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BubzBeauty Helps Build Schools

BubzBeauty Helps Build Schools
Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit organization that emerged in 2008. Since then, it has built 512 schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, and has helped 102,215 children obtain a quality education in those countries. Not only does the organization raise money for schools, but it also has programs to help support teachers working at and students attending these schools. Through Pencils of Promise, YouTuber BubzBeauty helps build schools in its three countries of interest.

BubzBeauty’s Involvement with Pencils of Promise

On August 8, 2015, Lindy “Bubz” Tsang announced her first campaign with Pencils of Promise to raise $50,000 to build two schools in Laos. She felt compelled to use her YouTube platform and large following to help children in poverty obtain an education and better their lives. For this first fundraiser, Bubz designed a sweatshirt for her subscribers to purchase; 100 percent of all proceeds went toward the school fund.

It was a huge success, and on January 18, 2016, Bubz released a vlog of her visit to one of the two schools, named Beauty of Knowledge. The name was a tribute to her beauty channel on YouTube, since it and its subscribers were what made the building of the school possible. As Bubz says in her vlog, “beauty doesn’t have to be just about makeup and skincare. Beauty is also knowledge.”

Building Schools in Laos and Ghana

Before the building of the new schools, the kids in Tad Thong, Laos went to school in a temporary classroom structure made from bamboo with a makeshift roof. There was no way for it to support all the children coming to attend, so the school held six grades in only three classrooms. In Saen Oudom, Laos, children also attended school in extremely poor conditions, with the building having a leaky roof and many safety hazards. Thanks to Bubz, both towns have a safe space for the kids’ education to continue and thrive. Tad Thong now has a five-classroom school and Saen Oudom a three-classroom school.

Since then, Bubz has raised money to build a total of five schools, ultimately impacting a total of 3,469 children around the world. Bubz and her beauty community have helped construct two schools in Laos and three in Ghana. The Ghana fundraiser gained monetary aid from another shirt design with all profits going toward the campaign. Additionally, Bubz created an eye shadow palette where $2 from each one sold went toward the fund. Here is a list of the three areas Bubz has helped:

  • Atravenu, Ghana: Four grades were sharing two classrooms in a chapel. This proved to be a distracting environment for both teachers and students, hindering the education process.

  • Kpando Torkor, Ghana: The school building had unfinished classrooms. The first and second graders were in the most unsafe rooms and the 91 students attending caused overcrowding, a safety hazard.

  • Mafi Agorve, Ghana: Children were attending school in makeshift structures that did not include windows or doors. This exposed them to harsh sunlight throughout the day and outdoor distractions.

With Bubz’s help, all three towns were able to build a three-unit class structure, and Kpando Torkor was also able to renovate its already existing classrooms.

Plans for the Future

In the description of her most recent update video on the schools (May 10, 2019), Bubz wrote, “When we build schools, we’re not just building a physical structure, we also build up a child’s confidence, dreams and goals. We build up communities’ potential and standard of life.” Bubz’s campaigns through BubzBeauty not only helps build schools but also helps the communities surrounding those schools flourish more than they would have without her help. Education leads to a better life for these children and brighter futures for the countries.

Even present day, BubzBeauty helps build schools with Pencils of Promise. In May 2019, she announced that profits from her formulated lipstick would go toward a fund to raise money to build a school in Guatemala.

“Not all superheroes wear capes. Some wear lipstick.” — Lindy Tsang

– Jordan Miller
Photo: Flickr

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BubzBeauty finally did it – a collaboration! With Bh Cosmetics, she created a 12 color eyeshadow palette. I am a huge BubzBeauty fan; when I was going through insane skin troubles, I found her videos, watched and tried many of her DIYs to help my skin, as well as her Q&As about acne. She’s probably the one of the few beauty gurus I have been subscribed to for years and still enjoy watching – I even started watching her vlogs (I NEVER watch vlogs).

