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NBA 2K21 Best Controller Settings

NBA 2K21 Best Controller Settings

NBA 2K21 Best Controller Settings

T: NBA 2K21 Best Controller Settings & MyCareer Settings for Improving Your Jumpshot  

D: In this article, we are going to discuss the best Controller Settings and MyCareer Settings in NBA 2K21 for improving your jumpshot and shooting.

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There are a ton of tips and tricks to improve your shooting and jumpshot in NBA 2K21, it is also meaningful when just change some things on the NBA 2K21 controller settings. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Controller Settings and MyCareer Settings in NBA 2K21 for improving your jumpshot and shooting. Based on the guide on, proper settings can help you faster to obtain more attribute points and then save NBA 2K21 VC, which is another major currency other than NBA 2K MT. 

NBA 2K21 Best Controller Settings for Improving Your Jumpshot and Shooting

Head over to the Options/Quit on the main menu and choose the Controller Settings. A series of controller settings you can customize in the game, each set has more than one option to choose from, some settings may have a significant impact on the gameplay, but some settings are just associated to the display features and personal reference, that’s up to you, such as the speaker. For the other settings, you do get a shot of percent boost to your shot without the Shot Meter, so definitely turn that off, but keep the Vibration on because when you feel it vibrating, you can know to release and hit that green. When it comes to the Pro Stick Function, if you put this on dribble moves, it won’t let you shoot the ball, and just make you dribble. Always make sure the Off-Ball Offensive Mode is absolute, it allows you to activate dribble moves no matter what side of the court and no matter what hand you use. Keep the Call for Pick and Roll vs Fade at manual, you can fully control the play. Pro Stick Pass Type, keep this on normal, because if you put in on flashy, you players would do a dance pass the ball and then by the time it goes to the dude. Pass Target Profile is something you can customize, below is an example of the value of Pass Target Direction and Distance, you can switch that. 

  • Vibration: On
  • Shot Meter: Off
  • Shot Aiming: Off
  • Pro Stick Function: Default
  • Pro Stick Orientation: Absolute
  • Off-Ball Offense Mode: Absolute
  • Double Team Reaction: Auto
  • Call For Pick And Roll Vs Fade: Manual 
  • Player Icons: On
  • Skip Pass: Enabled
  • Pro Stick Pass Type: Normal
  • Icon Passing: Default
  • Receiver Control: Default
  • Pro Stick Defense: Absolute
  • Who To Guard: On
  • Pass Target Profile: Custom
  • Pass Target Direction: 45
  • Pass Target Distance: 50
  • Pass Target Openness: 5

NBA 2K21 Best Settings for Improving Your Jumpshot and Shooting

Head over to the Options/Quit on the main menu and choose the Controller Settings. The first Setting is Game Difficulty, Pro is pretty much like the rookie version, which is the lowest, it’s like the medium superstar, Hall of Fame is the hardest game version and it allows you to get the most attribute points towards badges and everything. Just rock out on Pro. Secondary name, you can pick whoever and the Social media handle does not matter a lot as well. You can keep the Shot Feedback at freethrows only or others, that’s all up to you, but you can’t turn it off, if you keep all shots, determine whether or not you will see the shot feedback after shooting, the best option is the user only. The Camera Shake is up to you. You can change your Fatigue Meter to team color, gray, red, blue, or other options.

  • Game Difficulty: Pro
  • Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
  • Secondary Nickname: Junior
  • Social Media Handle: Jr
  • Jersey Number: 25
  • Shot Feedback: User Only
  • Camera Shake: On
  • Fatigue Meter Color: Magenta/Gray/Red/Team Color/Others
  • Action Replays: Never
  • After Basket Camera Cuts: Never
  • Ball Handler Text: Name
  • Read and React Indicator: On
  • Pick & Roll Overlay: On
  • Scene Subtitles: Off
  • Audio Presentation: Default
  • Commentary Vol: 90
  • PA Vol: 75
  • Sound Effects Vol: 100
  • Crowd Vol: 80
  • Player Chatter Vol: 85
  • 2K Beats Menu Music Vol: 0

Here are all about the details of settings in the game, not only tips and tricks for NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K21 next-gen, cheap NBA 2K21 MT are offered at the most competitive prices and safest way. 


Best NBA2K Controller Settings!

I get a lot of questions about what settings I use, so I thought I would do a series about each of the settings options and how I have them set up. In this first article, I want to cover what I think are the best NBA2K controller settings.

