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ARLINGTON, VA — The warming weather is a welcome prospect for many during the coronavirus crisis, but the blossoming plants and flowers in Arlington mean that allergies are set to rev up in the coming weeks.

The parks in bloom might be nice to look at, but for many residents in Arlington with allergies, it means a whole lot of congestion and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Here is the pollen breakdown from the Weather Channel for the next three days in Arlington:

Find out what's happening in Arlington with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Tree Pollen

  • Thursday: Level (High)
  • Friday: Level (Very High)
  • Saturday: Level (Very High)

Grass Pollen

Find out what's happening in Arlington with free, real-time updates from Patch.

  • Thursday: Level (High)
  • Friday: Level (High)
  • Saturday: Level (High

Ragweed Pollen

  • Thursday: Level (None)
  • Friday: Level (None)
  • Saturday: Level (None)

The Weather Channel also provides an allergy forecast for the next 15 days in Arlington. You can find the longer forecast on its website.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the most common symptoms of allergies are sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and eyes, and wheezing.

It's a list that people with allergies know all too well.

Here's how AccuWeather, a weather forecasting service, suggests you can relieve your symptoms:

  • Stay inside in the morning (if possible).

"Pollen counts are highest in the early morning, between 5 and 10 a.m.," Robert Sporter, a doctor at ENT & Allergy Associates, told AccuWeather.

  • Keep indoor air clean.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Carry an allergy relief kit that includes over-the-counter products such as antihistamines and eye drops.

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Sours: https://patch.com/virginia/arlington-va/allergy-forecast-arlington-what-pollen-rates-are-expected

Arlington, VA

Data Provided by: Aerobiology Research

The pollen forecast levels are determined from sample collections taken at 32 local reporting stations across Canada. The pollen forecast is based on actual number of particles per cubic metre of air.

Risk Condition Guidelines





Very High

>200 grains/m³

Data Provided by: Government of Canada

Air quality represents the Air Quality Health Index or “AQHI”. It is based on a scale designed to help you understand what the air quality around you means to your health. For more details, please visit www.airhealth.ca

Risk Condition Guidelines


Moderate health risk


High or Very High health risk

Data Provided by: Aerobiology Research

The fungal spores (mold) forecast levels are determined from sample collections taken at 32 local reporting stations across Canada. The fungal spores (mold) forecast is based on actual number of particles per cubic metre of air.

Risk Condition Guidelines




1001-2500 grains/m³



Very High

8001+ grains/m³

Sours: https://www.theweathernetwork.com/us/forecasts/pollen/virginia/arlington-arlington
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Based on the weather conditions expected for your area, Watson predicts the following risk of allergy symptoms:

Very HighModerateVery Low

The pollen count is a measure of the pollen density in the air. Last updated: 10/15/2021

pollen particle

5 grainsper cubic meter of air

Do you know which kinds of pollen aggravate your symptoms? Here is the 3 day outlook for the worst offenders.

Tree Pollen

  • Today: Low
  • Tomorrow: None
  • Tuesday: None

Grass Pollen

  • Today: Low
  • Tomorrow: None
  • Tuesday: None

Ragweed Pollen

  • Today: Low
  • Tomorrow: Moderate
  • Tuesday: Moderate

To remove pollen you pick up outside, take a shower and change your clothes.

Keep your windows shut and use your AC or a HEPA purifier to filter allergens.

Learn when conditions such as the wind increase pollen levels, so you can prepare.

From medications to nasal sprays, talk to your doctor about your options.

The Weather Company is the world's most accurate forecaster, according to the most recent, most comprehensive study available (2010-2017) from Forecast Watch.

Sours: https://weather.com/forecast/allergy/l/Arlington+County+VA?canonicalCityId=2500d6e4e78d9f209726e7db43937b2997a10b40d4ab205e4a8bf8cdbdccbe12
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Allergen Fact Sheets

Are there other allergens I could be sensitized to?*

Many patients with birch tree allergy can experience symptoms when exposed to other allergens such as tree, weed, or grass pollens, making it difficult to determine which pollen is causing the symptoms, especially when pollen seasons are overlapping. This is called cross-reactivity and occurs when your body's immune system identifies the proteins, or components, in different substances as being structurally similar or biologically related, thus triggering a response. Other respiratory allergens that may cause reactions associated with birch pollen allergy include grass pollen and alder, hazel, beech, and oak pollen.7

If you experience an itchy mouth or throat after eating fresh fruit or raw vegetables, you may suffer from oral allergy syndrome (OAS), sometimes called pollen food allergy syndrome (PFAS). This condition is also caused by your immune system’s reaction to similar proteins, or components, found in different allergens. It is quite common, with up to 25% of children with allergic rhinitis (i.e., hay fever) also suffering from OAS.6 Common plant foods involved in OAS for birch include fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, such as apple, cherry, peach, hazel nut, peanut, carrot, celery, soy, strawberry, and many more.7

Knowing the proteins, or components, within each allergen that are triggering your symptoms can help guide your management plan. With that in mind, and based on your symptom history, your healthcare provider may suggest something called a specific IgE component test, which can help reveal other pollens and foods you may react to. Results from this test can also help your healthcare provider decide if allergen immunotherapy may reduce your symptoms.7

Already have your specific IgE component test results?

Your component test results will include the name of the components (a series of letters and numbers). Your healthcare provider will likely review the results with you, but here you’ll find an at-a-glance breakdown you can use as a reference. Simply match the component names to the list below to see what they mean in terms of symptom management.

rBet v 1

  • Indicates symptoms are caused by birch pollen.7
  • Potential symptoms also by alder, hazel, beech, or oak pollen.7
  • If a clinical history of PFAS (to apple, cherry, hazelnut, etc.), birch pollen allergy may be the cause.7
  • Patient may be considered for birch pollen immunotherapy.7

rBet v 2, rBet v 4, rBet v6

  • Pollen allergy symptoms may be caused by weed pollen, grass pollen, or tree pollens other than birch pollen.7

*These products may not be approved for clinical use in your country. Please work with your healthcare provider to understand availability.

Sours: https://www.thermofisher.com/diagnostic-education/patient/us/en/allergy-resources/allergen-fact-sheets.html?allergen=birch-tree

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