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Downloadable Piano Teaching Resources

If you are looking for creative piano teaching resources, you’ve come to the right place! There are so many nooks and crannies on the ComposeCreate site filled with all kinds of piano teaching resources to help you be a creative piano teacher. Let me help you find some:

Free Piano Teaching Resources

Ear Training (CD Listening Forms, Interval Shortcuts, Harmonizing Tunes, Performance Class Worksheets, and more)

Flashcards (Giant flashcards, Major/minor keyboard triads, Snowmen note names, Snowmen steps/skips, Note name flashcards)

Games (Monkey Fingers, Name that Tune, Dice, Tic-Tac-Toe, Treble Clef Game, Interval Whackers, Affirm-a-term, Stinky Sox, and more!)

Manuscript Paper (6, 10, 12 stave paper with and without grand staff)

Motivational Charts (Piano 500, Spot, Timeline, Summer Olympics, Piano Vacation Passport, Challenge Questions)

Music Progressions Rhythms (Rhythm Drills for Music Progressions Levels 1-10)

Puzzles (Fun riddles and crosswords about music)

Quotes (Words to keep your inspired in your teaching, learning, planning, dreaming, practicing, accomplishing, writing, and general quotes about music)

Repertoire Lists (Lists of world music, 1-handed music, duet music, trio music, pupil savers, humorous pieces, and pieces that are easier than they sound.

Rhythm Worksheets (Worksheets for introducing rhythmic concepts like 6/8, syncopation, dotted quarters, eighths, sixteenths, etc.)

Staff and Keyboard Diagrams (Full page pictures of keyboards and staff)

Theory (Cadences, Modes, Landmark notes, Note names, Major/minor chords, etc.)

We are happy to provide these worksheets at no charge but require that you keep the URL at the bottom of each page visible.  You may link to these worksheets from your site, but please do not post them directly on your site.  Thank you for your help in this!

Please Note

We are happy to provide these worksheets at no charge but require that you keep the URL at the bottom of each page visible.  You may link to these worksheets from your site, but please do not post them directly on your site.  Thank you for your help in this!

Sours: https://composecreate.com/students/wendys-piano-studio/teaching-resources/

For Teachers

We’re expanding our Teacher Resources!

In response to the changing needs of our teaching community, we are pleased to provide exciting new resources to support teachers and students.

We invite you to explore these new digital tools to enhance teaching and learning for all ages.

Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas

Subscribe to the Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas and get online access to the Piano Adventures method books: My First Piano Adventure, the Basic Method, Accelerated, and Adult. The Atlas can be an exciting step forward for your online teaching, as a reference tool, and for lesson planning. Learn more…

Faber Technique & Artistry

Faber Technique & Artistry is a video-rich resource to enhance your teaching and professional development as a pianist. Members can attend exclusive webinars with Dr. Randall Faber. The discussion forum provides peer support in a safe, private community. Learn more…

Audio Cloud

Now you and your students can easily download and play along with orchestrated accompaniments for each Piano Adventures Lesson Book, no matter what device you have! Create your Piano Adventures MP3 library, right in your web browser. Learn more…

Digital Books and Sheets

Our expanded e-book collection includes method books at all levels, plus supplementary works. Ideal for online lessons, classroom teaching, self-learners, and students with vision impairment. Learn more…

Piano Adventures Sightreading Coach

Piano Adventures Sightreading Coach is a unique online assessment tool that listens to your student and gives immediate feedback during at-home practice. Learn more…

Beethoven, Independent Man

Biographical stories with Search & Discover activities for students, teachers, and music lovers. Fun online learning in celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday! Learn more…

Sours: https://pianoadventures.com/resources/for-teachers/
  1. Bhai drama serial
  2. Poe heist
  3. Trot definition

Piano Teacher Resources – 20 Games & Ideas to Make Your Lessons Fun

20 Piano Teacher Resources to Make Piano Lessons Fun

Welcome to the Fun Collection of Piano Teacher Resources

The piano lesson ideas, games and studio business tips featured here will help you make your lessons and your life extraordinary

View a specific category by clicking on any of the quick links below:

Piano Lesson Games

piano teacher resource for teaching names of piano keysThis is a fun piano game for teachers working with beginner piano players who are learning the names of the piano keys. Simply print this free piano teaching game on cardstock and cut out. Give the student a cone, and then hold up an ice cream scoop. If the student can correctly name the highlighted piano key, give her the scoop to add to her cone. See how tall she can make her Jumbo Ice Cream Cone! Click here for this free piano lesson game.

