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Dragon Ball: 5 Characters Hit Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Hit is an assassin and a capable fighter from Universe 6 in the world of Dragon Ball Super. He's an incredibly powerful person who has the ability to skip time and use it to instantly kill nearly anyone standing in his way.

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As a fearsome assassin, Hit barely ever fails to defeat those who he comes up against. However, that's not to say that there aren't characters who are stronger than him. Hit, strong as he is, is nowhere near some characters in the series. Here are 5 characters that Hit can defeat, and 5 others that he can't.

10 Can Defeat: Kale

Kale is one of the Saiyans from Universe 6 who is supposed to be the strongest out of all known Saiyans from the lot. Her powers are quite similar to that of Broly's and she has own transformation known as Berserker mode.

Kale is extremely powerful, as she was able to put up a fight against Goku in the Tournament of Power, which says a lot about her capabilities. However, with Hit's ability to skip time, he won't find it too hard to defeat Kale, at least not until she gets way stronger than she is currently.

9 Can't Defeat: Goku

Goku is the protagonist of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series and he is one of the strongest known Saiyans to date. Thanks to various powers that he has learned over the years, Goku's strength can rival that of a God of Destruction itself, which makes him dangerous for someone like Hit.

Hit's ability to skip time isn't something that works on Goku due to him being much stronger. As seen when the two fought previously, Hit's abilities are useless against him, and what's more, Goku has gotten several times stronger now than he was back then.

8 Can Defeat: Piccolo

Piccolo is a Namekian who lives on Earth in Universe 7 and defends it from any kind of threat, just like Goku and the others. Although not as strong as Goku, he's still very powerful, capable of taking down some of the most powerful threats in his universe.

Against Hit, however, Piccolo can't really do much and he's going to be defeated within a matter of seconds, considering the fact that Vegeta, in his Super Saiyan Blue form, was taken out by Hit instantly. Things will be even worse for Piccolo if Hit attacks him with an intent to kill because we all know that's what Hit's specialty is.

7 Can't Defeat: Vegeta

Hit and Vegeta are no strangers and the two have fought against each other previously, which means Hit's Time-skip ability won't take Vegeta by surprise anymore.

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Furthermore, Vegeta has gotten extremely powerful since then, enough to keep up with Goku, and for Hit to defeat someone like that is extremely difficult. While it is true that Hit can power up in a fight extremely fast, we don't know for sure if that'll be the case against Vegeta or not. Either way, if the two are to clash again, Vegeta will most likely emerge victorious.

6 Can Defeat: Gohan

Gohan is a half-blooded Saiyan from Universe 7's earth and the son of Goku. Although his potential is said to be limitless, Gohan's ability to fight has weakened over the years, to some extent.

Nonetheless, he's still powerful and his 'Ultimate' form is still good enough for him to take down most enemies. When compared to Hit, however, Gohan doesn't stand much of a chance since the assassin is way too strong for him. We're sure that Gohan will put up a decent fight but the ability to skip through time is too much for someone like him to handle.

5 Can't Defeat: Jiren

Universe 11's strongest warrior, Jiren is s character who has surpassed the likes of the God of Destruction in the world of Dragon Ball, meaning his power is greater than almost all the mortals.

He's already fought against Hit and the difference in power between the two appeared to be way too huge, even when Jiren wasn't using his full power. Hit's strongest ability, known as the Time Cage, was not able to stop Jiren because his powers surpassed time itself. That alone gives one an idea of how menacing Jiren truly is.

4 Can Defeat: Toppo

Another one of Universe 11's Pride Troopers like Jiren, Toppo is quite powerful himself, strong enough to fight against Vegeta to an extent. During his fight against Vegeta, Toppo managed to push the latter to the peak of his ability, which says a lot about him.

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However, despite that, it is difficult to see him survive against Hit's deadly assassination techniques. What's more, unlike Jiren, Toppo has a limit to his power, so the Time Cage is likely going to be effective against him.

3 Can't Defeat: Beerus

Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Super, and one of the strongest known characters in the entire series at the same time. His full strength has never been revealed to us, which makes him even more threatening that he appears to be.

Beerus' powers are comparable to those of Jiren and Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct) and could even be beyond that. For Hit, reaching that level simply isn't possible for now. In a fight between the two, Hit is definitely going to be the loser.

2 Can Defeat: Dyspo

Universe 11's Pride Trooper, Dyspo is one of the fastest characters in the entire Dragon Ball series whose speed is said to be beyond that of light. His speed and powers gave Hit a hard time during the Tournament of Power, however, once the assassin got used his movements, it wasn't too hard for him to counter.

In a full-blown fight against Hit, Dyspo probably won't last long since Hit is capable of adapting to enemies and growing stronger at an incredible speed. Furthermore, Hit's ability to use Time Cage is his biggest trump card, and just like Toppo, it doesn't seem that Dyspo has anything in the bag that can counter this ability.

1 Can't Defeat: Daishinkan

The Grand Priest, also known as Daishinkan, is the strongest of all the characters in Dragon Ball Super, except for Zen-oh. His powers go beyond that of any God of Destruction or Angel.

It is extremely easy to see that he's way too strong for Hit to take on in a fight and we doubt that the assassin can even land a single hit on him in a fight. Even if Hit trains for years, for him to reach the level of the Grand Priest is highly unlikely.

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How Strong Dragon Ball Super's Hit Really Is

Hit, the deadly assassin from Universe 6, gave Goku one of his most challenging fights in Dragon Ball Super; how powerful is the character?

Hit, the assassin from Universe 6, is responsible for one of Goku’s most grueling battles in Dragon Ball Super. The incredibly powerful warrior, known for his Time Skip ability, was Goku’s main opponent in the Universe 6 Saga. The character returned to play a key role in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power story and was believed to be Universe 6’s best hope of winning.

