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Only in moments of closeness while drunk does he give it out. At first I thought it was just a fantasy. But not fantasy, no, he really wants to. Love is always about two people, and a relationship is always the will, desires and decisions of two people as well. The further, the more revelation our discussions became.

And went to wash, at the same time straightening her dress on herself and painting her lips again. After that we returned to our table and finished our drink. Returning at six in the morning, we saw grandmother in the kitchen and with the words "drunk returned" she looked us up to the second floorand we went on.

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Or fuck the wives of public important men. Everything is individual. And the main thing is that everyone is not bored. I listened, listened, listened to my GUIDE of the restaurant chef. And while he listened, he looked around.

Function Transformations: Horizontal and Vertical Translations

Down on the sofa and closed her eyes. For some reason, sadness seized me. I felt very sorry for myself. Tears flowed down my cheeks.

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The Master groaned as he watched as I threw back my hips and thrust the toy into Tracy's depths. I fucked a girl frozen in time. It was my turn to use the body of the frozen whore. Delight the girl in a wild delight of pleasure. She will enjoy a burst of bliss when time moves on again.

Function Transformations: Horizontal and Vertical Translations

The whole next day I mentally repeated her story, imagining how it all was, what she felt, whether she submissively obeyed him, or tried to. Control the process. Hardly. What is there to manage. She, with her head down, awkwardly fulfilled his demands - that's what it was.

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I'll be on the edge here. I would like to plant it already. Take the rubber band. And then it's already overclocked. I tried to stop him in a low voice.

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