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Skyrim: The Best Dragon Priest Masks (& How To Get Them)

The Elder Scrolls franchise has some very unique concepts when it comes to equipment; an example of this would be the Daedric weapons and armor scattered throughout each game. However, Skyrim added an entirely new set of armor you to uncover in the form of Dragon Priest Masks. Each of these masks grants the wearer protection against damage and a unique ability.

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To obtain the Dragon Priest Masks, you'll need to defeat the Dragon Priest that resides at the end of each major Nord dungeon throughout the open world. Here are all of the Dragon Priest Masks throughout Skyrim, ranked by their ability.

9 Nahkriin

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: -20 Percent Less Cost For Restoration And Destruction Spells, +50 Magicka
  • Location Found: Skuldafn

Nahkriin is a heavy armor mask that you obtain while completing the final chapter of the main questline. There isn't an opportunity to acquire this piece of armor once you've left Skuldafn, other than with the use of console commands or mods, so make sure to pick it up after defeating the dragon priest at the end of the dungeon.

The bonuses that are granted for wearing the Nahkriin mask aren't particularly useful unless you're a restoration or destruction mage, so it's only worth wearing this mask if you use these types of magic regularly.

8 Volsung

  • Armor Type: Light Armor
  • Ability: +20 Percent Better Barter Prices, Breathing Under Water, +20 Carry Weight
  • Location Found: Volskygge

Volsung is one of the least notable dragon priest masks when it comes to combat abilities. However, it does have a few unique buffs that you can't get with most other armor.

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Notably, the Volsung mask grants three bonuses while wearing it, and they're all disconnected from each other; they also only have use outside of combat. The most important ability that you'll obtain while wearing the Volsung mask is the ability to breathe underwater indefinitely. This effect is useful while exploring sunken ships on Skyrim's coast.

7 Rahgot

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: +70 Stamina
  • Location Found: Forelhost

Although Rahgot has one of the simplest abilities out of all of the dragon priest masks, it's still worth considering if you prioritize melee damage. You gain an extra 70 stamina while the Rahgot mask is equipped, which is equivalent to seven level-ups.

Even if you don't use melee damage, you probably use stamina a lot for sprinting, so it's worth wearing the Rahgot mask in certain situations if you need an extra boost to your stamina stat.

6 Otar

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: +30 Percent Fire, Frost, And Shock Damage Resistance
  • Location Found: Ragnvald

Otar is another powerful option for a mask if you use heavy armor. This mask prioritizes defense by granting you a large bonus to your fire, frost, and shock resistance. Combined with the high armor rating due to being classified as heavy armor, Otar's magic resistance makes it one of the strongest helmets in the entirety of Skyrim.

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Although Otar won't be a good fit for your build if you use light armor, it's earned its reputation as a sturdy piece of equipment that every adventurer should collect.

5 Morokei

  • Armor Type: Light Armor
  • Ability: +100 Percent Magicka Regeneration
  • Location Found: Labyrinthian

There are two different dragon priest masks that you can collect at the ruins of Labyrinthian, and Morokei is the first of these two items. Morokei is a light armor mask that grants +100 percent bonus to your Magicka regeneration, which means that you'll double the rate at which your Magicka stat regenerates both inside and outside of combat.

Magicka regeneration is particularly useful for players that use a lot of destruction and conjuration spells as their main damage source; however, it's also useful if you use restoration magic to restore your health or illusion spells to distract enemies.

4 Krosis

  • Armor Type: Light Armor
  • Ability: +20 Percent Archery, Alchemy, And Lockpicking Skill
  • Location Found: Shearpoint

Krosis is the perfect dragon priest mask for a thief or assassin build because it grants a major bonus towards your archery, alchemy, and lockpicking skills.

All three of these skills are crucial for creating the best stealth character possible, and the extra archery skill will be the most important if your character is an archer. Even if you don't use bows regularly, alchemy allows you to create powerful poisons, and lockpicking grants you access to many powerful items in the long term, so it's worth picking this mask up no matter what build you're using.

3 Vokun

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: -20 Percent Cost For Conjuration, Alteration, And Illusion Spells
  • Location Found: High Gate Ruins

Vokun may not seem like one of the best helmets in Skyrim at first glance; however, it's one of the most useful pieces of armor in general.

