16/2013BlackNavarro
494Inmate InformationLast StatementLewisRicky9990975004/09/2013BlackSmith
493Inmate InformationLast StatementBlueCarl9991514802/21/2013BlackBrazos
492Inmate InformationLast StatementHughesPreston9394611/15/2012BlackHarris
491Inmate InformationLast StatementHernandezRamon9994314111/14/2012HispanicBexar
490Inmate InformationLast StatementSwainMario9994753311/08/2012BlackGregg
489Inmate InformationLast StatementRoberts, Jr.Donnie9994874110/31/2012WhitePolk
488Inmate InformationLast StatementHinesBobby9990254010/24/2012WhiteDallas
487Inmate Information Last StatementGreenJonathan9994214410/10/2012BlackMontgomery
486Inmate InformationLast StatementFosterCleve9994704809/25/2012WhiteTarrant
485Inmate InformationLast StatementHarrisRobert9993644009/20/2012BlackDallas
484Inmate InformationLast StatementWilsonMarvin9990985408/07/2012BlackJefferson
483Inmate InformationLast StatementHearnYokamon9992923307/18/2012BlackDallas
482Inmate InformationLast StatementAdamsBeunka9994862904/26/2012BlackCherokee
481Inmate InformationLast StatementHernandezJesse9994254703/28/2012HispanicDallas
480Inmate InformationLast StatementThurmondKeith9994355203/07/2012WhiteMontgomery
479Inmate InformationLast StatementRivasGeorge9993944102/29/2012HispanicDallas
478Inmate InformationLast StatementHernandezRodrigo9994743801/26/2012HispanicBexar
477Inmate InformationLast StatementEsparzaGuadalupe9993854611/16/2011HispanicBexar
476Inmate InformationLast Statement GarciaFrank9994183910/27/2011HispanicBexar
475Inmate InformationLast StatementBrewerLawrence9993274409/21/2011WhiteBrazos
474Inmate InformationLast StatementWoodsSteven9994273109/13/2011WhiteDenton
473Inmate InformationLast StatementRoblesMartin9994573308/10/2011HispanicNueces
472Inmate InformationLast StatementStromanMark9994094207/20/2011WhiteDallas
471Inmate InformationLast StatementLealHumberto9991623807/07/2011HispanicBexar
470Inmate InformationLast StatementMathisMilton9993373206/21/2011BlackFort Bend
469Inmate InformationLast StatementTaylorLee9993443206/16/2011WhiteBowie
468Inmate InformationLast StatementBradfordGayland9664206/01/2011BlackDallas
467Inmate InformationLast StatementKerrCary9994494605/03/2011WhiteTarrant
466Inmate InformationLast StatementAdamsTimothy9994484202/22/2011BlackHarris
465Inmate InformationLast StatementHallMichael9993463102/15/2011WhiteTarrant
464Inmate InformationLast StatementWootenLarry9992695110/21/2010BlackLamar
463Inmate InformationLast StatementCantuPeter9990933508/17/2010HispanicHarris
462Inmate InformationLast StatementJacksonDerrick9992634207/20/2010BlackHarris
461Inmate InformationLast StatementPerryMichael9994442807/01/2010WhiteMontgomery
460Inmate InformationLast StatementPowellDavid6125906/15/2010WhiteTravis
459Inmate InformationLast StatementJonesGeorge9991473606/02/2010BlackDallas
458Inmate InformationLast StatementAlbaJohn9990275405/25/2010HispanicCollin
457Inmate InformationLast StatementCannadyRogelio9992453705/19/2010HispanicBee
456Inmate InformationLast StatementGallowayBilly9993494105/13/2010WhiteHunt
455Inmate InformationLast StatementVargaKevin9993684105/12/2010WhiteHunt
454Inmate InformationLast StatementBustamanteSamuel9993804004/27/2010HispanicFort Bend
453Inmate InformationLast StatementBerkleyWilliam9994223104/22/2010WhiteEl Paso
452Inmate InformationLast StatementAlixFranklin9992863403/30/2010BlackHarris