Being a huge fan, I absolutely had to have her palette. When it was released, I was in South Korea, and messaged my sister to buy it ASAP because I could not wait.

CAD price with shipping the palette was about $25 – I don’t find this a bad price at all because:
1) It was (and still is) being sold for $16.63 CAD ($12.50 USD)
2) I paid way, way more for palettes in the past (UD Naked 1 and 3)

Now it has been a while since she released it, but I still want to review it. I love Bubz, but my review is and will always be honest!

Concept and Why Bh Cosmetics

“…The two previous companies I had worked with before only managed to ‘promise’ but not deliver. I was heartbroken twice so didn’t want to get my hopes too high despite hearing wonderful things about BH Cosmetics. Luckily, they were hands on right from the beginning. Not once did they say ‘No, we can’t do that’. I’m truly thankful. Truly thankful they put all their trust in me in terms of design and layout too.

How did I get the inspiration? I asked myself, ‘If I could only use one palette for a whole year, what eyeshadows would I use?’. I knew it had to cater my day looks as well as night. I didn’t just want to create a pretty eyeshadow palette. I wanted to create something that would inspire you to be the best that you could be. Be beautiful inside and out. Positivity in a palette, if you will. Hopefully it’s what you guys expected. I’m very happy with the price too!!

…I want to thank BH Cosmetics by choosing to work with little me. You guys have been nothing but patient and supportive. The launch took longer because I was picky and kept asking for improved samples and yet you guys never said a word. Thank you for believing in me and my viewers.”

Except from her YouTube vid description

Packaging & Quantity




The shadows are held in a cardboard-type palette; however it is quite sturdy and closes with a magnetic strip in between the cover and base.

Palette colour is a pale pink base rose gold lace detail. I like looking it at it, is all I can really say about a simple looking palette.


The mirror is a very good size. I used it while creating the eye looks you’ll see down below. I find the quote above the mirror a nice touch and very typical Bubz.


Bubz’ palette is definitely affordable compared to the iconic Naked Palettes. Let’s see how they match up in the shadow amount:

UD Naked Palettes 1, 2, & 3 | 12 x 0.05 oz/ 1.41 g ($66)
Be… By BubzBeauty              |  12 x 0.29 oz / 8 g ($16.63)

For arguments sake, we can discuss UD’s formulation compared to Bh Cosmetics, a little amount is ideally useable before expiry, colour scheme per palette… Bubz explained that she is looking for a day-to-night type of palette that offers a variety of options, and colours that work together; the ONE palette you would have to use for an entire year alone. Plus, I’m pretty sure her audience is a lot of teenage girls, so this palette is a gem for the price and starter colours.

The Shades and Swatches

Call me corny, but I love the eyeshadow names. It’s a nice change from seeing “naked” “orgasm” “envy” “yas” “fierce” “fleek” whatever the latest lingo is out there! I actually find it very true to Bubz and what she tries to put out to the world.


The shades are quite diverse, so much so it initially made me weary about the colours going together in a look without dabbling into an eyeshadow outside the palette.

I took the photo in a photo tent and increased the lighting very little because the original photo turned out a bit dark. This swatch photo is very true to how I see it on my arm in natural lighting.


Click to enlarge

It looks light, because that’s how the swatches showed up (I didn’t dig like crazy into the palette and try to rip my skin of with the swatch.) The only ones that gave a decent opaque pigment were the glittery ones except the first (Happy). The 2 matte browns (Optimistic, Inspired), the burgundy (Thoughtful), and the deep purple (Confident) took a couple of swatches to get the colour to even show up on my skin.


I came up with 3 looks from this palette. For eye primer I used Paris Collection and just set it with Essence All About Matt, a translucent powder. I also went pretty tame on mascara just so you could see the shadows in the photo.

I ONLY used colours from this palette. I did not dip into anything else to create these looks (other than brown liquid liner for the first look).

