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Hidden Cameras, A9 Mini Camera 128G HD 1080P 150-Degree Viewing Angle Wireless WiFi IP Network Monitor Security Night Version Cam,Black

Material: Aluminium alloy

Size: 5*4.5*4.5cm

Color: black

Resolution Ratio: 1920*1080P

Video Format: AVI

Memory Card Type: support Micro SD card up to 128GB, (TF is not included)

Compressed Format: H.264

APP Support: Suitable for Android/iOS


Battery working time: 120 minutes

Wifi controlled by Cellphone or computer

How To Use

Download the APP(V380PrO) in APP Store or Google Play.

Press the ON/OFF button about 3 seconds to turn on the camera.

Find and connect the camera wifi hotspot in your phone WLAN setting. Or, scan the camera QR Code and connect your home 2.4GHz wifi in the App Device Settings-WiFi Config.

Watch the live video.

If you want to save the video, format the micro SD card before using it.

Package Included:

1 x WiFi wireless camera

1 x Magnetic bracket

2 x USB Cables

1 x Instruction Manual

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Cameras-150-Degree-Viewing-Wireless-Security/dp/B08F4T2VFD

April 2020 – the APP for this camera is no longer available on the Android Playstore and the QR Code takes you to a dead website – another nail in the coffin for cloud-based cameras?

I don’t think it is ONVIF compatible, the picture quality is variable and it seems to keep logging off then back in. It has just lot the job to my spare (and wonderful) Q8 camera. ACTUALLY, too late now but it was I believe down to power. I used a 200ma USB supply which the other (Q8) camera is happy with. Bringing the Q9 into my office it is reliable (even overnight) on a different supply able to manage (arbitrarily) 1 amp.

As some of you know I have various IP cameras dotted around both in the UK and Spain – just to keep an eye on things. I recently received this odd one from Banggood back in January 2019  – a miniature fish-eye type camera which connects as most do via an app – in this case the free Android App HDMiniCam and claiming H264 1080p.

Update October 2019: I thought I’d finally found a use for this little thing… I recently returned from Spain to the UK and in the not so distant future I’ll be going back. Brian Gentles apparently has this camera running on iSpy – I’m waiting to hear back from him.

Just because I can, I have security cameras everywhere but when I last headed off to Spain it never occurred to me to keep an eye on the heating system water pressure in the UK. Aidan and I were talking about this last night over dinner as I was pondering how to put a water pressure sensor into/onto the incoming mains water and to cut a long story short, this little camera can be magnetically mounted anywhere – in this case to monitor the manual water pressure gauge and control panel without invalidating any warranties – HOWEVER on experimentation, despite it’s undoubted small size I’m not 100% happy about the quality, at least in low light conditions. It was just fine on my desk but in a cupboard not so good. Take a look at the Q8 camera page.

The HD MiniCam app for the Q9 can handle multiple cameras as the thumbnails are quite small. My camera is white, not black.


Well, the good news is, it works – it took seconds to connect to my phone via the free app though I’ve not tried a PC connection yet.  What I find interesting about this model is the size and the fact that it has it’s own rechargeable battery. Oh, and a magnetic stand. Here you see the fish-eye effect.

A9 Camera

Since starting it up it has worked 100%, plugged into the USB on my PC. The fish-eye view and inconsistent frame rate would prevent using this as a Skype webcam but then that’s not what it is intended for. Sound in and out is fine.

A9 cameraHere is the actual white camera. There are two clearly marked buttons – one for on-off, the other for setting up etc. Yes, the green and blue indicators are bright. One of these cameras would be easily hidden but for the bright lights. Underneath you see the magnetically attached stand who’s base is adhesive, not magnetic. I’ve not tested battery life yet.

The 150 degree wide angle fish-eye lens is as you can see here on the top. For actual use, I could see this going in the car, a lot less obnoxious than the camera I have now in the car and it could be used for recording minor accidents or near misses. Along with others of it’s kind, I’m not sure the magnetic connection would stand up to a severe accident.

