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Yet another Godot package for Firebase. The dumb one that simply works.

This project targets Firebase Realtime Database only.

I have no current plans for Cloud Firestore or Cloud Storage. Firebase Authentication is included with limited functionality (limited in addition to being lite: email/password and anon auths only; no email link, phone, or OAuth yet).

Requires Godot 3.3.0 (rc6+) and later for the listeners to work in HTML5 exports. Otherwise, Godot 3.?.x should suffice.


I built this tool so I could continue the rewrite of Sendit Soccer in Godot.


  1. Clone this repo or download the zip of it.
  2. Copy the  folder into the  folder of your game. This is not an editor plugin so it does not need to be in the  folder if you have one (and shouldn't be there if you want the class icons to display).
  3. Also copy one or more of the following folders into the  folder of your game, depending on the features you need (critical: place at the same level as ):
    • Create a  global namespace (AutoLoad Singleton) by going into Project Settings > AutoLoad tab, and add a new entry with the following settings:
      • Path:  (or wherever you put it)
      • Name:  (note this is all lower case -- if you try proper case it will generate a conflict error with the  class [Godot's style guide is mixed up about class instances])
      • Singleton: [x] Enable


    Read the rest on GitHub.


    Sours: https://juanitogan.itch.io/godot-firebase-lite


    GodotFireBase is a Firebase integration module for Godot Android.


    Godot game engine:




    Authentication [W.I.P] Google, Facebook, Twitter

    Firebase Notification



    Firestore (W.I.P)

    • open and add the following line
    • Copy your file to
    • Edit file modules/FireBase/config.py at line 11
    • Replace with you android application id.

    • To build Admob you need to set your AdMob Application ID in the file. To do this, edit the file . Navigate to the end of the file. Replace the value for APPLICATION_ID with your real application ID.

    For customizing the module go here

    Should I rename the android_src folder after customization?

    No, After customization the folder used by the module will be , And folder will be a backup for future customization.

    Edit engine.cfg and add

    RemoteConfigs default parameters file is at

    On 2.X

    On 3.X (latest from git)

    For Analytics only or to user RemoteConfig or Notifications (subscribing to topic)

    GodotFireBase config file, By default every feature is disabled.

    And initialize firebase with file path, is a string array i.e

    For Facebook edit and replace facebook_app_id with your Facebook App Id

    More for facebook permissions

    Recive message from java

    OR load from json file

    AdMob Recive message from java

    While exporting, don't forget to add under Resources tab, alt text

    Sours: https://github.com/FrogSquare/GodotFireBase
    1. Lion cartoon network
    2. R pod dome
    3. Pikachu tattoo
    4. Name scenario game
    5. 10d eyelash extensions

    Firebase VS Godot Engine


    These are some of the external sources and on-site user reviews we've used to compare Firebase and Godot Engine

    Firebase Reviews

    12 Best Open-source Database Backend Server and Google Firebase Alternatives

    Google Firebase platform helps developers to create mobile and web apps faster, but it comes at cost of privacy and portability. This article covers the open-source alternatives for Google Firebase, with a primary goal to help developers match their requirements with the solution on this list to find the best result.

    Source: medevel.com

    10 Best Open Source Firebase Alternatives

    The platform is open source, unlike Firebase, whose platform doesn’t offer all services for free to start. Plus, you get real-time queries, unlike Firebase, whose queries are slow, and you’re not locked into a particular vendor or Google Cloud framework.

    Source: rigorousthemes.com

    Top 5 Firebase Open Source Alternatives for 2021

    However, Firebase has some disadvantages like not being open-source, working only with NoSQL databases, and may not the ideal solution for applications that require complex queries. So, here we will discuss the best five open-source alternatives to Firebase that you can use in 2021.

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    Firebase Alternatives – Top 10 Competitors

    Firebase continues to innovate and dominate the backend as a service (BaaS) market. It’s grown so much that it has become a key component of Google’s mobile strategy. In the past, I’ve been an enthusiastic Firebase user, but my concerns about its complexity and cost have led me to explore other cloud alternatives. While it offers an increasingly sophisticated array of...