LOOK 1: Neutralish

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Grateful and Genuine on the lid with fingers interchangeably until desired colour and opaqueness was reached
  3. Used a small smudger brush to thinly line Optimistic, Grateful and Genuine on the lower lash line
  4. Used Bold in the v-corner of eye
  5. Lightly sweep Genuine in the v-corner of eye and outer crease
  6. Lined very close to the lash line with a brown liquid liner
  7. Highlighted inner corner and brow bone with Happy

img_20170105_153714-2LOOK 2: Smokey Burgundy

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Inspired on the lid area with fingers until reached maximum opaqueness
  3. Packed Thoughtful on entire lid until a decent amount of sheen was noticeable
  4. Used a blending brush to bring a bit of Bold in the crease to darken it
  5. Used small smudger brush to thinly line Bold and Thoughtful on the water line
  6. Used a tapered, dense brush to swipe the crease and inner corner with Able
  7. With fingers, packed Grateful at inner corner and brow bone

img_20170105_155637-2LOOK 3: Easy on the Purple

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Kind all over the lid
  3. Used small smudger brush to line Confident on the lower lash line
  4. Used a flat, tapered tip brush to brush Confident on outer v-corner of eye and lightly in outer crease
  5. Used Grateful to highlight inner corner and brow bone

Final Thoughts

Despite the initial swatching, most of the colours ended up being pretty easy to use with a brush, or by just packing on the colour with your finger. Although I did 3 looks, more eye looks are floating around in my head from just the palette colours alone (I can eat my words from the Shades part of this post.)

Optimistic is a great crease colour. Notice how I used it in every look?

Happy and Grateful, with a light hand, both act well on the highlight areas, and the intensity can be built.

Able went in a lot of places around the eye easily, even while gently trying to concentrate it. I still like the 2nd look I achieved with it, however it may be better as a spotlight colour for another eye look.

Confident was the most difficult colour to work with. It was hard to make the colour show up properly on the lid, with my fingers or a densely packed shadow brush. It is achievable, but it is work.

I wore the Smokey Burgundy look the other night to a friend’s birthday, and only used a bit of face primer on my lid because I couldn’t find an eye primer. I was out for majority of the evening/night and by the time I got home the shadows still held on my lid.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty sweet palette, for shade range, amount, and price. Aside from the one difficult colour, I can’t really find anything negative to say about this palette.

True to what Bubz wanted, it is positivity in a palette.

Aaaaand that’s all, folks! This is the first time I reviewed a makeup palette, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Anyone else have Bubz’ palette and love her as much as I do? Let me know and we can gush over Chubbi and Domo together.

xo, M

Palette is still being sold for $12.50 USD on Bh Cosmetics Website:



Like this:



Sours: https://michxmash.com/2017/01/06/review-be-by-bubzbeauty/
  1. Mushy pillow
  2. Pet onesie cat
  3. Left hand silhouette

The Untold Truth About Bubzbeauty

Popular beauty and mom vlogger Lindy Tsang, also known as Bubzbeauty, has quite the following. Since she posted her first YouTube video August 2007, Tsang has amassed almost 3 million followers on her YouTube channel. In the years since Bubzbeauty launched, Tsang has shared not just makeup and hair tutorials, but updates on personal journeys including a pregnancy and a tummy tuck. Tsang's following eventually lead to deals with Maybeline and Verizon Wireless (via Nailbuzz).

However, the rise of Bubzbeauty was not without controversy. In 2019, a video from Tsang showed her son playing with a phallic-shaped soap (via Buzzfeed). While some thought it was harmless, critics thought it was inappropriate. Tsang responded defensively, bringing up the recent death of K-pop star Goo Hara. Fans became even angrier at Tsang for bringing up a tragedy to defend herself. "After the passing of two recent K-pop idols that I grew up loving and respecting, it's hitting me that cyberbullying is detrimental," Tsang told BuzzFeed. "I would never use such a sad incident to 'manage' or justify my criticism. I was and still [am] genuinely sad for Goo Hara and Sulli."

