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As a "performing" DJ, I offer an interactive experience that surpasses what a convectional DJ can provide. I will keep your guests / patrons engaged with my "live performance". Thanks for checking out my profile. I may be new to Bash (gigmasters), but I am not new in the entertainment business...…. My roots in music go back to the 60's-70's playing professionally in a successful Chicago rock & roll band as bass guitarist and lead vocalist for over 10 years. My love for music has withstood the test of time and here I am years later back at it, but now, because of availability of superb technology called backing tracks, I'm in a solo role as a Performing DJ. As an accomplished solo vocalist I perform a variety of songs that span through the ages of popular music. You will see from my song list (which I have downloaded to my gigmasters profile) songs from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's through current and pop, classic rock, oldies, blues, beach and country genres. I have been performing throughout central Florida for several years at many different types of venues large and small including 55+ community events, town squares, pool parties, corporate events, restaurants (patio and indoor), banquets, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, family reunions, class reunions and holiday parties. I comfortably perform for audiences of from 25 to 500. To keep the party rolling during breaks I customarily play original artist mp3 tracks of music fitting to the event. I can cross over to a DJ role in a seamlessly and play requested tracks of music that I don't perform such as Latin favorites, high energy dance tunes, or songs featuring female artists. Music is my passion. I absolutely love what I do and I have been told that this is evident in the quality of my performances. I have a very strong work ethic and always strive to deliver what is expected and beyond. I favor scheduling a consultation prior to the event to review your specific requirements, requests and the venue. With my expansive song list, you can be assured that there will be something for most every music preference and all ages. I use Bose professional sound equipment; consequently the quality of projected sound is superior. Fee schedule as follows (hours based on actual performance time): 2 Hour minimum / 6 Hour maximum 2 Hours: $225 3 Hours: $320 4 Hours: $395 5 Hours: $470 6 Hours: $550 My fee is all inclusive and includes time for communications, consultations, travel, set-up, performance and tear-down (tear-down must immediately follow the end of performance). The booking fees as shown above (as assessed to me by this website) will be added to my original quote. There will never be any hidden charges. Please be certain to check out my song list. These are all songs that I sings as part of my repertoire. If you select me to perform at your event, please feel free to peruse the list and pick out some of your favorites. Thank you for your consideration.


In bringing you the best of ‘80s club sounds, the Christmas 80s Nightclub Reunion is honoured to have one of the greatest retro DJs of Brisbane, who has played many of the great clubs and was behind the legendary club event Flares throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s and into 2000s – Johnny G.

For those too young, can you recount the Flares events please?
At a time in Brisbane in 1979 when the city was anti-disco, anti-punk, anti-politics, anti-everything a young Johnny Griffin starts up one Brisbane's most successful retro parties called ‘Flares’ at the original Brisbane Underground Nightclub. Flares was created off the back of punk, drug and violence and was pro-feminist disco playing disco and glam rock. By 1983 Flares was the biggest party in Brisbane and started a residency at Morticia's Nightclub, which at the time was Brisbane's leading club for playing electro, goth and rock. Flares was the anti-thesis of Morticia's and brought funk, disco and new romantic sounds to this almost punk club once a week. Flares grew so fast attracting up to 2,000 people that it went into larger venues like The Metropolis (in the Myer Centre) and then onto The Site in The Valley. In 1996 with the wave of retro-inspired movies like ‘Priscilla Queen Of The Desert’, ‘Studio 54’ and ‘Muriel's Wedding’, Flares hits a new high and with this Flares survives the new millennium continuing well into 2010, which after this Flares is now a by-request event for the venues.

Dance music in the '80s was in its infancy; how important to the development of the scene/ genre was this decade?
Starting on an anti-political platform it was not cool to like disco, there was an aggressive scene and by bringing some relief to the seriousness of the music of the day, having fun and not being so significant seemed to appeal to the youth at the time and a new reality emerged at most venues. The new wave and electro new romantics movement was hard to avoid. Knights Underground Niteclub had Future Music Festival boss Mark James on the decks playing electro punk slowing merging to disco. It really just evolved.