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    Top 5 Alternatives to Heroku

    Automatic Notifications: Firebase Notifications is a free service built on its Cloud Messaging (FCM) and the FCM SDK, enabling targeted user notifications for mobile app developers. Without manual messaging Firebase keeps two systems synchronized through automatic update notifications.

    Source: blog.back4app.com

    Godot Engine Reviews

    Best Game Engines for Linux in 2021

    Godot engine is behind many popular games, and it has excellent compatibility with Linux and supports game export for multiple platforms.

    Source: kerneltips.com

    The Top 10 Video Game Engines

    The Godot engine is great for making both 2D and 3D games. The engine “provides a huge set of common tools, so you can just focus on making your game without reinventing the wheel.”

    Source: www.gamedesigning.org

    11 tools to get you started making video games

    Learning tools: Godot has an extensive step-by-step guide to using their editor, along with a bunch of free text tutorials covering more specific aspects like implementing VR, using skeletons for 2D animation, and generating procedural geometry.

    Source: www.theverge.com

    Social recommendations and mentions

    Based on our record, Godot Engine should be more popular than Firebase. It has been mentiond 135 times since March 2021. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

    Godot Engine mentions (135)

    • Ask HN: Resources to get started in game development?
      If that pick your interest, then Udemy have some more advanced stuff on Godot... [0] https://godotengine.org/ [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbORGmdJCfQ [2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdmu1caEvOE. - Source: Hacker News / 4 days ago
    • What's the best game-engine for making RPG games with Python?
      If you want a "proper engine" where you can use Python, as far as I know, your only option is Godot. You can use actual Python in the Godot Engine through an addon, but from what I can see, this isn't really a good solution because it breaks a lot. Your other option is to use the native GDScript, which is very Python-like. If you already know Python, you'll be up and running on GDScript within a day or two. - Source: Reddit / 7 days ago
    • Unity but Simpler
      Why not https://godotengine.org/ ? I think that these kind of things is similar some years ago the stuffs for macromedia flash...now flash is dead and all things around this are dead too. - Source: Hacker News / 9 days ago
    • I feel lost :( as I have no idea where to go from here.
      You can also take a look at Godot. The game engine is completely open source and free. No licenses and nothing. And GDScript is quite similar to Python. - Source: Reddit / 10 days ago
    • Bezier curves are cool, we use them for our throwing mechanic
      We are building a currently untitled turn based tactics roguelike. It is a little bit TRPG but focuses more on survival and stealth elements. Still early days with development but we are making progress! We use the godot engine which has been great to use so far! - Source: Reddit / 14 days ago
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    User reviews

    Share your experience with using Firebase and Godot Engine. For example, how are they different and which one is better?

    Post a review

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    Sours: https://www.saashub.com/compare-firebase-vs-godot-engine?ref=compare
    The Godot Game Engine Explained in 5 Minutes