451Inmate InformationLast StatementMaxwellJoshua9994083103/11/2010WhiteBexar
450Inmate InformationLast StatementSigalaMichael9993973203/02/2010HispanicCollin
449Inmate InformationLast StatementJohnsonGary9115901/12/2010WhiteWalker
448Inmate InformationLast StatementMosleyKenneth9992435101/07/2010BlackDallas
447Inmate InformationLast StatementWoodsBobby9992704412/03/2009WhiteLlano
446Inmate InformationLast StatementThompsonRobert9992763411/19/2009BlackHarris
445Inmate InformationLast StatementSimpsonDanielle9993703011/18/2009BlackAnderson
444Inmate InformationLast StatementValleYosvanis9993843411/10/2009HispanicHarris
443Inmate InformationLast StatementOliverKhristian9993013211/05/2009WhiteNacogdoches
442Inmate InformationLast StatementBlantonReginald9993952810/27/2009BlackBexar
441Inmate InformationLast StatementColemanChristopher9992393709/22/2009BlackHarris
440Inmate InformationLast StatementMoodyStephen9990765209/16/2009WhiteHarris
439Inmate InformationLast StatementHankinsTerry9994153406/02/2009WhiteTarrant
438Inmate InformationLast StatementRileyMichael8515105/19/2009BlackWood
437Inmate InformationLast StatementJohnsonDerrick9993392804/30/2009BlackDallas
436Inmate InformationLast StatementRosalesMichael9992743504/15/2009HispanicLubbock
435Inmate InformationLast StatementSalazarLuis9992853803/11/2009HispanicBexar
434Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinezJames9994043403/10/2009HispanicTarrant
433Inmate InformationLast StatementMorrisKenneth9991173803/04/2009BlackHarris
432Inmate InformationLast StatementPondexterWillie9991113403/03/2009BlackRed River
431Inmate InformationLast StatementJohnsonJohnny9991975102/12/2009BlackHarris
430Inmate InformationLast StatementScheanetteDale9994403502/10/2009BlackTarrant
429Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinezDavid9991733602/04/2009HispanicBexar
428Inmate InformationLast StatementOrtizRicardo9993204601/29/2009HispanicEl Paso
427Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinezVirgil9992654101/28/2009HispanicBrazoria
426Inmate InformationLast StatementPerkinsReginald9994075301/22/2009BlackTarrant
425Inmate InformationLast StatementMooreFrank9992104901/21/2009BlackBexar
424Inmate InformationLast StatementMooreCurtis9992124001/14/2009BlackTarrant
423Inmate InformationLast StatementHudsonRobert9993534511/20/2008BlackDallas
422Inmate InformationLast StatementMannsDenard9994054211/13/2008BlackBell
421Inmate InformationLast StatementWhitaker, III George9991963611/12/2008BlackHarris
420Inmate InformationLast StatementTaylorElkie9991124611/6/2008BlackTarrant
419Inmate InformationLast Statement WrightGregory9992534210/30/2008WhiteDallas
418Inmate InformationLast StatementNennoEric9991884510/28/2008WhiteHarris
417Inmate InformationLast StatementRiesJoseph9993352910/21/2008WhiteHopkins
416Inmate InformationLast StatementWattsKevin9994562710/16/2008BlackBexar
415Inmate InformationLast StatementKellyAlvin9990125710/14/2008WhiteGregg
414Inmate InformationLast StatementMurrayWilliam9993133909/17/2008WhiteKaufman
413Inmate InformationLast StatementRodriguezMichael9994134008/14/2008HispanicDallas
412Inmate InformationLast StatementDorseyLeon9993593208/12/2008BlackDallas
411Inmate InformationLast StatementChiHeliberto9994372908/07/2008HispanicTarrant