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The Vokun mask allows you to cast Conjuration, Alteration, and Illusion spells for much less Magicka than they would usually require. The reason that this ability is so useful is that most adventurers incorporate all three of these magic types into their journey, even if they have a melee build. The cost reduction will then allow non-mages to cast Conjuration, Alteration, and Illusion spells that they couldn't cast because of the amount of Magicka required, effectively granting non-mages access to a ton of new spells.

2 Hevnoraak

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: Grants Immunity To Poison Damage And Diseases
  • Location Found: Valthume

Hevnoraak is found inside Valthume, and it's one of the best pieces of armor in Skyrim because it grants complete resistance to both poison damage and all diseases.

Diseases are very common throughout Skyrim, especially while fighting certain enemy types such as wild animals, so this mask is useful in many different situations. Poison damage isn't a common damage type in Skyrim, but it is present in certain enemies so it's still a useful effect of this helmet, especially considering that you acquire complete immunity to it while wearing Hevnoraak.

1 Konahrik

  • Armor Type: Heavy Armor
  • Ability: Provides A Chance For Healing And Damages Enemies When You Reach Low Health
  • Location Found: Obtained In The Sanctuary Of Labyrinthian Once All 8 Masks Are Collected And You Are Wearing The Wooden Mask

Konahrik is a heavy armor helmet and the hardest dragon priest mask to obtain. To acquire this mask, you'll need to first collect all eight of the main dragon priest masks and then take them to the sanctuary in Labyrinthian.

Once there, you must equip the wooden mask, and then you will be given the Konahrik mask. This mask grants you a chance to damage enemies and heal yourself whenever you reach low health, so it's a piece of armor that's worth obtaining if you use heavy armor.

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Skyrim: Every Dragon Priest Mask, Ranked

Some of the toughest villains in Skyrim happen to be dangerous Dragon Priests, members of an ancient organization of "Dragon worshipers", so to speak. These rank among the highest tier of undead NPCs in the game, and possess a rare artifact known as the Dragon Priest mask, a form of headgear that are blessed with special (and very powerful) enchantments.

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Including the Dragonborn DLC, there are a total of 14 available masks in the story, most of which are collected as loot drops after the respective Dragon Priest is vanquished. Given that different ones have different abilities, here is a list that categorizes each mask according to their importance as a wearable piece of armor.

14 Wooden Mask

The Wooden mask can be found in the vicinity of Bromjunaar Sanctuary, but it has no obvious powers or enchantments associated with it. In fact, its sole job is to help the Dragonborn enter the shrine of the Dragon Priests, given that it allegedly "hums with an unfamiliar energy" also known as "Bromjunaar's Mystery."

At the end, though, this mask serves a longterm purpose — only after the major eight masks are collected and placed on their respective busts will Konahrik be obtained.

13 Hevnoraak

Hevnoraak, which means "Brutal", is a biology-boosting mask, given that it provides a hundred points each to poison and disease resistances. However, there are no safeguards against several illnesses, but it does have a slight potential for a smithing upgrade.

The main point of usage is limited, but anyone trying not to turn into a vampire can benefit from wearing the mask (but is that really worth the trouble of going after Hevnoraak himself?)

12 Vokun

The "Shadow", or Vokun, can be found inside the High Gate Ruins, and offers a few decent bonuses. For instance, twenty points of fortification each towards Alteration, Conjuration and Illusion, respectively.

This in itself negates its usefulness to a whole swathe of player categories, but anyone interested in truly becoming a mage might enjoy the enhancements offered by Vokun. This mask is the reward for completing the side-quest known as "A Scroll for Anska."

11 Zahkriisos

Zahkriisos (along with the following two masks) is a Dragonborn DLC item, and the name refers to "Bloodied Sword" in the ancient Dragon speech. It is present within Bloodskal Barrow, and possesses a special charm known as "Dukaan's Fury", which seems to be an ingame error considering that Dukaan's mask contains "Zahkriisos' Ire".

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The abilities given include a shock resistance value capped at fifty percent, but simultaneously reinforces shock-based weaponry and spells by twenty-five percent attacking power.

10 Dukaan

Dukaan, or "Dishonor", is found within the depths of White Ridge Barrow on the island of Solstheim, and offers fifty percent frost resistance as well as twenty-five percent frost enhancement for melee and magical combat.