Sours: https://www.thelist.com/254920/the-untold-truth-about-bubzbeauty/
Staying Youthful - Skin, Makeup \u0026 Soul

Bubzbeauty bad

Tarmarz. com. You may become conscious of your looks and resign yourself to layers of makeup in a bid to hide those zits. She's actually the reason why I love makeup. . The colors are super blendable, pigmented, and they don't crease on my oily lids. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Love, love, love! I've been watching bubzbeauty for over five years now. I am a huge BubzBeauty fan; when I was going through insane skin troubles, I found her videos, watched and tried many of her DIYs to help my skin, as well as her Q&As about acne. Bubzbeauty makes video addressing her divorce. Hello from Me! Details Monday, 21 July 2014 Man, it's been forever since I properly sat down to type out a little blog. Visit: https://www. If you’re interested, you guys can check out my tummy tuck experience vlog on my bio link. 21 Pound at Amazon. Findings suggest that the strengthening of the guru’s role as a popular online personality is the result of two spheres of influence. I feel like it is a continuous cycle of *bad thing happens* *distances herself from the exact issue and BH Cosmetics Be by BubzBeauty Eyeshadow Palette Photo Details: This gold is from the Aphrodite Palette by Bad Habit. I am amazed and thankful how relatively painless and comfortable my TT recovery has been so far. To explore the phenomenon of beauty gurus I analyse a purposeful sample of 80 videos from the channel Bubzbeauty and introduce an emerged typology of two video categories: tutorials and vlogs. ghoopshi. By Bubzbeauty, 0. The shadows are all really wearable and I'm completely in love with the warmer tones. Tara is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger. I used to LOVE me some Bubzbeauty back in middle Sep 12, 2020 · Applying makeup on small, monolid, or hooded Asian eyes can be a challenge, but with this list of Asian makeup techniques, you’ll never have a bad makeup day again. Oct 19, 2013 · It is a good product to try before you move on to the heavier stuff like foundation because it does a good job of evening out your skin tone. May 16, 2020 Ratings: +33,973 / 1,461 / -270. Y: AWESOME NEWS! So Ghoopshi (the dermaroller brand I used) JUST contacted me and offered a 10% discount code. Fortunately, if you spruce up your appearance, work on being photogenic, and practice good hygiene, you’ll be prepared to take a great school picture. I tried out her shadows and I'm completely happy. com/discount/Bubz?red Cherishing this bonding time while I recover. There are different types of BB creams designed for Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. While you can find a chemical fertilizer that contains high nitrogen levels, those interested Jul 13, 2017 · Read more: Irish woman's viral video compares Trump to a bad boyfriend. Nitrogen is an essential component of plant growth and plays a vital role in the development of healthy foliage. Well, since I got videos importing and some time to burn- I figured I'll do a little catch up with you guys. Oct 02, 2016 · so bubz just released a new eyeshadow palette with bhcosmetics, are you thinking of buying it or would you ever buy it if you had the chance? edit: its . Oct 12, 2019 · Waking up to a face full of acne can be a devastating sight early in the morning. She is currently residing in NYC where she does travel vlogs and advice Mar 29, 2019 · It’s normal to feel a little nervous about taking your school picture. Utilize Socialblade. bubzbeauty’s 8 Ways to Wear Eyeliner | Makeup for Asian Eyes Sep 21, 2020 · How to Make Nitrogen Fertilizer. Close. You may be tempted to pick on your pimples too to demolish its presence and end up leaving a scar on your face. It will definitely protect my phone. But i would check the site her website and there is a journal i think about it and she tells you how to get her hairstyle Love, love, love! I've been watching bubzbeauty for over five years now. The diversity of Asian eye shapes call for many kinds of Asian eye makeup tutorials! 1. You might feel pressure to look perfect or you may have had a bad previous experience that you don’t want to repeat. I used to LOVE me some Bubzbeauty back in middle Despite reading the bad reviews on here, I really feel Casetify deserve a good review from me as I have had a excellent experience from them! Case is perfect too. Apparently the first week is the most rough and it really wasn’t that bad at all for me. Nov 13, 2020 · KatEyedGirl Like a bad waitress, I spill all the tea! 3,809 886. TheGuideToBeingADoormat Post by Guest » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:54 am What also concerns me about Lindy and Tim’s relationship is that their viewers are led to believe that it’s completely okay to argue via social media and publicly shame your significant other, as long as you love each other and apologize. Socialblade is a premiere YouTube community where you can chat with other YouTubers. Dec 15, 2009 · I wanted her haircut so bad so i found a video or something on her website and she explained what to tell the lady hair cutter person. Like the bangs are like stairs or something. Check out this palette if you haven't already! It's a Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette dupe and it's only ! Bubzbeauty Please turn off your adblockers, we know sometimes the ads are obtrusive - if that is the case, let Staff know and we will see what we can adjust to make Feb 28, 2017 · Lindy is part of the reason I own a Pomeranian (I always thought her doggos were so precious) and I remember doing lots of hair tutorials in middle school with her videos to guide me. Jun 24, 2016 · Brought to you by Gushcloud and StyleHaul, StyleCon Asia toured in four cities – Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Manila – with some of the biggest beauty influencers from these cities, together with global YouTube icon and beauty guru Lindy Tsang, who is better known as Bubzbeauty. Hey ladies,I bought some new bras recently (inspired after watching fellow gorgeous HK you tuber Yukiuava) and wanted to make a Bra Guide video for you girl Re: Bubzbeauty Part 8. She is currently residing in NYC where she does travel vlogs and advice Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BH Cosmetics Be. There are different types of BB creams designed for These bad angles >. It's pretty devastating to learn about someone who was a big part of your life and not be utterly heartbroken when they reveal themselves to be a bad person. Thank you so much Casetify! Jul 13, 2017 · Read more: Irish woman's viral video compares Trump to a bad boyfriend. Jan 06, 2017 · BubzBeauty finally did it - a collaboration! With Bh Cosmetics, she created a 12 color eyeshadow palette. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BH Cosmetics Be. 50 usd (i think) for the launching price. com to check your YouTube Stats and track your progress