    org.godotengine.godot.FireBase.java Source code


    Here is the source code for org.godotengine.godot.FireBase.java


    /** * Copyright 2017 FrogSquare. All Rights Reserved. * * Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); * you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. * You may obtain a copy of the License at * * http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 * * Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software * distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, * WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. * See the License for the specific language governing permissions and * limitations under the License. **/package org.godotengine.godot; importandroid.app.Activity; importandroid.app.AlertDialog; importandroid.app.ProgressDialog; importandroid.content.Context; importandroid.view.View; importandroid.os.Bundle; importandroid.content.Intent; importjava.util.Arrays; importjava.util.List; import org.json.JSONObject; import org.json.JSONException; import com.google.firebase.FirebaseApp; import com.google.firebase.FirebaseOptions; //Auth++import org.godotengine.godot.auth.Auth; //Auth--//Storage++import org.godotengine.godot.storage.Storage; //Storage--importorg.godotengine.godot.Dictionary; publicclass FireBase extends Godot.SingletonBase { staticpublic Godot.SingletonBase initialize(Activity p_activity) { returnnew FireBase(p_activity); } public FireBase(Activity p_activity) { registerClass("FireBase", newString[] { "init", "initWithFile", "alert", //Analytics++"setScreenName", "sendAchievement", "sendCustom", "join_group", "level_up", "post_score", "content_select", "earn_currency", "spend_currency", "tutorial_begin", "tutorial_complete", //Analytics--//AdMob++"show_banner_ad", "show_interstitial_ad", "show_rewarded_video", "request_rewarded_video_status", //AdMob--//Auth++"google_sign_in", "facebook_sign_in", "twitter_sign_in", "anonymous_sign_in", "google_sign_out", "facebook_sign_out", "twitter_sign_out", "anonymous_sign_out", "is_google_connected", "is_facebook_connected", "is_twitter_connected", "is_anonymous_connected", "get_facebook_permissions", "facebook_has_permission", "revoke_facebook_permission", "ask_facebook_read_permission", "ask_facebook_publish_permission", "get_google_user", "get_facebook_user", "google_revoke_access", "facebook_revoke_access", "authConfig", //Auth--//Notification++"notifyInMins", "subscribeToTopic", "getToken", //Notification--//Invites++"invite", //Invites--//RemoteConfig++"getRemoteValue", "setRemoteDefaults", "setRemoteDefaultsFile", //RemoteConfig--//Storage++"download", "upload"//Storage-- }); activity = p_activity; } privatevoid initFireBase(finalString data) { Utils.d("Data From File: " + data); JSONObject config = null; mFirebaseApp = FirebaseApp.initializeApp(activity); if (data.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("FireBase initialized."); return; } try { config = new JSONObject(data); firebaseConfig = config; } catch (JSONException e) { Utils.d("JSON Parse error: " + e.toString()); } //Analytics++if (config.optBoolean("Analytics", true)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase Analytics."); Analytics.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //Analytics--//AdMob++if (config.optBoolean("AdMob", false)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase AdMob."); AdMob.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //AdMob--//Auth++if (config.optBoolean("Authentication", false)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase Authentication."); Auth.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); Auth.getInstance(activity).configure(config.optString("AuthConf")); } //Auth--//Notification++if (config.optBoolean("Notification", false)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase Notification."); Notification.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //Notification--//Invites++if (config.optBoolean("Invites", false)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase Invites."); Invites.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //Invites--//RemoteConfig++if (config.optBoolean("RemoteConfig", false)) { Utils.d("Initializing Firebase RemoteConfig."); RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //RemoteConfig--//Storage++if (config.optBoolean("Storage", false)) { if (!config.optBoolean("Authentication", false)) { Utils.d("Firebase Storage needs Authentication."); } Utils.d("Initializing Firebase Storage."); Storage.getInstance(activity).init(mFirebaseApp); } //Storage-- Utils.d("FireBase initialized."); } publicvoid alertMsg(String message) { alertMsg("FireBase", message); } publicvoid alertMsg(String title, String message) { AlertDialog.Builder bld; bld = newAlertDialog.Builder(activity, AlertDialog.THEME_HOLO_LIGHT); bld.setIcon(com.godot.game.R.drawable.icon); bld.setTitle(title); bld.setMessage(message); bld.setNeutralButton("OK", null); bld.create().show(); } publicvoid init(finalString data, finalint script_id) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Utils.setScriptInstance(script_id); initFireBase(data); } }); } publicvoid initWithFile(finalString fileName, finalint script_id) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { String data = Utils.readFromFile(fileName, activity); data = data.replaceAll("\\s+", ""); Utils.setScriptInstance(script_id); initFireBase(data); } }); } //Analytics++publicvoid setScreenName(finalString screen_name) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { if (screen_name.