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the first symptom of a cold is usually a sore throat. this is generally followed by sneezing or a blocked, sore or runny nose. usually, 1 in 3 people with a cold will get a cough and feel unwell.

colds are caused by viruses. antibiotics cannot treat viruses. instead, drink plenty of liquids to replace those lost from sweating and runny noses. get lots of rest and eat healthily. do not ask your gp for antibiotics for a cold.

you will usually feel worse during the first 2 to 3 days before gradually starting to improve. your symptoms will usually last about a week.

cold and flu symptoms are similar but flu tends to be more severe.


  • appears gradually
  • affects mainly your nose and throat
  • makes you feel unwell but you're ok to carry on as normal - for example, go to work


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  • appears quickly within a few hours
  • affects more than just your nose and throat
  • makes you feel exhausted and too unwell to carry on as normal

cold symptoms can include:

  • blocked or runny nose
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  • headaches
  • muscle aches
  • coughs
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  • a raised temperature
  • pressure in your ears and face
  • loss of taste and smell

the symptoms are the same in adults and children. sometimes, symptoms last longer in children.

causes of colds

colds are caused by viruses. they can easily spread to other people. you're infectious until all your symptoms have gone. this usually takes about a week.

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to reduce the risk of spreading a cold you should:

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how to prevent catching a cold

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  • staying fit and healthy
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Wolfram Audio Seeking Dealers

Wolfram Audio, an SPL brand of competition speakers and amplifiers, has been selling its products directly to consumers, but is now branching out and pursuing direct dealer distribution.

The company has been around for 6 years but began “officially” operating in 2017.  It gained a following at competition events and through social media and claimed sales of $4 million last year.

Wolfram was launched out of Mesa, AZ by a 20-year old, Colin Buckeye in partnership with a 29 year old Tim Kell.  It considers itself the next generation in car audio.

“As all these brands start to go into marine, and as car audio gets older, we have the next generation buyer coming in,” said Jacob Scott, a consultant for Wolfram. The brand, he says, represents an opportunity for dealers to cater to the next generation of car audio buyers. “What I mean by the next generation buyer is that kids don’t want $1,200 components or a bass package that does 500 watts.  They want [at a low cost] 1,000 watts to start the conversation or a minimum of 750 watts and I mean deep bass…that will allow people to go out and have fun and the car audio doesn’t smoke up in front of them.”

With its heavy focus on social media, Wolfram claims to have posted a Tik Tok video that won over 8 million views.  Its Instagram account shows over 30,000 followers.

Wolfram Audio

“Colin started as a competitor and saw a market opportunity…a lot of the brands turned off customers with performance issues or customer service issues or affordability. He provides an SPL product that you could compete with and afford,” said Scott.

To dealers Wolfram offers selective distribution and it says its products are protected and monitored on the Internet to guard against discounting.  With an order, dealers also get free local marketing, social media and SEO from Wolfram.

The company is also readying a website that will direct consumers to local retailers.

Wolfram Audio offers products that are made in America and overseas.  It attends almost all the major enthusiast shows, and plans to attend 12 volt trade events.

Its products include the following:


Copper: 750 watts RMS,  10-12 inches;  Silver 1250 watts RMS, 10-12-15 inches; Gold 2500 watts RMS, 10-12-15-18 inches; Platinum, Made in the USA, 4000 watts RMS, 450 oz y35 Magnet, American Coil, 15-18 inches.


W –  Series: Power from 1500 watts to 7500 watts. Designer Series: Power from 4500 watts to 15,000 watts.  C – Series: Power from 500 watts to 2400 watts.

Pro Audio:

Mid Ranges from 6.5 inches to 10 inches.  Tweeters: 1 – 2 inches.


Plexi Back Plates for all amplifiers.  Dual Amplifer Inputs for amplifiers.  Recone Kits for subwoofers.  Extended Warranty on product

For more information contact [email protected] or visit www.wolframaudio.com


Sours: https://www.ceoutlook.com/2020/03/03/wolfram-audio-seeking-dealers/
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Wolfram Audio Aw-9000 Walkthrough 2020

Tungsten 40" length 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95%

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Tungsten 40" length 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95%

Tungsten 40" length 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95%

40" length 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95% Tungsten, 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95% Tungsten 40" length, Tungsten 40" length 0.0085" diameter Wolfram Wire 99,95%.

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DefaultZenon - what are you doing wrong?