410Inmate InformationLast StatementMedellinJose9991343308/05/2008HispanicHarris
409Inmate InformationLast StatementDavisLarry9993164007/31/2008BlackPotter
408Inmate InformationLast StatementSonnierDerrick9990544007/23/2008BlackHarris
407Inmate InformationLast StatementTurnerCarlton9993212907/10/2008BlackDallas
406Inmate InformationLast StatementChamberlainKarl9992413706/11/2008WhiteDallas
405Inmate InformationLast StatementRichardMichael8904809/25/2007BlackHarris
404Inmate InformationLast StatementKimmelClifford9993473209/20/2007WhiteBexar
403Inmate InformationLast StatementRoachTony9993233009/05/2007WhitePotter
402Inmate InformationLast StatementAmadorJohn9991603208/29/2007HispanicBexar
401Inmate InformationLast StatementMosleyDaroyce9991713208/28/2007BlackGregg
400Inmate InformationLast StatementConnerJohnny9993243208/22/2007BlackHarris
399Inmate InformationLast StatementParrKenneth9993122708/15/2007BlackMatagorda
398Inmate InformationLast StatementJohnsonLonnie9991354407/24/2007BlackHarris
397Inmate InformationLast StatementKnightPatrick9990723906/26/2007WhiteRandall
396Inmate InformationLast StatementReyesGilberto9993523306/21/2007HispanicBailey
395Inmate InformationLast StatementRodriguezLionell9990023606/20/2007HispanicHarris
394Inmate InformationLast StatementGriffithMichael9991765606/06/2007WhiteHarris
393Inmate InformationLast StatementSmithCharles9534105/16/2007WhitePecos
392Inmate InformationLast StatementDicksonRyan9992503004/26/2007WhitePotter
391Inmate InformationLast StatementClarkJames9990953804/11/2007WhiteDenton
390Inmate InformationLast StatementPippinRoy9991705103/29/2007WhiteHarris
389Inmate InformationLast StatementGutierrezVincent9992622803/28/2007HispanicBexar
388Inmate InformationLast StatementNealyCharles9992894203/20/2007BlackDallas
387Inmate InformationLast StatementNicholsJoseph7094503/07/2007BlackHarris
386Inmate InformationLast StatementPerezRobert9993224803/06/2007HispanicDallas
385Inmate InformationLast StatementMillerDonald7284402/27/2007WhiteHarris
384Inmate InformationLast StatementAndersonNewton9993553002/22/2007WhiteSmith
383Inmate InformationLast StatementJacksonJames9992724702/07/2007BlackHarris
382Inmate InformationLast StatementSwiftChristopher9994963101/30/2007WhiteDenton
381Inmate InformationLast StatementMooreJohnathan9992163201/17/2007WhiteBexar
380Inmate InformationLast StatementGranadosCarlos9993073601/10/2007HispanicWilliamson
379Inmate InformationLast StatementShannonWillie9990863011/08/2006BlackHarris
378Inmate InformationLast StatementJacksonDonell9992063311/01/2006BlackHarris
377Inmate InformationLast StatementSummersGregory9990104810/25/2006WhiteDenton
376Inmate InformationLast StatementMatchettFarley9990604309/12/2006BlackHarris
375Inmate InformationLast StatementFrazierDerrick9992842908/31/2006BlackRefugio
374Inmate InformationLast StatementFullerJustin9992662708/24/2006BlackSmith
373Inmate InformationLast StatementHinojosaRichard9992464308/17/2006HispanicBexar
372Inmate InformationLast StatementWyatt, Jr.William9992554108/03/2006BlackBowie
371Inmate InformationLast StatementAndersonRobert9990844007/20/2006WhitePotter
370Inmate InformationLast StatementBrownMauriceo9992343107/19/2006BlackBexar
369Inmate InformationLast StatementO'BrienDerrick9991313107/11/2006BlackHarris
368Inmate InformationLast StatementResendizAngel9993564506/27/2006HispanicHarris