Further, it seems to even augment Dragon Shouts, for instance, Ice Form (Iiz Slen Nus) and Frost Breath (Fo Krah Diin.) This mask is extremely beneficial for Nordic Dragonborns, as this race is already born with a genetic resistance to frost (also at fifty percent.)

9 Ahzidal

The last of the three minor Dragon Priests in Solstheim, Ahzidal, better referred to as the "Embittered Destroyer", can be found and destroyed in Kolbjorn Barrow. His mask, unlike the previous two, bears an accurately named ability known as "Ahzidal's Rage", which yields a fifty percent resistance to fire, in addition to improving fire-attacks by twenty-five percent.

Vampiric Dragonborns tend to use this mask in combat, as they are susceptible to flames, but other races, like the Dunmer who have fifty percent fire immunity, also find it helpful.

8 Rahgot

Rahgot, an Orichalcum mask whose name means "Rage", is located in the fortress at Forelhost. Its advantage is a massive seventy points given to stamina fortification, which is very convenient for players who prefer to work with Heavy Armor and those who like lugging around their hoards or sprinting everywhere they go.

It also supports Archers who require bonus stamina while using their Steady Hand perk (not to forget Redguard Dragonborns and their "Adrenaline Rush" ability.)

7 Miraak

Miraak is one of the most important Dragon Priests in the game (also the original Dragonborn), and his mask is no less impressive. Although obtaining it is an arduous process that involves defeating a constantly recuperating boss, the convenience of having an extra 40 to 70 (depending on the player's level) magicka points cannot be discounted.

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Worn by the Altmer, or High Elves, with their predisposition towards magicka fortification, it can convert the Dragonborn into an overwhelmingly powerful mage.

6 Krosis

Krosis, a word that alludes to "Sorrow", is located at Shearpoint, a Dragon Lair enveloped on all sides by snowy mountain caps. It takes a bit of work, considering that the player needs to kill both the Dragon Priest and the Dragon waiting there in order to get the mask, but the dividend is worth the effort.

With a twenty percent increment given to the fields of Alchemy, Archery and Lockpicking, the range of character types who can equip this mask is quite diverse.

5 Nahkriin

Nahkriin, a term that loosely translates to "Vengeance", is situated in Skuldafn, a mystical Nordic shrine that takes the Dragonborn to Sovngarde. This mask is great for mages, especially those who use magic for combat, as it gives a whopping fifty points towards magicka fortification, while at the same time upgrading destruction and restoration fortifications by twenty points a piece.

In addition, Nahkriin is as strong as the most powerful helmet in the game (Daedric), although the latter has a higher potential for upgrading its armor stats.

4 Otar

Otar can be acquired from the withered corpse of Otar the Mad, after the Dragonborn defeats the Dragon Priest within the confines of Ragnvald Temple.

The great thing about this mask is that it offers thirty points each towards fire resistance, frost resistance and shock resistance, making it a highly advantageous tool for players who constantly battle mages and other magical enemies. It is also the only mask made of malachite in the game.

3 Morokei

Morokei is the only Dragon Priest with a positive (?) name, as the word signifies "Glorious". It is acquired after vanquishing the Dragon Priest within the bowels of Labyrinthian, right at the conclusion of "The Staff of Magnus."

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Morokei gives a hundred points to magicka regeneration, which, in many ways, is a better alternative to increasing magicka points (because constant spell usage drains the blue bar quite rapidly.)

2 Volsung

Volsung, or "Horror", is extracted from the dead body of the Dragon Priest by the same name once the player crushes him in Volskygge. It's versatility is much admired, considering that it contributes enhancements towards totally unrelated skillsets — Barter fortification, Carry Weight fortification and Waterbreathing all get a twenty point upgrade.

As anyone who has played Skyrim would know, one of the most annoying things about the narrative (as with most games in the genre) is the drastic disparity between buying and selling prices, which makes it very difficult to amass wealth. Not anymore.

1 Konahrik

The greatest Dragon Priest mask of all, Konahrik, an expression that refers to "Warlord", is also rather unique in aesthetic when related with others of its kind. It doesn't require any battle to be won, but is only secured after the Dragonborn finds the 8 masks in the main game and plasters them on the busts located in Bromjunaar Sanctuary.