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("Screen name is empty defaults to main"); Analytics.getInstance(activity).set_screen_name("Main Screen"); } else { Analytics.getInstance(activity).set_screen_name(screen_name); } } }); } publicvoid sendAchievement(finalString a_id) { if (a_id.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("Achievement id not provided"); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_achievement(a_id); } }); } publicvoid join_group(finalString id) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_group(id); } }); } publicvoid level_up(finalString character, finalint level) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_level_up(character, level); } }); } publicvoid post_score(finalString character, finalint level, finalint score) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_score(character, level, score); } }); } publicvoid content_select(finalString content, finalString item_id) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_content(content, item_id); } }); } publicvoid earn_currency(finalString currency_name, finalint value) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).earn_currency(currency_name, value); } }); } publicvoid spend_currency(finalString item_name, finalString currency, finalint value) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).spend_currency(item_name, currency, value); } }); } publicvoid tutorial_begin() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_tutorial_begin(); } }); } publicvoid tutorial_complete() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_tutorial_complete(); } }); } publicvoid send_events(finalString key, finalDictionary data) { if (key.length() <= 0 || data.size() <= 0) { Utils.d("Key or Data is null."); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_events(key, data); } }); } publicvoid send_custom(finalString key, finalString value) { if (key.length() <= 0 || value.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("Key or Value is null."); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Analytics.getInstance(activity).send_custom(key, value); } }); } //Analytics--//AdMob++publicvoid show_banner_ad(finalboolean show) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { AdMob.getInstance(activity).show_banner_ad(show); } }); } publicvoid show_interstitial_ad() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { AdMob.getInstance(activity).show_interstitial_ad(); } }); } publicvoid request_rewarded_video_status() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { AdMob.getInstance(activity).requestRewardedVideoStatus(); } }); } publicvoid show_rewarded_video() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { AdMob.getInstance(activity).show_rewarded_video(); } }); } //AdMob--//Auth++publicvoid authConfig(finalString conf) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).configure(conf); } }); } publicvoid google_sign_in() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_in(Auth.GOOGLE_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid google_sign_out() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_out(Auth.GOOGLE_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid twitter_sign_in() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_in(Auth.TWITTER_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid twitter_sign_out() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_out(Auth.TWITTER_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid facebook_sign_in() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_in(Auth.FACEBOOK_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid facebook_sign_out() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_out(Auth.FACEBOOK_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid anonymous_sign_in() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_in(Auth.ANONYMOUS_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid anonymous_sign_out() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).sign_out(Auth.ANONYMOUS_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid revoke_google_access() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).revoke(Auth.GOOGLE_AUTH); } }); } publicvoid revoke_facebook_access() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).revoke(Auth.FACEBOOK_AUTH); } }); } publicboolean is_google_connected() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).isConnected(Auth.GOOGLE_AUTH); } publicboolean is_facebook_connected() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).isConnected(Auth.FACEBOOK_AUTH); } publicboolean is_anonymous_connected() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).isConnected(Auth.ANONYMOUS_AUTH); } publicString get_google_user() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).getUserDetails(Auth.GOOGLE_AUTH); } publicString get_facebook_user() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).getUserDetails(Auth.FACEBOOK_AUTH); } publicString get_facebook_permissions() { return Auth.getInstance(activity).getFacebookPermissions(); } publicboolean facebook_has_permission(finalString permission) { return Auth.getInstance(activity).isPermissionGiven(permission); } publicvoid revoke_facebook_permission(finalString permission) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).revokeFacebookPermission(permission); } }); } publicvoid ask_facebook_read_permission(finalString title, finalString message, finalString permission) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).askForPermission(title, message, permission, true); } }); } publicvoid ask_facebook_publish_permission(finalString title, finalString message, finalString permission) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Auth.getInstance(activity).askForPermission(title, message, permission, false); } }); } //Auth--/** Extra **/publicvoid alert(finalString message) { if (message.