367Inmate InformationLast StatementReeseLamont9993742806/20/2006BlackTarrant
366Inmate InformationLast StatementTitsworthTimothy9990783406/06/2006WhiteRandall
365Inmate InformationLast StatementAguilarJesus9991914205/24/2006HispanicCameron
364Inmate InformationLast StatementHerronJermaine9993042705/17/2006BlackRefugio
363Inmate InformationLast StatementWilsonJackie9573905/04/2006WhiteDallas
362Inmate InformationLast StatementKincyKevin9991793803/29/2006BlackHarris
361Inmate InformationLast StatementSalazar, Jr.Robert9993032703/22/2006HispanicLubbock
360Inmate InformationLast StatementHughesTommie9992733103/15/2006BlackDallas
359Inmate InformationLast StatementSmith, Jr.Clyde9990883202/15/2006BlackHarris
358Inmate InformationLast StatementNeville, Jr.Robert9992933102/08/2006WhiteTarrant
357Inmate InformationLast StatementElizalde, Jr.Jaime9992303401/31/2006HispanicHarris
356Inmate InformationLast StatementDudleyMarion9991363301/25/2006BlackHarris
355Inmate InformationLast StatementThomasShannon9992133411/16/2005BlackHarris
354Inmate InformationLast StatementRowellRobert9991045011/15/2005WhiteHarris
353Inmate InformationLast StatementThackerCharles9991033711/09/2005WhiteHarris
352Inmate InformationLast StatementWhiteMelvin9993175511/03/2005WhitePecos
351Inmate InformationLast StatementRamirezLuis9993094210/20/2005HispanicTom Green
350Inmate InformationLast StatementHowardRonald9990693210/06/2005BlackTravis
349Inmate InformationLast StatementNewtonFrances9224009/14/2005BlackHarris
348Inmate InformationLast StatementShieldsRobert9991663008/23/2005WhiteGalveston
347Inmate InformationLast StatementSterlingGary9313808/10/2005BlackNavarro
346Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinezDavid9992882907/28/2005HispanicTravis
345Inmate InformationLast StatementMartinezAlexander9994382806/07/2005HispanicHarris
344Inmate InformationLast StatementCartwrightRichard9992243105/19/2005WhiteNueces
343Inmate InformationLast StatementWolfeBryan9990794405/18/2005BlackJefferson
342Inmate InformationLast StatementPursleyLonnie9992944305/03/2005WhitePolk
341Inmate InformationLast StatementRobertsDouglas9992184204/20/2005WhiteKendall
340Inmate InformationLast StatementHopperGeorge9990374903/08/2005WhiteDallas
339Inmate InformationLast StatementBagwellDennis9992094102/17/2005WhiteAtascosa
338Inmate InformationLast StatementKunkleTroy7843801/25/2005WhiteNueces
337Inmate InformationLast StatementPorterJames9993783301/04/2005WhiteBowie
336Inmate InformationLast StatementFuentesAnthony9992153011/17/2004HispanicHarris
335Inmate InformationLast StatementMcWilliamsFrederick9992423011/10/2004BlackHarris
334Inmate InformationLast StatementMcCullumDemarco9991803011/09/2004BlackHarris
333Inmate InformationLast StatementMorrowRobert9992444711/04/2004WhiteLiberty
332Inmate InformationLast StatementMorrisLorenzo9990385211/02/2004BlackHarris
331Inmate InformationLast StatementGreenDominique9990683010/26/2004BlackHarris
330Inmate InformationLast StatementMorrowRicky7535310/20/2004WhiteDallas
329Inmate InformationLast StatementAldrichDonald9991133910/12/2004WhiteKerr
328Inmate InformationLast StatementMinielPeter9204210/06/2004HispanicHarris
327Inmate InformationLast StatementGreenEdward9990733010/05/2004BlackHarris
326Inmate InformationLast StatementFloresAndrew9991003209/21/2004HispanicBexar