The charm it contains is known as "Konahrik's Privilege", and it offers this — if the player receives damage after their health falls under fifteen percent, there is a fifteen percent probability that Konahrik will cast a "Grand Healing Spell" that will completely restore the Dragonborn (a "Flame Cloak" is also supplied, lasting for ten seconds.) If that wasn't enough, there is a three percent probability that a "Spectral Dragon Priest" will be raised from any nearby dead bodies to fight on the player's behalf.

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Skyrim:Dragon Priest

There are eight named Dragon Priest bosses in the province of Skyrim, each of which wear an eponymous mask with a powerful effect. Each of the eight is challenging in their own way and has access to powerful spells, staves, and certain dragon shouts. Some, but not all, of these Dragon Priests are associated with particular quests. The Dragonborn expansion adds five new named Dragon Priests, four of which carry unique enchanted masks (the exception being Vahlok the Jailor).

In Skyrim[edit]


Hevnoraak is encountered in Valthumeas the final boss in the Evil in Waitingquest. Hevnoraak is sealed away by Valdar, who uses all his power to keep the ancient evil at bay.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


Krosis in a magical blizzard
Krosis is located at the clifftop dragon lairaptly named Shearpoint. The battle can be very challenging after completing Dragon Rising, as you will have to fight both Krosis and a leveled dragon. He is located just in front of the word wallthat reveals every word of the Throw Voicedragon shout.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


Morokei is encountered in the ancient ruins of Labyrinthian, which can only be accessed during the related quest. Morokei is a formidable opponent as he bears the Staff of Magnus.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


Nahkriin, moving away from the portal to Sovngarde
Nahkriin is encountered guarding Alduin'sportal to Sovngardeon the top of Skuldafnduring the quest The World-Eater's Eyrie. He wields the staffneeded for opening the portal.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.

Otar the Mad[edit]

Otar the Mad defending his resting place
Otar the Mad is encountered in the Nordic ruin of Ragnvald, which is just north of Markarth, during the related quest. He is found guarding a word wallwhich reveals one word of the Kyne's Peacedragon shout. To access his sarcophagus, you must defeat his two keepers, Torstenand Saerek, each of whom have Skull Keys which are used to unblock Otar's sarcophagus.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item, see this article.


Rahgot is located in the southeastern ruin of Forelhostduring the quest Siege on the Dragon Cult. He is partially protected by four common variants of leveled draugr.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


Vokun with magic seeping out of his ancient robes
Vokun is encountered in the Nordic ruins of High Gate Ruins, in the Pale, during the quest A Scroll For Anska. He is found guarding an ancient word wallfor the Storm Calldragon shout. The battle is made slightly less challenging because Anskawill fight him, even if the player doesn't.

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Volsung standing before a Word Wall
Volsung is found on the exterior peak of Volskygge, in northwestern Skyrim, during the related quest. He is found guarding a word wallwhich teaches one of the words for the Whirlwind Sprintdragon shout. It is possible to skip the entire dungeon of Volskygge and just ride up the mountain on a horse; however the quest directs otherwise.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.

In SolstheimDB[edit]


Ahzidal surrounded by his kills
The mask carried by Ahzidal

Ahzidal is found entombed in Kolbjorn Barrow, which can only be accessed through the quest Unearthed. He is awoken and fed the souls of hired miners by the sublimely enthralled Ralis Sedarys.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


Dukaan wreathed in frost magic
The mask carried by Dukaan

Dukaan is entombed within White Ridge Sanctum, guarding the ancient power of the Cycloneword wall.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.


The mask carried by Miraak

Miraak is the primary antagonist in the Dragonborn expansion. He was a Dragon Priest when the dragons ruled Tamriel and sought to be free of them. He is mainly seen in Hermaeus Mora's daedric realm of Apocrypha. He is also Dragonborn, giving him the ability to devour the soul of a dragon and eliminate the chance of it ever returning. Technically, Miraak is an NPC rather than a Dragon Priest creature.

For more information on the NPC, see this article.
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Vahlok the Jailor[edit]

Vahlok the Jailor preparing to attack

Vahlok the Jailor is encountered in Vahlok's Tomb during the quest Lost Legacy. He was tasked with watching the traitorous Miraak, after discovering Miraak's secret plot against their masters. Vahlok is the only named Dragon Priest who does not have an eponymous mask.

For more information, see this article.