Spot the Note--a note name worksheet for music teachersThis free printable has become one of the most popular piano teacher resources on my website. Probably because you can play dozens of different games with it. One game that kids love is to give the student a small treat and ask him to place the treat on a note that you call out. If student answered correctly, they get to eat the treat! Click here to print this fun piano teaching resource.

There are more free piano teaching games here and I’ve also got a bundle of 10 fun piano games for kids that you can check out here.

Free Piano Theory Worksheets

These kid-friendly, colorful piano theory worksheets will help make teaching piano theory fun. Here are a few of my favorites, and you can visit the worksheets page to see the complete collection of over 50 fun piano teaching worksheets.

Dinosaur_Music_Intervals_WorksheetMusic theory worksheet for the circle of fifthsPirate Note Name WorksheetDrawing_Monster_Rests_Music_Symbols_WorksheetResource for teaching piano theory to kids

No list of piano teaching resources would be complete without ideas for the holidays. Here you’ll find tons of free printable worksheets and piano teaching games. Just click a link or an image below to visit the pages for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Frankenstems_Halloween_Stem_Rules_Music_WorksheetPiano worksheets for kids for ThanksgivingChristmas Ear Training Worksheet Rudolf's ChordsValentines Day Music Worksheet__Free Printable Dinosaur Piano Keys ActivitySaint Patricks Day Note Name Worksheet

How to Get Kids to Practice the Piano

Piano teacher resources for getting kids to practice pianoLooking for ideas to help your students practice more and practice better? Then you don’t want to miss this article, which is filled with ideas and piano teacher resources that are specific to helping your students practice. Click here to read the article “How to Get Kids to Practice Piano.”

Piano Ninja Title ImageAmong the most essential piano teacher resources is a good piano practice incentive program. Piano Ninja is a fun program designed to motivate students to practice at home and to recognize their accomplishments. Students begin as a “white belt” and earn points from their at-home practice efforts each week to advance through the different belt colors. Click here to learn more about Piano Ninja.

Best Piano Practice Chart EverUsing piano practice charts is another effective strategy for getting kids to practice more. When students know that they will need to give an accounting of their practice efforts at home, they are much more likely to put in the time. And checking their practice log shows students that you care about what they do at home. You’ll be able to give students feedback about their practice when you can see what they’re doing. Click here to learn more about using practice charts effectively and to print my practice chart free.

How to Grow Your Piano Studio Business

How to structure your piano studioFar too many teachers are in a situation where they are working longer hours than they’d like and their income is lower than it should be. You deserve to live an extraordinary life, and with a properly optimized studio you can increase your income, use time efficiently, have more time for family and hobbies and have the best students in your private lessons. Click here to learn how to properly structure your piano studio.

How to design a piano studio policy that makes your lessons and your life extraordinary An effective studio policy is one of the most important piano teacher resources for the business side of your studio. Policies should reflect not only how you want your studio business to operate, but also the role that piano teaching plays in your life. This article will help you reflect on what you want most out of life and how your piano teaching business can help you reach your goals. Click here to learn how to design a piano studio policy that makes your lessons & your life extraordinary.

For more ideas on growing your studio, visit the Piano Studio Business page.

Piano Teacher Resources for Group Piano Lessons

Piano Game with Pirates This game is a huge hit during group piano lessons! Kids get to go on a fun treasure hunt to learn the names of music symbols. You will hide the printable symbols around the room, and then give each student a pirate map. Then ask the kids to match the symbols with the names on their map. Click here to print this piano lesson game.

Frankenstems_Halloween_Stem_Rules_Music_WorksheetA Frankenstem is a stem that is on the wrong side of the note or going in the wrong direction. This fun activity can be used in a group lesson to help students learn the stem rules. Give each student a copy of the worksheet and a pencil. Discuss the stem rules and then set a timer for 1 minute. See which student can draw the most correct stems before the timer goes off. Hopefully after this activity, you’ll see a lot less Frankenstems in their music theory assignments! Click here to print this fun piano theory game.

Fun Piano Lessons Idea--Missing Bar Lines PrintableHere’s another fun resource for group piano lessons. This game helps students practice adding bar lines. Print out a copy for each student, and then give them pretzel sticks and ask them to add the missing bar lines with the pretzels. Kids will be excited to eat the snacks after they’ve finished! Click here to print this piano lesson game.