Sours: http://ferienhaus-elisabeth-gifhorn.de/jkxg

Makeup bubzbeauty


Be... by BubzBeauty Eyeshadow Palette Brand New


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BH Cosmetics

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Be... by BubzBeauty Eyeshadow Palette. Created in collaboration with BH cosmetics. BRAND NEW still in the packaging! Never opened or swatched!! YouTube superstar Lindy Tsang (aka BubzBeauty) specially chose each of the universally flattering shades in her 12-color eyeshadow palette. Offering day-to-night versatility and an inspiring message, this is the perfect pick for any beauty aficionado!


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Be... by BubzBeauty Eyeshadow Palette Brand New
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Tummy Tuck (1 Month Post Op Update)

What We're Buying: BubzBeauty's Lindy Tsang's Charitable Makeup Palette

Lindy Tsang, YouTube star and beauty expert: “Last month, I launched my first-ever eyeshadow palette, Be by BubzBeauty, in collaboration with BH Cosmetics! There’s so much more to beauty than what’s on the surface — it’s about what is in the inside as well. The name of each shade in the palette (Optimistic, Kind, Bold, etc) is a daily reminder to inspire you to be the very best you can be. My favorite part? For the month of November, $2 from every palette sold will go to Pencils of Promise to help fund three schools in Ghana this holiday season.”

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Lindy Tsang can be found at BubzBeauty on YouTube, and you can follow her onInstagram and Twitter. And visit her Pencils of Promise page to help her build schools in Ghana!

And tell us: what outfits are you loving this fall? Sound off in the comments section below.

Sours: https://people.com/style/bubz-beauty-lindy-tsang-makeup/

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