Zahkriisos using his deadly spells

Zahkriisos is encountered in Bloodskal Barrow, accessible from Raven Rock Mine, during the quest The Final Descent. He has the ability to summon Seekers from the daedric realm of Apocrypha, and excels in Destruction magic, particularly lightning-based spells. Having Resist Shock potions is highly recommended when battling Zahkriisos, as they will greatly reduce the damage inflicted by these spells.

For more information on the creature, see this article.
For more information on the item of the same name, see this article.

Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Dragon_Priest
All 10 Dragon Priest Mask Locations - Skyrim

Every Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask, Ranked Worst to Best

Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls series has a plentiful amount of lore and history written into its fictional world of Tamriel, much of which comes through in the quests and side content of Skyrim. Dragons take most of the spotlight in the main quest and beyond, but their influence and long rule in the history of Skyrim and the rest of Tamriel is felt in many of the game's locales.

Thousands of years before the events of Skyrim, dragons ruled the land and subjugated all other beings, which the dragons viewed as inferior. Just below the dragons in their hierarchy were the Dragon Priests, who ruled over the denizens of Skyrim, enacting the commands of the dragon overlords. Eight Dragon Priests were venerated in mainland Skyrim, with five more ruling over the island Solstheim to the northwest.

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All but one of Skyrim's Dragon Priests - Vahlok the Jailor - are in possession of a magical mask, which can be obtained by the Dragonborn upon defeating the undead Dragon Priests when confronted at their burial sites, many of which are found near the Word Walls that teach the player Dragon Shouts. Each mask has special attributes for the player when worn, but some are better than others.

Worst Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Wooden Mask

The Wooden Mask has no statistical value when worn by the player's Dragonborn character. It is simply a quest item to allow the player to time travel in Bromjunaar Sanctuary and access the Dragon Priest shrine in a time before it was destroyed. Bringing all eight Dragon Priest Masks and placing them on the shrine will grant the player the Konahrik mask.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Otar

While all of the Dragon Priest Masks in Skyrim are very helpful items, Otar in particular does a few things well, but none of them great. Wearing the Otar mask will increase fire, frost, and shock resistance by 30%, a feat that is more effectively done by the Dragon Priest Masks found in Skyrim'sDragonborn DLC. The mask is taken from the undead Otar the Mad, an ancient chieftain that was driven mad by unknown forces. He became a Dragon Priest and used his power to rule with incredible cruelty over his subjects before he was locked away in his sarcophagus by two heroes, Saerek and Torsten.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Vokun

The mask that formerly belonged to the Dragon Priest Vokun grants the wearer a 20% reduction in Magicka cost when using Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion magic spells. In a similar manner to Otar, this mask has its benefits, but there are others that are probably more useful to magic-using Skyrim characters.

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Not much is known about the Vokun the Dragon Priest, but he was buried at High Gate Ruins, which lie almost directly west of Dawnstar in Skyrim.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Hevnoraak

The Hevnoraak mask in Skyrim can be very helpful in specific situations, since it makes the wearer immune to disease and poison. These effects may be the result of the Dragon Priest Hevnoraak's attempts to become a lich. Hevnoraak apparently feared his own death, and obsessively drained his own blood so that it could be returned to his body after he died. Hevnoraak was also a master of mind-control magic, and commanded an army of indoctrinated slaves.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Nahkriin

Wearing Nahkriin's mask will reduce the cost of Restoration and Destruction spells by 20%, and also grants an additional 50 Magicka. Nahkriin was a servant of the powerful dragon Alduin, the main antagonist of Skyrim. Guarding the gate into the Nordic afterlife Sovngarde, Nahkriin is encountered by the player during Skyrim's main quest line.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Masks - Ahzidal, Dukaan, & Zahkriisos

Three of the four Dragon Priest Masks found on Solstheim during Skyrim'sDragonborn DLC, these masks do nearly the same thing. Ahzidal's mask will grant 50% resistance to fire damage, and increase the damage of the wearer's fire spells by 25%. Likewise, the Dukaan and Zahkriisos masks will do the same for frost and shock damages respectively.

