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dktxt4r will become famous soon enoughdktxt4r will become famous soon enough

FS: Overland/Camping Trailer with iKamper Skycamp RTT, North Dallas, Texas - $5000


For sale: Overland trailer with iKamper Skycamp Roof Top Tent.

Trailer is a home built trailer that I bought used from the builder. Trailer is a solid axle with 4 leaf spring suspension. Has struts at lowered position for towing the rooftop tent and can raise to the perfect height to attache the included annex. Lock and roll hitch for articulation.

iKamper Skycamp has been used twice only. Still looks brand new and comes with key and lock to open the tent. This tent is a real fast setup and break down from camp. The annex is also included.

Let me know if you have any questions. $5000 for the trailer and the RTT. Selling because we don't use it as much as we would like.

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Nice setup.. if price is negotiable, would love to connect and see if we can make something happen.

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Dual Battery Thread
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iKamper’s Hardtop One is like a pop-up trailer for your car’s rooftop

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Our Featured Videos

This rooftop camping tent is a bit different than many on the market in that it comes encased in a hard shell that protects it from the elements when not in use. In fact, it’s hardly recognizable as a tent when compacted for road travel, and looks similar to rooftop cargo carriers. When it’s expanded, the top portion of the hard shell becomes a sturdy tent roof. The tent expands both vertically and horizontally, and sports an integrated custom-sized mattress that is larger than a standard queen (but not quite the same size as a king mattress), and claims to offer enough sleeping space for four family members. At 74 inches by 83 inches compared to a queen’s 60 x 80, that might work if two of those family members are quite small.

Related: Top eco-friendly camping gear for conscientious outdoor enthusiasts

ikamper, ikamper hardtop one, rooftop tent, expandable rooftop tent, pop up trailer, pop up tent, camping, glamping, recreational vehicle, kickstarter

Soon Park was inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, and by his own cross-country road trip in 2004, to create a simpler alternative to towing a pop-up trailer. So, Park essentially took the pop-up concept and placed it atop the roof of a car, rather than on its own chassis. The Hardtop One is the result of a design process that took nearly two years and evolved from at least 20 prototypes. Park sold the first Hardtop One in June 2014 and has been working ever since to share his road trip dreams with the world.

Thank you!

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ikamper, ikamper hardtop one, rooftop tent, expandable rooftop tent, pop up trailer, pop up tent, camping, glamping, recreational vehicle, kickstarter

Because the whole rooftop tent contraption is, well, really huge, the company is gearing up to raise funds via Kickstarter to drum up pre-orders, secure better cargo rates, and cut shipping costs for buyers. The Hardtop One currently retails for $3,950, and the company offers two smaller models, the Junior and the Roadtrip, which have slightly lower price points. Wanna-be rooftop campers can add on extra features like a roomy vestibule, wind deflector, and interior LED light bar for an additional cost. Fortunately, the seven-and-a-half foot ladder you’ll need to climb into the tent is included.

+ iKamper

Via Notcot

Images via iKamper

Sours: https://inhabitat.com/ikampers-hardtop-one-is-like-a-pop-up-trailer-for-your-car/
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Patriot's latest indestructible off-road camping trailer brings more versatility

Just months after debuting the X1-H with integrated hard-top tent, Australia's Patriot Campers is breaking its tent options wide open. In place of an integrated tent, the all-new X1-N features a built-in roof rack for use with any roof-top tent (RTT). The X1-N can sleep the whole family in a large fold-out tent or a fast-moving couple in a quick-popping two-person hardshell. And as always with the Patriot badge, it can roll virtually anywhere, over whatever rock, mud, snow, sand, running water or general rubble the path throws its way.

Existing Patriot X1-series trailers use Patriot's own tents, designed for fast set-up and expandable space. With the X1-N, the company recognizes that some buyers might prefer to use an aftermarket tent, especially with a roof-top tent market that continues to boom.