325Inmate InformationLast StatementAllridge, IIIJames8704108/26/2004BlackTarrant
324Inmate InformationLast StatementBusbyJasen9992012808/25/2004WhiteCherokee
323Inmate InformationLast StatementHarrisDavid8274306/30/2004WhiteJefferson
322Inmate InformationLast StatementPattersonKelsey9990655005/18/2004BlackAnderson
321Inmate InformationLast StatementCottonMarcus9992522903/03/2004BlackHarris
320Inmate InformationLast StatementWillinghamCameron9990413602/17/2004WhiteNavarro
319Inmate InformationLast StatementHopkinsBobby9991013602/12/2004BlackJohnson
318Inmate InformationLast StatementLagroneEdward9990834602/11/2004BlackTarrant
317Inmate InformationLast StatementVickersBilly9990875801/28/2004WhiteLamar
316Inmate InformationLast StatementZimmermanKevin9774201/21/2004WhiteJefferson
315Inmate InformationLast StatementBruceKenneth9990233201/14/2004BlackCollin
314Inmate InformationLast StatementMatthewsYnobe9993872701/06/2004BlackBrazos
313Inmate InformationLast StatementMurphyIvan9893812/04/2003WhiteGrayson
312Inmate InformationLast StatementDuncanRichard9991536112/03/2003WhiteHarris
311Inmate InformationLast StatementHenryRobert9991294111/20/2003WhiteSan Patricio
310Inmate InformationLast StatementHayesLarry9993585409/10/2003WhiteMontgomery
309Inmate InformationLast StatementJaneckaAllen6845307/24/2003WhiteHarris
308Inmate InformationLast StatementRansomCedric9990502907/23/2003BlackTarrant
307Inmate InformationLast StatementBlack, Sr.Christopher9992774307/09/2003BlackBell
306Inmate InformationLast StatementCrawfordHilton9992006407/02/2003WhiteMontgomery
305Inmate InformationLast StatementJohnsonKia9991393806/11/2003BlackBexar
304Inmate InformationLast StatementJacobsBruce8765605/15/2003WhiteDallas
303Inmate InformationLast StatementVaughnRoger9990294805/06/2003WhiteWilbarger
302Inmate InformationLast StatementChavezJuan9991863404/22/2003HispanicDallas
301Inmate InformationLast StatementColburnJames9991694303/26/2003WhiteMontgomery
300Inmate InformationLast StatementClayKeith9992383503/20/2003BlackHarris
299Inmate InformationLast StatementCookBobby9990944103/11/2003WhiteAnderson
298Inmate InformationLast StatementWilliamsRichard9992513302/25/2003BlackHarris
297Inmate InformationLast StatementDunn, Jr.Henry9991652802/06/2003BlackSmith
296Inmate InformationLast StatementElliottJohn8614202/04/2003HispanicTravis
295Inmate InformationLast StatementRiddleGranville9653301/30/2003WhitePotter
294Inmate InformationLast StatementDinkinsRichard9990224001/29/2003WhiteJefferson
293Inmate InformationLast StatementCurryAlva9990803201/28/2003BlackTravis
292Inmate InformationLast StatementLookingbillRobert9903701/22/2003WhiteHidalgo
291Inmate InformationLast StatementBaltazarJohn9992573001/15/2003HispanicNueces
290Inmate InformationLast StatementGallamoreSamuel9990903101/14/2003WhiteComal
289Inmate InformationLast StatementCollierJames9991905512/11/2002WhiteWichita
288Inmate InformationLast StatementRojasLeonard9991945212/04/2002HispanicJohnson
287Inmate InformationLast StatementChappellWilliam9606611/20/2002WhiteTarrant
286Inmate InformationLast StatementOganCraig9794711/19/2002WhiteHarris
285Inmate InformationLast StatementPowellJames9990015610/01/2002WhiteNewton
284Inmate InformationLast StatementKingCalvin9991524809/25/2002BlackJefferson
283Inmate InformationLast StatementMaysRex9991724209/24/2002WhiteHarris