The camera takes a microSD, not supplied. I happened to have a couple floating about.

More Security Cameras — https://goo.gl/rxHohN

For general use in terms of value for money, my much larger Alfawise camera previously blogged about is better if ultra wide angle isn’t important to you.

Sours: https://tech.scargill.net/a9-mini-wifi-hd-1080p-wireless-ip-camera/
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A9 WiFi mini DV

A9 mini camera

HD Camera - HD real time recording and viewing.

Wide view angle - 150 degree wide angle, the camera provides a wide coverage scene, will not miss anything happened in your house.

Night vision - The camera provides excellent night vision, you can monitor even in dark surroundings.

Loop recording - In the recording process, after the memory is full, it will automatically delete the previous video and keep the latest video.

Motion detection - The video will be recorded if any motion is detected, which make your home or office more safe. Perfect for baby monitoring, pet monitoring, and home security monitoring. You can know what was happening when you were out of home.

Mini size - A mounting ways: standing / magnetic stick / wall / flip.



H.264 -1080P remote wireless hidden camera

The camera A9 uses a unique ultra-portable design, it can be applied in various fields, it is very convenient, safe and bring a colorful life for you, please set your camera correctly in accordance with the guidelines of the quick steps.

Point key ON/OFF button to turn on, long press ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off. (The MODE key is the reset button. Press and hold for 5 seconds in the power-on state to restore the factory settings after automatic restart)

The blue light is the power indicator. The power is always on. The green light is the WIFI indicator and the red light is the charge indicator. When the lamp is fully charged after charging.

Specific models are as follows
1. Ad hoc mode: Slow Green light flashing
2. Router mode: Green light flash
3 After you have configured remote camera: Green light

Under clear what mode, the camera can be reset at switch to point mode.

Note: This must be reset at a red light flash or slow flash when you press the reset built to be useful! Press the reset built around five seconds off the whole machine lights let go until the camera starts to complete (about 30 seconds).

APP software download

Method 1: Scan the QR (picture 1) code directly to go to the download screen (picture 2). Select appropriate download software according to your mobile phone system. (Note: . This kind of installation is only available for Chinese Mainland).
Method 2: For Android phones, search for APP software named “HDMiniCam” in Google Play, download and install it.
For Iphone, APP software named “HDMiniCam” in App Store, download and install it.

Point the camera phone connection

Enter the phone settings where WIFI signal inside, find the signal (this is the machine UID number is unique to each machine) and connected. as the picture shows

Then open the phone APP (IMINICAM) appears as shown in the figure, this signal is the machine's UID UID of each machine is different, even after clicking on the plus sign shown above to add into the camera as shown below.

Click to go online camera appears as shown, click Skip to watch videos.

Camera remote settings

In point can watch video, return to the previous enter the interface shown

Click on the small gear Enter Advanced configuration shown below

Find the installation location of the signal router, configure the camera to enter a password into the router as shown below.

OK, wait for the camera to complete restart, it takes about 40 seconds. Online from the camera will turn off, then you can remotely access, and when the phone WIFI and cameras in the same network which is a local area network, or any other phone connected to the 4G WIFI cell phone signal APP will automatically reconnect the camera after a successful connection You can watch the video.

1) Download the computer client by downloading the address and install


2) Click on the successful installation will appear as shown in Figure Desktop login box appears. (See below)

Enter the user name (admin) Click login (Note: The original user name is admin without a password).






