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There is something to be said for people who are able to make a difference in your life with just a few words at a time. People like Vex King — poet and positive inspiration on Instagram with a heck of a following — who make it their job to bring purpose and optimism to others' lives.

Vex King is an entrepreneur and a writer, looking to bring spirituality and positivity to his work with the Bon Vita brand as owner and founder, as well as to those who follow his work on Instagram and his website. He believes that a good attitude is the key to rising to your full potential and achieving success.

Instead of just a classifying himself as a life coach, Vex King also describes himself as a Mind Coach who asks for "Good Vibes Only" and aims to make his followers think about life with a more positive mindset. What's not to like about that?

On his Instagram page, he writes about life and how trusting the Universe is just as important as making an effort to getting what you want in life.

Whether you are in a good place in life or a not-so-good one, King's words are perfect for a pick-me-up when you are feeling down on yourself or when you need that extra boost to keep you motivated all day.

You might not know it already, but taking care of your spiritual and emotional health is just as vital as taking care of your physical and mental self. You've heard this before, but you can't expect others to be happy with you until you're happy with yourself FIRST.

We love Vex King's words because they make us feel important and worthy of being successful. Sometimes, stress gets the better of us and we need someone around to tell us it's going to get better. He is that person cheering for you on the sidelines, reminding you that life might get you down, but that shouldn't stop you from believing in yourself.

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Your mind is a weapon of mass destruction or mass creation. Use it wisely. Don't read into negative ideas that aren't even there. Only entertain thoughts that will improve your life and make you feel good." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Stop giving people permission to pull away you peace because another person poached theirs." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Instagram Quotes

"Happiness is not that awesome destination where fancy cars, spectacular mansions and amazing people exist. It's the decision you make before you get there; the decision that despite what happens on your journey, life is good." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Be kind to yourself. Don't let socially constructed ideas about beauty make you forget that your physical beauty exists, as you are." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"If someone wants to be in your life, they will make an effort. If they really want to see you, they will make time. If they tell you that you're special, they'll be consistent with their actions. You can tell a lot about how much a person values you by the way they treat you." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"The easiest way to become lost in life is to listen to the opinion of others. Don't get led down a route that's not the best for you, just because it best suits other people. Trust your intuition to guide you." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Detours aren't denials. Don't be saddened by the thought of rejection, when it's actually a redirection ot something better." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"There are going to be times when you have to mute all the other voices so you can listen to your own. Your soul knows what's best for you. Walk the path it chooses, not the one others tell you to." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"It's better to stay single or step out of a relationship that doesn't fulfill you on every level. Yes, you might miss them and the memories you created, but once you meet someone that just gets you and brings out the best in you, you'll be able to create the greatest memories of all." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Good men and women do exist but sometimes you have to stop focusing on what's wrong with them and start looking for what's right. They might not be perfect, but nor are you. Stop keeping your expectations so high; especially when you don't meet those expectations yourself." —@VexKing

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Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Life doesn't battle you because you're weak, it battles you because you're strong. It knows that if it gives you pain, you will realise your power." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"It won't work, unless you work. It won't change, unless you change." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Before you support these random social media influencers and celebrities that you don't even personally know, support your friends and family." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Sometimes we have to move on from the people who don't add much happiness to our life, so that we can meet the people that will." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Unconditional love never fails any test. It can struggle, but the bond cannot be broken." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Get to know your negative emotions; don't suppress them. They indicate that something's wrong and therefore something needs to change." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"Force change in your life by taking action now. Don't only take action when life forces you to." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes Instagram Quotes

"Imperfections are beautiful. Flaws keep us sane and tell us things are real." — @VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence

"You don't need a good job, lots of money, an aesthetic body, great talents, more intelligence, or anything else to be a decent human being. You just need to be loving and kind." —@VexKing

Photo: @VexKing

Vex King Instagram Poetry Love Yourself Confidence Instagram Quotes

"You can abort your dreams unless you allow them to get inside of your head. You are in control of your own destiny. Believe in yourself, despite what others think. Follow your dreams with faith, work your ass off and never ever give up." —@VexKing


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Vex King: the Instagram self-help guru who’s unlocked the key to happiness


ockdown has been different for everyone.