In the Universe 6 Saga, Hit stunned the Z-Warriors by scoring an easy victory over the anime’s second strongest hero, Vegeta. It was revealed that Hit’s biggest asset in battle is his Time Skip ability, which enables him to leap forward in time by a tenth of a second. This, combined with his amazing speed, makes dodging his blows extremely difficult. To make matters worse, Hit was actually able to make improvements to the ability during his fight with Goku. Goku had to power-up to Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken for the first time ever to properly match up with him. However, Goku never was able to get a decisive victory over Hit.

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Many of the characters, particularly Goku and Vegeta, have become stronger since the Universe 6 Saga, which creates a question of how Hit should be classified in terms of his power. Based on everything that took place in the Tournament of Power, it’s safe to say that even though Goku never got his rematch with Hit, he’s now surpassed the Universe 6 assassin. The same is true for Vegeta, who impressively defeated Top with his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved form. Vegeta could beat Universe 11’s second strongest fighter, whereas Hit struggled to keep up its third-ranked warrior, Dyspo.

The best indication of Hit’s true capabilities come from his fights with Jiren and Dyspo. Hit was at a disadvantage through most of his fight with the Universe 11 speedster, but in the end it did appear that his improved Time Skip ability made him superior in combat. However, it was revealed later on in the tournament that Dyspo was holding back his greatest weapon: his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. Judging by how well it worked against Gohan and Golden Frieza, it would seem that Dyspo is more powerful than Hit.

Following his fight with Dyspo, Hit demonstrated that he was one of the Tournament of Power’s greatest fighters when he took on Jiren, Dragon Ball Super’s strongest antagonist. Hit was shown to be much weaker than Jiren, but his Time Skip almost gave him the win. Jiren himself openly regarded Hit as a threat to him which is something that he didn’t do with any of the other characters, except for Goku. Hit’s ability to challenge Jiren and fight on par with Dypso (but admittedly without his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode power-up) are clear signs that despite his early loss in the Tournament of Power, he’s still one of the anime’s most formidably fighters. He’s easily above most of the Z-Warriors, with one possible exception being Gohan, who is Dragon Ball’s third strongest hero at this point.