If you are like me, when you first start playing NBA2K, you might not even know these controller settings exist. That's ok since generally, you'll be just fine on default. But, as you get used to playing the game, you'll start to develop your own preferences on how you want not just controller settings to be, but the other types of settings as well.

First, I'll give you my settings and then after that I'll point out what I think are some of the more important settings that might need some more explanation.

Coach2K's controller settings

OK, here is a rundown on all of my controller settings.

Wireless controller speaker ON
Vibration ON
Free throw timing USER TIMING
Pro Stick Function DEFAULT
Pro Stick Orientation ABSOLUTE
Off-ball Freelance Mode CAMERA RELATIVE
Player Icons ON
Icon Lead Passing ON
Pro Stick Pass Type NORMAL
Pro Stick Defense ABSOLUTE
Who To Guard ON
Defensive Assist With Intense-D ZERO
Boxout Assist Strength ZERO
Pass Target Profile DEFAULT
Pass Target Direction 45
Pass Target Distance 50
Pass Target Openness 5

OK. So those are my settings. Let's talk about which one's I think are most important and why.

Shot timing and free throw timing

We now have the ability to control shot timing on layups as well as shots. Because of that, I now set that to shots and layups. I typically always recommend shot timing over real player %since you can't use real player % online.

If you never play online, and you want to use real player % that's more than ok. I sometimes change free throws to real player percentage in games vs the CPU since it can be pretty easy to shoot a high percentage from the line on user timing. But mostly, I set it at user timing (and still sometimes struggle from the line!)

Pro stick function

I like pro stick function on default instead of dribble moves because I shoot with the stick.

Pro stick defense

I set pro stick defense to absolute so that it's easier to play defense. I always know that up is contest shot and I don't have to worry about where my defender is on the court.

Icon passing and receiver control

This was new in NBA2K18. With icon passing set to full receiver control, you can take control of the man you want to pass it to by holding his player icon. Once you let go of the icon, the pass will be made. It's just advanced way to "lead" pass to your target which ironically a lot of people use to complain about lead passing into the paint.

Here's a good thread with a video in it that explains how it works.

Defensive assist and box out assist strength

With regards to defensive assist and box out assist, I like to set these at 0. In fact, when I played in our league, we use to require these two options to be set at zero. The reason was because it's basically cpu assistance. We wanted as much of league play on manual control as possible. I always felt that both players needed to have the same setup so there was no assistance from the CPU.

I think it has the added issue of giving up some control of your guys when the number starts increasing closer to 100. I like more manual control not less.

That being said, I sometimes forget to check and I run at 50 box out assist strength without being aware of it.

Pass target profile

I know some people use some custom numbers but I like default here. I'm more of an icon passing player anyway. On top of that, I'm not sure I'd notice a lot of difference or that it even works anyway. So for direction, distance and openness, I leave it as is.

Always check your controller settings before each game

I make it a habit to check my controller settings before each game. Sometimes settings don't stick or they don't carry over from mode to mode. I know a lot of times if I let my console go idle and enter DEMO mode, my settings get changed.

A quick double check will prevent that.

What do you have your controller settings set up as?

Now that you know my controller settings, what do you have yours set up as? Let me know in the comments what you use and why.

And if you aren't subscribe to my site, put your email in the box below for free updates.

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NBA 2K21 graphics settings – This guide will show you the best combination of graphics settings in NBA 2K21 for low or medium end gaming rigs.

NBA 2K21 Graphics Settings

  • Display Resolution : 1920×1080
  • Window Mode : Full Screen
  • Anti-aliasing level : 1
  • Anti-aliasing Quality : 0
  • Refresh Rate : 60.0Hz(Depends on the native refresh rate of your monitor)
  • Vertical Sync : Off
  • Dynamic Vertical Sync : Off
  • Overall Quality : Custom

Advanced Settings

  • Shader Detail Level : Medium
  • Shadow Detail Level : Medium
  • Texture Detail Level : Medium (You can leave this on High as well)
  • Player Detail Level : Medium
  • Crowd Detail Level : Low (Medium, if you care about the crowd)
  • Media People Detail Level : Low
  • Hair Detail Level : High
  • Ambient Occlusion : Off
  • Volumetric Lightning : On
  • Temporal Anti Aliasing : Off (The game looks blurry with this on)
  • Depth of Field : Off (Personal preference)
  • Motion Blur : Off
  • Bloom : Off
  • Floor Reflections : On
  • Mirror Reflections : On
  • Buffer Count : 3
  • Max Anisotropy : 8
  • Allow Computer Shaders : On
  • Shader Preload : On (Keep this on always)

I have tested the game with the settings given above on a GTX 1050 ti 4 GB paired with an Intel i3 8100(both not overclocked), and I was getting more than 60 FPS all the time. I was even hitting 80-90 at times. So if you are using a GTX 1050 ti then you shouldn’t have any issue enjoying NBA 2K21 smoothly.