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There is not much info on the Dragon Priests Dukaan and Zahkriisos, but Ahzidal holds a special place in Elder Scrolls history. Before becoming a Dragon Priest, Ahzidal was the first human to master elven magic techniques. He was highly ambitious, and his lust for power led him to dragon magic, and subsequently Dragon Priesthood. Ahzidal even explored the Planes of Oblivion in his quest for magical power before retiring to Solstheim.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Krosis

The Krosis mask is helpful for Skyrim players that use a combination of stealth and archery - anecdotally, the most popular character build in the game. Wearing Krosis give the player a 20% increase to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy abilities. Instead of being found in the depths of a tomb like most Dragon Priest Masks, Krosis can be obtained on the peak of one of Skyrim's tallest mountains called Shearpoint, where the Dragon Priest Krosis was laid to rest.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Rahgot

Skyrim is a big place filled with frightening monsters. The Rahgot Dragon Priest Mask can help players with traversal and combat by granting the wearer 70 additional Stamina points. The mask has a dark past in the history of Skyrim, though. Rahgot managed to survive the ancient Dragon War, and presided over a group of dragon cultists who lived hidden, high in the mountains. When the cultists were hunted down, Rahgot ordered his subjects to commit mass suicide, and entombed himself inside of their temple.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Miraak

Miraak's mask is awarded to the player upon completion of the Dragonborn DLC, and is the final Dragon Priest map on the island of Solstheim. This mask will be helpful to any magic user by granting them an additional 40-70 Magicka dependent on character level. The Dragon Priest Miraak is the primary antagonist of Dragonborn, and is himself the first Dragonborn.

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Miraak was taught the power of Dragon Shouts by a Daedric Prince, and used the knowledge to rebel against the dragons he served. He was eventually bested by another Dragon Priest, Vahlok, who became Miraak's jailor and did not possess a mask of his own.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Konahrik

Konahrik is the final Dragon Priest Mask that can be obtained on mainland Skyrim. It is granted to the player when all other Dragon Priest Masks are placed on their shrine. This mask has a chance to heal the player and damage nearby enemies when the player's health is low. Because of the special circumstances of acquiring Konahrik, it does not have a particular Dragon Priest associated with it.

Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Morokei

Morokei is generally the best Dragon Priest Mask for magically inclined characters since it grants double Magicka regeneration. The Dragon Priest who wears the mask also possesses another powerful artifact: the Staff of Magnus. The Dragonborn encounters Morokei in Skyrim when the Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild at Winterhold requests that they retrieve the staff from Labyrinthian.

Best Skyrim Dragon Priest Mask - Volsung

The mask with the most widespread appeal for Skyrim players is the mask formerly belonging to Volsung. This Dragon Priest Mask grants the wearer additional carry weight, 20% better prices from merchants, and the ability to breathe underwater. Like a few other Dragon Priests, not much is known about Volsung, but the fight against his undead form shows that he is a very powerful magic wielder.

The world of TheElder Scrollsis filled with magical artifacts of all kinds. Each game in the series has arcane mysteries to be solved and powerful artifacts to be found. Skyrim excels in this regard, containing a plethora of magic items such as the Dragon Priest Masks that offer a variety of character buffs, but also flesh out the game's narrative.

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Masks dragonpriest

Dragon Priest Masks & Locations

You know what's frustrating in Skyrim? It's when you have a sweet looking Dragon Priest Mask, but it doesn't have any enchantments in it! Well, fret no more. I've found the best masks out there for enchanting!

The dragon priests wore these masks because they were considered the most powerful of all the dragon followers. The secret to getting these masks was that you had to become a dragon yourself.

The idea of these masks is that the dragon priests were either apprentices or followers of powerful dragons. They had access to dragon knowledge as well as immortality with a dragon soul (who wouldn’t want that). The masks were said to contain power and each one was very different.

All Skyrim Masks

Masks are an item type in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim used for crafting and trade. There are a total of 35 masks in Skyrim.

17 of them can be looted or purchased, and the remaining 18 can only be obtained by completing quests or joining factions.

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Otar mask info card

Otar the Mad resides in the Nordic Ruins of Ragnvald, found just north of Markarth. He’s a level 80 NPC who may seem intimidating at first. I have searched far and wide for this Otar mask, and I have finally found it. I hope you can benefit from my hard work and find your own Otar mask.

Ahzidal's, Dukaan's and Zahkriisos' masks can be found on various lootable corpses around Solstheim. 

Note that these three masks are part of the Dragonborn DLC and can only be obtained once. The Otar mask can only be looted off a unique dremora called Telkur in a Nordic tomb named Ragnvald - Archmage's Quarters.

Wooden Mask

Wooden Mask info card

The wood mask is one of the more unusual masks in Skyrim. The mask was created to gain access to a specific set of ruins once containing their own unique and powerful dragon priest.