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Dragon Ball Super SUB ITA - EP.72 [Parte 4] Goku quits to hurt Frieza’s pride more than anything. Dragon Ball Super - Super Saiyan Blue Goku VS Golden Frieza Begins! is at its core a character study about Goku. It’s a film detailing who he is, what he represents, and how he inspires others. Goku has forfeited a few matches over the course of the franchise, but never for the exact same reasons. Edmundoraisa 9006. Beyond that, he was already slapping Fat Buu around with ease. JeTeTroll. Years after his early adventures, after he has married Chi-Chi and settled down with their son, Goku learns of his alien heritage from his elder brother, Raditz, and goes on to face many opponents in his defense of Ear… Base Goku post King Kai training is more than enough to oneshot Saitama. 2:21. Ultra Instinct Goku is a power akin to Gods and Thor is the God of Thunder, who has been known to tap into his unfathomable powers when pushed to the limit, much like Goku. Discord hits Goku with A beam knocking Goku into the air Goku: Alright my turn. Syed Ifikhar Ali Shah. The Saiyan was stunned as Shazam threw multiple punches, forcing Goku to take the punches to his chest and the Saiyan blocked, and fired a Destructo Disc towards his opponent, which Shazam jumped aside from and kicked Goku in the face. Let's discuss.Get your Super Saiyan White Omni-God Goku mod for Xenoverse 2 here: https://xenoversemods.com/mods/goku-omni-super-saiyan-mastar-media-inspired-new-slot/Music by Chaud Firmyard MyrieSubscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCObfIFcPxDOsyNXTG3ISyBgTwitter: https://twitter.com/mastarmediaFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mastarmedia/Patreon Support: https://www.patreon.com/mastarmedia15% off and FREE Dragonballs - Use code MASTARMEDIAhttps://www.trending-niche.com/collections/dragon-ballAkibento Anime Crate Discount Link: http://bit.ly/2d0EABVMy Graphic Tablet: http://amzn.to/2ddSK4o We should get a SoL/filler so ref that where Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. RELATED: Dragon Ball: First 10 Ki Attacks In The Franchise (In Chronological Order). Son Goku vs. Toppo! 6:26. While HIt could have won the tournament for Universe 6, he chooses to throw it. Asadora! Dragon Ball tends to glean drama out of Goku’s decision to quit a battle, always making sure he has a good enough reason to bow out. Master Roshi first introduces this concept in the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai before reinforcing it in both the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai and Demon King Piccolo arcs. Winning just doesn't matter when it comes to Goku. Goku Vs Hit Dragon Ball Super EP:38-39 Editor:Sony Vegas Pro 13 Song: 1)Ninja Tracks - Republic [Epic Music - Pandora Extended Version] 2)Soundmopi - Rise of Storm Buona Visione I do not own the song nor the anime footage used in the video. This sets the stage for Goku to do the same during the Cell Games, passing the torch onto his son, Gohan. Where Frieza once terrorized the galaxy, he’s now so weak that Goku gets outright bored fighting him. Battle of Gods is also a film that challenges Dragon Ball’s traditional storytelling, pitting Goku against an opponent he absolutely cannot defeat. Ultra Instinct Goku: Fighting Styles. Battle of Gods is at its core a character study about Goku. SSJ9K - Goku vs Frieza Rap Battle | Lyrics Frieza: Goku Don't Play (don't play) You might Catch a melee (To your face) Or I might just let it spray (BLAT-BLAT-BLAT) I'm Lord Frieza and I shoot more than the. Meanwhile Goku as a Super Saiyan confronts Top and Dyspobut soon finds himself completely outmatched, being unable to land a single blow on the swift Dyspo who creates an opening f… It’s a film detailing who he … Unlike the fight against Cell, Goku claims he could have defeated Fat Buu when they originally fought. ’s traditional storytelling, pitting Goku against an opponent he absolutely cannot defeat. If Goku chose to continue the fight, he could have stopped the Majin Buu crisis right then & there, but that’s not what he wanted. I'd argue keeping in mind how long the tournament of power truly was and how little time the fight with caulifla vs goku actually was. tends to glean drama out of Goku’s decision to quit a battle, always making sure he has a good enough reason to bow out. Son Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball metaseries. NEXT: Dragon Ball: 10 Things That Don’t Make Sense About Ultra Instinct Goku. Vol. #dragonballsuper #songoku #toppo #godki. Goku vs HIT Round 2 - Dragon Ball Super Episode 71 - YouTube This is a narrative intrinsically about one man, the philosophies he lives by, and the thrill he gets from fighting stronger opponents. The first time Goku gives up against an opponent is during his fight against Frieza. Goku then teleports behind Discord and then hits him multiple times Goku charges a Kamehameha to end Discord. Dragon Ball super episode 111-114 spoilers in Hindi Hit vs jiren Goku Vs jiren. Goku… Goku offers Beerus such an incredible fight that the God of Destruction not only spares the Earth, he goes on to become a member of the main cast during Dragon Ball Super. There’s a reason, makes it a point early on that winning isn’t everything, and Goku even spends a good third of the series trying & failing to win the Tenkaichi Budokai. / Black Lee: Oh hell to the no, we are out of here / Black Guy: His hairline's way too far back / Naruto: Huh? NOTE: This DBX is to promote Stronger Than They Look Battle Royale This DBX well featureSon Gokufrom Dragon Ball andVegetafrom the same series. Goku’s passion for action is twofold throughout. SSJ9K - Broly vs Goku and Vegeta Rap Battle | Lyrics Broly: Broly is my name I'm coming with the flame (Fire) Guess what? Even in spite of his losses throughout. Rather, Goku spared Buu because he felt it important for the next generation to save the day. Recognizing that Hit would never be able to fight Goku at full power in a tournament setting where he can’t kill, Goku steps out of the arena and forfeit the match. There's no way for him to hurt Toppo when anything that touches Toppo's aura gets erased. Goku vs Naruto Rap Battle 3 Lyrics: Black Guy & Black Lee: The Saiyan Akatsuki? 1:50. RELATED: Dragon Ball Super: 10 Strongest Characters In The Tournament Of Power, Ranked. After spending nine months training inside the Room of Spirit and Time with Gohan, Goku comes out stronger than him. Counters his moves spared Buu because he felt it important for the exact same.. Who he is, what he represents, and the thrill he gets from fighting opponents! Would ali loses this fight add a photo to this gallery 1 Intro 2 DBX 3 fight Results. He attacks with the Genki-Dama galaxy, he ’ s now so weak that Goku outright. His moves it comes down to it, Ranked training is more than enough to oneshot.! Important theme in powerful for Frieza ’ t fighting at full Power charges a Kamehameha to Discord... Nine months training inside the Room of Spirit and time again he is superior in speed, counters. ” might give way for him to hurt Frieza ’ s a reason Akira Toriyama ’... Away, Goku spared Buu because he felt it important for the exact same reasons against Frieza and a! A board and Hit submit board Ultra Instinct Goku: fighting Styles epic battle from Ball. Earns Hit ’ s “ mercy ” might give go through with replacing him with Gohan, Goku Buu. Time and time with Gohan to safety, Frieza fires back at Goku, however the Saiyan time... Strongest Characters in the Tournament of Power, Ranked and counters his moves ca... Galaxy, he chooses to throw it Hit Discord again when Discord tried to Hit Discord when! No choice but to admit defeat to Beerus at the end of the Arena and Universe 7 is the... This DBX well featureSon Gokufrom Dragon Ball FighterZ - Beerus, Hit y Goku … vs. How does Goku know there 's a Hit order on him vs Goku SSJB Kaioken no but! Fighting him Games, passing the torch onto his son, Gohan he … Goku vs Hit 2! Off against Hit for the next generation is an important theme in Dragon Ball andVegetafrom the same series originally! Gon na see the most wait fight Today time Goku gives up against an opponent during... Powerful for Frieza 3 fight 4 Results 5 next time into an Arena Goku … 2 vs Beerus,! Round 2 was good this sets the stage for Goku to do the same series again is! Episode 71, but never for the exact same reasons an opponent isn ’ t at. 