Depending on your health and financial situation, it could have been a time of hibernation and relaxation but it could have also been a time of stress and worry. For some, it’s the uncertainty of what’s coming next that poses the most apprehension.

As we ease out of lockdown, the world looks different and we need to adapt to the ‘new normal’. But what can you do if you’re nervous about re-entry to this strange new world?

Vex King, author of bestselling self-help book Good Vibes, Good Life, says lockdown has taught him just how much we take for granted, from shelter to jobs, theatre and education, and will make a conscious effort to appreciate these things more in the future.

“I have already made changes to my diet and health, and hygiene, which are contributing positively to my overall wellbeing – and getting me ready to re-enter the world with confidence,” King tells the Standard.


Read more

Lockdown is making existing mental health issues worse

“I have already reconsidered the way I spend, where I shop and how I can do better for the environment and our planet. I think these things will make a considerable difference not just to me, but to the world as a whole.”

As we ease out of lockdown, it can be natural to feel anxious about, say, going to the pub again or hanging out with people not in your household. King says not to let fear paralyse you.

“Control what you can, let go of what you can’t. Remember, that’s all you can do.”

His book, a manifesto about how positive thinking can lead to lasting happiness, was released in December 2018 and shot to the top of the Sunday Times Bestsellers list where it remained for the better half of a year.

“I don’t just write words, I pen emotions - and I think that helps me establish a connection with my readers,” the 33-year-old explains.

“I feel like my vulnerability when sharing my experiences, encounters and feelings on my platform has provided a voice for a lot of silent souls who couldn’t be heard before, or couldn’t express how they felt.”

Vex King’s daily positivity routine

It was his 526,000-strong Instagram following (including followers like Nigella Lawson and comedian John Bishop), that convinced the Northamptonshire native to write his manifesto.

“My wife gave me a big push,” he adds. “But it was because of my social media followers that I actually even considered forming this book. I’d regularly get the same questions time and time again, like, ‘How can I become more positive?’ and ‘Is there a way to discover my purpose?’

“That’s when it clicked: I should deliver a book and address all these questions. I wanted to connect all my ideas together, by offering a simple manual that most people could implement to transform their life and gain a spiritual understanding in the process.”

The premise of the book is quite simple: how self-love can unlock your greatness, and King offers a chronological guide to ridding yourself of your woes - from getting rid of toxic friends, living in a quick-fix society and how procrastination can ‘delay your dreams’.

“As simple as it sounds, a positive mind gives you a positive life. Thinking about this rationally, we can all agree that if you view the life in front of you in a positive way, you’re going to determine your life to be positive,” King says.

“What’s even more powerful is that when you change the way you think, feel, speak and act, you begin to transform your whole life. And that’s what has happened to me. As my energetic state has become positive, more often, so have my experiences and encounters with other people. Once you begin to exude positive energy, you also become a magnet to more desirable experiences.”

Vex King’s top five tips for staying positive every day

But can we really train our brains to be happy? King says it’s all to do with the habits that we cultivate.

“Having a daily routine in place with rituals that nourish your mind, body and spirit is vital. Reframing negative thoughts to something more empowering, each time, will make it your natural way of being. Constantly remaining grateful for what you have, or what you have avoided, will make it impossible for you to be sad – because you can’t be in despair while being in a state of genuine appreciation. The more you respond to life like this, the stronger the connections will be in your brain.”

King hasn’t always been a beam of positivity. He lost his father when he was six months old and his family subsequently became homeless.

“My life was painful and miserable... and all I wanted to do was seek a way out and heal the emotional wounds because they were keeping me from experiencing joy,” King continues.

Reflecting on his past has helped King keep an ‘attitude of gratitude’ during lockdown. “While the thought of being stuck inside can be upsetting, we forget how much of a blessing it is. There was a point in my life I had no home, food was scarce… and then when we did have a home, paying for water, electricity and the bare necessities was a struggle. It’s important to remember that we take a lot for granted.”

Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness (£10.99, Hay House UK), buy it here.

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