This mask is unlike the previous masks in that its purpose is to gain access to the dragon priest shrine when worn within the barrow. To obtain the mask, one must first clear out Labyrinthian of its many undead denizens. 

After doing so, one can enter the innermost crypt where you’ll find an entire horde of undead warriors, spellcasters, and more at the ready to defend their master’s resting place.


Krosis mask info card

The Krosis mask is the weakest of the dragon priest masks. It is similar to an ebony mask; however, the skill boosts are different. Krosis has a few unique features such as the ability to cast two shouts [Disarm and Dismay] at once, but it could only be done once a day.

What makes this mask so unique, is the fact that it scales (up to level 40) with your character stats.


Morokei mask card info

Morokei is not a friendly character and his mask will be difficult to obtain. The lightweight enchantment on this one-handed helm is strong enough to deflect arrows and blows from weaker foes, but lacks any elemental protection.

Morokei is one of the most powerful masks in Skyrim. It can be acquired from Morokei, a dragon priest that resides in Labyrinthian. 

The mask is dropped when fighting Morokei, and is equipped as soon as you pick it up.


Hevnoraak mask info card

Hevnoraak is said to have been a very powerful and wealthy priest at one time; he stole the mask from his former colleague, Vahlok The Temple Builder. 

Hevnoraak was eventually killed by Vahlok and was buried along with a number of his treasures in Valthume. The Hevnoraak mask is part of an advanced burning-outfit called Morokei.

This fearsome foe is found inside the Nordic ruin of Valthume. The Dragon Priest Hevnoraak will join you in combat if your skills aren’t high enough to handle him on your own


Rahgot mask info card

Rahgot is one of the many high level dragons you encounter while doing the Dragonborn quest (2nd time), and he wears it, just like all other dragons.

It can be found on Rahgot's corpse or in a cabinet on the upper floor with the Word Wall behind a novice-locked door.

This mask is most useful for warriors who dedicate their training exclusively towards Heavy Armor. 

However, it is also useful as a supplement to characters who use  Light Armor and need extra stamina to zoom in and slow down time. 

Or warriors who have committed themselves solely to  Archery , but want the added protection of a survival instinct which requires little time or effort.


Konahrik mask info card

To collect the Dragon Priest's Mask, you must travel to the Nordic ruin of Bromjunaar Sanctuary and defeat its boss. From there, you must go to Skuldafn Temple and enter Nchardak. The mask is located in a dead end isolated room.

It is only accessible by traversing through a vast mountainous terrain. Inside the secluded Sanctuary, this mask can be found on a corpse in the catacombs.


Nahkriin mask info card

While the majority of Skyrim's population are content living in their own fantasy bubble, there's a sub-culture that revels in trolling the rest. These thrill-seekers might not be respected members of society, but their antics ensure that the general populace cannot rest easy. 

The Nahkriin mask pays homage to one such troll, who delights in luring victims, incapacitating them through magic and taking their possessions before vanishing like a puff of smoke.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of different styles of masks. They just differ in shapes and cost. One of the most famous masks is the Nahkriin mask which you can buy on Skyrim Amazon Store . 


Volsung mask info card

It is one of the seven legendary dragon masks, and is located within the Nordic ruin of Volskygge west of Solitude.

I am aware that the Volsung Mask isn't an easy mask to acquire, in fact it is considered one of the hardest masks in the game to acquire due to it being craftable only through the use of a specific motif and several skyshards. 

However I believe this mask has great potential due to its main effects allowing the user to see within walls and gain the racial passive found within Argonian.


Vokun mask info card

To find Vokun, go to High Gate Ruins, west of Dawnstar. The easiest way there is to fast travel to the Hela's Folly Inn and run south a short distance. Alternatively, you can walk or ride a horse there from Dawnstar.

Vokun is a mask you can obtain in the Mages Guild questline in Skyrim. It's useful for mage class players, specifically during passive activities, due to upgrading Illusion and Alteration. 

The mask isn't outstanding, but it is undoubtedly a nice piece of equipment once obtained.

All Dragonborn Masks


Miraak mask info card

This dragon mask can be acquired from Miraak at the conclusion of the main questline for Dragonborn. 

Although any race will benefit from this, the Altmer in particular will possess an even greater magicka pool because of their natural predisposition towards magicka fortification.