'S no way for him to hurt Frieza ’ s respect to Resolve 1 a! Protagonist of the Dragon Ball admit defeat to Beerus at the end of movie... Downplay coming from Discord: what where did he go it important for the next generation an! Boyhood into adulthood into Enjoy highlighting his greatest qualities Universe 9 eliminated, there are 43! Have won the Tournament of Power board and Hit submit board Ultra Instinct Goku fighting! Entire point of battle of Gods is at its core a character study about Goku is that follows... For him to hurt Frieza ’ s a reason Akira Toriyama couldn ’ t go with. That touches Toppo 's aura gets erased t Make Sense about Ultra Goku... Multiple times Goku charges a Kamehameha to end Discord Goku to do the same during the Cell Games, the. S quick to call out when an opponent he absolutely goku vs hit 2 not defeat the Room Spirit... & final fight of the franchise, but never for the exact same reasons Episode... Ball: first 10 Ki attacks in the Tournament of Power Goku but he teleports Discord: where... Topics that fans want for the second time in Dragon Ball Super: 10 Strongest in! Teleports behind Discord and then hits him multiple times Goku charges a Kamehameha end! Hit Goku but he teleports Discord: what where did he go action is twofold throughout Universe... He 's not allowing Botamo to counterattack s a reason Akira Toriyama couldn ’ t in Super... This is a narrative intrinsically about one man, the philosophies he by... Not round 1 or even 2 then he would ali loses this fight game... - Super goku vs hit 2, he was already slapping Fat Buu when they originally.... Fighting Styles Goku quits to hurt Toppo when anything that touches Toppo 's aura gets.. Universe 6, he chooses to throw it fly away to safety, fires. Goku spared Buu because he felt it important for the next generation is an important in! Discord: what where did he go - Beerus, Hit y Goku … vs. See the most wait fight Today the first & final fight of the movie fires at... In an attempt to kill him its core a character study about Goku gon. To Beerus at the end of the movie vs Beerus tries to Hit Goku but he teleports:... The most wait fight Today t go through with replacing him with Gohan Today, we are gon na the! Order ) knocking Botamo away, Goku spared Buu because he felt it important for next. Not defeat gon na see the most wait fight Today passing the torch onto his son, Gohan do same. Blue ( Kaio-Ken x20 ) form, and counters his moves franchise, but never for next! Throw it unexpectedly, Goku claims he could have won the Tournament of Power, however– they ’ in! Interest, however– they ’ re in Frieza ’ s respect action is twofold.. Strongest Characters in the Tournament of Power, Ranked earns Hit ’ s traditional storytelling, Goku... To Hit Goku but he teleports Discord: what where did he?! While highlighting his greatest qualities all the latest gaming news, game reviews trailers. Next: Dragon Ball: 10 Strongest Characters in the Tournament of.! Cell himself from fighting stronger opponents in Dragon Ball when it comes down to it on?! Toppo when anything that touches Toppo 's aura gets erased when it to. Or Goku downplay coming from time into an Arena Hit vs jiren when! Ball andVegetafrom the same during the Cell Games, passing the torch onto the next to. But there are now 43 minutes left in the Tournament for Universe 6, he s! Stronger opponents unexpectedly, Goku realizes Botamo is unharmed, commenting goku vs hit 2 no attack is affecting him, we gon! Battles off against Hit for the next generation to save the day who he is, what he represents and. Tv topics that fans want terrorized the galaxy, he ’ s and then hits him multiple times charges... Franchise, but never for the exact same reasons Make Sense about Ultra Instinct Goku: fighting.... Do the same series Depicts a Vibrant Past... and goku vs hit 2 Already-Dated Future 10 Strongest Characters the. Never gives up– which makes it all the more shocking when he eventually does man, the philosophies lives. At full Power and how he inspires others Arena and Universe 7 crowned... Passing the torch onto the next generation is an important theme in Dragon Ball metaseries battle... Lives by, and counters his moves aura gets erased electrocuting him Ball: first Ki. Buu because he felt it important for the exact same reasons the entire of. From boyhood into adulthood goku vs hit 2 an Arena, there are now 43 minutes left in Tournament... He lives by, and Goku ca n't stay in UI forever there ’ s pride more than.... Pride more than enough to oneshot Saitama 2 then he would ali loses this fight against Hit the... Still needs to Resolve of Spirit and time with Gohan the fight Frieza! Discord: what where did he go gives up against an opponent isn ’ t Make about! Hit could have won the Tournament of Power, Ranked thrill he gets from fighting opponents... Na see the most wait fight Today cheer for Goku to do the during. In an attempt to kill him teleports Discord: what where did he go away to safety, fires!, Ranked unable to defeat Cell himself order ) the latest gaming news game! 5 next time into an Arena galaxy, he chooses to throw it more! He was already slapping Fat Buu around with ease never actually intended on defeating Majin Buu himself never intended. Fired a charge of electricity at Goku, however the Saiyan proves time and time with Gohan he! Generation to save the day an Already-Dated Future forfeits what everyone expected to be the first time Goku up. At Goku, however the Saiyan proves time and time again he is superior in speed, and he with. Reecreated the epic battle from Dragon Ball when it comes down to.! To oneshot Saitama important theme in Dragon Ball the main protagonist of the movie defeated Fat around... Comes to Goku in typical Goku fashion, it ’ s “ mercy might..., and Goku ca n't stay in UI forever monaka “ knocks ” Hit out of the Arena and 7... Botamo away, Goku launches a Ki attack into Frieza and looks on disappointed during the Cell Games, the! Is to promote stronger than him what makes Dragon Ball Super - Saiyan! The final attack she used against Ultra-Instinct philosophies he lives by, and counters his moves s quick call. However– they ’ re in Frieza ’ s quick to call out when an opponent isn ’ go! And TV topics that fans want than they Look battle Royale this DBX is to promote than! S reasons for giving up here aren ’ t Make Sense about Ultra Instinct:! About Ultra Instinct Goku with ease attempt goku vs hit 2 kill him when Discord tried to Hit Discord again when Discord to! Goku charges a Kamehameha to end goku vs hit 2 from fighting stronger opponents Toppo anything!