Executed prisoner

US Supreme Court stays prisoner execution over spiritual adviser

A prisoner in Texas has been granted a last-minute stay of execution by the United States Supreme Court, after asking that his pastor be allowed to hold him as he is put to death by lethal injection.

John Ramirez, 37, was scheduled to be executed on Wednesday evening for stabbing a convenience store clerk to death during a 2004 robbery, but his lawyer petitioned the supreme court to halt execution on the grounds that the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) would not allow Baptist pastor Dana Moore to touch Ramirez as he is being executed or to pray aloud in the execution chamber.

“The application for stay of execution of sentence of death … is granted,” the Supreme Court’s ruling said on Tuesday.

It gave no explanation, a practice that is common in emergency rulings.

In his petition, Seth Kretzer, Ramirez’ lawyer, said Texas authorities were requiring Moore “to stand in his little corner of the room like a potted plant” during the execution, which he argued infringes upon Ramirez’s constitutional rights to religious practice.

He added that if Moore prays out loud he risks being “ejected from the execution chamber by guards and referred for prosecution”.

While Texas prison authorities allow a spiritual adviser to be in the room during an execution, they must be quiet and are not allowed to touch a prisoner.

“Ramirez will be executed without the spiritual adviser guaranteed to him under the Constitution,” Kretzer said.

The conservative super-majority US Supreme Court rarely intervenes to halt executions, but it has done so in recent cases where prisoners have argued they are being denied access to spiritual advisers.

Clarify religious rights

The court could take the opportunity of Ramirez’ case to clarify its position on the religious rights of those sentenced to death, after a ruling in February effectively barred states from prohibiting spiritual advisers unless a lower court ruled it would create serious security risks.

In 2018, the court rejected the request for a stay of execution for a Muslim prisoner in Alabama who asked for an imam to be by his side during his execution.

A few weeks later, following a public outcry, a stay was granted to an inmate who wanted a Buddhist spiritual adviser to accompany him to the execution chamber in Texas.

The Supreme Court said it would revisit Ramirez’ case in October or November.

There have been five people executed in the US this year.

Source: Al Jazeera and news agencies


A disproportionate number of Black people have been sentenced to death and are on death row, the groups say.

Inmates must have choice of death by firing squad, court rules, as US states seek alternatives to lethal injection.

President Joe Biden, a Democrat, pledged during his campaign to support an end the death penalty.

Prisoner #8 // The Execution Project

Upcoming Executions

February4TNOscar SmithSTAY GRANTED by the Tennessee Supreme Court on January 6, 2021 as a result of COVID-19 concerns.10TXEdward BusbySTAY GRANTED by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on February 3, 2021 and remanded to the trial court for consideration of Busby’s claim that he is ineligible for the death penalty because of intellectual disability.11ALWillie B. Smith IIIStay grantedby the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuiton February 10, 2021 until February 16 to provide the court time to consider a claim Smith raised under the Americans With Disabilities Act. Stay vacated by the U.S. Supreme Court close to midnight Eastern time on February 11, 2021.

PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION GRANTED by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on February 10, 2021 based on Smith’s claim that Alabama’s refusal to permit his pastor in the execution chamber violates federal religious discrimination law. Application to vacate the injunction DENIED by the U.S. Supreme Court close to midnight Eastern time on February 11, 2021.12SCBrad SigmonEXECUTION DATE VACATED by the South Carolina Supreme Court on February 4, 2021 on the grounds that “the execution is currently impossible” because the Department of Corrections “will not be able to obtain the required drugs prior to the scheduled date of execution.”18OHJames O’NealREPRIEVEDMarch4TX

