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Father Christmas Festival

ChihayaThis past weekend, our students had the opportunity to visit Mahone Bay, a small tourist town about 15 minutes from New Voice Language Academy. Mahone Bay is famous for its multitude of yearly festivals and a trip into town at this time of year is sure to get everyone in the holiday spirit! As the air turns crisp and the sun helps the frost covered ground sparkle, we couldn’t ask for a more beautiful festival and town to celebrate the holiday season in.

During the Father Christmas Festival, you will be surrounded by the magic of the holidays. With bright, twinkling lights and characters of Santa throughout the town, you are sure to feel like you are seeing everything through the eyes of a child. This was certainly the case for our student Chihaya.

GrinchChihaya is always up for experiencing everything new that comes her way during her stay in Nova Scotia. She enjoyed herself during her visit to Mahone Bay and was able to see many traditional decorations, traditions, and even the Grinch (who was being as pesky as always, stealing trees from the Christmas tree lot!)

There is something so endearing about watching sometime take part in a culture that is new and exciting to them. It is one of the most rewarding things about working here at New Voice – meeting students who not only enroll at the school to learn English, but who are keen to take part in all aspects of Canadian culture. The South Shore of Nova Scotia is the perfect area to experience this!

photo 32 (small)All in all we had a wonderful weekend visiting Mahone Bay and we look forward to spending the holidays with our students! Keep in mind, Mahone Bay and the South Shore area have festivals all year round, so no matter what time of year you are here you will be able to take part in something just as exciting and beautiful as the Father Christmas Festival! We look forward to seeing you then!



New Voice receives Entrepreneurial Award


NVLA team at Business Excellence Awards









Last night We were honoured to receive the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

If someone had told me that one day I would receive an Entrepreneur of the Year Award I would have probably laughed at them.   Ha! No way!  I knew how hard my self-employed parents worked.  Nope, not me, I was going to work 9-5, evenings and weekends off, regular vacations and a steady pay cheque. –

…. And I stood there, holding that award, never having worked harder in my life! 9-5 is a distant dream and the last time I took a weekend off I slept just to catch up. BUT I also stood there, never having had more fun.  And I looked around the room and saw a lot of nodding heads. Fellow business entrepreneurs who choose this life and its challenges because they love it.  Sure we work hard, but it is so incredibly rewarding to build something from scratch and to build it around the very thing we love to do.

So I held that award for my parents and thanked them for instilling in me a strong work ethic and, even more importantly, for having taught me to have a vision!

But while I held it for my parents I share it with an incredible team.  A team of dedicated teachers and the management team Mandy Hynes and Amrita Hazra who share our vision and do whatever needs to be done to realize it.  I shared it also with my husband Alden with whom I started New Voice back in 2010.  His charisma, marketing genius and big heart make New Voice, and my life, better.  This award is just as much theirs as it is mine.

NVLA team with award

Finally I dedicated the entrepreneurial award to, not only my fellow nominees Liz Carter of The Java Bead and Shelah Allan of Lunenburg Walking Tours whose company I was honoured to be nominated in, but to all small business entrepreneurs of Nova Scotia because it is their shoulders that Nova Scotia’s economy rests on!

Visit here to see all recipients of all categories of the Business Excellence Awards.

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