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("Message is empty."); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { alertMsg(message); } }); } /** Extra **///Notification++publicvoid notifyInMins(finalString message, finalint mins) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Notification.getInstance(activity).notifyInMins(message, mins); } }); } publicvoid subscribeToTopic(finalString topic) { if (topic.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("Topic id not provided."); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Notification.getInstance(activity).subscribe(topic); } }); } publicString getToken() { returnNotification.getInstance(activity).getFirebaseMessagingToken(); } publicvoid sendTokenToServer() { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { } }); } //Notification--//Invites++publicvoid invite(finalString message, finalString deepLink) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { if (deepLink.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("DeepLink not provided fall back to simple share"); Invites.getInstance(activity).invite(message); } else { Utils.d("Using Firebase DeepLink"); Invites.getInstance(activity).invite(message, deepLink); } } }); } //Invites--//RemoteConfig++publicString getRemoteValue(finalString key) { if (key.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("getting remote config: key not provided, returning null"); return"NULL"; } return RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).getValue(key); } publicvoid setRemoteDefaultsFile(finalString path) { if (path.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("File not provided for remote config"); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).setDefaultsFile(path); } }); } publicvoid setRemoteDefaults(finalString jsonData) { if (jsonData.length() <= 0) { Utils.d("No defaults were provided."); return; } activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).setDefaults(jsonData); } }); } //RemoteConfig--//Storage++publicvoid download(finalString file, finalString path) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Storage.getInstance(activity).download(file, path); } }); } publicvoid upload(finalString file, finalString path) { activity.runOnUiThread(newRunnable() { publicvoid run() { Storage.getInstance(activity).upload(file, path); } }); } //Storage--/** Main Funcs **/publicstatic JSONObject getConfig() { return firebaseConfig; } protectedvoid onMainActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { //Analytics++// Analytics.getInstance(activity).onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);//Analytics--//Invites++ Invites.getInstance(activity).onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data); //Invites--//Auth++ Auth.getInstance(activity).onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data); //Auth-- } protectedvoid onMainPause() { //Analytics++// Analytics.getInstance(activity).onPause();//Analytics--//RemoteConfig++// RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).onPause();//RemoteConfig--//Auth++ Auth.getInstance(activity).onPause(); //Auth--//AdMob++ AdMob.getInstance(activity).onPause(); //AdMob-- } protectedvoid onMainResume() { //Analytics++// Analytics.getInstance(activity).onResume();//Analytics--//RemoteConfig++// RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).onResume();//RemoteConfig++//Auth++ Auth.getInstance(activity).onResume(); //Auth--//AdMob++ AdMob.getInstance(activity).onResume(); //AdMob-- } protectedvoid onMainDestroy() { //Analytics++// Analytics.getInstance(activity).onStop();//Analytics--//RemoteConfig++// RemoteConfig.getInstance(activity).onStop();//RemoteConfig--//Auth++ Auth.getInstance(activity).onStop(); //Auth--//AdMob++ AdMob.getInstance(activity).onStop(); //AdMob--//Storage++ Storage.getInstance(activity).onStop(); //Storage-- } privatestaticContext context = null; privatestaticActivity activity = null; protectedstaticString currentScreen = "None"; privatestatic JSONObject firebaseConfig = new JSONObject(); private FirebaseApp mFirebaseApp = null; }
    Sours: http://www.java2s.com/example/java-src/pkg/org/godotengine/godot/firebase-a9b87.html

    Firebase godot

    Godot Firebase


    A Google Firebase SDK written in GDScript for use in Godot Engine projects.



    [email protected]


    The following individuals and many more have contributed significantly to this project. If you would like to support this project's further development, consider supporting them.



    git clone [email protected]:GodotNuts/GodotFirebase.git


    How to Use

    The best place to find any and all questions on how to install, activate, and use this plugin is through the wiki.

    Reporting an Issue

    Please make sure to read these guidelines before submitting an issue. This helps us all figure out what the problem is and how to solve it.

    Making Contributions

    Contributions are always welcome. Please feel free to fork this repo and follow these guidelines


    This plugin falls under the MIT License

    Sours: https://github.com/GodotNuts/GodotFirebase
    Godot Firebase-UI SignContainer Demo

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