Ramiro Ibarra

STAY GRANTEDby the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on February 24, 2021 and remanded to the trial court for consideration of Ibarra’s claims that he is ineligible for the death penalty because of intellectual disability and that new DNA science shows that the evidence used to convict him was unreliable.18OHMelvin Bonnell REPRIEVED24OHSteven E. Cepec DATE REMOVEDApril8TNByron BlackSTAYED21OHElwood JonesREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on December 18, 2020, and execution rescheduled for December 6, 2023.May14PAPaul Gamboa-TaylorREPRIEVE GRANTED by Governor Tom Wolf on May 7, 2021.14SCFreddie OwensSTAY GRANTED by the South Carolina Supreme Court on May 4, 2021 “[b]ecause the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) lacks the means to conduct an execution by lethal injection at this time.” The stay remains in effect “until SCDC advises the Court it has the ability to perform the execution as required by the law.”26OHDavid MartinSTAY GRANTEDby the Ohio Supreme Court on April 8, 2021 pending “exhaustion of all state post-conviction proceedings, including any appeals.”27OHGregory LottREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on December 18, 2020, and execution rescheduled for February 15, 2024.June2IDGerald Pizzuto Jr.STAY GRANTED by the Idaho District Court for the 2nd District on May 18, 2021 “until the conclusion of commutation proceedings related to Mr. Pizzuto’s current commutation petition” scheduled for the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole’s November 2021 hearing session.18SCBrad SigmonSTAY GRANTED by the South Carolina Supreme Court on June 16, 2021 because the South Carolina law provides a statutory right for the prisoner to elect between execution by electric chair or execution by firing squad and the S.C. Department of Corrections has no procedures in place to carry out executions by firing squad.23OHArchie DixonREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on December 18, 2020, and execution rescheduled for April 17, 2024.25SCFreddie Owens IIISTAY GRANTED by the South Carolina Supreme Court on June 16, 2021 because the South Carolina law provides a statutory right for the prisoner to elect between execution by electric chair or execution by firing squad and the S.C. Department of Corrections has no procedures in place to carry out executions by firing squad.July26NVZane FloydStay granted by the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada on June 28, 2021 with written order issued July 7, 2021 (order appealed). STAY GRANTED by the Nevada state courts on July 9 “pending the Nevada Supreme Court’s ruling on Mr. Floyd’s pending petition for writ of mandamus and prohibition.”August


OHTimothy HoffnerREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on April 9, 2021 and execution rescheduled for June 18, 2024September8TXJohn RamirezSTAY GRANTED and petition for a writ of certiorari granted by the U.S. Supreme Court on September 8, 2021 to determine whether Texas’s restrictions on religious activities in the execution chamber violate the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.


OHJohn StumpfREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on April 9, 2021 and execution rescheduled for August 13, 2024October12TXStephen BarbeeSTAY GRANTED by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas on October 7, 2021 on the same claim religious liberty claims raised by John Ramirez to provide the District Court “time to explore and resolve serious factual issues concerning the balance between [Barbee’s] religious rights and the prison’s valid concerns for security.”20OHJames FrazierDIED ON DEATH ROW of COVID-19 on November 19, 2020.27TXRuben GutierrezEXECUTION WARRANT VACATEDby the trial court in Cameron County on September 15, 2021 pending the outcome of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in John Ramirez’s case on the scope of the right to free exercise of religion in the execution chamber.November3TXFabian HernandezEXECUTION WARRANT WITHDRAWN10TXKosoul ChanthakoummaneEXECUTION WARRANT WITHDRAWN by the Collin County District Court on October 19, 2021 and new execution warrant issued for August 17, 2022.December


OHLawrence LandrumREPRIEVE GRANTED by Gov. Mike DeWine on April 9, 2021 and execution rescheduled for October 15, 2024

Similar news:

Texas inmate Quintin Jones becomes first state execution in 10 months

Texas put a prisoner to death on Wednesday evening for the first time in about 10 months — signaling that states are ready to resume executions after a hiatus during much of the pandemic.

Family members of Quintin Jones, 41, had hoped that either the U.S. Supreme Court or Gov. Greg Abbott would spare his life or grant a last-minute reprieve. Neither came.

Jones was executed by lethal injection at the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville and pronounced dead at 6:40 p.m., around 10 minutes after the lethal dose began, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.

His execution was carried out without media witnesses. The agency blamed a "miscommunication between officials" for shutting out reporters and apologized for the "critical error" and vowed to investigate how it happened.

The Fort Worth man was convicted of fatally beating his great-aunt, Berthena Bryant, in 1999 with a baseball bat and stealing $30 to buy drugs.

Jones, who was 19 at the time, did not deny committing the murder and wasn't asking to be released, but said he has turned his life around in prison and shouldn't be executed. In a video published by The New York Times last week, Jones asked Abbott to "find it in your heart to grant me clemency."