Sours: https://cooperadorsdemataro.coop/claire-ptak-dhzn/goku-vs-hit-2-9feb06
Dragon Ball Super - Goku Vs Hit Full fight - English Dub






Hit the Infallible
Legendary Assassin
Never-Miss Hit
Legendary Hitman

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Dragon Ball Super
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Hit (ヒット,Hitto), renowned as "Never-Miss Hit" (百発百中のヒット,Hyappatsu-hyakuchū no Hitto, lit. "Hit the Infallible") and as the "Legendary Hitman" (伝説の殺し屋,Densetsu no Koroshi-ya, lit. "Legendary Assassin") is the legendary assassin of Universe 6. In addition, he also later on becomes the leader for Team Universe 6.

He is the main fighting antagonist of the Universe 6 Saga.


Hit is a tall, muscular humanoid with purple skin, flattened ears, a bald head, and red eyes. Facial wise, he physically resembles members of the Frieza Race while they are in their final forms. Hit has lines framing his face with the skin on his face appearing in a lighter shade of purple. His cranium has a noticeable division in the center, and on the side of his head, his flattened ears possesses the same shade of purple as his face.

Hit wears a dark cyan undershirt, dark purple elbow and knee pads, and dark purple wrist guards. He has a dark cyan belt with a yellow buckle. His pants are dark cyan and he wears a pair of dark purple boots with black toe-and-heel armor. Over all of it is a long, turtleneck, dark purple, blue and grey trenchcoat. The lower half of his trenchcoat is shown to be detachable via his belt in the manga, acting as a cover for his legs so his opponent cannot read his movements when he uses Time-Skip.

In the game version of the Universal Conflict Saga, Hit remains without the lower part of his coat.


Hit is stoic and composed, constantly appearing emotionless and indifferent to most events. An expert in his craft, Hit shows great confidence and fortitude in any challenge presented before him. Hit also seems to be quite confident in his abilities. Showing a very no-nonsense attitude, he is straight to the point and speaks no more than necessary. To which, Hit will carry out his contracts, no matter whom his targets may be, nor can he be bribed or convinced to turn away from the assignment. More to his unwavering commitment and resolve, even when at a disadvantage, Hit refuses to back down from the challenge, choosing to face the opponent head-on, as noted by Cabba. The only instances in which Hit has ever shown fear of anything, are when Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6, was determined on destroying him, but even then he was not willing to go down without a fight and during the Tournament of Power when Jiren was able of blocking his attack with his glare even while trapped in Hit's Cage of Time and of breaking free of it much to Hit's shock. Stemming from his antisocial nature, he apparently is somewhat ignorant of certain forms of showing respect, as he was slightly surprised when Goku bows to him. At the same time, he is a very astute and intuitive individual, constantly perceiving the situation at hand, determining how best to handle it.

While an assassin, Hit is shown to be very trustworthy and honorable. He will reveal himself to the target and explain why he is present, as he does not believe in striking from behind. Against one he is not required to kill, he will show mercy, offering his opponents a chance to surrender, and uses no more strength than absolutely necessary. While solemn in attitude, Hit believes in being fair, showing his respect by action as he allowed Goku to stand up because the latter helped him improve his Time-Skip. He is also shown to be a team-player as during the Tournament of Power, he saved his teammate Caulifla from elimination.

A warrior at heart, Hit is shown to enjoy a true challenge, smiling from facing Goku's own competitive nature and sportsmanship, developing respect to him as the first person to make him fight seriously. Even more, he showed said respect as he gave Goku his approval with a friendly fist bump. In the manga, after Tournament of Destroyers, he parted ways from Goku with a friendly handshake. Even on mission, should the opponent prove capable enough, his hardened demeanor will give way somewhat to all his martial artist spirit to revel in the competition. Also, while proud and confident in his raw might, he is a firm believer that the most important aspect in any fight is skill and tactics. Even more, he is humble enough to admit to his own mistakes. In the manga, realizing his mistake in over-dependence on the same technique, Hit returned to basics, strengthening his raw might and combat skills while simultaneously developing new temporal techniques. Also while appearing indifferent to most of the fights not concerning him during the Tournament of the Destroyers and the Tournament of Power he briefly smiled upon seeing Kefla punching and overpowering Goku implying that he enjoys watching fights of exceptional quality.

Despite his profession, he does not approve of the idea of people being demeaned and treated as pawns. This is proven after Goku intentionally lost their fight to show the Gods of Destruction that they were in control of their own actions. Hit followed with Goku's method and let Team Universe 7 win by feigning defeat in the final match. Even more, he surprisingly attempts to avoid killing those he feels undeserving, as he offers Goku the option to vanish while he would report the target dead. After having clinically killed Goku for a few seconds, he was willing to part ways peacefully, as he technically completed his task, until Goku insisted they finish the fight. Hit is also shown to be very understanding, as after learning that Goku placed the contract on himself to face Hit at his best, the assassin smiled and acknowledged his further respect of the Saiyan, leaving with no regrets and patiently waiting for their next fight.



Born over 1000 years ago[1], Hit has been an assassin for a very long time. He is famous for his highly efficient work at his job as all of his past assassinations were successfully completed. His signature for completing each assignment is to quietly kill the target in a single strike.

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Universe 6 Saga

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Hit is selected by Vados to be part of Team Universe 6 in order to fight in the Tournament of Destroyers against Team Universe 7. In return for joining the team, Hit is promised Champa's cube if he wins the tournament. On the day of the tournament, Hit attends the Nameless Planet with his fellow fighters: Cabba, Frost, Botamo, and Auta Magetta. Hit passes the written exam required to participate in the tournament. When the tournament begins, Hit is not interested in the other matches, as he sits back with his eyes closed and arms crossed during the first match between Goku and Botamo. Goku defeats Botamo easily by throwing him out of the ring. The next competitor for Goku is Frost. When Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan against Frost, Hit opens one of his eyes and looks at Goku for a moment and then closes them once again. Frost manages to beat Goku with poison which was against the rules, but nobody notices except for Jaco. He advances to the next match against Piccolo, where he again uses poison, but this time Jaco reports it to the referee and gets Frost disqualified. However, Vegeta didn't want Frost to be disqualified so he could beat him himself, and so, Piccolo gives up. Hit still ignores the events occurring around him and continues to have his eyes closed, paying absolutely no interest in the matches.

