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Ryobi ToolBlox Tool Cabinet System!

Ryobi Modular Tool Box Combo

Glenn sent us an email about these new Ryobi ToolBlox modular tool boxes that just became available in Australia.

I’m a big fan of modular tool cases, and have bought into Bosch, Dewalt, and Festool’s systems. As mentioned in my Bosch L-Boxx review, I mostly rely on L-Boxxes to help organize and protect many of my tools, supplies, and various pieces of ToolGuyd equipment.

The beauty of modular tool storage products is that you can build the storage setup that works best for your needs. And if your needs should change, it’s easy to adapt a modular tool storage setup with a new addition or even just some rearrangement.

Ryobi’s modular system looks quite a bit different from what other brands have come up with. If I had to compare them to another system, I would say that they most closely match up with Dewalt’s Tstak tool boxes, but that’s not really a good comparison as you will soon understand.

Right now you can only find Ryobi’s ToolBlox storage products in Australia, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will be available in the USA as well.

Reconfigurable Stationary Tool Boxes!

Ryobi ToolBlox

At first, I thought that this was just another portable tool box system. But when you look at how the storage boxes size up compared to an average sized guy, it’s obvious that they’re about the same length and depth as stationary tool storage products.

A look at the product specs shows that all of the different Ryobi ToolBlox modules are about 656 mm (~25-7/8″) wide, 400 mm (15-3/4″) deep, and 365 mm (14-3/8″) tall. The 2-door cabinet is the only module with a different height, and it’s two units tall.

~26″ long and 16″ deep are great dimensions for home garage and workshop storage chests and boxes.

Ryobi ToolBlox Modules

All of the ToolBlox tool boxes and cabinets are constructed with a mix of plastic and steel components. Glenn saw a stack of Toolblox cabinets in person and said that everything looks to be pretty well made. Ryobi’s website says that the modules all feature steel drawers and ball bearing slides. In the case of the doored cabinets, it looks like the doors might be made from steel.

The ToolBlox cabinets interlock at the top and bottom. What I like about this is that there don’t seem to be any side latches to mess with. The boxes are large enough and should stack securely enough that there doesn’t look to be a need for an active locking system.

I also like the side handles that are built into each ToolBlox cabinet. The recesses allow for easy rearrangement, but there aren’t any parts that jut out of the near-flush cabinet sides.

Each ToolBlox cabinet and tool box has a built-in lock. If you buy the 4-box combo, all of the boxes are presumably keyed the same.

1-Door Cabinet RSGD01

Ryobi ToolBlox 1-Door Cabinet

The large open space of the 1-door cabinet, coupled with the grommet built into the side, should make this a great option for storing tech items, power tools, garage accessories such as radios, cordless battery chargers, and other such AC powered equipment.

Gas pistons help to lift the door up and open for quicker and easier access to cabinet contents. Most users will probably put this cabinet at the top of a ToolBlox stack.

2-Door Cabinet RSDC02

Ryobi ToolBlox 2-Door Cabinet

The 2-door cabinet is about twice the height of the other ToolBlox tool storage cabinets. This makes it well suited for storing bulkier equipment. There might be a shelf in there – we’re not sure. Most users will probably want this to be at the bottom of their ToolBlox stack.

1-Drawer Cabinet RSDR01

Ryobi ToolBlox 1-Drawer Cabinet

The large ball bearing drawer will probably be most fitting for bulkier tools and supplies. Maybe things like corded saws or hose reels – things like that.

2-Drawer Cabinet RSDR02

Ryobi ToolBlox 2-Drawer Cabinet

The 2-drawer cabinet features two full-width and half-height drawers.

4-Drawer Cabinet RSDR04

Ryobi ToolBlox 4-Drawer Cabinet

This is the ToolBlox cabinet that I find most appealing and would probably line my workspace walls with if given the chance. It features four half-height and half-width drawers that look to be semi-independently lockable.

There are locks on both sides of the cabinet, which I assume means you can lock or unlock left and right vertical drawer pairs independently from the other side.