Hello everyone! Today I would like to ask a question about a defect of the zenon amplifiers (as in the photo) such as 3.5kw 5.0kw and probably also the larger models.

I'll explain in detail.

In the past few days, they have delivered 9 amps like the ones in the picture, all with the same defect, failed rail capacitors. Some turn on and continue to work, others instead remain in protection, 1 instead has the power supply completely failed (probably the rail capacitors have exploded and have also gone into short circuit, forcing the power supply to explode completely) but all, have the audio section intact.
The thing is very strange, 9 equal amps, all with the same defect.
So asking around I realized that it is a common defect of these amps, indeed, in the past I have happened to repair some amps that use the same audio driver board (ZNCM) which however had the significantly higher rail voltage and brand capacitors and higher values ​​(FANGZE !?).

In these great amps, I solved by changing the capacitors with some of the same value, but different brand and model (nichicon) of excellent workmanship and they no longer exploded.

While these 3.5k and 5.0k ones seem to want to explode all the capacitors I replace.

Some say there is a defect in the driver board of the psu, others say there is a defect in the driver board of the audio section, others believe that it is a problem with the feedback line (R10 on the amplifier board in the immediate vicinity driver board, 220k resistor, how can a normal 220k resistor working properly cause such a big problem?) I don't know exactly what happens, but I can share my following experience, because in the past I have repaired an amplifier similar that was entrusted to me because it was completely shorted, both audio and power supply, but the capacitors were ok:

- i installed IRFP1405 + BD439 / BD449 in the power supply using 15ohm gate resistors.

- I used FDA24N40F in audio, redone the audio driver board and replaced the drivers (buffers) with BD139 + BD140 (which worked perfectly) (some might think they are slow or not very powerful, in my case they worked without problems, maybe even better than the originals).

The result is that that amplifier is still working great everyday for the past 1 year, never exploded again, never returned, never a problem again.

Could it be a driving problem on the part of the original buffer transistors? What do you think?

i've posted here some photos of the problematic amp and
some photos of a bigger amplifier that I have repaired in the past (which used the same driver board and FANGZE rail caps) where you can see the capacitors it fitted and the ones I fitted as a replacement, never again had problems.

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6-Wolfram 15s on 3-Wolfram 7500 - Full Wolfram System - Slamology 2021


The Wolfram Audio W-7500.1 is an ideal single channel powerhouse for the most serious audiophiles. Pairing the intricate circuit design along with custom tooled aluminum heatsinks allows this amplifier to run at maximum efficiency. Linkable at 2 ohm (1 ohm to each amp), the W-7500.1 allows multiple amps to be synced together perfectly as one.

Wolfram Audio W-7500.1 Specifications:

  • RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 9,000 Watts x 1 Channel (16.0v)
  • RMS Power @ 1 Ohm : 7,500 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
  • RMS Power @ 2 Ohms : 4,000 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power @ 4 Ohms : 1,800 Watts x 1 Channels (14.4v)
  • RMS Power @ 2 Ohms (Linked) :  15,000 Watts x 1 Channel (14.4v)
  • Frequency Response : 10hz~350hz (+/-1db)
  • Working Voltage : 10V-16V
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Sensitivity) : >90dB
  • Efficiency @ 4 Ohms : 86%
  • Low Level Input (Gain) : 8V – 200mV
  • Low Pass Filter : 30Hz – 250Hz
  • Bass Boost : 0 ~ 12 dB
  • Subsonic Filter : 10Hz – 60Hz
  • Phase Shift : 0-180 Degrees
  • 4-Way Protection Circuitry Built-in (Thermal, Voltage, Speaker, DC)
  • LED Power, Clip, & Protection Indicators
  • Master / Slave (Strap) : Yes
  • Recommended Fuse Rating : 1,000 Amps
  • Dual 1/0 Gauge Power and Ground Terminal Inputs
  • Remote Level Control Knob Included (Clipping Indicator)
  • Dimensions: 9.5″W x 30.5″L x 3″H

Tungsten, also known as Wolfram, has the highest melting point and tensile strength of any element on planet Earth. In other words, you’re not going to find a stronger, harder working amp in it’s class.

This warranty covers everything our limited warranty covers PLUS failures due to:

  • Low Impedance Loads
  • Improper Electrical System
  • User Error
  • Earthquakes
  • Lightning Stikes
  • Unruly Children
  • Zombies

Xplicit Audio is proud to be your #1 source for Wolfram Audio!

Sours: https://xplicitaudio.com/shop/wolfram-audio-w-7500-1/

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