If you think this guide has helped you then let us know in the comment section below. Also, for the latest NBA 2K21 2KTV answers, can check out our other NBA 2K21 guides. Good luck!

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As 2K Sports aims to constantly be at the top of the basketball video game food chain, it is paramount that the game designers make the experience as realistic as possible.

From recognizable faces to realistic interactions from body contact, every year gets closer to the real deal.

That being said, it is not uncommon for players to feel differently to the game makers as to how realistic the game experience is in the latest title.

To account for this, NBA 2K22 allows you to adjust the sliders and fine-tune the game to your liking, making gameplay harder, easier, or more realistic as possible.

This guide will teach you how to adjust your sliders and make recommendations on how to get a realistic experience by using the NBA 2K22 sliders.

What are NBA 2K22 sliders?

The NBA 2K22 sliders allow you to manipulate the gameplay. By shifting the sliders for aspects such as shot success and acceleration, you can alter the realism of the games in NBA 2K22, or just make it much easier to crush your foes.

How to change sliders in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, you can find the sliders in the setting menus before heading into a game, finding them in the “options/features” section.

Similar to previous iterations of NBA 2K, you can toggle between the computer (CPU) and user settings. This means that you can make the game easier, harder, or balance it for yourself and your computer-controlled opponents.

What the NBA 2K22 Game Style slider changes

The first step in understanding the slider settings is to grasp the defined difficulties at play here.

The difficulties for game style can be adjusted for each subcategory as follows: Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, Hall of Fame, and Custom.

The difficulty levels mostly make inherent sense, with Rookie being the easy mode and Hall of Fame being ridiculously difficult.

In the Custom section, you can make exact adjustments to get things just the way that you like, which includes making a realistic experience in NBA 2K22.

How to create a realistic NBA experience with the NBA 2K22 sliders

You can adjust your slider settings however you see fit, but to create the most realistic experience in NBA 2K22 which is similar to the real-life NBA action, use the slider settings shown below.

Realistic offense sliders

This subcategory essentially determines the likelihood of success when players attempt anything on offense. The sliders essentially determine how many points a team will likely score in any given game.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Inside Shot Success 40-50
Close Shot Success 50-60
Mid-Range Success50-60
Three-Point Success 50-60
Layup Success 40-50
Dunk in Traffic Frequency 75-85
Dunk in Traffic Success 50-60
Pass Accuracy55-65
Alley-Oop Success55-65

Realistic defense sliders

For defense, players will want to adjust these NBA 2K22 sliders to fit the style and flow of that they prefer.

If you want a high scoring game, it would make sense for these to be turned down. If you prefer a more competitive game, turn these up. For a realistic experience, use the slider ranges below.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Driving Contact Shot Frequency30-40
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff)85-95
Steal Success75-85
Layup Defense Strength (Release)30-35
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release)20-30
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather)20-30
Inside Contact Shot Frequency30-40
Help Defense Strength80-90

Realistic attributes sliders

These sliders will determine how much of an impact individual player rating attributes will have on the game. It’s a useful setting if you prefer to create a more balanced game or if you want players to feels like gods on the court.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Ball Handling45-55
Dunking Ability45-55
On-Ball Defense45-55
Offensive Awareness45-55
Defensive Awareness45-55
Offensive Rebounding20-30
Defensive Rebounding85-95
Offensive Consistency45-55
Defensive Consistency45-55
Fatigue Rate45-55
Lateral Quickness85-95

Realistic tendencies sliders

This subcategory of sliders will impact the way that non-user controlled players will behave during the game. From more outside shooting to aggressive driving to the rim, these NBA 2K22 sliders can affect the way that players approach the game.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Take Inside Shots85-95
Take Close Shots10-15
Take Mid-Range Shots65-75
Take 3PT Shots50-60
Take 3PT Shots50-60
Post Shots85-95
Attack The Basket85-95
Look for Post Players85-95
Throw Alley-Oops85-95
Attempt Dunks85-95
Attempt Putbacks45-55
Play Passing Lanes10-20
Go for On-Ball Steals85-95
Contest Shots85-95
Backdoor Cuts45-55

Realistic fouls sliders

Make changes here to the frequency of foul calls and prevent steal-spamming techniques, or allow for a more physical playstyle.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Over The Back Foul85-95
Charging Foul85-95
Blocking Foul85-95
Reaching Foul85-95
Shooting Foul85-95
Loose Ball Foul85-95

Realistic movement sliders

These sliders impact the game significantly and really allow you to test your gaming reflexes. Movement sliders focus on making players move around the court at faster or slower speeds.

