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Step up to the big leagues ready to support your team with Tailgate’s Arizona Diamondbacks apparel and accessories. Diamondbacks shirts are an easy way to carry your team pride with you everywhere you go – from the ballpark for a doubleheader, to class or work on gameday. Whether it’s the heat of the playoffs, training season or slow off-season, you can support your team through the wins and losses with Tailgate’s full line of Diamondbacks apparel and accessories. Whether you’re from Arizona or a fan of the fastest expansion team in the Major Leagues to win a championship, there’s no way to rep in style without Diamondbacks t-shirts and accessories. Wear your diamondback patterned gear to games, on your couch, at tailgates or anywhere you can show your pride. There’s no crying in baseball and neither is there a shortage of spirit when you sport Diamondbacks shirts. Do it all in your favorite AE jeans, shorts and Diamondbacks apparel.

This team is no short of success. The D-backs have won 5 National League West division titles, a National League pennant, and the World Series in 2001. Cheer on The Snakes in always soft, any-wearable Diamondbacks shirts. With Diamondbacks clothing sporting the iconic team logo, insignia, and old-school mascots, you can pay homage to everything that makes this team what it is. Retro-inspired graphics and icons give a throwback feel worth of the big game or the off-season. Arizona Diamondbacks women’s shirts and Diamondbacks gear update your team routine with a fresh take on an old favorite.

From championship runs to season slumps, you’ve been there with your favorite team. Diamondbacks clothing and accessories take that team pride into tangible form so you can wear it loud and proud for all to see. For all the rivalry games, division titles won, trade losses and no-hitters thrown, you’ve been there through thick and thin with the Diamondbacks. And with Tailgate’s men’s and women’s Diamondbacks clothing, you can prove it on the daily. Not only do our Diamondbacks shirts and hoodies show off your spirit, they’re also comfortable enough for all-day wear, too. Soft materials, classic fits and tagless comfort create an optimum fit every time.

Support your team from the first game of the season to the last with Tailgate’s Diamondbacks t-shirts, hoodies and accessories. And find something for everyone in your lineup with Tailgate’s full line of MLB apparel, NBA and college fan gear. Whether you’d rather be on the sidelines of a basketball game, behind home plate for a baseball game or watching from home, we’ve got you covered with Tailgate apparel and accessories. Your fandom starts with pride and continues in Diamondbacks shirts and apparel.

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Arizona Diamondbacks unveil gold City Connect jersey, referencing Sonoran Desert, Hispanic culture

The Arizona Diamondbacks have unveiled a gold uniform referencing the Sonoran Desert and the state's Hispanic culture as the latest alternate jersey in the City Connect collection.

The jersey reads "Serpientes" across the front, intended to highlight Arizona's Hispanic culture, while the uniform patch features the Arizona state flag and a reference to Phoenix's nickname as the Valley of the Sun.

The Diamondbacks will debut the uniforms June 18 against the Los Angeles Dodgers and plan to wear them six more times: July 16 against the Chicago Cubs, July 30 against the Dodgers, Aug. 13 against the San Diego Padres and for a three-game series with the Dodgers on Hispanic Heritage Weekend from Sept. 24 to 26, which includes Roberto Clemente Day.

"I was really excited about that because we are involving the Spanish community in a special way. Arizona has a really big Hispanic community, and for me to be part of that, I am really proud and excited about it," said Diamondbacks outfielder David Peralta, who is Venezuelan. "We have Venezuelan guys, Dominican guys on our team to represent the Spanish community in Arizona. It really is a big deal for us, especially the way they're doing it with the team name."

Arizona will join the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox and Cubs with a City Connect jersey.

The Diamondbacks conducted Zoom calls during the 2020 season to survey players on their thoughts about potential City Connect uniform designs. Peralta said that while many of the uniforms featured a nod to Arizona's Hispanic culture -- according to the most recent U.S. census data, more than 42% of the state's residents identify as Hispanic -- the gold design jumped off the page.

"I was looking at the colors in the computer and I thought it looked good, but when I saw the jersey, the way the colors come out, the contrast levels, it was like whoa, this is unique," Peralta said. "This is something different."

Diamondbacks president and CEO Derrick Hall said the jersey will replace the current alternative that reads "Los D-backs" and could become a regular part of the rotation depending on the reaction from fans and whether the team wins while wearing the uniforms.

"If we have an overwhelmingly favorable reaction to it, then we are going to start working them in a little more," Hall said. "If we see that the hoodies and the T-shirts and jerseys are flying off the shelf in the team shop, we'll know that fans want to see it more, and we'll get feedback from fans and players. Our players are extremely superstitious, and if we turn the season around, you'll see Serpientes out there a lot more, especially if we can rattle off some wins with it."

When approached by MLB and Nike regarding City Connect, the Diamondbacks immediately agreed to take part in the inaugural run of uniforms. When deciding on which colors to use, they decided to stick to their existing set.

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"Our preference was to have more of a bright or loud color, but we thought that it was a reflection of the desert," Hall said. "It was a color that we already had, so it's not an escape from what we have already, but I think our fans would have been more shocked if we had completely abandoned our colors."

The Diamondbacks historically have been one of the more experimental teams when it comes to uniform designs. Ahead of the 2016 season, the team unveiled a complete redesign featuring a polarizing gradient snakeskin pattern on the uniforms and pants, widely considered among fans to be among the worst in the sport. When Nike took over as the uniform provider for MLB, Arizona once again redesigned its jerseys.

"We've been bold at times, maybe too bold, had too many options in the past, and we simplified," Hall said. "We were one of the first teams to completely abandon our original colors and we were purple and teal, and for years, we had MLB asking us to consider changing our colors. We already had the Rockies with the purple. The purple never really matched up, and on TV, it looked more blue. The purple and teal was somewhat outdated.

"There was no red in our division, and they put on an entire presentation for us where baseball was showing us that we should be the color red because of the Sedona Mountains and the sky and we said, no, thank you, but the more we thought about it, it made sense. We're such a young franchise, and you can do that."

Peralta said that while gold is not a typical color for a baseball uniform, he thinks the unique look will appeal to fans. During a photoshoot ahead of the jersey reveal, the outfielder noticed a similar shade of gold on a snake's skin to the one found on the jerseys.

"It's just all about doing something different," Peralta said. "The fans, the young guys, they like it, all of the kids. With these new uniforms, it's different, and I think that's the best part of that. People are going to be like, 'Wow, I've never seen something like that.'"

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