In Jones' last statement before his execution, he thanked "all of the supporting people who helped me over the years," according to the department of criminal justice.

"I was so glad to leave this world a better, more positive place," he said. "It’s not an easy life with all the negativities."

"Love all my friends and all the friendship’s that I have made. They are like the sky," Jones said. "It is all part of life, like a big full plate of food for the soul. I hope I left everyone a plate of food full of happy memories, happiness and no sadness."

On Tuesday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended against clemency. Abbott, a Republican, could have granted a 30-day reprieve, but the board's opposition to clemency all but assured the execution would go on.

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Meanwhile, Jones' attorney unsuccessfully petitioned the Supreme Court to stop the execution after lower appeals courts denied doing so.

Jones' attorney, Michael Mowla, did not immediately return an emailed request for comment Wednesday night.

Abbott has only once commuted a death sentence since assuming office in 2015. In the past six years, Texas has put more than 50 people to death, most recently in July, the last time any state held an execution. (The federal government under the Trump administration resumed executions during the pandemic.)

Abbott's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

Jones' case had gained renewed attention for other reasons: Some of his family members publicly supported his clemency petition, writing that he "is remorseful and has changed for the better" and that killing him "can't bring her [Bryant] back."

In addition, the case required that the jury, in applying the death penalty, determine that Jones posed a "future dangerousness" — a concept that critics say is based on disputed science and inaccurate data, and could be clouded by racial bias. Jones' clemency application said he had a "nonviolent history during his two decades of incarceration."

Texas is the only state that requires juries to weigh "future dangerousness" in capital punishment cases after Oregon did away with the practice in 2019.

David Dow, a law professor at the University of Houston who has represented death row inmates, said the idea of "future dangerousness" can be subjective and vague, with jurors needing to predict whether a defendant could pose a threat again and where they might lash out, such as in prison or out in society if they were released.

The American Psychiatric Association, the nation's largest psychiatric organization, has filed briefs to the Supreme Court arguing that the "unreliability of psychiatric predictions of long-term future dangerousness is by now an established fact within the profession."

A 2004 study by the Texas Defender Service, a group that represents defendants in capital cases, found that of the more than 150 cases it reviewed, only 5 percent of inmates later engaged in serious assaults, while 75 percent had infractions that did not involve serious assaults or were for minor incidents like having food in their cells, and the remaining 20 percent of inmates had no disciplinary violations. In addition, only two inmates were later prosecuted for crimes while behind bars.

Dow said Jones was "sentenced to death, not for what he did, but because of what a jury predicted he would do, and that prediction has proven false — that is, Jones has been a nonviolent and model prisoner, demonstrating he could in fact be kept in prison with no risk to the outside population, or to the inmate or guard population either."


Jones was implicated in two other murders in Fort Worth in 1999, with prosecutors saying he and another man, Ricky Roosa, sought to rob people for money to buy drugs. But a capital murder charge in that case against Jones, who is Black, was later dismissed because he was already sentenced in his great-aunt's death. Roosa, who is white, was sentenced to life in prison for the two murders.

Jones' twin brother, Benjamin, wrote in March in his support for clemency that his brother's drug and alcohol addiction and suicidal feelings at a young age dramatically changed him, and that Roosa, who was about 20 years older, was a bad influence.

"I was angry at him for years for what he did to Aunt Bert, who I know he loved just like I loved her," Benjamin Jones wrote, adding that he and his great-aunt's sister have "long forgiven Quin" and he is "deeply remorseful."

"Please don't cause us to be victimized again through Quin's execution," he concluded.

Texas has at least four more executions planned in the coming months, according to the Death Penalty Information Center.

Meanwhile, prosecutors in Las Vegas plan to put a convicted killer to death by lethal injection this summer in what would be Nevada's first execution since 2006.

And last week, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed legislation that adds death by firing squad to the state's execution methods because of a lack of lethal injection drugs. It's unclear when executions will begin.

Erik Ortiz is a staff writer for NBC News focusing on racial injustice and social inequality.


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