Game SliderRealistic Slider Range
Speed with Ball (Max Rating)65-75
Speed with Ball (Min Rating)30-40
Acceleration with Ball (Max Rating)65-75
Acceleration with Ball (Min Rating)30-40
Speed without Ball (Max Rating)65-75
Speed without Ball (Max Rating)65-75
Speed without Ball (Min Rating)30-40
Acceleration without Ball (Max Rating)65-75
Acceleration without Ball (Min Rating)30-40

Now that you have the tools that you need to tailor the game just the way you like, feel free to experiment with the sliders to fit your play style, or stick to the slider settings shown above to get a realistic experience in NBA 2K22.

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2k settings best

Tweeking the in-game graphics settings could help you get a lot better performance . Knowing which options to tweek is what you are here for.

NBA 2K21 Best Graphics Settings for FPS Boost / Performance Guide / Reduce Lag

Lets quickly see how we can change the graphics settings in order to get good performance and still retain some amount of the game’s visual depth.

Go to Features on the Main Menu and select Video settings and change the following :

  • Display Resolution – Native (Monitor Resolution)
  • Window Mode – Fullscren
  • Anti Aliasing Level – 2
  • Anti Aliasing Quality  – 0
  • Refresh Rate – Native (Monitor Refresh Rate)
  • Vertical Sync – Off
  • Dynamic Vertical Sync – Off

Advanced Settings :

  • Shader Detail Level- Medium
  • Shadow Detail Level- Low
  • Texture Detail Level- Medium
  • Player Detail Level- High
  • Crowd Detail Level- Medium
  • Media People Detail Level- Low
  • Hair Detail Level-Low
  • Ambient Occlusion- On
  • Volumetric Lightning – Off
  • Temporal Anti Aliasing – Off
  • Depth of Field- On
  • Motion Blur- Off
  • Bloom- Off
  • Floor Reflection- On
  • Mirror Reflection- Off
  • Buffer Count-1
  • Max Anisotropy- 4 or 8
  • Allow Computer Shaders – Off
  • Shader Preload- Off

There you go the best settings for a smoother performance and still keeping some amount of visual depth .

If you are still lagging in the game even after tweeking the in-game settings then click here to follow our guide on how to fix lag for NBA 2K21.

If the game crashes everytime you start a match in MyTeam mode then click here

If the game is Crashing on the character creation screen then click here


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In NBA 2K22, using your optimal controller settings may make you realize that the game plays for you a lot more than desired by default.

As seen in past 2K titles, changing up the Defensive Assist Strength and well as Pass Target settings may help much more than you would have previously thought. For those looking to clamp up and make accurate passes more consistently, here are the best controller settings to use in NBA 2K22 on Current Gen and Next Gen.

NBA 2K22 Best Controller Settings: Current Gen and Next Gen

As alluded to earlier, there are mainly three things that you want to make sure are to your liking in the Controller Settings menu.

First off, with the Shot Meter, this is ultimately up to what you're comfortable with, especially with moving shots being much more effective this year. However, as seen commonly at the higher levels of competition, turning off the Shot Meter is eventually the way to go for the extra shooting boost it grants.

Next, the Defensive Assist Strength is something to be aware off as this adjusts how much the game controls your player when guarding on-ball. For those who find that they're often too slow to check speedier guards, this may be because your Defensive Assist Strength setting is too high. I prefer to have this setting on the lower end, around 15-35 to ensure that I am in predominantly in control of each step my player takes.

The third major Controller Setting to adjust is your Pass Target Profile, which affects how the game assumes which player you want to get the ball to when passing with the X/A button and the left stick. I set my Pass Target Direction to 69, the Distance to 30 and the Openness to 1. While some might prefer to have their Openness set as high as 90, it might not be the best idea to rely on that as more experienced defenders might be leaving their guys open briefly to bait the pass.

One last thing to take note of is that for those looking to use the Pro Touch Finishing Badge, you do need your Shot Timing to be set to "Shots and Layups" or "Layups only" in order for it to activate.


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