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Question: Q: Choppy Facetime Video Chat

Hello all.

Tonight (5/24) while on a Facetime call with my mother, she was experiencing a problem on her end with audio/video quality. I'm hoping someone can help me troubleshoot if the problem is on her end or mine.

For the record, we're both on iPad 2 WiFi running iOS 7.1.1. My speedtest was running at 15mbps down and 5mbps up. Not sure about hers.

Now for the problem. I could see and hear her perfectly on my end. Clear with no glitches whatsoever. But she kept telling me I was "choppy" and/or breaking up on her end. Pixelized video and random in-and-out audio with dramatic pauses. I had her delete and/or close out a few memory hogging apps (slot machines or some-such I think) she wasn't using. I also had her do a reboot, and I did one as well. We tried again, same issue. Perfect on my end, glitchy on hers.

We eventually gave up and switched over to Google Hangouts just to get through the night. It worked fine, but we don't like the oerall quality of Hangouts and would really like Facetime to work properly again.

Any insight on solutions we could try to get back on track? Would either of us need to do a backup/restore session? Would that do anything? Could it be something else external that I'm not thinking of? Any help would be very much appreciated.

Also for the record, last night (5/23), I did a chat with my inlaws (both iPad 2 WiFi and iOS 7.1.1) with no problems at all. Perplexing.

Thanks in advance of the help! 🙂

Sours: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6264699

Swap the modem for a CGNM-3552, or CGNCACSMR, or possibly a CODA-4582 if you're on an unlimited plan.  You have an original CGN3, which is an Intel Puma 6 modem.  That modem suffers from latency thru the modem for all protocols for both IPV4 and IPV6 which might explain the choppy Facetime problem.  It does support IPV6 but requires a factory reset to do so, if you haven't already done that.  If you are already running IPV6, then ignore the factory reset.  


Your current firmware version is which is not listed on the release notes list, so, there may have been some updates to resolve the latency thru the modem, but, from what you're describing, its possible that there haven't been any updates for the latency issue.  The CGN3xxxx modems are not running on a universal firmware build.  Here's the release notes for the various modems.  The CGN3 is at the bottom of the list:




Take a look at my comments regarding the Intel Puma 6 modems in the following thread which I posted a few minutes ago.  That will provide a better explanation of the latency issue. 




A couple of other points.  Your upstream signal levels are low for some reason.  With that modem, the normal upstream range is usually in the 36 to 40 dBmV range.  So, that affects the upstream signal levels and signal to noise ratios as measured at the CMTS. The downstream signal levels and signal to noise ratios look ok, so, its a little unusual to see the upstream levels running low.  Fwiw, you can call tech support and ask the CSR to run a signal check on the modem, just to see if it passes or not. 


Next issue that comes to mind, I'm assuming that you're using wifi?  Please let me know if I'm wrong.  If so, can you have a look at the following post, specifically at the wifi settings and the wifi environment monitoring to see if there are any changes that can be made to improve the wifi performance.  I would load both Acrylic and inSSIDer on a laptop.  Acrylic is 802.11ac compatible, while the linked version of inSSIDer isn't quite there.  Thats also the last freebie version of inSSIDer before is became a licenced application:




Sours: https://communityforums.rogers.com/t5/Internet/Why-are-my-Facetime-video-sessions-quot-choppy-quot/td-p/417567
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Is Apple Facetime slow even on your fast home wifi internet connection?

Facetime is supposed to help us stay connected with family and friends, and even work with business partners all over the world. But, if you have ever suffered through a slow, laggy Facetime connection, you know that sometimes the technology doesn’t seem to live up to the promises.

It is aggravating when you are in the middle of a conversation, and the person on the other side suddenly freezes followed by the message “The video will resume automatically when the connection improves”. This can quickly ruin what is supposed to be a happy occasion or productive meeting. What’s even worse is when Facetime either gets stuck on “Connecting…” indefinitely or manages to connect but then fails instantly with a “Connection lost” error.

But, there is a clever solution by the name of Speedify that will eliminate slow Facetime fails, and keep you connected even if your Mac or iOS device has signal issues.

Don’t get stuck on “Connecting…” and Stop seeing “Connection lost” for good!

The reason your Facetime app is slow is usually not because of the app itself. It is almost always an internet connection issue. Your device only uses one internet connection at a time. Streaming video and video chat uses up a lot of bandwidth. If there are any issues with the one connection your device is utilizing, you will experience lag. The Facetime app can’t send and receive data fast enough to keep up with the demands you are placing on it.

Speedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure live streaming, video calling, and web browsing.

Solving Slow Choppy Facetime with Speedify

When you download and install Speedify, it allows your device to use both cell and wifi at the same time. This makes Facetime run smoother and faster. Instead of dealing with lag or connection issues, you can just talk.

Speedify also monitors your signal strength while you Facetime. If one of your connections gets too weak, or drops out altogether, the app uses its auto failover feature. The app automatically routes all the data back through your remaining internet connection. This means that if you wifi signal is spotty or if you are moving out of range, you can still enjoy a fast and seamless Facetime connection.

Because Speedify is running in the background, you don’t have to worry about a conversation ending prematurely because of a signal dead spot. You can finally enjoy a Facetime app that lives up to its promises.

Industry Leading VPN Means More Than Lighting Fast Facetime Connections

Lightning fast Facetime connections might be enough to get you download Speedify from the AppStore. But, Speedify does much more than speed up Facetime. The secret of Speedify’s internet speed boosting abilities is that the app is built on cutting-edge mobile VPN technology.

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Sours: https://speedify.com/blog/fix-slow-internet/fix-slow-facetime-choppy-jerky-video/
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