How to teach Fun Piano Improv

Resources for teaching the Piano Improv Snowflake TechniqueTeaching piano improv is a great way to help your students fall in love with the piano. If your students love making music at the piano, they’ll be more excited about piano lessons. Plus parents will be more likely to brag about how amazing you are, and they’ll want their kids to show off their impressive piano improv skills to friends and neighbors, which could help you get more students. The Snowflake Technique is a beautiful piano improv activity that kids love, and is easy enough for beginners. Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Resources for teaching piano improv inspired by Taylor SwiftFor students who are a little more advanced, you might want to check out this piano improv activity inspired by Taylor Swift. First they’ll learn a pattern that sounds like the introduction Taylor Swift plays on her guitar in the song Love Story. The pattern is super fun and sounds really impressive. Then students will learn an easy left hand progression that gives their song a driving pulse as they improvise with the right hand. Click here to watch the video tutorial.

Piano Improv for Kids ebookIf you want a bunch of fun piano improv activities to use with beginner kids, you might want to check out and buy the Piano Improv for Kids eBook. It’s got 8 fun improv activities including 12 Bar Blues for kids, Cowboy Swing, Elephant March and more. Click here to check out the Piano Improv for Kids eBook.

Ear Training Resources for Piano Teachers

Interval Ear Training Songs Ear training often gets overlooked in piano lessons, but it can have such a big impact on a student’s musicianship. Students with a good ear can play more musically, learn new pieces easier, and have a blast creating their own versions of the fun songs they hear on the radio. The Intervaltoons are a fun resource that piano teachers can use to help students with music interval recognition. Click here to read more about this ear training strategy and print the visuals for the four perfect intervals.

Printable ear training game cookie decoratingCookie decorating is a fun ear training game to help students with beginner melodic dictation. This activity works great in a private lesson, and is also a lot of fun in a group piano lesson. Print the game and place it in a page protector. Then give each student a dry erase marker. Tell them that they will hear 3 notes. The first two are printed for them, and they need to listen and fill in the missing third note. The third note will either repeat the second note, or go up or down by a step. Click here to print the Cookie Decorating ear training game for piano lessons.

For more ear training resources, click here.

My Favorite Piano Teaching Books

  • My First Piano Adventure with CD (for younger kids)
  • Piano Adventures (for everyone else)

I hope you have fun with this big list of fun resources for piano teachers! Using these ideas, you can make your lessons and your life extraordinary!

20 Piano Teacher Resources to Make Piano Lessons Fun

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How to Teach Yourself Piano Using YouTube and Online Resources

Welcome to the Colourful Keys blog, it’s great to see you here!

I love sharing piano teaching ideas, resources, & tips with other teachers who are passionate about teaching the creative way. I want to help you to inspire more students to become lifelong pianists – and hopefully inspire you along the way too.

Top Teaching Ideas
Top Piano Teaching Ideas

I’ve been doing this for a little while now (since 2013!), and I want to make sure you find what you’re looking for amid all these articles and episodes. 

To help you on your way, we have organised themed Hub Pages on each of our most popular topics. Just click on the image to dive deeper into any topic that interests you. 🙂

Piano Teaching Strategies & Tips

Teaching great practice techniques is one of the best things you can do for your students’ progress! The Teaching Piano Practice Hub Page has all of our best articles about making the most of the time in-between lessons.

Piano Studio Business and Balance

Treating your music teaching studio as a business will empower you to teach your students more fully. Check out our Piano Studio Business Hub Page to get your policies, procedures and mindset in order.

Having Fun with Music Theory

We specialise in teaching music theory more effectively through the use of games and creative activities. If that sounds like a dream come true, try our Teaching Music Theory Hub Page.

If you want more games based music theory, you might want to check out the Vibrant Music Teaching membership too.

Preschool Piano Lessons

Are you ready to jump on the preschool piano party bus? Don’t do it without reading some of our tips and ideas on our Preschool Piano Teaching Hub Page.

Planning Your Music Lessons

It’s not a secret that I love organisation and planning. If you’ve been struggling to effectively plan your lessons, you will love our Planning Piano Lessons Hub Page.

Creative Piano Teaching

If you’ve been scared to get started with improvisation or inconsistent with composing, you’ve come to the right place. Get the resources and ideas you need on our Creative Music Skills Hub Page.