Resolution Ratio: 1080P/720P/640P/320P
Video Format: AVI
Frame Number: 25
Visual Angle: 150 degree
Motion Detection Camera Shooting Straight line 6 meters
Minimal Illumination: 1LUX
Video Duration: Over 1 Hours
Compressed Format: H.264
Recording Range 5m2
Consumption: 240MA/3.7V
Storage Temperature: -20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature: -10-60 degree centigrade
Operation Humidity: 15-85%RH
Memory Card Type: TF card
Player Software: VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
Computer Operating System: Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
Web browser: IE7 and above, chrome, firefox safari.etc
Largest customer: 4


1. Why remote monitoring is not smooth?
You should choose suitable resolution to watch according to your Internet.

2. Why SD card cannot save?
SD card must be formatted if this is your first time to use.

3. Why Connection is not on the network?
Select the correct connection way according to your network

4. Why APP remote viewing SD card video is not smooth?
As a result of the mobile decoding ability are different, and you can adjust video equipment according to your mobile’s resolution

5. How to find my password?
To press reset key with 10 seconds and Restore the factory Settings.

The device name easy to remember just write
Paste on P2P UID
Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date.

Special note:
1. If the camera is not connected to the router, please reset, even after a hot machine to configure.
2. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone in the LAN advanced settings in the background formatting after use.
3. Shutdown Reset: Please re-operation off and reset when you see the red light.

Sours: https://org-info.mobi/manual/a9-wifi-mini-dv.htm

A9 Mini Camera App Full HD 1080P Cam 150 Degree Viewing Angle Wireless WiFi IP Network Monitor Security Night Version Cam

Features: 100% Brand new and high quality. Used for home/office security, and beautiful scenery shooting on the way. Super-wide 150° angle. Support night vision, built in 6pcs infrared light. HD 1080p real time viewing and recording. Wireless WiFi IP MINI Hidden Camera. Ultra-mini and invisible, easy to be hidden under the table, wall, roof, anywhere by strong magnet. USB rechargeable, built in rechargeable high capacity battery, use about 1-3hours on one charge. Support multi-platform (For Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS) and multi-user (phone and computer).

Description: Easy to use: 1. Download app; 2. Power on; 3. Wifi connection. Functions: Recording, built-in card reader, infrared / night vision, outdoor / weatherproof, riot, wide angle.

Two Methods About Wifi Connection With Phone: 1.Wireless wifi connection with phone(by router) for remote control wherever you go. 2.Camera is equipped with built-in WiFi Hotspot, it can connect phone to the camera through WiFi Hotspot and remotely control(within 10 meters) even without network.

Installation method: 1. With stand: Place the camera on the stand and stand firmly on the work surface 2. Built-in powerful magnet, just install it on metal legs, bicycles, backpacks, other absorbable places. 3. Adopt flexible gooseneck USB cable, which can be directly inserted into the PC usb port for power supply and angle adjustment during installation.

Specification: Color: black, white Material: ABS Program: Haisi APP: HDWIFICAM Pro Video format: ASF Motion detection camera distance: 6 meters straight Compressed format: H.264 APP support:For Android/iOS Battery: Built-in 240 mAh Memory: TF card, maximum support 64GB (not included) Charging voltage: DC-5V / 1A Video encoding: H.264 Angle: wide angle 150° Video resolution:Support 1080P Photo resolution:Support 1080P Video frame rate: 15-25fps Sensor: Color CMOS Wireless: 2.4G 802.11n Storage temperature: -20-80 degrees Celsius Working temperature: -10-60 degrees Celsius Working humidity: 15-85% RH Working hours: 2 hours Image ratio: 4:3 Support system: windows, IOS, Android Charging voltage: DC 5V Input voltage: 110V-240V 50/60Hz Interface type: Micro USB Gross weight: 156g Packing size: 14*9*4cm

Packing list: 1*Camera 1*USB data cable 1*Adjustable bracket USB charging cable 1*Magnetic bracket 1*Magnetic disk 1*Chinese and English manual

Note: The TF card supports plugging and unplugging when it is powered. To remove the TF card, you need to turn off the camera first.

Product type: Mini Camcorders

Found an error?

Sours: https://www.joom.com/en/products/5f530c29a3c9c60106ced474

Camera app a9

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