Roller Base RSRB01

Ryobi ToolBlox Roller Base

With Ryobi ToolBlox cabinets and tool boxes as large as they are, it’s not going to be easy moving them around a garage or workspace, at least not without the roller base. ToolBlox cabinets can be stacked on top of the roller base as if it were a separate module.

It’s uncertain, but it seems there are two straight caster wheels and two locking swivel caster wheels. There’s no word on weight capacity of the base, and we also haven’t seen weight limits for the ToolBox cabinets’ ball bearing drawer slides.

Wall Mounting Rail RSWR01

Ryobi ToolBlox Wall Mount

There’s also a steel mounting rail that makes it easy to mount individual ToolBox cabinets to the wall.

4-Cabinet Set RS4UNK

Ryobi Modular Tool Box Combo

There will be at least one combination set. This one comes with a 1-door cabinet, a 1-drawer cabinet, a 2-drawer cabinet, and a 4-drawer cabinet.

The 4-module ToolBlox combo is currently priced at $499 AUD, which is just under $450 USD. Tool and storage prices tend to be higher in Australia.

First Thoughts

Wow, just wow.

The new Ryobi ToolBlox modular storage system takes my mind back to the BluCave wall cabinet system, which I also find to be quite appealing.

What impresses me most is about how different the ToolBlox setup seems compared to the tool storage options I’m used to. It’s not just the uniqueness that has me excited about the ToolBlox lineup, but also the perceived functionality.

These cabinets don’t look to be particularly useful for organizing and storing things like screwdrivers, wrenches, ratchets, or sockets. For those types of tools, I have my traditionally-styled tool chests and cabinets with their many drawers and ball bearing slides.

But for more general tools, supplies, and equipment – these ToolBlox cabinets would make quick work of organizing my workspace.

Right now there’s no confirmation that Ryobi will bring their ToolBlox tool storage cabinets to the USA, but I sincerely hope they will. I also hope that USA retail pricing will be quite a bit lower than in Australia.

Thanks Glenn for the tip!

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This storage system provides a simple way to keep your tools and accessories organized.  The side cord keeper ads convenience and protection for your batteries and chargers.  The sliding door creates a safe option to store your tools, under lock and key.  This cabinet can be easily mounted on a garage or workshop wall.

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Ryobi LINK Tool and Garage Storage System Teaser

My thoughts for what it’s worth.

This looks a direct competitor to VersaTrack & Stak. Craftsman must be getting some traction with those.

First the rolling Link portable tool boxes:

I’m surprised Home Depot is going along with this as it competes with Husky’s rolling boxes. I wonder how this plays out and what eventually gives.

There’s two things that the leader, Milwaukee’s Pack-Out, has that really make it #1, the drop on locking one handed release mechanism and the sheer volume of options available including tool sets, vacuums, lights, etc that fit Pack-Out. This Ryobi set has the first one, time will see how far they go with it on the second item, especially since Craftsman Versastak has a number of options already.

This has potential, it’s in a crowded marketplace though.

Second the Link wall organizer system:

It’s an eyesore, and I’m being nice.

The Link connectors for the boxes integrated in the slats are all really big turn off. Completely unnecessary. They make the slats larger and spread out smaller stuff too much. The Link boxes are better off stacked vertically on their own. What’s the point do putting it on the wall to spread out two dimensionally taking up all kinds of space and having whatever you put in it flipped around inside? It takes up a ton of wall real estate that way. You can’t really open them on the wall either without having the stuff inside fall out.

No matter what they offer in specialty hooks and holders they will be too spread out, this doesn’t have the density possible that a pegboard has.

The power tool holders look nice but that’s the only thing the have going for them here and the competition could come out with those any time.

If it’s not cost competitive with peg board, Versatrak, and others, that won’t help.

If they discontinue this you’re really stuck if you ever want to add or replace anything.

Hard pass on this one.

Sours: https://toolguyd.com/ryobi-link-tool-garage-storage-system-teaser/
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NEW RYOBI Tool Cabinets - UNBOXING and REVIEW - 2020/33

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