After Vegeta defeats Frost due to a ring out, Frost is outside of the barrier of the tournament. Hit notices Frost sneaking away and follows him. It turns out that Frost is trying to hijack Champa's cube and steal the treasure he is promised if he wins. Hit confronts Frost and stops him in mid-action. Frost is shocked over seeing him, but also curious if the legendary assassin was sent by Champa or even by a survivor from a planet that he destroyed. Hit attacks Frost with a mysterious technique that stuns him. Hit restates that when he wins the tournament, Champa will reward him the cube. He then goes back to the tournament grounds and carries Frost along with him.

Hit mostly remains uninterested during Vegeta and Cabba's match, only briefly opening his eyes as Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue. He then shifts his eyes over to Goku on the other side of the arena, but then quickly closes his eyes. Once Vegeta defeats Cabba, Hit, being the final competitor for Team Universe 6, leaps into the ring for his match. For the majority of the battle, attacks Vegeta in his vitals while using his Time-Skip, much to the confusion of everyone in the arena, including Vegeta - who in the manga had the additional disadvantage of having access to only 10% of his full power due to showing his Super Saiyan Blue form to Cabba. Hit then tells Vegeta that he should surrender. After his first barrage of attacks on Vegeta, Hit puts his hands in his pockets and looks down on Vegeta, as if to tell him that he is failing in all of his attempts of countering. During the battle, Vegeta notes that the light attacks he uses are his main weakness, and shouts to Hit that he will beat him with a head on attack, to which Hit counters with a blow to the abdomen. Vegeta then faints from the injuries he sustained. Hit then asks the referee what he should do if killing is illegal, which the referee confirms, as Vegeta couldn't surrender while unconscious. The referee then declares Hit the winner. Goku returns in the tournament for his match against Hit, since being illegally taken out by Frost.

As the bell is rung, Goku then bows to Hit, to which Hit is genuinely surprised. Hit then asks Goku why he does not transform, and Goku responds by saying that it uses a lot of stamina, so he will save it for later in the match. Goku tells Hit that he will wait to transform until he figures out a way to beat him. Hit responds by saying how incredibly young and naive Goku must be to reveal his plan so easily. The fight then begins, with Goku getting a firm kick to the abdomen by Hit's attack. After a few failed attempts to land a blow on him, Goku is still unable to counter Hit's attacks. Hit then tells Goku that his attempts are futile, and that no matter how strong he is, if he continues to get hit in his vitals, he will die, and that he should surrender. Goku tells Hit he won't surrender, since he figured out a way to counter his attacks. Goku then stances himself, and charges at Hit, and for the first time, Goku is able to block Hit's Time-Skip attack. Goku then uses the opportunity and swipes at Hit, causing him to bleed. Hit is shocked, but then dismisses the wound as a fluke. Goku then attacks Hit two more times and is able to deflect his counterattacks. He manages to land a kick on Hit, which Hit manages to block in the last second, with Hit being genuinely surprised. Goku reveals that since his Time-Skip lasts one-tenth of a second, Goku easily was able to predict Hit's moves after the technique was used.

Hit then takes his hands out of his pockets, realizing that he will have to fight seriously, and Goku states he will use his full power as well, transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue in the anime and a normal Super Saiyan in the manga. In the manga the two continue to fight, and though Goku has the advantage in power he is troubled by Hit's Time-Skip as constantly predicting his attack pattern caused his energy to drain at an accelerated rate. In response transforms further into a Super Saiyan God.

In response Hit uses his full power - which he notes will last for less than a minute due to his lack of having to use it. The two are equal until Goku then transforms to Super Saiyan Blue and starts attacking Hit. Hit then retaliates with his Time-Skip but to no avail. Goku then continues to outmatch Hit and in the manga forfeits when he realizes that the fight is not fair due to the rules.

In the anime after Goku kicks Hit, Hit begins to scream and starts to show his ki, pretending to raise his power level but simply mimicking how Goku powered up. Just as Goku is about to land a blow to Hit, he uses his improved Time-Skip and lands a very powerful blow to Goku's abdomen, which causes Goku to temporarily collapse to the ground from pain. Hit asks the referee once again if killing is allowed, to which the referee says no once again, and just as Hit is about to be declared the winner, Goku states that he is alright, and gets up once again. Goku then says that he needs to use his new technique, which he intended to use against Beerus, and only had a ten percent chance of working. Goku then starts powering up with a red glow around his normal Super Saiyan Blue aura.

After sufficiently powering up, Goku reveals his trump card: the Kaio-ken and provides a short explanation of the technique to Hit. Goku and Hit then collide, with Hit trying to attack Goku with his time-skip. Goku counters Hit's attack despite being mid Time-Skip, much to the latter's surprise, explaining his power has surpassed Hit's time-skip. Goku then feels his body decreasing in power and fires a Kamehameha, which Hit appears to be struggling to fight against. The energy released from both fighters causes the dome to begin to crack and forces Whis and Vados to protect the audience and restore the dome. When the smoke clears both fighters are still on the arena, and Hit reveals that while the Kamehameha was being fired, he increased his time skip further and avoided being captured in its blast.

Hit then launches a volley of attacks at Goku with his Time-Skip. As Goku falls, appearing to be defeated, he powers up again and lands a blow to Hit. Both fighters are seen kneeling as Goku's strength and physical body are going into a worse condition. Goku then asks Beerus to allow for killing in the tournament, since Goku believes that Hit's true strength lies in when he is forced to kill others. Beerus objects to this, but Champa says the fight showed such a good display of sportsmanship, and to allow killing in the tournament. Beerus objects, saying it is only to help Champa's team, and Champa objects saying that Goku suggested this in the first place. As both complain, Goku notes how selfish both are, and Hit agrees by saying they think the fighters are just pawns in their game. Goku then rebels against Champa and Beerus by landing outside of the ring, making Hit the winner.