Favourite piano teacher books, tools and sites

Recommended Books & Resources

Finally, if you’re curious what books and tools I like using, you can find out more about that on the recommended resources page.

Enjoy exploring, and please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email. I love hearing from fellow creative teachers!

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

If you had a specific post in mind but you can’t quite remember it well enough to search for it – send us an email. We’ll try to find it for you.

If there’s something you wish I would write about or a resource that you need in your studio, feel free to email me with requests too!

Sours: https://colourfulkeys.ie/top-piano-teaching-ideas/

Teaching resources piano

As a child I always loved the preparation for the new term in September. It meant going out and buying lots of new books and resources. Stationary shops were (and still are) some of my favourite places. There was always great joy in choosing and buying new pencils, pens and all the other equipment necessary.

Now that I am a teacher, this time of year is always spent researching, updating and reviewing piano teaching resources for the term ahead. There’s far too many to mention so this is very much a ‘curious’ view. Once again I’m grateful to my fellow Curious Piano teacher colleagues for their suggestions.


Written by Anthony Williams, a well known and highly respected teacher in the UK, this type of book is long overdue. It gives a bird’s-eye view of piano teaching and is packed full of helpful ideas and strategies. For example, chapter 27 looks at Performance and Interpretation across specific periods of composition. Anthony looks at the features of each of the different periods, considering matters such as the instrument, the conventions of the time, the sounds and interpretation. The chapter ends with a Clinic where Anthony provides answers to a couple of typical style and interpretation problems.



There are two books of Diversions by Juan Cabeza. Each book consists of highly patterned etudes and they range in difficulty from elementary to early intermediate level. Each one focusses on an individual technical pattern such as a scale pattern, arpeggios, chords, intervals. etc. Because the pieces are highly patterned students are able to really focus on developing the technical side without worrying about reading. An additional benefit is that these can be easily transposed once learnt.



I’m grateful to Joanne in the Curious Community for alerting me to this fun and free resource. It can be found over on the fabulous ComposeCreate site and if you don’t know about this treasure trove of teaching material then you are in for a treat! According to Joanne she uses the Monkey Music Theory Game: ‘to teach the musical alphabet. I have monkey cards and little monkey toys that fit on the keys. I name the monkeys after the student and their siblings and parents, which the kids love‘. This all appeals to me and I really like the playful look of it (click here to read more of my thoughts on the importance of play) and will be giving it a go with some students. Wendy Stevens, the creator of ComposeCreate even gives you links so that you can easily buy your monkeys!



Those of you who follow our blog will probably know that we recently had a fabulous webinar with June Armstrong, the composer of Toy Box and Paint Box and many other collections. Her music is really something special and, if you haven’t yet discovered I really urge you to do so as almost every piece she writes is a little jewel. As a piano teacher herself June’s compositions combine a magical tonal world with sound pedagogical considerations.



How, you might ask, does this differ from the pupil’s Improve your Sight-reading Books from Paul Harris that many of you are familiar with?

Well, although the layout initially looks much the same, the real strength of this book is its systematic and gradual introduction of rhythmic and melodic concepts. Stage 1 in Grade 1, for example, starts with movement by step, using crotchet values and rests whilst Stage 2 introduces minims and small leaps. As a teacher this means a thorough, progressive approach can be adopted and any problems easily identified as they arise.



Graham Fitch’s Online Piano Academy continues to grow in range and depth. By subscribing you can get instant access to lessons, masterclasses and annotated study scores. As piano teachers we all need to have support and to have this type of resource at our fingertips is fabulous.



If you are interested in accessing high quality technical support on-line then do have a look at the Entrada Piano Technique site. Fred Karpoff, the Artistic Producer of Entrada, presents a highly detailed but accessible breakdown of piano technique. For example, the section on the Two Note Slur is broken down into 13 short videos. Once you subscribe you can watch them at any time, again and again if necessary.



Finally, I have been fortunate enough to see a few pages of an exciting brand new resource for Intermediate Pianists from Karen Marshall and Heather Hammond. I’m looking forward to finding out more about it in next Tuesday’s webinar with Karen and Heather who will give us all an advanced peak inside – click here to register for this FREE webinar now

If you have a favourite resource that would you like to share with others we’d love to hear about it – just leave your comments below.

piano teaching course

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piano teaching course

This blog post was written by Dr. Sally Cathcart, co-founder and Director of The Curious Piano Teachers.


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My Favourite Teaching Resources

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