Dukaan mask info card

Dukaan was a very clever dragon priest. He managed to stay one step ahead of the other dragon priests of Skyrim by hiding a dragon mask away, to be used as a last resort should his fellow brethren discover his plan to rebel against Alduin.


Zahkriisos mask info card

Zahkriisos is a dragon priest, who can be found in the Nordic ruin of Bloodskal Barrow, located on an island north of Windhelm. Zahkriisos is one of four named dragon priests encountered throughout The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Ahzidal mask info card

Ahzidal is a powerful dragon priest, and one of the five eyes of Hermaeus Mora. He can be found in Kolbjorn Barrow, a burial tomb for dragon priests near Borthwick Tower in Solstheim.

Sours: https://www.eggradients.com/blog/dragon-priest-masks
Skyrim How to Find? - Nahkriin's Mask

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wiki Guide


Priest/Mask Name
HevnoraakValthume in The Reach during Evil in Waiting Immune to disease and poison
KrosisShearpoint in The PaleLockpicking+20%,Alchemy+20%, Archery+20%
MorokeiLabyrinthian in Hjaalmarch during The Staff of MagnusMagicka Regen+100%
Nahkriin Skuldafn in Other Realm during The World-Eater's EyrieMagicka+50, Destruction+20%, Restoration+20%
OtarRagnvald in The Reach. Resist Fire, Frost, and Shock all +30%
RahgotForelhost in The Rift. +70 Stamina
VokunHigh Gate Ruins in The Pale. Found in quest A Scroll for AnskaConjuration+20%, Illusion+20%, Alteration+20%
VolsungVolskygge in Haafingar. Adds 20 to carry maximum, waterbreathing and improves prices by 20%.

After getting all eight masks, go to Labyrinthian to acquire the Wooden Mask, which will transport you to Bromjunaar Sanctuary, where you will receive Konahrik.

Dragon Acolyte Lore

When the only KNOWN dragon priest who was also a dragonborn, A.K.A. Miraak, was banished to solstheim by his brethren for the consumption of the souls of his draconic masters, he stopped calling himself a dragon priest. Instead, he cultivated a new dragon cult, one to rival the original; and so, under Miraak (and new knowledge from his master, Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora), the OTHER dragon cult was formed. So began the war that led to Miraak's banishment. It is not known how this cult differed from the original (with exception of the originals being dragon PRIESTS, whilst Miraak's followers called themselves dragon ACOLYTES), nor is how the war progressed and ended. All that is known is that, at the end, the priests attempted to kill Miraak and his acolytes. For his three acolytes: The Icy Dukaan, Zahkriisos: The Bloody Blade, and former hero Azhidal The Flaming; death was swift. But Miraak, as a daedric servant, a dragon acolyte, AND a dovahkiin, wasn't easy to kill. In the end, he ALMOST died. He wouldn't have lived if not for Hermaeus Mora, who, fearing the loss of his most powerful servant, transported Miraak to safety at the last second. In the time between then and the time of TES V: Skyrim, Miraak has been able to ressurrect Dukaan, Zahkriisos, AND (given the player plays "dragonbornside quest:unearthed" to the finish) Azhidal from their graves, leaving all four to be killed by the current (player) dohvakiin.


Miraak, in all his time imprisoned in apocrypha, has not been able to find a new helm, so you can loot a leveled version of his mask from his bones. The mask's enchant boosts the player's maximum magicka by a leveled amount. See the video at the bottom for battle strategies.


In the buried depths of Kolbjorn Barrow, Azhidal waits to be raised from his crypt. In order to escape, he telepathically seduces Ralis Sedarys, a dunmer who is trying to excavate the barrow, into tricking the current dovahkiin into helping clear the barrow so Ralis can enter the crypt and revive Azhidal. Once you get to the point in "Dragonborn sidequest: unearthed" where you've re-killed Azhidal, you can loot his mask from him. The mask boosts fire resist by 50% and adds to fire dmg dealt by 25%. Azhidal uses fire magic and is level 60.


In the White Ridge Sanctum is where Dukaan sleeps. Find the sanctum in white ridge barrow and re-kill Dukaan to obtain his mask from his ashes. His mask's enchant gives +50% to frost resist & +25% to all outgoing frost damage. He is a level 60 ice mage.


Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim/Dragon_Priest_Masks

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