What can people expect from the 80s Nightclub Reunion this Saturday?
They can expect the music that was going on in the clubs back in the day and not some crafted version of how it was. Alongside Les-Boss and K-Rasta who lived the ‘80s club scene we will deliver ‘80s new wave, disco, funk, early rap and electro pop with a high energy mix of ‘80s dance anthems.

The fashion/ styles of the '80s; again, for our younger readers, what was it like living in the '80s?
With the various scenes moving around the town, there was a statement in who you were and it was expressed in how you dressed. A clubber really stood apart from society and were almost outcast. Remember, Madonna was seen as a tramp with her move to wear lace. Big hair, mullets, gel slicks, rat tails while dressing like the likes of Duran Duran, Wham, Cyndi Lauper. Seeing someone walk down the street in not-your everyday wear gave you the sense that even Brisbane was moving forward with the fashion world.

Should people dress up with shoulder pads and other '80s fashion trends?
Clothes are optional; don't come nude!

Would an '80s kid survive in the modern world?
Not a chance. It was living in the now. There were no distractions. You went to a club and you socialised with your peers or danced (with another person, not facing the DJ). I guess you could adapt, but then the innocence of the ‘80s would be lost.

Biggest misconception about the 1980s?
That it was all commercial music and all fluro clothing and venetian blind shades.

What does an event like the 80s Nightclub Reunion offer someone who didn’t live in the 1980s?
A new ‘80s dance club revival has emerged with former club owner and operator Les Kostoglou steering the ship. 80s Nightclub Reunion will be reminiscent of what went on in the ‘80s clubs; it will feature electro dance, disco, pop and funk.

The Christmas 80s Nightclub Reunion takes place at the H Lounge, upstairs at the Hamilton Hotel, Brisbane, on Saturday 20 December.

Click here to win tickets to the 80s Nightclub Reunion.

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Johnny G

Johnny Trumpet is a multi instrumentalist, DJ and producer. With over 20 years experience in the Australian music scene and a solid classical background Johnny has continually morphed and evolved as an artist to remain current with modern music.
A lifelong musician and DJ since the early 90s‚ Johnny finally discovered his passion for electronic and house music in 2005 and hasn’t looked back. As a highly proficient DJ and Trumpet player he is known for his ability to seamlessly fuse them together simultaneously during sets.
Johnny has supported and played along side some of HOUSE musics biggest names including Hook and Sling, Anger Dimas, Hardwell, Jay J and Crazy P. He was a resident Trumpet player for Hed Kandi Australia for 3 years and has spent the last 8 years as a guest in popular Sydney crew, La Fiesta sound System.

Recently in 2018 Johnny worked in collaboration with Plastik People Digital to produce ‘The Trumpet Track’ which reached number 1 on the Traxsource soulful house charts for 2 weeks straight. A follow up collaboration in 2019 ‘Calypso Madness’ also reached number 8 on the same chart.
As a DJ Johnny is drawn toward funky, driving bass lines and bouncy, rhythmic, musically rich House music with a preference toward Nu Disco,Deep, Soulful, Funky, Jackin, House styles.

Johhny’s experience and versitility make him an ideal addition to your entertainment lineup and he is gauranteed to bring the energy everytime!


And I am learning to sail on a yacht, I am seriously engaged in mountain skiing and frivolous oriental martial arts (as fitness), I travel around. The planet for educational and business purposes. And all that. Die hard. A very unusual letter.

G dj johnny

I will read the diaries of others when I succeed, and yet I will keep a mask on my face. Then a small, small victory will be won by me. And I will live two lives, yes, this will be the whole trick. I will be punished if they find out about it, and this is exactly what I need.

Johnny G (The Guidetti Song)

It hurt, but I was waiting for this pain, I wanted it, it was a component of the situation, which I replayed so many times in my fantasies. And I gave myself up easily, with desire, with all the accumulated passion, feigning despair and hysteria. Then there was the second, the third.

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