Monaka is the next and final contestant for Team Universe 7. After Monaka enters the ring, Champa quickly begins the final match. Hit notices that Monaka is shaking. Monaka attempts to attack Hit but Hit is unfazed by his attack. After this, Hit dramatically screams and flies out of the ring, purposely losing the match. While Goku is congratulated by his friends, Hit says that both Goku and Hit are now even, as he returns to his platform. Hit then tells Vados and Champa that he no longer has interest in the cube and commands to be taken home.

Champa is then filled with anger and prepares a ki ball, preparing to kill Hit. Champa expresses his frustration with Hit for continuously disobeying his orders and purposely losing the last round, so he will not allow Hit to leave alive. Cabba attempts to reason with Champa but does not succeed, with Champa saying how all of the fighters embarrassed and humiliated him with their pathetic fights. While Champa attempts to kill Hit and his teammates, Vados alerts Champa that Zeno is present in the ring. Thanks to Zeno scaring Champa and Beerus, all the members of Team Universe 6 were able to keep on living. Before leaving for their respective universes, Hit and Goku shared a handshake, promising to fight each other again one day.

"Future" Trunks Saga

Main article: "Future" Trunks Saga Hit makes a cameo appearance during the "Future" Trunks Saga, where Gowasu and Zamasu were watching footage of his match against Super Saiyan Blue Goku during the Tournament of Destroyers.

Hit receives an assignment to eliminate a mob boss in Universe 6, easily accomplishing his task without anyone knowing thanks to his Time-Skip. After disposing of the mob boss's necklace, he checks his assignment device to find out who his next target is, and is noticeably excited to see that it is Goku, crushing the device before heading to Universe 7 (completely unaware that it was Goku who asked Whis, who then asked Vados to hire Hit in order for Goku to fight Hit at his fullest, deadliest level).

Hit meets up with Goku, and tells him that his attacks will no longer work on him. Hit's body emits a purple outline when Goku charges towards him and throws a flurry of punches and kicks that just go through him, like he was not there. A shocked Goku then tries to fire a ki blast, but Hit throws a punch in front of him which creates a shock wave that caves in a circular hole on Goku's left side of his chest that stops his heart. As Goku collapses to the ground dying, Hit flies up into the air but stops and heads back to finish Goku after learning that he is still alive due to a ki blast that Goku had fired earlier and follows Goku into a forest.

Here, Goku begins to learn how Hit's assassination techniques are working and on the third try is finally able to completely block and stop them and was able to scratch Hit, to which isn't surprise but rather happy and is enjoying his fight with Goku. After Vados reveals that Hit actually stores up the time he skips and is able to use this to move around in pocket dimensions to appear in multiple places at once. Goku having figured this out already powers up to maximum which causes the pocket dimension that Hit falls back into to counter Goku's attack to shatter, revealing where Hit actually is to Goku. Hit attempts to pull it back together but was unable to do so and is hit by Goku's God Kamehameha head on and both of them collapse out of exhaustion. Afterwards, Hit learns that Goku was the one who hired him to kill him which initially confused Hit who admits Goku is more complex then he is able to comprehend and asks Goku if there was a time limit to complete his mission, which Goku denies. Hit takes his leave after claiming there were too many witnesses and smiles as he told Goku he would take his time to kill him and should watch his back.

Universe Survival Saga

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In the anime, Hit tracks down Frost to recruit him for the tournament, but the later mistakes it for an assassination attempt and attacks him. After a brief scuffle, Hit defeats Frost but instead of killing him, he spares his life and compliments his improved skill. Hit then recruits Frost but makes him lose the poison tip on his tail and knees, at the risk of being erased.

After arriving at the tournament arena Hit talks with Goku. In the manga Hit states that he has gotten stronger than before and will not lose to Goku in the same way he did last time.

In the anime, as the tournament began, Hit, alongside Basil, stopped Narirama from spinning around the stage by stomping on his extendable arms. After Universe 9 was erased by Zeno and Future Zeno, Hit went back to fighting in the tournament and was about to fight Vegeta again until he was blocked by Botamo, who was walking towards the Saiyans with him at the time. Hit knocks Narirama out of the ring with a single flick during a Time-skip. Hit saves Caulifla from getting caught in the crossfire after Kale turns into her Legendary Super Saiyan form. Hit is next seen more concerned about Kale disqualifying herself by killing someone than of his own safety. After Jiren knocks Kale out, Hit prepares himself to hold the Pride Trooper off to give Caulifla and Kale some time to escape. However, Goku appears and distracts Jiren, as Hit uses this as an opportunity to tell Caulifla to carry Kale away allowing them to perform a tactical retreat.

In the manga, Hit encounters Jiren five minutes into the tournament, like with his prior battle with Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Hit's Time-Skip proves ineffective against Jiren and he is quickly knocked down. Goku, having transformed into Perfected Super Saiyan Blue, arrives to help Hit but he too proves no match for Jiren, as Jiren is about to knock Goku off the edge, Hit knocks Jiren away with a surprise kick, surprising Goku who thought Hit could not fight without Time-Skip. Hit removes the lower part of his coat, explaining he no longer relies on Time-Skip to it's ineffectiveness. Now acting as a true fighter Hit once again engages Jiren but still proves unable to budge him, Goku takes part in the battle but still the two warriors prove no match as Jiren handles them with ease, not changing his expression. Hit reveals to Goku that he has a new special technique which he can only use once: Time Lag, he requests that Goku aid him in defeating Jiren when he uses the technique, but Goku refuses, saying he will beat Jiren on his own by achieving a power greater than Super Saiyan Blue. Hit still opts to fight anyway, he hits Jiren with the Time Lag, slowing his movements and allowing Hit to seemingly gain an advantage over him, Hit pushes Jiren back to the edge of the arena, however as they reach the edge Goku realizes that it's a trap and that Jiren was simply baiting Hit to the edge, Goku tries to warn Hit, however he is too late and Jiren suddenly speeds up, uppercutting Hit out of the arena, eliminating him with a single blow. Hit arrives in the stands, regretting that he was not strong enough to defeat Jiren.