Actually, X1-N users don't need to use a roof-top tent at all, as the basic X1-N trailer is a brutish rolling gear box topped with the new aluminum X-Rack, a roof rack with rails and crossbars covering the entire trailer top. Like any good roof rack, the X-Rack can grab hold of everything from roof-top tents, to gear carriers to lashed luggage, allowing users to select their choice of tent and/or use the X1-N as a lighter, simpler gear-hauler for carrying bikes, kayaks and other equipment into the outdoors.

Patriot Campers

Patriot is closer to reverse-engineering the wheel than reinventing it with the X1-N, since many a rugged, boxy off-road utility trailer is topped with a standard or available roof rack rather than an integrated tent, allowing the buyer to turn it into a camper with a roof-top tent or just use it as a gear box. What Patriot has really done, then, is give future X1 shoppers more flexibility in selecting a tent than they have with its existing products while offering an X1 platform that's as good for hauling bikes or stand-up paddleboards on a day trip as it is at serving as a base camp for a longer camping trip or expedition.

Patriot already offers the smaller, lighter X2 trailer with the option of a roof rack in place of the standard integrated tent, and now it essentially does the same for the signature X1 series.

And it's not hard to understand why. The market is quickly innovating new, convenient roof-top tent options, so some would-be Patriot buyers would undoubtedly rather have some flexibility in tent choice. Patriot's own X1 tent can sleep up to five with the optional kids room annex, but some might prefer a simpler, faster single tent design sleeping everyone under the same roof. In fact, Patriot has sourced a variety of simpler tent options for customers, including two from what we consider one of the most innovative RTT makers out there: iKamper.

Patriot Campers

The iKamper SkyCamp 4 is one of our favorite roof-top tents (and we'll have a forthcoming review to tell you more about why). It combines elements of both hardshell and fold-out design, setting up and breaking down in minutes and sleeping a family of four (or three adults) under a single roof. iKamper's newer X-cover sleeps that same family of four and has a set of integrated crossbars on its lid so that the family can carry bikes, kayaks and other large gear to camp.

Patriot also offers the James Baroud Evasion, a compact, fast-deploying hardshell RTT for two adults, and the TJM Yulara, a folding soft-shell two-sleeper.

Below its revised top, the X1-N features the same X1 combination of ultra-rugged construction and creature comfort-loaded design. It comes standard with an L-shaped kitchen with dual-burner stove, sink and fridge slide (fridge/freezer sold optionally), gas hot water heater, 155-L water tank, 270-degree awning with strut-assisted lift, electrical system with dual gel batteries, and 2,000 L of storage, including Patriot's "Man Cave" front storage box with available BBQ swing-out.

Patriot Campers

The X1-N has a hybrid galvanized steel/aluminum Rigilite interlocked chassis and aluminum monocoque body. It rides on 33-in mud-terrain tires wrapped around 16-in PCOR wheels and cushioned by an X-Cruise independent airbag suspension, packing a standard full-size spare on the back. A Cruisemaster DO35 hitch coupler secures it to the tow vehicle and offers a full 360 degrees of articulation. The 12-foot-long (3.7-m) trailer weighs 1,830 lb (830 kg) dry and has a gross vehicle weight rating of 3,500 lb (1,600 kg).

Thanks to the loss of the integrated tent, the X1-N becomes Patriot's least expensive camping trailer, starting at $AU39,990 in Patriot's home country and US$30,900 in the United States. Patriot celebrates the launch with the special edition X1-N "Desert Ops" model with retro vinyl graphics slapped over a "sandy taupe" powder-coated body, 35-in tires, a pair of Maxtrax recovery boards, larger 12-in electric drum brakes and a special badge. Those 20 limited edition models will also be available in both Australia (AU$40,990) and the US (US$31,900). Patriot promises the matching Land Cruiser "Desert Ops" SuperTourer shown in its photos and videos will be available soon.

If you have eight minutes to spare and some added interest in the X1-N, Patriot founder Justin Montesalvo always does a good job going over the details:

Introducing the NEW X1-N with a Limited Edition Desert Ops Variant

Source: Patriot Campers via Motor1

Sours: https://newatlas.com/patriot-x1n-off-road-camping-trailer/60946/

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Trailer ikamper

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CVT TRAILER \u0026 RTT - First Look!

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