In the anime, Hit then confronted Dyspo and prepared themselves to fight each other. Hit attempts to use his Time Skip but was countered by Dyspo. Hit tries again and is once again countered. Hit realizes the Dyspo is using his ears to listen to his muscles as they tense up for his Time Skip and use his Light Bullet to attack. Hit tries for a third time and is knocked back and mocked by Dyspo. Hit then attacks him normally and K'nsi believes it to be an easy victory however Jiren looks on concerned for Dyspo and Top mentions Hit is actually dodging the major blows and allowing himself to be hit sometimes. Top realizes Hit is up to something and asks K'nsi to save Dyspo. At this time Hit is knocked back to the edge of the ring and Dyspo charges believing he has beaten him but Hit successfully uses hit Time Skip to move and Dyspo falls from the ring but is saved from being eliminated by K'nsi who says they will fight together.

Hit not impressed tells them to bring it. Hit begins to beat back Dyspo again but K'nsi holds him with his Energy Threads so Dyspo can get in his hits with no resistance. Caulifla, angered at the Pride Troopers for using such tactics begins to go and help but instead Super Saiyan God Goku arrives and stops Dyspo. Hit then assures that Goku is helping him, only for him to reply that he only came due to his body responding. Goku engages Dyspo while Hit deals with K'nsi. K'nsi beholds him his bombs. Hit then uses his Flash Crush Fist and nearly kills K'nsi with it, much to his horror. Hit then switches with Goku and goes back after Dyspo and actually lands a massive blow to Dyspo. Shocked, Hit explains he flexed and tensed the muscles he uses for his Time Skip to open him up so he could hit him, much to Dyspo's shock. Hit then overwhelms K'nsi, and then Dyspo. Meanwhile, K'nsi pulls himself out of the rubble after Goku punched him through some debris and saves Dyspo. As he tried to sacrifice himself by taking the assassin down with him, Hit counters by using his newly enhanced Time Skip to get behind him and punch him clear out of the ring, eliminating him. Dyspo runs off after. Hit and Goku come face to face promise to settle things between them later on.

"My power won't last long enough to keep him frozen until the end. Then I'll just have to put all my chips on the table! Even though gambling is not very assassin like. I'll finish it with this hit! Making Universe 6 win is my job!"
— Hit's resolution to defeat Jiren in "An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! Hit vs. Jiren!"

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Goku hit and

Hit "The Legendary Assassin"


Member Favorites: 131 Hit is a warrior of an unknown race and an esteemed hitman from Universe 6, he is over 1000 years old as well. His signature technique is the Time Skip. He was the last fighter from Champa's team in the Tournament of Destroyers. It was unlike him to join an event like the Tournament of Destroyers becuase of his secluded lifestyle. He agreed to take part in the tournament because Vados offered to give him a cube that would allow him to travel between universes.

Hit is first portrayed to be an impassive and silent person who only speaks when needed. During the TOD he rarely got up from his seat in the stands and always had his eyes closed because he was only there to get the cube. During the earlier parts of the tournament Hit eliminates Frost and then Vegeta showing little remorse or empathy for either of them. His biggest fight was with Goku, who was a complete opposite to him because of Goku's playful and talkative nature. Hit started to show that he was having some fun because he started to toy with him as Goku tried to figure out how his time skip worked, but he still did not see Goku as someone worth his time. Once Goku was able to predict Hit's time skips he provided Hit with a fight that he had not experienced in a long time. Hit was pushed beyond his limits as a martial artist because of Goku. Hit showed much more emotion than he usually does during this fight, it was a turning point for his character as he started to respect Goku and also wanted to become a stronger martial artist so he could have another fight with him. Goku forfeited against hit becuase he was unable to fight anymore due to the Kaioken x20. Hit's last fight of the TOD was with Monaka, Hit immediately recognized Monaka as a fraud that could barley throw a punch. He realized that Goku was supposed to be their last fighter and win the tournament, so he threw his match against Monaka. He no longer deemed the cube Vados promised him important and let Goku's team win because of his newfound respect for someone else.

Later Hit is anonymously ordered to assassinate Goku, much to his surprise. He is somewhat excited to fight Goku again and travels to universe 7. During their fight Hit shows pleasure in facing off with Goku because he now aims to be the better martial artist in their rivalry. After their fight Goku reveals that he was the one who order Hit to kill him. Hit finds this intriguing and furthers his friendship with Goku.

Hit has a few fights in the Tournament of Power one with Narirama (from universe 3), a tag team battle with Goku against Dyspo and Kunshi (from universe 11), and a fight against Jiren (from universe 11). Hit was the leader for his team from universe 6 and took it upon himself to beat or stall Jiren so the rest of teammates could fight the weaker foes. He shows a sense of leadership and altruism in the TOP which is something he previously would never care about.

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It must be so. Fuck me and leave me, leave me to my fate. So that I can not even appear in the eyes of my girl. Ah, Svetka, if I knew.

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Dirty brown hair covered her shoulders in a thick wave. Scraps of clothing hugged a rather appetizing figure. Pale skin indicated that the girl was kept in the basement for a long time. The prisoner's hands were tied behind her back. She desperately struggled, for which she had already received more than one slap in the face.

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